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  1. Question: How do you switch the palettes on Infinte's characters? I use Fighter Factory, but each time i switch em out, it's always the same default for each one. 

    1. jo19sh92


      If you view it in Fighter Factory, you click "apply palette to all frames" or "apply palette to all images" when you go to open a new palette.

    2. Cook4251


      Idk if i'm doing it right, but i'm using Fighter Factory Studio and when i try to apply it, it makes all the other palettes look the same as the first palette.

  2. I leave for one day and some drama popped off and now i seen some meme on twitter calling this site and mugen archive and i quote, "Ran by big headed egotist who can't stand people having different opinions / interests?" 


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    2. Cook4251


      Did something happen recently?

    3. Toasted Milque

      Toasted Milque

      From what I gathered it was a case of an awol admin spreading flak about someone. This may not be entirely accurate, I assume it's the gist based on what I've seen posted by others regarding it

      the situation has been dealt with fortunately. (and no, I'm not dropping the culprit's name)

      Btw, funny how that "meme" is posted on TWITTER of all places when Twitter is guilty of this nonsense.

    4. Cook4251


      No need for the name, was just curious about what went down. 🙂

  3. Stone Ocean anime CONFIRMED! I'm ready to hear Made In Heaven. Hopefully they keep the guy that voiced Pucci in ASB.

    1. Kazagami, Armpit Lord

      Kazagami, Armpit Lord

      Kind of doubtful we'll get Show Hayami as Pucci seeing as how DavidPro has been recasting ASB VAs in favor of brand new ones for the anime adaptations lately.

    2. Noside


      Stone Ocean is my least favorite arc, plus, it has a crappy ending if you read the manga, the next arc which is Steel Ball Run is way better.

    3. Cook4251


      @Noside Pucci was salty af man. I still enjoyed it wholeheartedly.


      @RyouReally? I thought most of them were from ASB respectfully. I did not know that.

  4. Does anyone have any links to the english soundpacks of Buckus Yun and Yang? I had em years back but i can't remember who made them. Help would be greatly appreciated as always.
  5. Oh hey, more Xenoblade characters added to Smash. And unless Nintendo gives Square Enix that cash, ain't nobody seeing Sora.

    1. Gaulbetti


      Oh, she's from Shulk's game? She reminded me of Astolfo from Fate.

  6. Is it like a ritual to point out the flaws and roast the new Era P.O.T.S style characters? To me that's like a running gag(In a good way). Feels like a roast session when someone releases a character and they bout to flame you like "Boy if you get your old misaligned hitsparks having ass on somewhere."

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    2. Darkflare


      Yes. It's a rite of passage even.

    3. Cook4251


      @Nep Heart I think some of the blind followers praise the work, rather than test it nowadays, ya know? 

    4. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart



       Yeah, a good chunk of them are still shoddy attempts at 15 minutes of frame, but even that seems to be less than present since these last several months. People are probably finally figuring it out, at least some anyway.

  7. HBD to me.

    1. Kazagami, Armpit Lord

      Kazagami, Armpit Lord

      One cake incoming for the birthday boy. 739212603607482399.png?v=1

  8. After surviving Hurricane Zeta from last Thursday in our city, we are now having random outages from our cable provider(Spectrum), but we are still recovering power here. Man high winds at 65 mph was truly scary for us. the tree nearly missed our house. a few lives were lost in the hurricane here, but i am thankful that we all lived and survived the hurrricane.

  9. Question: Is there a tutorial or thread here on how to make pots style portraits(Level 3)? Would greatly appreciate the help.

  10. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman. Gone too soon.

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