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  1. I happen to have a bunch of Simpsons stuff I downloaded from Ryou's OneDrive before it got purged. https://mega.nz/folder/GApzjKYI#gfO8hTLjTHagfnB0xk8dNQ/folder/GcoEERYA
  2. all the dead links are replaced with newer ones.
  3. sorry for bumping a dead topic but the link for Codename Ansatsuken seems to be down?
  4. bars updated with a new timer graphic along with some other visual tweaks.
  5. stage has been updated with a new sky graphic.
  6. more screenshots: slot expansion .def: been working on this for a bit and it's finally at a state where it's worth sharing with everyone. I miiiiiiiight make an IKEMEN GO version of this in the near future. we'll see. download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4h8b7ivv9mmf805/simplemugen_screenpack.zip/file
  7. Main Fighters Baraka Carnage777 / LESSARD Blaze Chuchoryu Cassie Cage Chuchoryu / Wildshark Chameleon Fabry Taz / Marth Belmonth / Pysperion / Unknown Author (Edit of Jessica Smoke's Fab) Cyrax AngelM / Fabry Taz: 1st - 2nd / Marth Belmonth: Cyborg - Human / Sphinxe1 / Wildshark Dark Kahn Chuchoryu: New - Old Ermac Chuchoryu / Fabry Taz / Flamekyo / Marth Belmonth / MKP / Shazzo / Slenderman: Original - comorep77 (Edit) - Odb718 (Edit) - Tavo Lopez (Edit) / Sphinxe1 Goro AngelM / Chuchoryu / Fabry Taz: New - Sookie (Edit) - Old Jade Fabry Taz / Marth Belmonth / S666 / Teeno Jax CARNAGE777 & Fede10&Chimoru / Chuchoryu: Original - Wildshark (Edit) / ghost_rider / S666 Johnny Cage Diegoni / Fabry Taz Kano Binho: Original - mete123 (Edit) / ghost_rider / Marth Belmonth Kitana Fabry Taz / Marth Belmonth / Teeno / Wildshark Kronika Chuchoryu Kung Lao AngelM and Requiem (edited by comorep77) / Diegoni Lin Kuei Grandmaster Teeno Liu Kang Chuchoryu: New - Old: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Tavo Lopez (Edit) / Fabry Taz / Marth Belmonth / Shazzo / TyronneVB Mileena Fabry Taz / FastFlash / Marth Belmonth / Teeno Nightwolf Diegoni Motaro uri257 Noob Saibot Fabry Taz / JoeStar / Marth Belmonth / Mike Obrecht Quan Chi ghost_rider Raiden acma005 / Chuchoryu / Diegoni / Fabry Taz: Original - Sookie (Edit) / KamranBernstein / Marth Belmonth / Takeshi Takemura / Unknown Author (Edit of Jessica Smoke's Lord Roger) Rain Chuchoryu / Fabry Taz / Marth Belmonth / Mike Obrecht Reiko ts3121 Reptile Binho / Chuchoryu: New - Old / Fabry Taz / Flamekyo / Khanny Pham / Marth Belmonth / Mike Obrecht / Unknown Author Scorpion Binho: Normal - Edited ([email protected]) - Super (Unknown Author) - Unmasked (DarkonMK) / Chuchoryu: CVS - MKII - MKDA - MK11 / Fabry Taz: Original - Sookie (Edit) / ghost_rider / JJkoolaid / Marth Belmonth / SeanAltly: Original - Odb718 (Edit) Sektor Fabry Taz: 1st - 2nd / Marth Belmonth / Shadow Dio Shang Tsung Binho / Chuchoryu Shao Kahn AngelM / Chuchoryu: Original - Wildshark (Edit) Sindel Rusher Skarlet Rusher Smoke (Human) CARNAGE777 / Fastflash / Marth Belmonth / Unknown Author (Edit of Binho's Scorpion): 1 - 2 Smoke (Cyborg) Marth Belmonth / Shadow Dio Sonya Blade CARNAGE777 Sub-Zero Binho: Normal - Super (Unknown Author) - Old / Chuchoryu: Original - MKII - MKDA - MK11 / Fabry Taz / Marth Belmonth / S666 / SeanAltly: Original - totaln00b (Unmasked) / Wou Tremor Dave Rattlz / LeoCobainJr / Marth Belmonth / Mike Obrecht Triborg Chuchoryu Original Characters Acid Shadow Dio Angel AngelM Ben Psyperion CaillouStrawberry CaillouStrawberry & thebestmlTBM Cyron AngelM Darkon DarkonMK Devil Darkon DarkonMK Hornbuckle Rusher Hydro Alerkina4 Inferno Shadow Dio Mustard Wildshark Qhameleon Marth Belmonth Requiem Wildshark Ruby MKP Slash Mike Obrecht Snake Marth Belmonth Zho Mai Hiryo Xeoni
  8. wasn't really expecting this shit to go down but I'm glad it's over now

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    2. 087-B


      I'm still taking them with a grain of salt cause I never know what to believe anymore. I hate jumping on the cancel-culture train without being completely sure. If they are real, then yikes. That's depressing. That's horribly, horribly depressing.


      Either way... I'm not gonna take any sides. Maybe Ryou had a pretty damn good reason to do it, maybe not.


      Regardless, it's depressing -- so I agree with you, I'm glad it's over.

    3. RicePigeon


      The screenshots are the same ones that were sent to RMH back in November/December of 2020. At the time, we were able to confirm that some of the screenshots did, in fact, come from MFG's discord server, but we were unable to corroborate the others. That being said, we don't condone the content of the messages, nor do we condone the harassment of other users, even if said messages occurred offsite.

    4. Toasted Milque

      Toasted Milque

      Well it seems the fire has been put out, fortunately. People could've easily fan the flames, making the mess even bigger as a result.

  9. realised I forgot to make my site accessible to everyone as it was on private the entire time WHOOPS

    1. GTAguy


      Not the first time, huh?

    2. Toasted Milque

      Toasted Milque

      Ooof! Ain't that quite the gaffe?😅

  10. a SFV stage mod inspired me to make this. download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/naw5cz4jh8cgeds/Field_of_Spring_04-09-2021.rar/file
  11. fixed a problem with the level sounds not playing so please redownload if you can.
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