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  1. https://ibb.co/RN1ZkXS my cheap chars roster!!
  2. I found the God Phantom Akuma
    link :https://mega.nz/file/8AAU2TQD#Wj0MDe-5_Ko2q7z9a3poetP06tg0naMQgfrNSv2RpQk


    Just to comment something about this mugen or other mugen when searching the name of the character or creator of this mugen, but also based on the information you gave and based on the research I did.
    If you have any problems comment

  3. Hi Reijigo I would like to know what you need with mugen

    1. Reiji


      I need 199’s ssgoku13 Orochi kfm   Valentine day

      thunder god raizen ultimate mode

      Geese’s daibutsu 

      kamek’s shin zeeky h bomb shin kamek x^10 giga magikarp 


    2. 00124577


      I had also looked at the other list you posted that you also needed Alma Orochi Boss just a question ?

    3. Reiji


      Yes please

  4. mugen  museum request

    hello! electrocaid! I want a these characters! 

    ; element010,  ;V-Element by Beppu, edited by vinny82694/vinny8569 and turkeyhill12345, (10C)

    ; Garner-no-ushiro,  ;Garner no ushiro by ass, (10C)

    ; hell-Goenitz, ;Hell Goenitz by huolisi, (10C)

    ;Hyper Igniz,  ;Hyper Igniz by GONZO-, (10C)

    ; Immortal_Adriyan,  ;Adriyan by Saint91, edited by BlAcK HaCkEr, (10C)

    ; Invincible,  ;Chaos Shadow by Phantom.of.the.Server, edited by Saint91-Lilith and BlAcK HaCkEr, (10C)

    ;mill-1000 ;mill-1000 by Elecbyte.(10c)

    ;M-KFM,  ;M-KFM by Elecbyte, (10C)

    Night of vision, ;Night of vision by wraith, (10C)

    Night of vision_ex, ;Night of vision_EX by wraith, (10C

    ;Niouhana,  ;Niouhana? by Samidare, (10C)

    ;o_rock, ;Omega Rock Howard by Ken34 & GoukiDude, (10C)

    ;   ChaoticLBlock,     ;Chaotic L Block by Armageddon Man
    ;   Hellblock,     ;HellBlock by Armageddon Man
    ;   HolyLblock,     ;Holy L Block by Armageddon Man

    ;Projeneral,  ;Projeneral by Tadanokakashi

    ;Proto-Omega,  ;Proto-Omega by Another One Bites the Dust Wakamoto

    ; rte1324,  ;Rtarded Tetsu Edit #1324 by Ex Cee Bee and Pee Zee Tee, (10C)

    ;STGAlice,  ;STGAlice by otto•TadanoKakashi, (10C)

    ;ThunderGod,  ;Thunder God Raizen- Ultimate Mode by Armageddon Man

    ;Raizen,     ;Raizen by Armageddon Man

    ;Trmc,  ;The Real McCoy by Elecbyte / NeoUle AKA:Haddockb

    ;Tukumiya-ayu1, ;Insane Ayu of Darkness by IYO, edited by seravy, (10C)

    ;Yellow Angel,  ;Yellow Angel by ŒάŒŽ‰J–—ŽΡ, (10C)

    these characters upload is ok? have great day!

  5. I found homer voice patch! https://ux.getuploader.com/hosted_zzzz/download/66 but  dounut head homer by d10d10d10 is lost! so somebody reprint dounut head homer ? Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgISQmBeVg8
  6. Pass word is mugen
  7. where download this screen pack?
  8. This character is edit of kamekaze’s nega joe and so cheap character But this character is lost so somebody has this character?
  9. evileyes and MobileSprout from earthbound author apelao But there character is lost so somebody has two character? video https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8862462 Picture https://twitter.com/dangan987654/status/1405914109384658949
  10. Hello ! Im looking foward to a-shi on winmugen version! somebody have this character? if you have this character please up load!
  11. HELLO! it's good collection! but evileyes by apelao MobileSprout by apelao is lost ! so somebody uploade these character?
  12. thanatos kazuki file name is kazuki
  13. suicidal barney link is offline!
  14. https://ux.getuploader.com/12345678999/download/35 gurise g.a.t downloadlink! https://ux.getuploader.com/12345678999/download/35
  15. ARIEN by 石 file name is ARIEN
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