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    The Magic Toaster

    Cubeman Updated 8/10/2020

    [Preview] [Download] Cubeman: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d6097z2mo5ac1cm/Cubeman.rar/file [Notes] Welp my big project to help me really get back into the flow of making mugen characters again is finally finished! I meant to complete this character a bit sooner to try and cheer up folks with this whole epidemic and such by giving them something to mess with but I wanted to make sure I got most of his gameplay down right as well as dealing with some water damage at home. But anyways I do hope you all enjoy this character especially being one of the first characters made from Kinnikuman Muscle Fight in almost a decade. Thanks for your time!
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    Neo Geo Pocket Collection

    I always wonder why there's no collection of here anywhere (here nor old Guild Database) except some ye-olde databases. Well, time to fix that :P Again, thanks to the quarantine that got me with plenty of time, a new collection is born, this time compilating all the NGP characters adapted to MUGEN (not just from SNK), as well stages, screenpacks and all that stuff. Here I'll need all your help since as I said, there isn't much of this on the internet but some old databases (that probably I'll check out using Wayback Archive), so any help is welcome as always ;) Red is offline (or in MA), Blue is edited, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP. OK, let's go!! PS: Only one character for the collection. I mean, Terry will only appear in FF here, no matter if he's in KOFR and SVC:MOTM, for example. From SNK Fatal Fury: First Contact Terry Bogard: Diego Sanches / Cyanide / Meta Gouki / Tanicfan22 / MB Andy Bogard: Tanicfan22 Mai Shiranui: Amanochi Kim Kaphwan: Pobber22 Geese Howard: Tanicfan22 Alfred Airhawk: O Ilusionista Missing/To do: Joe Higashi, Ryuji Yamazaki, Rick Strowd, Li Xiangfei, Billy Kane, Wolfgang Krauser, Lao ---- Stages: Cenobite 53 Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: Grim / Ashimura (Kim) Samurai Shodown! 1/2 Haohmaru: Tanicfan22 (MOTM) / Neofix (MOTM) / LRojas (MOTM) / O Ilusionista (MOTM) Kazuki Kazama: Slayer Ukyo Tachibana: Basara-kun Missing/To do: Nakoruru, Rimururu, Galford, Hanzo Hattori, Sogetsu Kazama, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada, Jubei Yagyu, Shizumaru Hisame, Genjuro Kibagami, Zankuro Minazuki, Shiki, Asura, Charlotte, Gandara, Taizan Morozumi, Yuga the Destroyer ---- Stages: Basara-kun (SS!2) Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: Magma MK-II (SS1 portraits) / Sprite Database (SS2 Chars) / Brightview (Ukyo) The Last Blade Kouryu: SorrowEdge Missing/To do: Kaede, Moriya Minakata, Yuki, Keiichiro Washizuka, Lee Rekka, Zantetsu, Akari Ichijou, Okina no Genbu, Hyo Amano, Shinnosuke Kagami, Hibiki Takane, Kaori Sanada, Setsuna, Hagure Hitogata ---- Stages: Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: Banzai (Moriya) / Magma MK-II (Portraits) King of Fighters R-1/R-2 Kyo Kusanagi: Seath / CozySquirtle / Sunboy (SNK-Capcom Team) / Tanicfan22 Iori Yagami: Human / SodonHID / Sunboy (SNK-Capcom Team) / Tanicfan22 Orochi Iori: Kula / Jedah Seraph / Naruto_MD Ryo Sakazaki: Human / Silver / Satan's Child / Tanicfan22 Athena Asamiya: LimitedMoon (R-2) / Amanochi (MOTM) Yuri Sakazaki: Amanochi / Kula / Zero-Sennin / Jorge H Campos / Tanicfan22 Leona Heidern: Zero-Sennin Shingo Yabuki: Mr_Karai & BêJota / CuecaX / Tanicfan22 Missing/To do: Chizuru Kagura, Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, Chris, Orochi, Saisyu Kusanagi, Kasumi Todoh, Omega Rugal ---- Stages: CozySquirtle Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: Magma MK-II (R-1 Portraits) / Grim (R-1 Chars) / Video Game Music (OST) SNK Gals' Fighters Yuki Kushinada: Blue Blood (KOF sprites) Miss X: KoopaKoot & Thedge (KOF sprites) Missing/To do: Whip ---- Stages: Cenobite 53 / CozySquirtle Screenpacks: Fullgames: KoopaKoot (KOF) Resources: Grim (Chars, Stages) / KAINE (Misc.) / Magma MK-II (portraits) SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium Ryu: DeSouza (MvC) / YochiThMaster333 / Human / Sunboy (SNK-Capcom Team) / Tanicfan22 / Duende Macabro / Sublimado Evil Ryu: Ikaruga / Traveller of the Future / Nobody / Kurihan & Evil Guizmo / Spinicci Giacomo & Gohan SSM2 / {Neto-ssj4} / Branden_TE / Tanicfan22 / MJ Ken Masters: JozoTheBoogey / BeanBean / Human / Sunboy (SNK-Capcom Team) / Zero-Sennin / Tanicfan22 / MB / Naruto_MD Chun-li: BlackJack / Kurihan & subway / Tanicfan22 Guile: Brightview / DGS / Tanicfan22 Zangief: PR / Nobody / Lumina Dan Hibiki: N-Mario / Alucard / Son_Goku & W1ll_Smith / [DBZC]Son_Goku Sakura Kasugano: Nobody / Taton / Mune / xed / Zero-Sennin / Tanicfan22 / MJ Akuma/Gouki: Shingo-Yabuki / JYD / Traveller of the Future M.Bison/Vega: O Ilusionista / DarkWolf13-DTA Morrigan Aensland: xed / Tanicfan22 / Basara-kun Felicia: Julio C. Campos Bonus: POTS (Felicia's Catwalk) Missing/To do: Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta ---- Stages: CozySquirtle Screenpacks: Gabito23 / Silver / Zero Oh Fullgames: Ulisan (SVC: Rivalry Conclusion - SVC2 Rivals - Pocket Slam - Ganbatte Karate) / Human (The King of Pocket) / O Ilusionista (Pocket Dimensional Clash) / MarcDWyz (Pocket Fighter EX) Resources: Various (Misc.) / KAINE (Stages) / Grim & co. (Chars, Stages, Misc.) / Video Game Music (OST) / SaltAddict (Morrigan) Metal Slug 1st/2nd Mission Missing/To do: Marco Rossi, Gimlet, Red Eye, Tequila, Bosses ---- Stages: Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: Ragey / TSR Various: 1st - 2nd / Grim & Bonzai (1st) From other companies Sonic: Pocket Adventure Sonic: That One Fellow / Sonichth4 Tails: YochiThMaster333 (MvC) Knuckles: Sonichth4 Missing/To do: Bosses ---- Stages: Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: TSR Various / Video Game Music (OST) Rockman Battle & Fighters Megaman/Rockman: OrochiWeapon2000 Bass/Forte: The_Virus_X Missing/To do: Protoman/Blues, Duo, Robot Masters, Bosses ---- Stages: Kung Fu Man (A Cold Winter's Day) Screenpacks: Fullgames: Resources: Various (Chars) / Ragey (Chars, Stages) / Sprites INC / Blackhook (Metalman) / T0misaurus (Shademan, Stoneman, Geminiman) Edited Original Characters O Ilusionista: O Ilusionista Kurai Naito: Kurai Naito B-kun: Basara-kun Arma_X: Arma_X Tiger Mask: Tiger Mask Smoke & Claudia: Jessica Smoke Sentokun: Gockroach Hapok: HadeS Pocket Character Template: Magus & Lumina Recreated Characters Fighting Games Recreated edits Marco Rodriguez (Garou: MOTW): Gockroach Evil Ken (Street Fighter/MUGEN): Traveller of the Future / Freezell Gouken (Street Fighter): Traveller of the Future Sean Matsura (Street Fighter): SodonHID Reiji Oyama (Power Instinct): CRASHEM8000 Pocket Car Bonus & Stage (Street Fighter): Storm0062 Cammy White (Street Fighter): Chamat & Magus Lucia Morgan (Final Fight): Chamat, Lumina & Magus King (Art of Fighting): Chamat & Human Other Recreated edits Super Mario: N-Mario, TMasta & Soliduma (Mario - Luigi - Metal Mario) / Tanicfan22 (Symbiote Mario) Pocket Mustapha (Cadillacs & Dinosaurs): Arcaderm & Magus Jill Valentine (Resident Evil): Human Felix the Cat: Crowsar Octagon (AAA/Lucha Libre): Lumina Lara Croft (Tomb Raider): Magus Marvel Recreated Edits Wolverine: Dr. Strange Puck: Shining Captain America: Alejandro Iaccarino Doctor Strange: ScruffyDragon ScruffyDragon's DC Pocket World Superman: Magus Batman: Magus Wonder Woman: Magus Flash: Lumina Ice: Lumina & Buyog Superboy: Kojunho, Magus & Seth Joker: Sic-1 Captain Cold: Gate Bizarro: Magus Vixen: Magus & Lumina ---- Stages: ScruffyDragon (Pocket World) Screenpacks: Fullgames: Ulisan (Super Knockout) / Mugen Hispania Team (Mugen 8Bit) / ScruffyDragon Team (Pocket World) Resources: FireyPaperMario (Mario) / Ulises (Other Chars) / Dominic Maraschiello (Captain Commando) / Chamat (Other Chars) / P-O-K-E-T (Other Chars) / KamikazeTHC (Other Chars) / Unknown Author (Talbain/Gallon) / HadeS (Hapok)
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    Hello everyone. I finally released yet another mugen character, but this time with blackjack and hookers lots of attacks. The character is mostly inspired by Postal 2. I present you KFM-Ultra. Video Showcase: Note: Mugen 1.1b is recommended, the character lags in mugen 1.0. Read the textual file inside char's folder for more information. Also the character is not compatible with zoom stages. Download: https://synck667.000webhostapp.com/ I regret nothing. The correct filename is kfm-ultra v1.0 (REV 0.0.4).7z
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    The 14th Doctor

