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  1. Hello Everyone I'm looking this character
  2. Hello, sorry to bother you. I would like to request the following characters from your Mugen Museum: 


    Hyper Igniz,     ;Hyper Igniz by GONZO-

    Hell Goenitz by huolisi

    LnK,     ;Seravy by Seravy

    Elancia by ahuron,

    god Iori Yagami by [Yagami+ihoo183

    ThunderGod,     ;Thunder God Raizen- Ultimate Mode by Armageddon Man

    AirMan0,     ;Air Man by 1, (10C)
    AirMoto,     ;AirMoto by a

    hirasawa,     ;Susumu Hirasawa by "_", (10C)

    kevin1,     ;kevin by agerasuta, (10C)

    A0,     ;tadano A by agerasuta, (10C)


    Any help is much appreciated! Have a great day!

  3. Hello Everyone I'm looking this character
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