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  1. Basara-kun

    Azur Lane

    Oh, it's a game?? I just know about Azur Lane for the cosplayers :P
  2. Retaking this: Added all the stuff by Eduardo Merenda (except Chuchoryu's Fio, which link is offline) Added some stuff I found like some Kyoko chars and Lilly Kane's WIP Found Kim Sue-Il, but the author released him on MA, so I hope someone can got it from there to get the link Added some sprites/gifs for some of the chars who need images
  3. CALL ME DADDY All basic moves for Frosty are ready!! All his basic punches and kicks are done and he's 100% playable, now making the sprites for his special moves and then I can start in his supers and the combo system. Also thinking to make an arrange version of him in a future with his moves from C1/C2 with new palettes, wouldn't be a bad idea at all
  4. OK, double post. I found in my old DOSM various SS offline chars that I can give to the collection. These are the ones I found that were added: Haohmaru SSIV by K3nshin Amakusa SSV by Montana Charlotte SSIV by Noe Chanpuru by Souken (I just noticed I got that shit already XD) Genjuro by LaQuak (not added before) Also I remembered that I got problems with the forum before thanks to that Cloudflare crap that updated the page in certain time, so many of my edits were undone. So I'll see again the posts if some character got passed from the list, like the ones by Eduardo Merenda that probably weren't included because of that. Let's work on it ;)
  5. I found this: Simpsons Dumper ripped all Sculptor's Cut sounds, to be added in Resources or Add-ons
  6. Added all of them, thank you very much =D Also, I checked in my downloaded chars since years ago in my MUGEN that probably I got some offline chars that I can upload, let me see about it ;)
  7. After many years, the bug of Cloudflare's auto-reload (which left hours of edition undone) and the forum itself going down for times, I left all my collections abandoned. Until now :D I got back with this: All the stuff since my last post here added Duracelleur's KOF Anthology chars added to the list Recently released chars added: KarmaChameleon's Genjuro, Extravagant's Iroha and Mina, etc. Updated OldGamer's link to his actual MFG site Added Gui007's edits to various SS chars Wuwo (SSVI rips) and Ehnyd (both Haohmaru) links are declared offline
  8. OK, retaking the collection, added some few stuff to keep up to date ;)
  9. :admire2:
    A miracle happened and I released all my unreleased stages, take a look!!

  10. You know, I'm very busy with MUGEN (and other stuff like Cosplay and Facebook and Discord and stuff) so I get me occupied and not losing my head because of the lockdown, so I was thinking... I don't make much stages, and I released just a few of them. So why not to release the few unreleased stuff I have already? Well, I made various stages I got in my PC I never released before, just made for my own entertainment (since I'm not good making them) and you probably have seen various of them in my screenshots for my chars. But these days I was thinking to make a better use of them by releasing them so you can play with them too Don't expect awesome stuff, all are simple stages with no animations or super jumps, mostly made by Cybaster's stage maker since I was bored and just made them XD but maybe you could like them too, who knows Yie-Ar Kung Fu - Stage 1 When I was playing this in my NES emulator one day, I thought it could be a good idea for a MUGEN stage, so I did it :P it's scaled so you can play as in the game's arena instead of a simple 320x240 square :P MM1 Cutman Stage A separate project I made from MM boss stages (don't remember if I did it before or after those stages), it's a recreation of one of the zones of Cutman's stage from the very first NES game. In the moment I wanted to be animated, with Megaman passing the stage and those annoying flying robots after him, but I got lazy and never did them Empty Valley As with some of my chars, I usually collect sheets from sprite pages and later I converted to MUGEN just for fun. This is one of them, a stage from DBZ Supersonic Warriors that I converted into a loooooong stage just because I wanted to XD Meteor Storm A stage I tried to make from Mortal Kombat Armageddon, it's from a static image so don't expect the "meteor storm" seen in the game or other anims... oh, and don't expect HD/3D/other stuff here, it was made for my DOSM originally My dog Sonny A homage to my Sonny (aka Santino), a golden retriever dog I got with my ex-wife (but lived in ex-mother-in-law's house). Technically it was from her, but I also adopted as mine and was my favourite mascot, so I took that photo and I made him as a stage (with double jump) in 2012. Sadly he passed away few months after I got separated (in 2019, he had 13yo), but at least I got this playable memory of him. Originally called as "Juguetes" (Toys in Spanish) since chars are seen like living toys playing around Sonny 27F Series A bunch of static photos converted into stages in 2010 for the big 2010 Earthquake happened here in my country Chile. It was supposed to be released in that year as a king of homage to this Chilean catastrophe, but I only released one of them and for a limited time. Now, you'll get all of them in one pack ;) Since these were made for fun and just for me, don't expect complicated stuff like parallax, super jump (except in some of them XD), music, animations or even a M1.0 special def (but they're also compatible BTW). Just don't use them in M1.1, they'll probably screw up thanks to the zoom stuff, but in M1.0 could run well AFAIK. Forget the arrow, go to Stages section, bro
  11. An user in Mugenguild found a bug about opponent can block during Idaten Geki moves and other ones. Well, no more. An itty-bitty update has been done, if you suffered with that, then now False Yuka has been updated fixing that stuff ;)
  12. Found some rare stuff: -In Shadowtak's archived page found a couple of stages available: CF2 Camp Catastrophe - CFTE N.Boss stage (maybe download and host them before the links go down eventually) -According to MUGEN Wiki, Dchan250 edited Shadowtak's Blob but it's offline found it when I was writing this XD: CF1 Blob -Looking in his CF pack, Xandegraf made edited versions of some characters, mostly from 63 1/3. I tested them and made separate downloads to be added as edits (or in miscellaneous along with my HoboCop): T-Sarge (T-Hoppy) - Kung Fu Evil (Kung Pow) - Macumban (Houngan) - Bad Clay (N.Boss) EDIT: Enscripture's CF stages are still downloadable!! All Blob, Taffy and Frosty (except CF1) stages from the first 2 games and CFTE are available :D
  13. Reviving Variable Geo in MUGEN!! False Yuka Takeuchi was released, you wanna fries with that? :3