    Wario (CvS2 Reimagining)

    This edit is pretty good I must say, but I decided to take my time and edit him a bit further, maybe you could include the changes done in my edit to future updates of this edit. I've made quite a few changes, which are as follows -Changed the select portrait and first palette to that of Warner's Wario -Changed the Game Boy Color Wario palette to have more flat colors -Reduced the animation speed of the EX Hyper Punch contact animation, as well as added hitboxes to the end of it -Added the Mario Kart 64 Victory theme during his victory poses -Changed the intro laugh to his Mario Kart 64 one, as well as reduce the animation time -Trimmed the audio of the Greatest Achievement hyper, which greatly reduced file size of the .snd file (it's around 8 MB as oppose to around 26 MB) -Removed the palettes folder as since the edit is 1.0 and above, the .act files are not needed -Changed one of his hurt sounds -Changed the light fart animation to include a bit of lip syncing -Fixed some errors that Fighter Factory detected, like the character using the non-existing statetime trigger -Fixed the flooring of the hallway for the greatest achievement hyper from not being tall enough for certain stages -Fixed his taunt sprites from having miscolored pixels -Fixed the Triple Fire Shot hyper from giving back power, also removed the dust from the fire projectiles -Added burned, inflated and baby sprites, all from Warner's Wario The edit can be downloaded here https://www.mediafire.com/file/rlidarbaim55v3z/file
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    Oscorp Lab Stage 1.1 & 1.0

