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  1. G.M.Spectre did KOF-styled sprites of Simon, Sypha, and Alucard that I'm surprised no one has tried making characters with here: http://maximoff.alreadyread.net/SpriteSheets/
  2. Just wondering, should the "adult" versions of Shun (like Duracelleur's edit for KOF Anthology) be included? there are 2 other versions of Shun that aren't a kid that are also meant for full-game projects. Here's the links to all 3 versions of Adult Shun: SF2 SNK Shun (Water, PuskasYashin) KOF Anthology Shun (PuskasYashin, Duracelleur) SVC3 Shun (No author tag)
  3. Knuckle Fighter isn't Mugen, it's a different engine with the same concept. I haven't messed with Knuckle Fighter yet, sorry if my response isn't much help.
  4. I'd say it's CVS-styled even if I didn't make the sprites. Mekstik edited them, I just used the .SFF and some of the .AIR. That being said it does play slightly differently than other Ken edits.
  5. Wildshark did edits of SeanAltly's Sonic and Aperson98's Eggman/Robotnik. His Sonic adds the weird electricity effects he has from the movie while his Robotnik removes some of the YTP-based elements of the original character. Here's links to both: Sonic Eggman/Robotnik
  6. Here's Wildshark's Spiderman/"Pickachu" as part of my reuploading binge. Perhaps he should get a "Creator's Collection" once i'm done reuploading all of his content to my Mega? Spiderman's originally by Zvitor while Pikachu's by Xed-arts.
  7. Wildshark made an edit of Y.Y's Hol Horse. Not sure what's changed about it but here's the link.
  8. Here's another edit by Wildshark - a weird 2 in one character like their Dizzy/Ken duo. The Mei-Fang used in this edit was originally by Aokmaniac13: Mei-Fang/Ryu I might just upload all of Wildshark's edits to my Mega.nz since I feel like they're something to behold. Most of their stuff is on MA anyways.
  9. ShowBySpirit's (SamSho-styled?) Johnny leads to a 403 error page. Wildshark also edited Muteki's Dizzy and May. Dizzy is now a weird 2 in 1 character teaming up with SFA-styled Ken, while May is their typical Binho "MK style" edit. Here's the links to both: Dizzy and Ken "MK-Style" May
  10. Yeah, that's pretty much all of Wildshark's MK edits. I have more of a problem with them being built off of Binho's characters though
  11. Wildshark edited Bey's Weiss to have Binho's MK Fatality system: https://mega.nz/file/yuw00TqC#HTTrQM84TCrrxsLzOOUcCnAQjF4UQGnIvbIOMK5CgOI Note: I added a winquote since this is from my collection and i really like silly winquotes for some reason.
  12. Since i'd assume asset rips are ok, Insanius ripped the character sprites and put them on The Spriter's Resource. Original PS2 sprites "High-res" filtered 360 sprites I also have Duracelleur's edit of Yuki (it's not exactly like it's supposed to be though, since i added a winquote and replaced the portrait with a picture i liked better) Link to Yuki
  13. I agree that we should probably separate MKP content from Mortal Kombat stuff meant for vanilla Mugen.
  14. There was an edit of Cirno that was supposed to be Ribbon from Kirby 64. I dunno where to get it but Mister Fael made a video on it: Perhaps we could check the two Touhou collections for a link?
  15. The "Chibi" versions seem to be edited from RPG Maker battle sprites. I should know since i downloaded a non-Steam copy of RPG Maker 2003
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