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  1. Update: Added the following characters Reimu: Alibno Queen (kousa) Marisa: Nico Marisa (GTFoxN6Y) Youmu: Added Win Thunder Sword Youmu (kousa) Reisen: Added Battle Master Reisen (kousa) Sanae: Added Stella Preces (kousa) Tenshi: Added Blizzard Sword Princess (kousa) Misc: Added cheap tag on Moonlight Maze Misc: Fixed Lunatic's links to lead to his OneDrive, for now.
  2. AI Patched version of Flynn Taggar, named Doomguy, by me. Also, the original Duke Nukem by Juan Carlos, according to Mugen Database, and an AI Patched version named Dukie Nukie by Halis, here.
  3. Rehosting Fernandeath by ThePaper. https://mega.nz/file/k7BRGYQb#Oshyl285XzaIczRVjLYqkRmusdd8pP0CQqDuzr0IbBI
  4. Did somebody mentionned Servant Loreman ?
  5. I have bad news for you. Also, according to this filelist, the original author of Monyu Monyu is sudara13.
  6. AI Patched version of Claymizer's Blaziken by me. Link
  7. Last update of TF2 Scout; Link OpieOP Marksman; Link AI patched Shapesnatch; Link Updated: Link VAC? Sniper: Link Updated version of Y.A.M.E.T.E; Link Clint Eastwood: Link Baby Vegeta: Link Blaziken: Link Updated version of Mathrus and Lesser Mathrus. Link Doomguy (AI Patched version of David Demianoff's Flynn Taggar): Link Creatively Bankrupt Kanna: Link Monyu Monyu AI Patch: Link Edit of DENMOU's Eraser. Link AI Patched Version o
  8. Rehosted ! The version I have is named Patchouli - S and might be a cheap ones.
  9. Link for Corrupted Veter Driffin is down because of overwriting bruh moment. It is mostly a heavily misaligned hitsparks fix for a few attacks. Here is the existing working link that should be used for the collection.
  10. Spare me the facts about how COPPA is ruining Youtube and about how agloirithm will never be perfect.  I know, but this kind of mistake should be mocked for generations to come.



    1. Jansen121


      god wtf is this shit lol.


  11. Andddddd Pokemon Sword and Shield got review bombed.


    Pretty obvious that I am not surprised by this.

  12. I have a weird feeling that the next Smash reveal will cause the biggest excitement ever or be the greatest dissapointment. Either way grab the popcorn.

    1. SSBKing65✯


      Supposedly it's SNK 's Terry which has mixed opinions from many people, he doesn't excite me but I'm looking forward to seeing him as DLC Fighter 4 if it happens. In the end, everyone will never truly be satisfied with Smash Bros. 

    2. Gaulbetti


      Dude, it's Smash.


      The salt will be legendary reguardless.

    3. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Imagine Smash fans not being dissapointed for whatever reason.


      Ignore those who don´t like, this is for those fans of the Fatal Fury and casuals that just want fun characters

  13. Kirby, Link, Ice Climbers, DeDeDe and Tekkaman Pikachu still have working links on this thread. I guess I am going to sent in the rest. Deteiu (Thanks Erxos for this one) Ganon Koopa (Bowser) Mario Meta Knight Mr. Game & Watch Pikachu Purin (Jigglypuff) Samus Yoshi Team Yoshi Young Link
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