    Stage inspired by the homonymous scenario of the game "MARVEL Contest Of Champions". It has superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD
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    Street Fighter Alpha Collection One of my favourite game series from Capcom which collection has been abandoned since years. Time to change that once for all. Here you can find all the characters from the 3 games of the series, plus the additional characters from console and portable versions in the same style you know from my other collections. And I'll use more than one source: the past (and dead) collection and their posts, Guild Database, this other Guild collection and other sources I can find. As always, any help is welcome, especially with the offline content or the ones hosted on MA. Red is offline, Blue is edited, Green is different gameplay, Yellow is WIP and Purple is unfinished character, open source or for collection purposes only. PS: Since I made the OC Shotoclones collection, I'll make other collections with more modified/edited chars, so won't be included here for those reasons. PS2: The characters in every game appears in order of game appearance, but it's not included their secret appearances unless they're bosses (SFA1 example: Dan and Akuma officially appears in SFA2 instead of secret chars in 1, but M.Bison appears as boss, so he counts instead). Street Fighter Alpha 1 Adon: Pioupiou / Sepp / H" (CvS) / Ownko / ce5104 / (^o^)/Descolor / Yamori X / Fido / Basara-kun (Open Source) / Shin Hi (Adon EX) / Nyko & Misterr07 (Adon EX) / Iron Fist (MvC) / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Trololo (CvS) / varo_hades (CvS) / BlackChaos Birdie: Capitan Trueno / LuvlyAngel / Qkrtkf! / Jin Kazama / Neocargalpha / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Memo (CvS) / Noctris (CvS) / varo_hades (CvS) Charlie/Nash: Adamskie / N-Mario / SodonHID / Fido / @ndroide (CvS) / RedHot (MvC) / P.O.T.S. (CvS) / Trololo (CvS) / Mouser (MvC) / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Felicity / MystikBlaze (MvC) / 2 (CvS) / BajanFlash (CvS) / SeanAlty / Dragoon316 / Xzero(MvC2) Chun-li (SFA outfit): Ehnyd / E.R. / Falchion22 / Yamori X (CvS) / Koldskool (CvS) / Yaten Kou / Gui0007 (CvS) / SUPERFERNANDOXT (MvC) Chun-li (SF2 outfit): LuvlyAngel / Ehnyd / DarkCypherLucius (MvC) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Dragoon316 / DjNaPaLm (MvC) / Rabid Kang (MvC) / H" / SUPERFERNANDOXT (MvC) Guy: Adamskie / Splode / Ehnyd / Zolagun / Fido / Warusaki3 (CvS) / P.O.T.S. (CvS) / Rolento (CvS) / Felicity / SyN (Dragon Guy) / Gui0007 (CvS) Ken Masters: M.M.R. / N-Mario / YongMing & Jin Kazama / E.R. / GGN / Tenshin (Ken & Gang) / Charlz / DarkCypherLucius (MvC) / Mouser (MvC) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Trololo (CvS) / Kamekaze (MvC) / Dark Chaos M.Bison/Vega (Boss): Tenebrous / FlowaGirl/The Necromancer / N-Mario / V.K.+ Tenebrous + The Necromancer / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / Kong (MvC) / Mouser (MvC) / Andersontavars (MvC) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) Rose: The Impaler / Ehnyd / Fido / Juke Kisaragi / 2 (CvS) / Beximus (MvC) Ryu: Pioupiou / Adamskie / N-Mario (normal - SF2 edit - Kouryu edit) / CGNSoft / Chotto-Komaru / Kamekaze (MvC) / DarkCypherLucius (MvC) / Mouser (MvC) / Trololo (CvS) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / K.Y-Shanxi (MvC) / Xzero (MvC) / Shingo-Yabuki / Zeiba / Mattasaur / Ninja_Naruto / T. Vinceson Sagat: Sepp / Adamskie / Squall / Skl / Ehnyd / Zamtong / Fido / Kamekaze (CvS) / H" (CvS) / Scar (MvC) / Andersontavars (MvC) / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Jesuszilla (CvS) / DivineWolf (CvS) / Felicity / Gal129 (CvS) / Vegeta 20XX / Master Gouken (CvS) / Valgallah (MvC) / varo_hades (CvS) / Dragoon316 / M206 (Supreme Sagat) Sodom: Splode / M.M.R. / GGN (MvC) / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / [email protected] (CvS) / varo_hades (CvS) Street Fighter Alpha 2 Akuma/Gouki: G.D.T. / Sepp / V.K. & Tenebrous / M.M.R. / UselessChicken / Ehnyd / Vyn (MvC) / Master Gouken (CvS) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Mouser (MvC) / Shadow Watcher & Strider / IceCold Assassin Dan Hibiki: Adamskie / R. / Ilcane87 / N-Mario (SFA1) / Chotto-Komaru / Mistah Jorge / CGNSoft / Fido / DarkCypherLucius (MvC) / Kamekaze (MvC) / Mouser (MvC) / Dragoon316 Dhalsim: Ehnyd / 3ha / NRF (Dhalsim with clones) / BlackJack (MvC) / Rajaa (CvS) / Felicity / Misterr07 (CvS) Gen: Renzo / LuvlyAngel / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Ipuzero (Soul Gen) / varo_hades (CvS) Rolento Schugerg: Tenshin / Fido / Acey (MvC) / Jmorphman (CvS) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Rei (CvS) Sakura Kasugano: Adamskie / Orochi Herman / Pneophen (Kasugano) / Fido / BlackJack (Dark Sakura) / P.O.T.S. (CvS) / DarkCypherLucius (MvC) / Lost Avenger (CFE) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Kamekaze (SFEX) / Chloe / Gou-San (MvC) / Kaz (Master Sakura) / varo_hades (CvS) / Dragoon316 / T. Vinceson Zangief: M.M.R. / BlackChaos (Normal - Mech Zangief) / Minmeishobou (KOF) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Felicity / Kamekaze (MvC) / Rei (CvS) / Txpot Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Arcade Version Balrog/M.Bison (Boss): N-Mario / Shin Hayato / Shacti / Andersontavars (MvC) / Caddie / Fido / Mhz / Scar (MvC) / BlackChaos / Jesuszilla (CvS) / Trololo (CvS) / Cannon Musume (Dream Bison) / Kamekaze (CvS) / Gal129 (CvS) / (^o^)/Descolor Blanka: Hyakki Gouryuu & Mhz / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / Acey (MvC) / BlackChaos / Gou-San (MvC) / varo_hades (CvS) Cammy White: Adamskie / LuvlyAngel & Jin Kazama / Ehnyd / Fido / Felicity / Kong (MvC) / P.O.T.S. (CvS) / Mouser (MvC) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Lost Avenger (CFE) / Mugen Institute (MvC) / Kamekaze (MvC) / Aaron Alejandro (MvC) Cody Travers: MoxManiac / Messatsu / H" (CvS) / Fido / Brown / Trololo (CvS) / Lost Avenger (CFE) / Felicity / Gou-San (MvC) / Cannon Musume / Gui0007 (CvS) Edmond Honda: Gargoyle / WhiteMagic2002 (MvC) / Fido / Felicity / P.O.T.S. (CvS) / H" (CvS) / Gal129 (CvS) / 3ha (Shadow Sumou) Juli (Boss): Death Smile / Pneophen (Juli+) / Juke Kisaragi / Yaten Kou (Juli & Juni) / Zero-Sennin / Mouser (MvC) / DivineWolf (CvS) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) Juni (Boss): M.M.R. / Mouser (MvC) / Yaten Kou (Juli & Juni) / Zero-Sennin / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Peroty (MvC) Karin Kanzuki: Orochi Herman / pji111 / Fido / Juke Kisaragi / Warusaki3 (CvS) / P.O.T.S. (CvS) / Lost Avenger (CFE) / Chloe / Ryon / Gui0007 (CvS) Rainbow Mika: Tamago / Andre Lopes (SFW version) / Fido / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Zero-Sennin / DeathScythe (CvS) / Gui0007 (CvS) / T. Vinceson Vega/Balrog: N-Mario / M.M.R. / Mhz / Fido / Felicity / Rei (CvS) / Cannon Musume (Fallen Balrog) / varo_hades (CvS) / Fausto Mugen (CvS) Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Console/Portable Versions Dee Jay: N-Mario / Blackbocs / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / Scar (MvC) / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / Jesuszilla (CvS) / BajanFlash (CvS) / Eken55 / Ryon (Raging Dee Jay) Eagle (from CVS2): Basara-kun (Eagle Zero) / Byakko (CvS) / Jesuszilla (CvS) / Fido / Arma_X (CvS) / CrazyKoopa (CvS) / Jmorphman (CvS) / Gal129 (CvS) / T. Vinceson Evil Ryu: Mattasaur / Shin Hayato / Vyn (MvC) / Reu & KingTigre Fei-Long: N-Mario / Blackbocs / Contornillas/Violin Ken / Supermystery / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / ShinRei/2Dee4ever (CvS) / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / BajanFlash (CvS) / Misterr07 / Ryon (Raging Fei-Long) / AngstyMeierLink & Krunkest Ingrid (from CFE): Kung Fu Man & N-Mario / Fraya (CFE) / Shiroto (MB) / CrazyKoopa (CFE) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Beximus (MvC) / Lunatic / Sati (Sukumizu Ingrid) Maki Genryuusai (from CVS2): Ehnyd / H" (CvS) / Fido / Rajaa (CvS) / Vs Style Debuts (MvC) / Men's Juice (CvS) Shin Akuma/Gouki: G.D.T / Mattasaur T.Hawk: Adamskie / N-Mario / Fido / (^o^)/Descolor / BajanFlash (CvS) / Scar (MvC) / 2 (CvS) / Mazemerald William Guile: N-Mario / Ehnyd / GGN / Keyu / Shin Hayato / DarkCypherLucius (MvC) / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Mouser (MvC) / Vs. Style Debuts (MvC) / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui (MvC) / Jmorphman (CvS) / Felicity / Kamekaze (CvS) / Eken55 / Dragoon316 (Normal - Dark Sakura) / Empawk / Rei (CvS) / Blackbocs Yun Lee (from CVS2): Fido / Warusaki3 (CvS) / Buckus (CvS) / Wa (CvS) MUGEN Stuff Stages: M.M.R. (SFA3 Secret Area) / P.O.T.S. / Kung Fu Man / Caddie / NeoGouki / Jo / R. (SFA3) / Dark Saviour / Hatabow (SFA1 Sonson) / RYO2005 / Shadow Dragon X4 (SFA3) / Blackbocs (SFA3) / Vegaz_Parrelli (w/super jump) / ELECTR0 Lifebars: Chok (SFA2) / Nikkio78/Garuda (SFA3) / Leonheart (SFA1) / Takato-kun (SFA4) / Ryon (SFA3) / CozySquirtle (SFA3) / Raven (SFA3) / Mazemerald (SFA3) Screenpacks: Hatabow (SFA3) / Mhz (SFA3) / Trialforce (SFA1) / Hloader (SFA3) / Toxic & Gui0007 (SFA1) / Spectra (SFA1) / Taybear (SFA1) / Amy (SFA2 SNES) Fullgames: Yuri Sakazaki (SFA3 HD) / EM20XX (SFZ) / Ehnyd (Hyper SFZ) Intros & Endings: ArmorGon (SFA2) / Gamespy (Sakura & Karin) Others: Jo (SFA3 fight.snd) / N-Mario (SFA3 template) Resources Sprites: varo_hades (CS Chars) / The Spriters Resource: SFA1 - SFA2 (SNES) - SFA3 (GBA) / Sprite Database: SFA2 (Adon) - SFA3 (PSX) / Kong (SFA3) / Just No Point (SFA3) Sounds: The Sounds Resource: SFA1 (PSX) - SFA2 (PSX) - SFA3 (PSP) (Announcer) / Drex (SFA3) Portraits: Ehnyd (SFA3) / Solink (SFA3) Sparks: Tenshin (SFA2) / ShotokanEditor (SFA2) / Winane (SFA3 Super Finish BG)
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    Collection This is a collection made to compile all WWE,WCW,ECW made for Mugen. Right now, it's just a few games. This is my first collection, so suggest ways to improve in the description bellow! Color Guide: Green: Accurate Gameplay to original game Orange: Edits Purple: Cheap/Joke Red: Offline (none should be!) Yellow: W.I.P Brown: For collection purposes only/bad. No Color/Blue: Custom Game play/ Completely Original SELECT YOUR WRESTLER: Bam Bam Bigelow: Wrestling Revolution Mugen Bret Hart: Wrestling Revolution Mugen Doink the Clown: Wrestling Revolution Mugen / Color Separation (MKP) Lex Luger: Wrestling Revolution Mugen Razor Ramon: Wrestling Revolution Mugen Shawn Michaels: Wrestling Revolution Mugen / MugenCharCollector The Undertaker: Taker / Maniac1075 , Mk Team, Ermac-210 and fantasmator , AI edit by DarkLuigi , AkkoFan99(SSB Mod) , 9-VoltTheGamer/SkyScaper24 (final boss)/ Jermaine Kidd and Borg117 / ''' or anthimus. Yokozuna: Wrestling Revolution Mugen STAGES: Wrestling Ring by EstebanG18 Add Ons: Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game Lifebars by Soul Taker (640,480) SELECT YOUR WRESTLER: Ahmed Johnson: Son Bra Is Good Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker: Versions not Mugenized yet (correct me if i'm wrong!) Owen Hart, Ultimate Warrior, British Bulldog, Vader, Hunter H.H., and Goldust: Not Mugenized yet (Correct me if i'm wrong!) STAGES: Ahmed Johnson "Training Ring": peterpunkass SELECT YOUR WRESTLER: Hulk Hogan: AkkoFan99 (Crap unless used in the full game) Full Game: Wrestlemania (NES) Remake by AkkoFan99 COMING SOON... SELECT YOUR WRESTLER: CM Punk (2008): Sean Altly CM Punk (BITW): Sean Altly Rey Mysterio: (sic) Batista: (sic) Triple H: (sic), MetalMusicMusicAwesome888 John Cena: Randy Big Head, THECRASHBANDICOOT199 (CvS) Kane: Tem(a) (MKP), Hannah Montana Hulk Hogan: Brucewayne74 & Yolomate Macho Man Randy Savage: Brucewayne74 & Yolomate STAGES: WCW Monday Nitro: ToonAlexSora007
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    . In times of pandemic and face shield masks, I bring you Kidou Keiji Jiban to answer the old question: "how would the fight between RoboCop and Jiban be?" ... Hope you guys like it! YOUTUBE demo video . To try to make up for the delay, I am also launching the ROBOCABLE of the mini-series "RoboCop - Prime Directives" . And the beta version of (R2 Prototype B) AUTOMAT, a parody of the cartoons and other politically correct versions of RoboCop. . Download the characters at: http://ryouwin.smeenet.org (FIGHTERS section). . High, at left, there is a link named "FIGHTERS". . Click at the link named "FIGHTERS"... a page with Mugen characters will appear. . Click at the magic picture of the character that you want. . A download will occur. . Install these characters at your Mugen. . Try them on ARCADE mode. . Be happy.
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    RoboCop Series

