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  1. ZETA updated Yasha today https://ux.getuploader.com/zzzz_mugen_char_2/download/33
  2. karasuba_iro released Takamine Kaori
  3. Couldn`t find tou-nyan-len, but search for ``製作 桃娘レン`` and you might get some light of where to do so.
  4. Walkyrie by White Hair Knight: https://u4.getuploader.com/mugenup/download/34
  5. After some digging, finally found a link to Niwaka Lolicon :P https://ux.getuploader.com/mugen_target3/download/14
  6. Sadly, will need to dig harder for that one since both that one and Custom Accelerator aren't hosted in that link.
  7. Found a proper link to Arrange Accelerator from what it seems to be hosted by the author himself: https://ux.getuploader.com/SHOnoMUGENgotyamaze/download/1
  8. Wish the 2004 version had an AI Patch using that version's moveset, but good edit nonetheless.
  9. Vatista NEO by Gondwana(very likely to be cheap) https://ux.getuploader.com/gndwn/download/32
  10. Disins

    E's Laf

    You are very welcome my dear~
  11. Disins

    E's Laf

    Shao's AI Patch for Hyperhiroro's Serena
  12. Nameless Drifter's AI Patch for Dansyaku by Nyo
  13. Older version of Deteiu: https://ux.getuploader.com/mugen014/download/57
  14. https://ux.getuploader.com/danganmax09090909/download/15 Mr. Big by dorusii
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