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  2. UPDATE (8/7/2020): Finished all 3 Special attacks (Including the air one!) . here`s the example: Progress: 30%
  3. If you don't see a link, then put one to be added, that's the idea of a collection, n00b Also Gui, maybe you could add the list of new characters from MVC Infinite recreated for MUGEN, they aren't so much (6 from Marvel and 3 from Capcom) and could be a cool addition to the collection, what do you think??
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  5. Here's the link for Qwenthur uploaded at Mediafire 👌 www.mediafire.com/file/kiw7zikj6caikym/Qwenthur_Barbotage.zip/file
  6. hey, no worries. as long as we can understand what you're saying, it's all that matters! Update: Characters: - Skydon by Kirbey - Alien Cannan / Kanan (patch for UMA's Capsule Monsters) by Kirbey - Blackend (new sprites version) by Kirbey
  7. Grand King - https://www.mediafire.com/file/j8ggc5y2gunvi8h/file by pinksheep X
  8. Hello😄 I made new characters and updated them. ・Blackend(new sprite) ・Alien_cannan(This is a patch for capsule monsters made by UMA.) …and many others.(Sorry for not being good at English😢) http://kirbey.blog.fc2.com/
  9. Ok it`s fixed. Like i was saying, Can you show me how to put the Y position in the middle just like the X position is in the middle? Look above for more details.
  10. Hol Horse (CvS2 Reimagining) Hol Horse is a gun slinging assassin from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and is a servant of DIO Brando, though not a loyal one. Being quite a smooth talker, he claims that he has "ladies all around the world." While that may sound ludicrous, he did manage to get several female Stand users to join DIO in his quest to cuck the Joestars simply because of how charming he was. Originally, he was a part of a duo with J. Geil, the Stand user of the Hanged Man. The thing is, Hol always loves being the 2nd fiddle, the player two, the Luigi if the group if you will. This sort of unorthodox personality was a driving point for future characters in JoJo's. Hol Horse was intended to be a part of the Stardust Crusaders gang, but Araki ultimately thought that Hol had too similar of a personality to already existing Crusaders and funnily enough, his Stand was too powerful. However, he is quite a fan favorite in JoJo's. In terms of game play, Hol Horse keeps his moves from Heritage for the Future (the game I'm trying to be source accurate to), with some slightly different functions. Of course EX moves play a big part of that. Hol can utilize J. Geil to net some pretty solid damage without spending meter, in the form of the J. Geil Trap. He also retains the annoying Glass Shower and the controlled S. Bullet. While he is pretty broken from this description, he does have some limitations, though I still consider him to be at least above average in terms of strength. Hol Horse and Boingo (Hoingo for short) is a weird character. Later in part 3, Hol Horse realizes that J. Geil has been killed. Without a partner, he thinks that he is weak and cowers from a fight, an interesting dynamic of his character. Then he comes across a Stand user by the name of Boingo, having come fresh off of his injuries (just watch part 3 so you know why). Now Boingo partners up with Hol Horse, rather unwillingly. Hoingo gains new moves and techniques this time around, and is nowhere near the same as HFTF Hoingo. Hol Horse loses the J. Geil based attacks in Hoingo mode, so this puts him at a severe disadvantage. However, I decided to add some moves and buff him a bit so he is just as strong as his base form. Refer to the Hoingo.txt file in his character file to see a more explicit and elaborate explanation. That's about it for Hol. I made sure that I would keep his core play style from HFTF. He's a zoner that capitalizes off of his opponent's mistakes, and is just as dangerous up close as he is scummy from afar. This is also the play style the AI adopts, so it may be an annoying fight. I hope you enjoy this character. link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zrr9fjzgkln4dub/Hol+Horse.zip/file for M.U.G.E.N 1.0/1.1 by JtheSaltyy enjoy! current p
  11. (-_-): http://www.mediafire.com/file/759i32hovmmqvzx/Sakamoto_DL.rar/file
  12. Replaced link, thanks ;) Also, since I made this release, adding the stages I made from Samurai Shodown! 2 to the collection... I think they're the first ones made from this game, I guess =P
  13. As I said you in my WIP thread, I'm working in some new Neo Geo Pocket chars for MUGEN, one of them is Ukyo Tachibana from the second Samurai Shodown for NGPC (port of SS64-2). But when I was playing the game and ripping his sprites, I noticed the beautiful 8-bit stages made for this game, so I adapted the first stage for MUGEN, in both Day (round 1) and Night (round 2 & 3) versions. Also, these are the first stages I made since years, I think the last one was in... 2017 maybe?? I say 2012 without the Cybaster's Stage Maker, nevermind XD Two simple but beautiful 8-bit stages for your NES/Pocket/Chibi/8-bit characters. If you like it, maybe I could make the others, who knows ;) Just go to the Stages section, pal. Ippon!! PS: I updated my WIP section with my NGP WIPs, Morrigan and Ukyo BTW =P