    Here to provide assistance with completing the missing pieces of the collection: - Old versions of Ryou Win's RoboCop, RoboCain, Iron Suit and ED-209 - RoboCop by Leonardo Also, may i suggest having two separate sections for the digitized / "HD" characters and ones that use sprites from the old school games?
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    Jewel men10

    RoboCop Series

    all of these chars are digitized you could add some chars from Robocop games by Data East
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    I did a major revamp on Part 5 Polnareff here is the link if my drive with the char in it : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zmfhWSlvl1fgkC94sGXlakqvx3QdbaH7?usp=sharing
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    OC Shotoclone Collection

    Original Character Shotoclones Collection I was thinking in this collection since years ago, and now that I got a lot of time thanks to the quarantine, I decided to make this collection once for all. As the name says, this will be dedicated to all the OC made for MUGEN based on the classic Capcom karatekas (Ryu, Ken Masters, Akuma, Dan Hibiki, etc), so special/modified versions of them won't be included here, nor other shotoklones adapted or not by Capcom in later games or being recreated (now with their own collection), only original stuff in this collection. As always, any help is welcome, if you find chars I can't, active links for offline chars and even sprites for the chars I don't have. Red is offline, Blue is modified from the source, Green is different gameplay and Yellow is WIP. Let's get started!! Street Fighter Alpha/Marvel vs. series Bruce "Mista Buraku" Shotoman: Dragoon316 Koga: Koga Eric - Unperfect Shotoklone: Basara-kun (Normal - Loud Demon) Shurian: Lord Exorcist & Bacteria XXX2: Basara-kun Ogre: Jun (Normal - EX) / ShotokanEditor (Ogre EX) Code-Name: Ansatsuken: Chotto-Komaru Ace: SS5ACE (Normal - EX) (sman)/Snowman: Ermac Won / Team Snowman / Colosse / blazemanxd (Flame Sman) Blackjack: Blackjack (Normal - EX) / Colosse Original the Character: AVGN Neo-Zekrom: Xenocard Kega Fusion: N-Mario Code K: Ethan Lives Wang-D: Wang-D Sakura edits Dana Dee Shotoman: Dragoon316 / Duracelleur (ToSix) Jade Enmko: SS5ACE & Enmko / That Guy Eiko Magami (Project A-ko): Majere Capcom vs. SNK series Reject No.253: Kamekaze / Duracelleur (ToSix) Goh-un: Ahuron / Duracelleur (ToSix) / Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ (Sheng Long) Devil Demon: DevilDemon Helder Trajano da Silva: Hloader Anti-Gouki Project by Basara-kun Kung Fu Fan - Powerless One - Gouki Higashi - The Projectile - Ryuken Unofficial clones by DuckSS/Synck Bootleg* - Slice - Speed Shadow - Flasher - xXBREAKDOWNXx SVC: Chaos/KOF series Den Okami: Oscar12345 Railer: Oscar12345 / Duracelleur (KOFA) Orochi Takashi: Chin-Ya / Duracelleur (KOFA) Street Fighter II series Mr. Bater: NyanKiryu Byaken: Jansen121 Street Fighter III series Sabaki Ryuuken: aZCal / Duracelleur: ToSix - ReHyped Zen Obron: DjMobile Neo Geo Pocket series Kurai Naito: Kurai Naito
  13. 2 points
  14. 2 points
    Two year update huh? Four K-ON! girls have been updated. Yui now has AI thanks to Thent!
  15. 2 points
  16. 2 points

    Sakura (CvS2 Reimagining)

