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  1. OK, the mistery is finally revealed. I hope you liked my yesterday surprise for all of you
  2. I released a new character especially prepared for you in this day. Here're the shots: Enjoy it!! Characters -> Jokes/Bosses Sorry, I'm busy rn, I'll fix these things during the day 😛
  3. Hi, someone else who plays Genshin Impact?? Here's my code: 606943330

  4. Hmmmm, yeah, I could help you with the forums and... wait, you have Discord??
  5. _sengoku_basara__happy_birthday_dokuganr

    Happy Birthday Basara-Kun, thank you for helping in making MUGEN awesome.

    1. Basara-kun


      Thank you very much =D

  6. Ooohh, are you S666?? (I assume for the download files on MF) If you are, tell me if you want to keep that nick or I rename you on the links as Somm, as you want
  7. Thanks, but I didn't make a section for Shadaloo Dolls yet, seeing if I make a section for them here or their own thread as OC/adapted shotoclones. But those ones will be added in the list eventually 😉 EDIT: Added Shadaloo Dolls as part of the Edited Section and added your edits, thanks man 😉
  8. I got PS4 finally!! (I'm stuck with genshin Impact), add/follow me at carlos_basara :P

  9. Hi guys, I'm requesting 2 stuff for the Neo Geo Pocket collection as well for myself: -Pocket Kazuki Kazama by Slayer, originally hosted in old SodonHID site, the first char from NGP versions of Samurai Shodown! games -SVC: Match of the Millennium screenpacks by Mazemerald I hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance =)
  10. Thanks for the links, but I already got them in the list (they were noticed before) Now working to get all the character images ready, I made already for edits and SS1-2 last night
  11. Sorry for don't answer you before. Yeah, I saw that, but I found the reuploaded version by MamboJambo who brought GEM back to life Also, I started to re-add the images of the collection, I hope tomorrow readd the rest of them. Also I added some AI creators to the list
  12. Due to my recent release, I change yellow to normal my Pocket Ukyo, so he's available now =D
  13. Due to my recent release, I change yellow to normal my Ukyo, so he's available now =D
  14. One of my side-projects apart of Bad Mr. Frosty has been finished. Inspired by various things (my love for the series and the Neo Geo Pocket, the NGP collection I made here, the re-release of their games on Nintendo Switch, the lack of chars from this game, etc.), I decided to make some chars from this beautiful handheld console from SNK, starting with Ukyo Tachibana from Samurai Shodown! games, which technically is the second one after Slayer's Kazuki, but that char can't be found since ages, so this could be the first for all of you... Loyal to the games themselves, I made a simp
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