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  1. I no longer have Nozomu, but I still have Ryu. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ax4xmhn76w6cb5x/Ryu_01_10_2005.zip/file
  2. By indexed, I mean all sprites have to be indexed to 256 colors and has to be either PCX or PNG. Other formats will not work. If you're using 1.1 and decide to make the stage 32-bit, then you don't have to do any indexing at all.
  3. Pictures will have to be uploaded at an image hosting site like Imgur. Well it could be that the Shrek dancing sprite isn't indexed properly.
  4. Good to know that you were able to solve your problem. As for the white bg, care to share an example on how they look in game?
  5. Check if the sprites are positioned correctly in Fighter Factory, or edit the start numbers for position alignment if you have to.
  6. So... Any screenshots? Where's the download link?
  7. Unfortunately, you'll have to download the files one by one unless you choose to buy premium from Mediafire.
  8. Hello! and Welcome!
  9. Best to reupload the character on a different website. MA links are not allowed here.
  10. Topic has been moved on the correct section. Please be careful where you start a thread next time. On answering your question. You should see the MUGEN District area on the main page, where collections and new releases are shown so you'll be able to download characters and stages of your interests. The downloadable links do use different hosts, but it shouldn't be difficult to navigate.
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