    Sakura (CvS2 Reimagining) Sakura is a young, hard working and energetic high school girl who enjoys delving into the world of street fighting. She first got interested in street fighting when she watched the first World Warrior Tournament (Street Fighter 1) at a young age, and was particularly interested in watching one red haired karateka from Japan named Ryu. After watching him defeat Sagat, and not being concerned about the fact that Ryu almost killed Sagat, she treated him as a childhood hero. She would find Ryu, and defeat him, though Ryu most likely held back. Sakura asked if Ryu could train her, but Ryu declined, saying he still has a lot to learn about himself. He did let Sakura take a picture with him to make up for it though. Ever since then, she's constantly trained, making friends and sparking rivalries along the way. Sakura's move-set is similar to the average shoto. Her moves do not differ much from her appearance in CvS2, and retains the same BnB (Bread and Butter) combos, however with her EX moves, she can extend these combos and they can do a lot more damage, with EX Shouoken and EX Shunpuukyaku being methods to get a guaranteed Custom Combo BnB, however it does less damage than if the Custom Combo was done stand alone. Sakura also has her Dark Sakura mode from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, which overall doesn't alter too much. She gains the Sakura Senkuu, aka the Demon Warp, and also has the Raging Demon, which replaces her level 3 Tag Team super. She also loses the level 2 Double Shinkuu Hadouken super, but in return has more powerful attacks and has the EX Shouoken as a normal special, albeit slightly nerfed since it's not an EX move. Her AI isn't nearly as dangerous as more powerful characters like Dictator, but she is still quite a challenge to defeat. link https://www.mediafire.com/file/lvrczpk20mrgvws/file i hope you enjoy my work. for M.U.G.E.N 1.0/1.1 by JtheSaltyy enjoy!
  17. 2 points

    Ed + Marie (from Ed, Edd n Eddy)

    Just voted on XJ9 Jenny now. plus cant wait Marie to be finished.
  18. 2 points
    Here's a simple character that I did out of boredom while I was developing IDW. They're quite easy to beat even on the hardest difficulty. Though, the same can't be said for the AI (some of them, at least). AI only. Info: Dinergates, a common enemy unit from Girls Frontline, swarm the battlefield with relentless numbers! They'll chew through anything in their path... for a while and then move along. (just to be fair) While they only move in one direction, they'll keep coming until you deplete their life bar and that can be done by taking them out one by one. How to beat them: Just hit them. Hit them until they go down. Medium to strong basic attacks are recommended. Their bite will interrupt hyper attacks so if said hyper attack has a long startup time, don't bother. Note: The higher the palette, the faster they become and they get tougher to kill. Also, they can't be timed out. You have to keep killing them until their life bar runs out to beat them. Download here Additional Screenshots:
  19. 2 points

    IDW by Rognarok updated 12/23/2019

    Hello everyone, I'm the author of IDW and I come bearing an update for her: https://mega.nz/file/3yQ1GQqb#aSRCijq9R5LRttxppm4hWT6k-pDN8ntra2AfDafh3Uc And as for that VSelect crash, it kept crashing because apparently, the latest version of Fighter Factory Studio either corrupted the SFF file or forced it to become only usable in 1.1. I have since fixed that back in v1.01.
  20. 2 points
    we're working on fixing it.
  21. 2 points
    Oh ok, I got you: https://mega.nz/file/R65xEISQ#QiGhi5tfystmL2nLa05_xVxEbeHs1Mpl6IqZDO2urvQ also I'll be releasing Trish Una soon.
  22. 2 points
  23. 2 points
    Decided to help you a little :-) Chun-Li by E.R. : http://www.mediafire.com/file/szrw5wr58zr4v3l/Chun-Li%5BE.R.%5D.rar/file Ken & Gang by Tenshin : http://www.mediafire.com/file/knnhyq1a1p9vcl2/kengang.rar/file Ryu by K.Y-Shanxi : https://web.archive.org/web/20190310091753/http://www.geocities.jp/ky_shanxi/character/ Ryu by Xzero : https://web.archive.org/web/20140301094923/http://www.freewebs.com/xzeropalace/characters.htm Dan by R. : http://www.mediafire.com/file/8pnf9gf7lnsmhxy/Dan%5BR.%5D.rar/file Dhalsim by BlackJack : http://blackjack99.50megs.com/temp page1.htm Dhalsim and Maki by RajaaBoy : https://web.archive.org/web/20170408074708/http://www.litotichues.com/index.php?content=chars&char=custom Dark Sakura by BlackJack : https://www.4shared.com/rar/ZH8g2Oxr/DarkSakuraBlackJack.html Zangief by BlackChaos : http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmltzy5atdm/ZangiefxBCx.7z/file Blanka by BlackChaos : http://www.mediafire.com/file/k4t5poibwo448gq/Chaos_Blanka.rar/file
  24. 2 points
    That's Haruka by FU. Though the versions I have, she isn't holding the knife like that. Here's the link anyway https://www.dropbox.com/s/1fae6pkg74tdbs4/Haruka old and recent.rar?dl=0 Also, her alternate form: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ira5b7w188bkfwb/kjharuka.zip/file
  25. 2 points

    DC Comics

    Update: - -Whiplash-'s Professor Zoom now has a new link courtesy of btony89 - Basara-Kun's patches for Bane by Ex-Inferis and Superboy by Seth Zankuten & Kal-Elvis are now available under Add-Ons
  26. 2 points

    Street Fighter Alpha Collection

    the deed's been done. wonderful work as always, btw :p
  27. 2 points

    Sakuya Izayoi -My edit

    hi im posting a edit of something that i have here u go :D i just made everything easier because i don't want finger cramps This is my first day here btw 😄 and my birthday is coming! its on july 24
  28. 2 points

    Who I Am.

    Hello! Im the amazing Noob! I Kinda Make Edits Because Im Bored. And when i need to show people my talent.. I went here! i also meme on some people. i also am able to do some mugen screenpacks! if someone reads this I hope we can be friends! cause im so happy to make my mark here! 😄 -from The_AmazingNoob
  29. 2 points
    Mister Fael

    Samurai Shodown Collection

    Haohmaru and Ukyo by Daniel Linhares. Both are MVC conversions: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wbszhru3bksi07e/Haohmaru.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/06vaid7ft5d4z99/Ukyo.rar/file
  30. 2 points

    Ult Tung Fu Rue & stage (Alpha_1)

    My version of Tung Fu Rue for Mugen 1.0 & Mugen 1.1. Hit start to see the move list. Hobei China stage has also been released. Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/
  31. 2 points
    I have finally updated PJ MUGEN Version 2.8 for both MUGEN 1.0 and IKEMEN GO. Check out the links under "My Creations" or the forum thread here:
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    The Auditor

    RoboCop Series

    List of Characters (Digitized): - RoboCop (by Ryou Win) - R2 Prototype A (by Ryou Win) - NeuroBrain (by Ryou Win) - ED-209 (by Ryou Win) - Bone Machine (by Ryou Win) - Ironsuit (by Ryou Win) - RoboCable (by Ryou Win) - Automat (by Ryou Win) List of Old School Characters: - 16-Bit RoboCop (by Ryou Win) - 16-Bit RoboCain (by Ryou Win) - 16-Bit Ironsuit (by Ryou Win) - 16-Bit ED-209 (by Ryou Win) - Arcade RoboCop (by Leonardo) List of Stages: - Downtown Detroit (by Leonardo/Dorgol) - OCP Office (by MatreroG) - 3DR Street/Lexington Avenue (by Ryou Win) - Skynet's Base (RoboCop vs The Terminator) (by Jewel men10) Add-ons: - RoboCop, The Clash of Robo Titans Screenpack (by Ryou Win) Sprites/Resources: Arcade RoboCop Sprite Rips: Spriters Resource NES RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 1 (NES), RoboCop 2 (NES) and RoboCop 3 (NES) SNES RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 3 (SNES) Genesis RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 3 (Genesis) Master System RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 3 (MS) RoboCop vs The Terminator Sprite Rips: Spriters Resource Note: Yet another collection made by yours truly...this time it's about our favorite robotic police guy RoboCop, once again I apologize for the big sprites, nothing I can really do here. I'm sure there are things I missed so far, but I mainly focused on the HD ones for now, if it's possible I would add older versions of RoboCop, ED-209 and Ironsuit in this collection but for now...This is all I can work with. Should I have just waited until RoboCop's Anniversary? probably. As always Criticism is welcomed.
  33. 2 points
    The Auditor

