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    Fort Pierce FL
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    CPS1/CPS2/CPS3 Original Themes.I also like FPS Games. Mostly Turok and Doom.and I'm waiting for someting that amused me.
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  1. Oof, You're not the only one that witness this. I'm starting to like them.
  2. Because my Gaming PC is back and fixed from the Computer Repair!


    1. thebestmlTBM


      Bad News!
      My Periphio 560 Gaming PC no longer works as it can't be turned on...


      as I tried to turn it on, it automatically turned itself off.

  4. 🎂 Today's my birthday! 🎂

    and the Mugen Special just came so make sure you check it out below. :goodjob:

  5. I made my first premiere video for my birthday special so make sure you press the "Set Reminder" to stay tuned... 
  6. New Video is here


  7. spacer.png

    My HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop no longer works, so now I moved on to my Periphio 560 Gaming PC as a backup. (Which is somehow defected of not be able to ether shut down or put into sleep mode.)

    R.I.P. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop
    2018 - 2021

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