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  1. My actual mission is to give ClayFighter a better name in MUGEN. Now seeing this happened, I'm gonna do the same with this collection, so expect a remake by me very soon 😉
  2. OK, Octohead is finished and released, only rests Nanaman (coming very soon) and Lockjaw... and maybe other, who knows 😛
  3. My new ClayFighter is finally ready to smash your MUGEN with his tentacles (no hentai). A conversion of his version from CF2: Judgment Clay with the 63 1/3 style you know and love. And since his source game lacks of a lot of normal issues from fighting games, I'll make you a list of what's the new stuff he has compared to his source material: Gameplay from 63 1/3, with FX and sounds, combo system (Insane Combos included) and Claytalities New throws and supers, inexistent in C2 12 palettes, 6 from the game, 5 originals and one of his evil clone Jack And of course, compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), just choose "octo-m1.def" and that's all! And now, the screenshots: I hope you like this new release of mine, which also inaugurates the new ClayFighter section in Chars, with all my releases characters from this series in one page (HoboCop included) 😎 now going to finish Nanaman (it was intended to finish both at the same time, but Octohead went first), so expect a new release very soon 😉 You're octogone!
  4. Something Akuma/Ryu/Ken/etc aren't allowed here, so Rare Akuma doesn't qualify, sorry (neither other original edits like SPO Ryu, for example) Also, I found a rarity called Star Lee, added to the collection. Also, downloading the shotoclones who don't have an image to get them one here
  5. Double post since I found other stuff: -I got yu-go chars in my old DOS folder so I uploaded them both: Reiji and Saizo -Cirio's stages are working here, I downloaded various of them and the links are all good 😄 -Found a couple of 119way chars: Poochy and 18yo Ume, only left Super Clara -New finding: Otane by knkn -AnimugenZ's KOF edits: Keith and Clara -EDIT: Here's David Demianoff's Hikaru (I downloaded and demoled UG fullgame to get it)
  6. Cool, here I come then XD The Spriters Resource: Hellcio (ending scenes) Kong: complete Matrimelee sprites Gazira: Matrimelee portraits (direct link) I'm dissapointed, I thought there were more sprite sheets/packs out there and there's few of them actually. Also, there're Mugen China packs of Matrimelee and Bonnou no Kaihou, but all their stuff is offline, so I don't think they should be mentioned IMO
  7. Thank you very much 😄 both have been added
  8. Thanks 🙂 I later noticed his name was there, but good to know my name is included there (I helped with stuff, but Kenshin did most of the job, it was the only job we did together sadly). Well, now that the sprites are ripped, I could make a kind of spriteswap with the new form of Super Clara from Matsuri (all black maid clothes and white hair), or at least a patch for her. And there're a lot of people interested on make Rin, so definitely will have at least one version of her 😄 Also... now that you included the MSR rips, can I post here the rips from TSR and SD to be included in the collection as well??
  9. Thanks, all help is welcome here and in all my collections 🙂 ok, updated the main post with all the links after my last post in 2020 and marked as red the offline stuff... and also I found some edits of Ramza's Zero I found recently (there's one more to add, but it's in a pack with other chars and it's 200mb!!)
  10. I know, I'm sorry for having this collection so abandoned, I'm going back to work on my collections, and this one isn't the exception. OK, adding/updating all the links since the last post I made, but I need all your help about which links are down to replace them with new ones or mark them as red
  11. Oh damn, that was not what shown in this video and this release thread. What a monster, sorry for the news, I got shocked when I downloaded it too 😔 EDIT: Let me apologize with this, I found Yaten Kou's Annie in my old DOS folder so I upload it here
  12. HI! Got new video previews of my Octo and Nana in my WIP thread, take a look!! 😄

  13. Again reviving old PI collections XD -You forgot Super Clara (from Bonnou no Kaihou) made by KenshinHimura and me, hosted in my site -Aokmaniak13 released the complete Matsuri Senzo Kuyou character rips (sprites and sounds), so expect to get more updates of this thread soon since a lot of people want to make the new chars -TENE won't appear anymore, so I guess you should delete his WIPs from the list, IMO
  14. Reviving the thread with this: Cesarsombra released Chuck from PI Legends
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