    RoboCop Series

    All of that added, thanks for that, man 🙂 EDIT: Added the Sprites ripped from different RoboCop games and Skynet's Base from RoboCop vs The Terminator by Jewel men10 (Not sure how I missed that)
  34. 2 points
    Ibuki by Midnight Spirit. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Duracelleur make a ToSix Elena? It's not mentioned in the post (as far as I know), but the MediaFire link in the post does.
  35. 2 points
    Amarimono release his Jolyne https://onedrive.live.com/?id=B733B36D722D358F!709&cid=B733B36D722D358F
  36. 2 points
    Sorted Alphabetically # 07th Expansion (When They Cry) 3 Count Bout / Fire Suplex 8 Marbles / Eight Secret Stones [NSFW] A AA Out Break ActJapan’s Characters Aggressors Of Dark Kombat AiMaMi ~Girl’s Revolutions~ Akatsuki Blitzkampf / En-Eins Perfektewelt Alicesoft Alien Challenge Alien Vs. Predator Altered Beast Animaniacs Angry Birds (Series) Aomura's Characters April Fools Aquapazza Arcana Heart (Series) Arcadboy + Edits Arknights Arm Joe Armored Core Armored Warriors / Cyberbots : Fullmetal Madness Art Of Fighting (Series) Asuka 120% (Series) Asura Blade / Asura Buster Attack on Titan Atlus Athena Edits Collection Azumanga Daioh : Azu Fight Azure Striker Gunvolt Azur Lane B Bad Darkness' Characters Baki The Grappler Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning BALDR Barney + Edits Batman Returns Battle Blaze Battle K Road Battle Masters / Kyukyoku No Senshitachi Battle Monsters Battletoads (Series) Battle Tycoon : Flash Hiders SFX Beavis and Butt-Head Best of Best Bible Fight Big Bang Beat / Big Bang Beat REVOLVE Big Fight: Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Black Rock Shooter Blade Arcus from Shining Blandia Blazblue Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Bleach DS BloodStorm Blood Warrior Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo Body Blows Bomberman Breakers / Breakers Revenge Brergsart's Characters Brutal Paws Of Fury Buriki One Burning Fight Burning Rival Busou Renkin C Cadillac and Dinosaurs Capcom Fighting Evolution / Jam Capcom Vs. SNK (Series) Captain Commando Capoeira Fighter 3 Castlevania & Related Series Cardcaptor Sakura CatFight Cartoon Network Cave Story Cerenas' Characters Chaos Breaker / Dark Awake Chargeman Ken! Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Ranto-hen Chrono Trigger Clay Fighters (Series) Clochette Visual Novels Crayon Shinchan Crimson Alive Extreme Encounter Creepypasta Collection Croket! Contra (Series) Counter Strike Cuphead Custom Beat Battle Draglade D Da Capo DC Comics Daemon Bride Danganronpa Darkstalkers / Vampire Savior (Series) Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels Date A Live Derrick D. Rowel’s Characters Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Denjin Makai (Series) Destruction Desire Devil May Cry Digimon (Series) Di Gi Charat Dig Dug Disney DJ HANNIBALROYCE's Characters Doki Doki Literature Club! Donkey Kong Dong Dong Never Die Doomsday Warrior Doraemon Double Dragon (Series) Dragon Master Dragoon Might Dragon Ball: Final Bout Dragon Ball Z Arcade Dragon Ball Z : Buyuu Retsuden / L’appel Du Destin Dragon Ball Z : Hyper Dimension Dragon Ball Z : Extreme Butouden Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 / Shin Butouden Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 Dragon Quest (Series) Drowin's Characters Duende Macabro's Characters Dungeon Fighter Online (Series) Dungeons & Dragons : Tower Of Doom / Shadow Of Mystara E Earthbound / Mother Earth Defense Force Elsword ETALKING's Characters Eternal Champions Eternal Fighter ZERO Eternal / Will Eroge (Series) Eushully / Anastasia Expect No Mercy F F-Zero Fairy Tail DS Famicom Fighters Family Guy FanaTail Fate (Series) Fatal Fury Fatal Fury 2 / Special Fatal Fury 3 / Real Bout Series fhqwhgads7’s Characters Fight Fever Fightin' Spirit Final Fight (Series) Fighter’s History (Series) Fight N' Jokes Fighting Masters Fire Emblem Five Nights At Freddy's Flower Knight Girl Fullmetal Alchemist Furry no Revolution Futaba Channel Emoticons Fuuka Taisen G G.D.T's Characters Gakkou Gurashi! / School Live! Ganbare Goemon (Series) Galaxy Fight Garfield GeGeGe no Kitaro Garou : Mark Of The Wolves Gintama Girls' Frontline Go Go Burunyanman Goenitz / Goeniko Edits Collection Golden Axe (Series) Gourmet Sentai / Gourmet Warrior Granblue Fantasy Grand Theft Auto Groove On Fight - Power Instinct 3 Guardian Heroes Gundam Battle Assault 1 & 2 Guilty Gear Series H H"'s Characters Halo Hanna-Barbera Hercequary Hello! Project - Battle Festival Hellsing Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Hiryuu No Ken (Series) Hokuto No Ken : Shinpan No Sososei Kengo Retsuden Hokuto No Ken (SNK-Styled) Holosseum I Idea Factory Iori Edits Collection Ironcommando’s Characters Inuyasha J Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Recreated Fighters) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (JUS Styled) Joy Mech Fight JuanABL’s Characters Justice League Task Force Justice League Task Force 2 K K' Edits Collection K-On! Kabuki Klash Kaiser Knuckle Kakuge Yaro Kamek / Neo-Kamek's Characters Kamen Rider (Series) Kantai Collection Kart Fighter Kasumi Ninja Katekyou Hitman Reborn! DS Kemono Friends Kensei Shoujo Kidou Butouden G-Gundam Kidthomas' Characters Killer Instinct (Series) Kill la Kill King of The Monsters Kinnikuman Kirby Knights of The Rounds Knuckle Fighter X / Alpha Knuckle Heads Kung Fu Man + Edits Kunio-Kun / River City Series Kula Edits Collection KoopaKoot's Characters Kyo Edits Collection Kyoto Animation L Leaf / AQUAPLUS Len Edits Collection Lisa: The RPG Series Live-A-Live Little Fighter 2 Little Witch Academia Lucky Star Looney Tunes (Series) Love Live! M Madhouse Madoldcrow1105’s Characters Magical Chaser ~Stardust Of Dream~ Magical Heroines Plus Mahoromatic Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Maple Story MariBato! / MariBato! + Martial Champions Martial Masters Marvel Comics Marvel Versus Capcom (Series) Marvel Versus Capcom (Guest Fighters) Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter Medarot / Medabots MEGA X's Characters Megaman Classic (Series) Megaman X (Series) Megaman Arcade (Series) Melty Blood (Series) Metal Slug / Metal Slug Attack Metamoqester Metroid MGMURROW's Characters Miaoyou's Characters Mighty Warriors Million Knights Vermillion Minmeishobou's Characters Mobile Suit Gundam: SD Gundam G Generation / Other Games / Resprited Mobile Suit Gundam / Mobile Suit Gundam EX Revue (Arcade) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED & Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny (GBA) Monster : Ancient Cline Monster Hunter Monster Mash Mortal Kombat Series Mortal Kombat: Cartoon Edits Mortal Kombat (Edits) Mortal Szombat / OpenMortal Most_Mysterious' Characters Mug Smashers MUGENX’s Characters MUGEN Betting Sites (SaltyBet & SpriteClub) Mutant DNA My Hero Academia My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic N Naruto NZC Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Neo Geo Pocket Neon Genesis Evangelion Nightwizard Nijikaku / 虹格 collection Nijiura Maids Ninja Gaiden (Series) Ninja Masters Ningyo Tsukai 2 / Metal & Lace 2 Nippon Ichi Nitro Royale : Heroines Duel Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel O OC Shotoclone Omega Tiger Woods + Edits One Must Fall : 2097 One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum One Punch Man Operating Systems (Anthropomorphism) Original Chars Orochi / Mizuchi Edits Collection Osu!! Karate Bu Other Cartoon Fighters Other Bootleg Games Other GIGA Games Other Magical Girl Fighters Other Nintendo Games Other Sega Games Ougon Musou Kyoku / Ougon Musou Kyoku CROSS Outlaws of The Lost Dynasty Overkill P Pac Man Pachimon Parotte!! Fighter (NSFW) Persona 4 Arena Pit Fighter Pocket Fighters / Super Gem Fighters Mini Mix Pokemon Pop Team Epic Power Instinct 1 / 2 / Legends Power Instinct Matrimelee / Bonnō Kaihō / Matsuri Senzo Kuyou Power Moves / Power Athlete Power Rangers (Series) Pretty Cure (Series) Primal Rage Pre-To's Characters Project X Zone Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Grief Syndrome Q R Rabbit Rage About Rage Of The Dragons Ragnarok Online Ranma ½ Red Earth / Warzard Resident Evil (Series) Revengers of Vengeance Rikard’s Characters Rival Schools (Series) ROBLOX RoboCop Romancing SaGa Rozen Maiden Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X Rushing Beat (Series) RWBY S s-CRY-ed Samurai Deeper Kyo Samurai Showdown (Series) Sander71113's Characters Sango Fighters 1 / 2 Saturday Night Slam Masters Savage Reign / Kizuna Encounter Scott Pilgrim vs The World Second Cross Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter X Spirit Of Eternity Sword Sengoku 3 Sengoku Basara / Sengoku Basara X S.H.A.D.E.S Of Manhattan Shadow Fighter Shadow Warriors Shakugan no Shana Shaman King - Spirits Of Shamans Shaq Fu Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel Shin Koihime Musou : Otome Taisen Sangokushi Engi Shin Megami Tensei / Persona (Series) Shui Hu: Feng Yun Zuan Shogun Warriors Shovel Knight Sonic Blast Man Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Fan Characters Sony PlayStation Soul Calibur (Series) South Park Special Ops Splatterhouse Spongebob Squarepants (Series) SNK Vs. Capcom - SVC Chaos Star Fox Star Wars (Series) Stickmen Strip Fighter Series [NSFW] Street Chaves Street Fighter Street Fighter II Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Street Fighter III + Edits Street Fighter IV (NES Bootleg) Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter EX (Series) Street Fighter The Movie The Game Street Fighter MX by Fido Street Fighter - SNK-Styled Streets Of Rage / Bare Knuckle (Series) Street Smart Strider (Series) Studio Deen Studio Trigger Summon Night Sunrise Inc Super Cosplay Wars Ultra Super Fighter Super Robot Wars Super Mario Bros. Super Smash Bros. (Series) Survival Arts Superior Soldiers Swipergod’s Characters Sword Dancer Extra Number T Tales of (Series) Tao Taido Tatsunoko Productions Tattoo Assassins Team Fortress 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters Tekken (Series) Terraria Terrordrome The Amazing World of Gumball The Muppets The Black Heart The Death & Return of Superman The Eye Of Typhoon The Great Fighters The [email protected] The INM of Fighters [NSFW] The King Of Dragons The King Of Fighters '94 / '95 The King of Fighters '95 Gameboy The King Of Fighters '96 / '97 The King Of Fighters '98 / UM The King Of Fighters '99 / Evolution The King Of Fighters 2000 The King Of Fighters 2001 The King Of Fighters 2002 The King Of Fighters 2002 UM The King Of Fighters 2003 The King of Fighters XI The King Of Fighters XIII The King of Fighters XIV The King Of Fighters Neowave The King of Fighters Strikers The King of Fighters 20 XX The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan / Jackie Chan in Fists of Fury The Last Blade / The Last Blade 2 The Legend Of Zelda The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya The Ninja Warriors The Powerpuff Girls The Queen of Duellist (Series) The Queen Of Hearts '99 / Party’s Breaker 2001 The Ren & Stimpy Show The Seven Deadly Sins The Simpsons The Simpsons Arcade Game The Spirit of Eternity Sword Time Killers To Aru Majutsu No Index Tokidensho Angel Eyes Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII Tough Guy Touhou Project Touhou Project (Edits) Transformers (Series) Tuff E Nuff / Dead Dance Twin Bee Twin Goddesses U Ultra Vortek Ultraman / Ultra Series Urobura : Act Cazensa Under Night In-Birth Undertale & Deltarune Unkoman's Characters V Valkyrie: The Power Beauties Vanguard Princess Variable Geo (Series) Virtua Fighter Series VisualArt's Key Violence Fight Violent Storm Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero Vocaloid Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer V.R. Fighter vs Taken 2 W Waku Waku 7 War Gods Warriors of Fate Warner's Characters Warusaki3’s Characters White Fox Wild Arms Wiz 'N' Liz WlanmaniaX's Characters Wonderful World World Heroes (Series) World Heroes 2 (NES Bootleg) WWE X X-Men : Children Of The Atom X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Xeno (Series) Y Yatagarasu Yi Men Ying Lie: Yang Jia Jiang / Yang Warrior Family Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu Yu Hakusho (Series) Yu Yu Hakusho: JUS Styled Youtube Poop Collection Z Zatch Bell! Zoids
  37. 1 point

