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  1. if this is just a palette/sound swap of SF1 Ken, shouldn't it be on the edits section?
  2. shit I just noticed the stage previews aren't showing. gonna fix these when I next wake up. EDIT: alright the previews should show up on everyone's end now.
  3. decided to share some stages I have made over the past two years. also woo my first post Dong Dong Never Die Shan Xi 2 Zhe Jiang Knuckle Fighter Alpha Black Mage Stage Reggie Skatore Stage Re-Ryu Stage Ugaya Stage SFNinja: HD Remix Sub-Zero Stage Suni Skiz Stage Streets of Rage 3 Stage 5-2 Stage 7A-1 Tekken 2 (NES Bootleg) Heihachi Stage Kazuya Stage
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