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  1. Oh yeah I forgot... Croix too.
  2. They are, I was about to post them. As well as Diana.
  3. Here comes an asisst... Ursula! And also... Ain't that heartwarming? (Hat dissapears as it will be a separate animation)
  4. More animations done, mostly poses for win, and a lose one... also... Whoops...
  5. Hello there! Since a year ago, I made a sprite project thread for Neptune, who was a collab between me and Nep_Heart... well, since a while I had plans for one witch character... Atsuko Kagari! There's gonna be more to come, so stay tuned for more. And yes, Akko is gonna be another collab with another author. With some donations, I'll be motivated to continue to work on more animations, as I feel like I shouldn't sprite full characters for free, which was my bro's recommendation. So, where to donate? On "my" PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/edmanriquez Its not actually mine, its my bro's PayPal which he abandoned, but he gave to me so people can donate me, and commission me art, he just notificates me when I get paid, and gives me the money, so its fine. And I'm hyped for this project, as I'm a LWA fan, and I'd love to see Akko on MUGEN.
  6. Hello there MFFA users, after years of being only on MFG, I've decided to join this site! I'm Shim, also known as Shimmering Brony, and formerly known as ToonAlexSora007 (double-o-seven). Here, I'll post my new content for characters, updates, and stages, as well as my sprites and animations. I made some characters, although some of them were not that good, but over the years I improved, so my only decent characters are Evil Sunset, Applejack, Neptune (with Nep_Heart) and El Chavo. I also made many stages, but many of them aren't that good either, but I remade some of them in remastered, HD form, and my newer ones are also decent after improving over the years. So yeah, I'll enjoy being on this site as some friends of mine don't have MFG accounts, so they'll see my stuff here!
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