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  1. Today
  2. My condolences to the mod team, they're getting too much flak for doing whats best ❤️

  3. Yesterday
  4. I've got a question about the Guidelines update, are animted GIF signatures still allowed or should be just static images? It does mention to use pictures and text but not other media so not sure if it falls into the later.

    1. Sir Ghostler

      Sir Ghostler

      You're allowed to use animated .gif signatures, yeah.

    2. Dan


      Thanks for the answer, just making sure it was alright to keep it.

  5. Since i have a new PC i'm trying to fix my Collection threads
    And so i was inactive cause of university for a month

  6. Last week
  7. Please stay tuned for an announcement from staff about the situation with collection threads. MFFA is not going anywhere. Restoration of the threads is being worked on.

    1. Lego6669


      If all the collection is going to be remake, will you add new characters that other user provide the link for?

    2. jo19sh92


      I'll be honest, I'm genuinely curious to know what the staff are thinking. Cause real talk, y'all don't really say much out in the open or like, express opinions that much regarding like... I dunno... the state of MUGEN or MFFA or threads being flooded with people's drama and other crap, and so on. 😄 So I hope to see some real in-depth discussion put into this announcement.

    3. Matiu


      Hope all the collection threads gets restored.

  8. I gotta say, I really like these new rule changes that crack down on the smut.
    Keep up the good work, guys! 😄

  9. 7RZBB4B.png


    Well, I mean...
    Are you saying that you are no longer active on this site? Why on earth?


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Disins


      Waking up to see that sure was unfortunate...
      But I guess on most communities, that is bound to happen.

    3. Joey S.

      Joey S.

      It's unfortunate that someone like him ran a lot of the threads.
      At the same time, though... good riddance, honestly.

    4. subarashimugen


      Unfortunate, it came to this (again) I have nothing against kazagami personally but he felt entitled to shove that disturbing armpit fetish down everyone's throat. I have to agree with Joey, MFFA needed to move on, for the greater good.


     Gonna be opening up for art commissions this year after I finish my que batch.

  11. The Fawn Fire situation near Redding changed overnight, so really, I'm just gonna wait until mandatory evacuation gets placed, or until I-5 closes, at which then, probably a good idea to bounce.


    So yeah, back at home... just waiting to know what's going on.

  12. I think some cupcakes got 3d models of Fox McCloud, Krystal and General Scales from Star Fox Adventures on model resources.

  13. Happy Birthday buddy, I hope you have a fantastic day.



  14. I don't really care about MUGEN anymore but it's always nice to drop by, chill and reminisce over the good old times while looking at MFFA's soothing blue colour scheme.

    1. jo19sh92


      Ducky, you need to add me on discord bro, so we can chat more often. 😄

  15. Earlier
  16. i ripped the texures/sprites from virtua fighter 5 final showdown


    screenshot 1:["img"]https://imgur.com/UOgf0Ta["/img"]

    screenshot 2::["img"]https://imgur.com/n8EAB5o["/img"]


    LINK MEADIAFIRE:https://www.mediafire.com/file/4uzx7jawj9pxz0j/VF5FS+SPRITES.rar/file


    LINK MEGA:https://mega.nz/file/FaAChZSa#-5fk_cGlGsFytPH3dWX4gU0JRQUuwyYdUp4iAMtveLc

  17. HI! Got new video previews of my Octo and Nana in my WIP thread, take a look!! 😄

  18. Esta es mi primera vez aqui lol

  19. Thinking of starting a new collection.....



  20. Hey everyone. Since Marvel VS Capcom becoming successful at the series, I have an message for everyone. I want you to get me some Screen pack for Marvel VS Capcom for my MVC game!


    Can everyone share their links and create screen packs?


    I need a MUGEN - Marvel VS Capcom Screen pack 1280 x 720 with more slots.


    Thank you!


    I hope I could make this game by myself.spacer.png

  21. Just a friendly reminder to everyone that spamming posts and them immediately deleting them afterward still counts as spam. We've had to ban several new accounts due to this. Moving forward, anyone caught doing this will have their account flagged to require moderator approval for all future posts. If you have second thoughts about posting something, then odds are you shouldn't be posting it.

  22. Hey do you have any of Ultraman characters that released on billbill or niconico website 


    example Ultraman taiga by natsumi 

    Ultraman Ginga victory 

    1. Haou


      Taiga by Natsumi Tohka hasn't released yet. I have 3 Ginga files. One by San_UA and the others by King Gainer.


  23. unknown.png

    I've released 4 new AI patches, for Kozeni's Bagan, man's Ebifrygon (nijikaku project), FourthRhyme's Mangle and Gemeos dos Jogos' Mario. More information and the link to download them in my thread:


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