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  1. Check your private messages. I'll PM you a new discord invite. Our apologies. As for the mediafire directory links, we haven't heard anything from the main admin to take care of those issues.
  2. I replaced the link shortener with the alternate link. Please don't do this again..
  3. Welcome to MFFA, where you don't have to worry about a place being handled by children. 🙂
  4. Most of these have already been added awhile ago, but thanks for the new ones. Added.
  5. Anyone like Japanese gaming promotional tapes? Here's one of Street Fighter ZERO3.


  6. Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xvskuxvuy5etq1y/evilken2.zip/file
  7. Never donate your money to those who won't appreciate your generosity.

  8. Yes, this exists... DOWNLOAD
  9. $55 for a half-assed Kratos edit in POTS style, with only six pals, no palette selector, an unchanged readme and victory quotes from [email protected]'s Haohmaru is absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. Not to mention that this has its problems. - Like the aforementioned, no palette selector and only six palettes for players to choose from. All of the victoryquotes from [email protected]'s Haohmaru remains unchanged, along with the readme. - Small portrait is out of position, and his large portrait is custom, not default. I guess adding those would be an extra fee, right? - The endless debug flood spam. Always a beauty when it comes to these POTS hacks. - All hypers give back power. - His grab still uses Haohmaru's soundbyte. - Kratos' hypers take a bit too much chip damage. - Tormented Souls is busted at times when the opponent is walking or running, causing more hit damage than it should. - Kratos Fury is busted. Kratos is able to move freely during the second phase, which breaks the opponent. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this Kratos and stick with the KOF version. That version has much more effort than this shoddy excuse of a commission...
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