  14. First of all, sorry for my bad English xd So, I'm not a coder but I like to edit some chars, and in my mugen game I wanted to add gintoki (jus style) but I figured something, there are 2 versions of this char, the Mikel version, more funny and humoristic and another version more serious and with other cool features. So, I thought "why not take the funny gintoki and add a transformation in his serious mode?" The two versions have the same sprites so I looked for some tutorials and I was able to do it so far, i merge both animation and sprite files and I successfully got a normal (not serious) gintoki, so i only needed to make the transformation itself and I got stuck. So far I was able to changing the stand animation when the plates press x, but when the char do something in that state (for example, crouch) when it should come back the "serious" stand animation it only come Back to the normal stand. so I'm so lost and I would like some tips or help, thanks so much
  15. Kamen Rider 555 Axel mode has Released by BlackWoz Kamen Rider 555 Axel mode - http://www.mediafire.com/file/d79obj0t3bznhvm/Faiz_Axel%5B8.5%5D.rar/file
  16. I was trying to make a hyper combo ready helper go in the middle, but when the player jumps up, the background STILL on the ground and not in the middle completely: Like this: I tried this code: [State 0, PosAdd] type = PosAdd trigger1 = 1 x = 0 y = 0 ;ignorehitpause = 1 but that`s don`t work. Can you show me how to put the Y position in the middle just like the X position is in the middle?
  17. I Was gonna start my new GT BATTLE MIX Project. So before i start the project, i`m making my own template. I adding the hyper animation like this one: But i need a way to make it hide after that and when the player is KOed. So how can i make the HYPER BG animation hide after player is finished with the super move and on a hyper combo KO?
  18. bro, I can't wait for this char to be ready ... it's just spectacular. _____________________________________________________________ mano, não vejo a hora desse char ficar pronto... está simplesmente espetacular.
  19. Sounds good. Mel and Penny should be done by now as well. I'm guessing you have to report to Darkflare now? We can catch up to them on the way back. Sasuke...will you need to reunite with your clone or will he find you? I'm a little rusty on my Shadow Clone Jutsu.
  20. Update: I found varo_hades' website with all his chars (and color separations) online, so I added him to the list :P EDIT: Also added sprites from TSR and sounds too... as well from Sprite Database
  21. Yesterday
  22. the sprites used by [email protected]'s characters are heavily based upon the original, only with a CVS-esque shading. the differences aren't really that radical to justify having them be separated from the main section like the KOF/SNK-styled characters. nonetheless, i've done what i had forgotten to do and added a "CVS" label next to the author name. that being said, the thread has been updated to include all of the items you listed above.
  23. [email protected] [email protected] made a Samchay: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=A3DA5D9E084F7896!108&cid=A3DA5D9E084F7896 All of his characters are actually in POTS style with CVS-style sprites instead of the originals. joey Faust made an FH1 Karnov. He’s about the quality you’d expect of Joey’s creations, though, so beware. https://teamfaustgames.wixsite.com/team-faust-games/mugen-chars ELECTR0 is now making an MVC styled Ray McDougal with his original sprites.
  24. Archive is filled with awful works, out of date characters, spriteswaps, stolen chars, literal virus chars at one point I believe, but it had a really bad cheapie at one point, etc. the mods are probably the main reason why the site has been blacklisted. the site actively restricts unregistered members, and members of the lowest level with their Community Event. they will ban anyone who dares step foot onto a different site. from the two and half years I was there, I can say this. The Site just isn't worth your time, it's outdated, it's clunky, and they are making money of off people's hard work
  25. in 2 clicks, you can found the onedrive link to the chars..... So search a little before sending messages and downvote others....
  26. jeez that jessica smoke's site is down, but don't worry they got archived for this. here: https://web.archive.org/web/20200119120621/http://jessicawedzic.scruffydragon.com/
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