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  1. You've pretty much answered your own question by linking the web site. There's a tool called ".PPT hac" that rips the sprites, though it may not work for all "PPATTERN" types. Only works for KFX I believe. http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~oemix/kfx/ppthac.html
  2. Two year update huh? Four K-ON! girls have been updated. Yui now has AI thanks to Thent!
  3. I beg to differ there my friend. Your Alucard certainly isn't ready, not by a long shot. Hoh boy, where to begin... - Again, using one of KONG's MVC2 characters as a base is not the best choice, as none of his characters behave nor play exactly like the original game and system. You obviously didn't take my advice the last time I gave you feedback. - CFJ hitsounds? Not that it's a big deal, but they just don't blend well for me. - Infinites. There's so many infinites Alucard can pull off quickly and easily with just any normal attack, even on air. - I see no sight
  4. It's another way of saying "You have been banned". Therefore, you can't do anything about it.
  5. Hello MFFA fam! I've been an avid game collector for a couple of years now, and I was wondering if there are any of you who also hoard collect old games and consoles? Some stuff that I have. (Mostly rarities and expensive ones) Any stuff do you guys currently own?
  6. Neat find! I've never heard of a Gamecube port of KOF2002 ever being planned.
  7. I guess I'll continue.
  8. An alt link to Ouchi's Miku (probably where the original came from?) https://u1.getuploader.com/chara_make/download/40
  9. One of my favorite Demitris by far. Thanks for the release!
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