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  2. Shadow Mario Bros by VictorKiller999: https://<BLACKLISTED URL>/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=15675-shadow-mario-bros-pack-victorkiller999 on mediafire pls
  3. Until I am able to fully restore this thread (or someone else does) (its very very very time consuming), here's a LINK to all the characters that I have managed to archive (which should be just about everyone besides a bunch of the Metal Slug Attack/Defense characters). Unfortunately, I don't archive stages (stages aren't as interesting to me, sorry), so you'll have to get those elsewhere. Here are also links to different YouTubes and such that have Metal Slug content, in case there is stuff I don't have that you can download from them. NSX2015's YouTube (I think mostly just has stage links and maybe one or two character links... missing a few that are gatekept) NightTerror599's YouTube (all of his stage links are still downloable... I think) 吳承曇/q2951415's YouTube (I think only his stages are available to download anymore... missing a bunch that are gatekept) MabsKMK's Website (has the full-game download + characters and stages) Hound's YouTube (no idea if any downloads are available, if not, I have all their characters anyways... I think... probably missing a bunch that are gatekept) TheKill's YouTube (not sure if there are any downloads available, if not, I have their characters anyways... might be missing some that are gatekept) STG Masara's YouTube (not sure if any downloads are available, I should have all their characters... I think... probably missing some that are gatekept) And if all else fails, just check different sites like AndersonKenya, MFG, and so on... I'm sure you'll be able to find most of the characters. Unfortunately, due to [REDACTED], many (if not most) of these creators either no longer make creations or are gatekeeping them due to [REDACTED], so unfortunately, a bunch of stuff will ALWAYS be missing, ain't much we can do about that. So yeah, if you know what I'm talking about, then it doesn't need to be spelled out. My utmost respects to all these creators, they've done a fantastic job bringing the Metal Slug franchise to life, its just very unfortunate that things turned for the worse. ❤️ Much love to you all, thank you so much for bringing so many beautiful characters and stages to the MUGEN community overall, despite all the BS that happens. CHARACTERS THAT I AM AFTER Everything that 吳承曇/q2951415 is gatekeeping (more specifically, Karn, a Metal Slug 1 boss) Hozmi (by NSX2015) which I don't think he is gatekeeping, but actually lost entirely
  4. https://onedrive.live.com/?id=4EFEC94DC3561C2F!105&cid=4EFEC94DC3561C2F frogros from nexus released
  5. Today
  6. Wario (CvS2 Reimagining) by JtheSaltyy: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kpozdu4vo5t4zin/Wario.zip/file
  7. My actual mission is to give ClayFighter a better name in MUGEN. Now seeing this happened, I'm gonna do the same with this collection, so expect a remake by me very soon 😉
  8. I happen to have a bunch of Simpsons stuff I downloaded from Ryou's OneDrive before it got purged. https://mega.nz/folder/GApzjKYI#gfO8hTLjTHagfnB0xk8dNQ/folder/GcoEERYA
  9. Type Moon Unlimited new logo ( Unofficial ) Edit logo by PT Gaming https://drive.google.com/file/d/191cIL3K2C3b5wjr-turDDlxx6CigzuDh/view?fbclid=IwAR3RvlLw-8VdDoXSsH_54RctWJNuJ2z-yHDJwelNBMVA7lwABfWLGyfuFIc
  10. Hate to be annoying but the link to Acey and Xboy's Human Torch is dead, leads to a removed file on MEGA. And I do not have an alternative link on hand to replace it with so I figured bringing it to attention would be the next best thing.
  11. Unfortunately, like many of the other CREATOR COLLECTIONS I have created, this is another one of those that I know nothing about. However, here is what I can tell you: ALL of their characters (and AI edits) will kick the absolute s*#% out of you. Like hear me out, if you thought Player-One / NexT-One was bad, pffft... that is child's play compared to this. Hell, if you thought Kotori was brutal, then buddy... you've barely scratched the surface. I've seen these characters take down the likes of Dark Donald and Rare Akuma, and even go toe-to-toe with Manny & Scene. You want BRUTAL? Well then, my friend... feast your eyes on the RAW, UNFORGIVING, RELENTLESS, and DESTRUCTIVE power of KEYSER!!!! But seriously, joke introductions aside... all of these characters are insanely difficult, and I've yet to beat them, even with some cheap characters. >>DOWNLOAD<< ORIGINAL EDITS Aunthmer, Kevenoce, Kyo-Last, Samael, Xue Luo Sheng AI EDITS Olivia (by 倾辰谶), Sasin (by L-Night)
  12. Was able to restore a good bit of them before I took a break. Will continue restoring stuff later on.
  13. There seems to be a problem with different formats that do not work when uploading an image. JPG/JPEG//GIF formats upload just fine.
  14. you can use like IMGUR or something don't worry about it for now I can fix this one image wise myself just appreciate you making this and getting all the links active.
  15. I Could host them through an FTP Server I Think. and I have a Question about Image Hosting through an FTP Server: Is that Supported?
  16. hey there thanks for this thats one more down that has to be fixed. In the future could you please host the images yourself though.