    Godzilla War | Tag Team

    Description: Based on the SNES Godzilla Kaiju Daikessen, SNES Super Godzilla, and PCE Battle Legends game, this tag team fighter acts as a spiritual successor to both, incorporating elements of classic Tag based games such as Marvel vs Capcom. Roster's from the three series and some new characters finally meet, bringing the current total playable characters to 35. Latest Update Video: JET JAGUAR! Status: Fixed all DEFAULT Characters!!!! Phase 1 Ended. Phase 2 is the beginning of new characters! Release: possibly End of 2020 Did a Semi-overhaul of engine and system since last year, 33 Characters finished, 2 more to finish. Should release with 35 total. Most work well, but may need bug testing as always. General Issues or Missing Features right now: -May need to re-adjust some hitboxes -Need Sound effects for some moves for various characters (like grappling, biting) -Need to add some hit fx, or recalibrate some fx positions. -Menu, HUD, gui is placeholder -Sound Updates -Chain Combo System not fully applied yet -Command consistency -New Graphics (for energy beams, hitsparks, etc) -Some sprite cleanups (Adult Mothra has dirty sprites for example, may need to start clean sprite sheet for her) -Some characters still needs moves from their kaijuu daikessen counterparts (Adult Mothra for example needs both special moves still) Downloads: pending.... Setup and Instructions (nothing here yet) Credits I'm a one man team, but would appreciate assistance with sprites! Huge thanks to the author's below that I used various assets, such as sprites, coding, existing character as a base, etc from: RedLine Kamekaze TonyADV kMIKEj UltimateDitto JosipKnezovicz muu SUGILA add004 UNO TAG KOZENI Jirougaki Burninggodzillalord GojiraGigantis Matti Dr.T Super Burning Godzilla Saoet kirbey knkn Zombies123 Duralminn k4thos(ikemen engine) Gacel(ikemen engine) suehiro(ikemen engine)
  38. 1 point

    Neo Geo Pocket Collection

  39. 1 point

    Marvel Comics Universe

    their works have already been listed in the collection, credited under "Blade" and "regisc" (i'm going off of by the author name in the .def file), but thanks anyway :p Update: Characters: - Magma by Smartbuno - New Symbiote Spider-Man by ThE McPrO & Mr X - Symbiote Mary Jane by Himegami - War of the Gems Spider-Man & Wolverine by Soulfire Edits: - Edits of Blade's Nova, Jean Grey, Phoenix & Dark Phoenix by Demunlawin Misc: - Fixed the link to Hulk 2099
  40. 1 point

