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  1. https://a.pomf.space/vyggsdpkailm.zip Cleaning out my dropbox.
  2. Alright. This post may upset people, most likely @RobotMonkeyHæd, who recently (some months ago recently) put me in the Vault Keeper postion, but I feel like I should say it. I'm quitting MUGEN. Why? I've overall kinda lost interest. There have been other things that have caught my attention, like school and family demands, my new job, and I've been focusing more on Super Smash Bros as my new passion (mentioning that game on a FG forum is just asking for a flamewar, but that's besides the point). Besides, making my way up in the MUGEN realm would require me to learn coding and such, which I don't have much drive to do at the moment. So I guess this is goodbye. Sure, I may return, but it isn't too likely. Thanks to everyone that has believed in me over the past 4 years I've been into MUGEN, especially those on this site. Until then, have a nice summer. - Big Green, MasterofYoshis, W', whatever you wanna call me.
  3. Warrior Gramfeld. HNNNNNGGGGGGG (I actually use this costume)
  4. I may be attending my first Smash Bros tournament this summer.

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    2. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      Well if you do, I wish you good luck!

    3. TopKirby8305


      Lots of luck!  Many extremely skilled players in them!  

    4. DLF


      If you meet Alpharad tell him I watch his vids. Same goes with ZeRo.

  5. "And if you want to spend the rest of your life beating the s*** out of Alex everytime you see him, then you can just drop f***ing dead." (bus)

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