  14. I released False Yuka some minutes ago!! To be added to the list (it was an old WIP as Chiho, but I never advanced enough until I finished today :P) And yeah... I've to rework on Chiho, sorry about that u_u
  15. Yuka Takeuchi is maybe the most powerful fighter in the history of Variable Geo tournaments. That's why Miranda Jahana took part of her DNA and her fighting data to create the perfect clone. Known as False Yuka, this clone possesses all of Yuka's skills, but at the service of Miranda and her evil plans. Now, only left to confront Yuka and take the place of the original one. For those ones who follow my projects since long time, this project was proposed years ago, and even when I got some of the char advanced, I never got her finished or at least playable at all. Until now. For those ones who don't know about this, well... I made a rest from my ClayFighter chars to rework in an old project of mine that I quicky finished in a week, my apologies for cannot get her ready before June ends, but here it is anyway :P Now about the character: False Yuka Takeuchi A perfect clone of Yuka, the protagonist of Variable Geo series, made for the Turbo CD version of the first game and Saturn's Advanced Variable Geo 1 as the final boss, which uses Yuka's 2P colors (purple hair and pink outfit instead of brown/orange) as her default palette. Since I love Yuka, instead to make my own version of her, I prefered to make this clone that hasn't a conversion of any type for MUGEN until today. In general, she plays similar to Yuka with some minor differences in moves. Here's what you can find on her: All her basic moves and 6 buttons (3 punches and 3 kicks) Similar gameplay seen in the other girls I made as Shelly Tarlar and Roxy with Capcom's FX and sounds Used XCB's CS SFF for DivineWolf's Yuka Takeuchi and Nyankiryu's Yuka voice and some sounds A megamix of Yuka moves from the entire V.G. series 2 throws, 3 specials, 3 EX moves and 5 supers 12 palettes, one of them based on Yuka, obviously As most of my creations, made under WinMugen but compatible with M1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc., just choose fyuka-m1.def and that's all!!) Screenshots: I hope you like them, she's now part of the Doppelganger Project just as Shelly Tarlar and Roxy, now having enough chars to get their own separate section. Apart of solving bugs, I hope to make special intros and wins against their real counterparts, especially the ones made by DivineWolf (Shelly/Tia, Roxy/Poison and False Yuka/Yuka), maybe next time ;) You wanna fries with that? Characters -> Experiments 07/04/2020 - Version 1.01 -Fixed bug of Idaten Geki moves and others where the opponent can block during the move
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