    Ultraman / Ultra Series

    Hello😄 I made new characters and updated them. ・Blackend(new sprite) ・Alien_cannan(This is a patch for capsule monsters made by UMA.) …and many others.(Sorry for not being good at English😢) http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  41. 1 point


    thanks Basara, there were individual yahoo box links before on the nicovideo page, wasn't aware they'd been omitted and replaced with a single onedrive link since.
  42. 1 point
    [STAGE & DOWNLOAD] Flicky's Stage Flicky_Stage.zip Inside Out's Headquarters Stage insideoutmindblowing.zip Shadow Blasters, ST 1, Mountain shadowblasters_stage1.zip Shinobi - Mission 1, Section 1 shinobi_mission1_section1.zip SpellCaster - Izumo Shrine spellcaster_izumoshrine.zip SuperCar Street Challenge - Crosswalk Stage Supercar_Street_Challenge_-_Crosswalk_stage.rar Toki_ JuJu Densetsu - ST 1, Treeland Forest toki_juju-densetsu_stage1.zip [COMMENTS] A pack of Mugen 1.0 Only gem made by me, Special thanks jo19sh92 Note: In some stages, you may see black bars on the top and bottom portion. These are intended, due to source game rips wasn't in same height with the standard Mugen 1.0 Only resolution of MUGEN.
  43. 1 point

    thank you

  44. 1 point

    Neo Geo Pocket Collection

    The Pocket Haohmaru shown in the video is either one of the two Pocket Haohmarus listed in electrocaid's Perfect Select: ;HAOHMARU ; HAOHMARUP, stages/samsho2m-04.def, music=sound/SVC_MOTM_-_Shuramichi.mp3 ;Haohmaru Pocket by Neofix, (RSFF), (D2W) ; mini_haohmaru, ;Haohmaru by LRojas, (10C) There's also TanicFan22's Pocket Haohmaru, which is available here.
  45. 1 point

    Wario (CvS2 Reimagining)

    WARIO CVS2 UPDATE Wario gets a new super, the Greatest Achievements super. This super replaces the Wario Apparition, with a different command, that being QCF, QCB, QCF, Punch. An improved combo system Improved AI Some random fixes Here's the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kpozdu4vo5t4zin/Wario.zip/file enjoy!
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    HyperSailorMoon's edit on Poshpsylocke's Queen Beryl - https://mega.nz/file/wd4yQIbK#Cmoj667iMaedeUgC11BDDH_TCpog4uDuedCjn5fDd7I SailorSun's Edit on Poshpsylocke's Screenpack - http://www.mediafire.com/file/wl45i27ouu9297e/font_files.zip/file Sailor Moon SuperS Various Emotion LOGO by SailorSun - http://www.mediafire.com/file/rz58zeh9x81ps08/logo.zip/file Since my logo's link is no longer working here's a working one! - https://mega.nz/file/RcAxFaRJ#v5EGNABYAlW7iHXR9uHSBogfVKIXMQXzoc-ipIqGXi4 OTHER / UNIDENTIFIED GAMES SCOUT SELECT That Eternal Sailor Moon Character is from Super Moon Fighter X! Here's the source:
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    PREVIEW DOWNLOAD MEGA INFO I present and share with you the best Cammy for MUGEN! Here's Cammy White, originally made by POTS. Them she gains her Delta Red outfit with the first edit by varo_hades (coding) and Chuchoryu (sprites) + new fixes/updates by Tiger-Boy. (that's why i put "Many Authors" in the title :P) So DeathScythe did an awesome edit with color separated sprites work by IsRageNeko that was private at the time. Yeah, it was. Because now, with some other tweaks by RagingRowen, this version of Cammy arrives and i said with no doubt that this is THE BEST CAMMY FOR MUGEN!! LIST WITH ALL THE CHANGES/UPDATES
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    As far as I can tell, the phone verification thing doesn't even have anything to do with the Mugen Archive's discord, although Dizzy's spam/DDOS campaign against MFFA back in April and you guys's response to it might have been where he got the idea. Spam actually isn't even half the problem on MA that Dizzy would like people to think it is, most spammers on MA are actually welcomed by him since they provide a constant stream of the MUGEN equivalent of clickbait to net MA more of that precious traffic. When I made that post bringing up the concern of Dizzy doing this phone verification thing to harvest data, I wasn't actually sure that was his aim, I just wanted to bring it up since it's one of those things that everyone in that thread was thinking but no one actually wanted to say out of fear of getting banned by Dizzy. I knew him losing his shit and banning me was a possibility, and the fact that he did tells me my gut instinct about his intentions was right. People don't freak out over bullshit accusations, they freak out when someone hits too close to home. Yup, I've been on Dizzy's shitlist since 2017 for calling him out on how he handled the Cesarsombra/Cesarshadow thing (his mods permabanned the guy for hate speech against myself and others, but Dizzy reversed it because Cesar donates a portion of his autismbux to MA every month). I've tried to give the dude the benefit of the doubt, even after the community weekends (a thing I'm mostly sure by now he does just to screw with his new users for the fun of it) and his driving off several of my good friends on that side. The dude's got obvious mental health issues and I tried to take that into account for the longest time, but after I did some digging and found out about his past and BladeArt and the scummy things he did under that name, I just completely lost any trace of anything even remotely resembling respect for the guy. One thing that you and the other people who were burned by the Mugen Archive years ago can take comfort in: Dizzy is absolute and completely obsessed with you guys. Like, honest-to-god, malignant paranoid narcissist levels of obsessed. It's one of the first thing I noticed about him, he's talking about "his haters" constantly, I believe the phrase "living rent free in the head" was coined for people like him. It's even kinda funny in a sad way, he makes enemies for himself with his antisocial jackass behavior, then obsesses over those enemies and abuses his members because he thinks they're possible enemies/enemies in disguise, thereby creating more actual enemies for himself, and on and on it goes. The best thing that could happen to the Mugen Archive would be if the person actually keeping it afloat (Justice would be my guess) realized how toxic Dizzy is and kicked his useless ass to the curb. Everything else about the site runs like a top, it's just Dizzy himself that's the problem. Please don't get the wrong impression from my post. Dizzy's not pulling any strings, he doesn't have the brains for it. He's more the figurehead of MA, a moron who gets the front-facing work while the real brains behind the site keep it running from the background. If you want an idea of what kind of brain trust you're dealing with in Dizzy, read this post about incompetent Amazon managers. Because that's all Dizzy is, an incompetent warehouse manager constantly throwing bad ideas at a wall to see if any of them stick. MA is successful despite Dizzy, not because of him (being the only warehousing game in town since the death of Mugen Infantry also helps). I can give you one: this guy (who is either one of Dizzy's pet speds or yet another sock for Dizzy/BladeArt himself) is so nuts that he should absolutely be allowed to speak freely. Let this loon tell the world exactly the kind of mentality that supports Dizzy of the Mugen Archive. Go on, @sero, tell us more about how anyone who speaks out against your master should have their bones broken. Tell us all about what you and Dizzy would do to anyone who dares criticize the almighty jackass in chief of the Mugen Archive if only you and him had any actual power outside of his sad little Internet fiefdom.
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    Funky Wilderness(3 versions)

    All three are absolutely awesome, love it when there's different versions of the same arena, especially different time/weather variations, really helps when making a mugen fan faction to help add more atmosphere, and there just look plain awesome in their own right!
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    Hes cheap, and has OMFG supers, still, give it a try for lolz Its considered a King of Fighter Awaken (KOFA) character due to its hitsparks n other effects, especially the BBB super BG when doing his Max3 Super
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