  17. What is Futaba Channel? What is 2Channel? What is Shift JIS? These are questions people have asked, and few rarely talk about. So, with that in mind, here are those meme and iconic characters from this collection. READ ME + DOWNLOAD Apelao's Characters Epigon's Characters Kumasao's Characters Otto's Characters PKRS's Characters SAKURA's Characters Shimon's Characters RYU-MONGANBALL's Characters Everyone Else Kettosee's Characters
  18. Yesterday
  19. Of course! The common1 is no different than the regular state files other than it being loaded first. You can simply add the varset to the common1 state or override it by copy&pasting that common1 state into your own state file and then put the varset in there.
  20. Collection Remade. Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline. Yellow text means it's a W.I.P. Brown text means it's for Collection Purposes Only. CHARACTER SELECT Ami Onuki Kenshin Himura / Carmen Springer / IgnitionGrimmy / Oceanboy06 (Me) / Kenshin Himura (Bikini Fashion Ami) / Purple & Blue Production (Ninja Ami) / IgnitionGrimmy (Pajama Ami) / IgnitionGrimmy (Cowgal Ami) / IgnitionGrimmy (Grass Skirt Ami) / IgnitionGrimmy (Primitive Ami) / IgnitionGrimmy (Super Heroine Ami) / IgnitionGrimmy (Newgrounds Rumble-Styled) / IgnitionGrimmy (Pilot Ami) Yumi Yoshimura Kenshin Himura / BBH / Carmen Springer / IgnitionGrimmy / Oceanboy06 (Me) / Enzo Du Kirby / Kenshin Himura (Bikini Fashion Yumi 1) / Kenshin Himura (Bikini Fashion Yumi 2) / Kenshin Himura (Ninja Yumi) / IgnitionGrimmy (Pajama Yumi) / Purple & Blue Production (Cowgal Yumi) / IgnitionGrimmy (Grass Skirt Yumi) / IgnitionGrimmy (Primitive Yumi) / IgnitionGrimmy (Super Heroine Yumi) / IgnitionGrimmy (Newgrounds Rumble-Styled) / IgnitionGrimmy (Pilot Yumi) Julie Hinikawa Kenshin Himura / Carmen Springer / IgnitionGrimmy / IgnitionGrimmy (Newgrounds Rumble-Styled) Other Characters Atchan: IgnitionGrimmy || Edwin Blair: IgnitionGrimmy || Harmony: Purple & Blue Production || Janice: IgnitionGrimmy || Kaz Harada: Purple & Blue Production || King Chad: LDJakeLuq80 || Slick Shady: LDJakeLuq80 Original / Non-Canon Characters Ahhna Lucille: IgnitionGrimmy || Ami.EXE: Purple & Blue Production || Cati: IgnitionGrimmy || Cherry Sanban (Evil): IgnitionGrimmy || Cherry Sanban (Good): IgnitionGrimmy || Dark Ami: Purple & Blue Production || Yumi.EXE: Purple & Blue Production / IgnitionGrimmy || Dark Yumi: Purple & Blue Production || Steven Dye Jr.: IgnitionGrimmy Joke Characters CCB Yumi: Purple & Blue Production || Must... get... BUNNY HUGGLES: LDJakeLuq80 || Not Pictured: Ami and Yumi Burn You: Enzo Du Kirby MINI GAME SELECT Ami.EXE Run Level: IgnitionGrimmy OTHER STUFF SELECT Stages: Kenshin Himura / IgnitionGrimmy / Gas Up The Tour Bus by Enzo Du Kirby Lifebars: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped Lifebars by IgnitionGrimmy / My Edit Screenpacks: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Screenpack by Oceanboy06 (Me) Full Games/Compilations: Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi MUGEN Pack by Oceanboy06 (Me)
  21. Hello, I exist!...i think. Here you can find my projects for MUGEN made by me Also has chars from my old alter ego AKA SydneySotmer, huh i hate that username And I'll warn you, these chars are CHEAP and only work from MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1 I usually show my projects first on SpriteClub (a free betting site similar to SaltyBet) and then release them on my Youtube channel, but some of these characters are already available even though they don't appear on SpriteClub Aaand if the download is not available, it is possible that i will be updating the char or something CHARACTERS: Blaster || JooJ || Shun Goku Satsu Traffic Light || Yakko's World || O GAS! || Projectile Lover Moar Krabs || Polandball || Shadow MKII || Silvio Santos Sanic || The Mine Song but is a char || Omae wa mou shindeiru Omega Flowey (original by Lebert130 but edited by me) STAGES: Carreta Furacão Siri Fazendo Barra Ducklovania MORE COMING SOON! ^_^
  22. https://www.mediafire.com/file/meltb985syzkilo/Simpsons_Arcade_%28Characters%29_by_Ichiban36.zip/file Here's all 4 of the Ichiban36 SIMPSON'S ARCADE characters in a single zip file. Feel free to download and re-host if necessary, otherwise you can just do like Homer / Marge / Bart / Lisa thing and highlight the whole thing as a link for this single file. Whatever works for ya.
  23. Collection updated due to a lot of dead links, meaning almost all the Arcade characters are pretty much gone as opposed to the custom characters. Any help getting them back online will be very appreciated.
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