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  1. Hello! and Welcome!
  2. Best to reupload the character on a different website. MA links are not allowed here.
  3. Topic has been moved on the correct section. Please be careful where you start a thread next time. On answering your question. You should see the MUGEN District area on the main page, where collections and new releases are shown so you'll be able to download characters and stages of your interests. The downloadable links do use different hosts, but it shouldn't be difficult to navigate.
  4. DN Meltdown & Escadaria (Half-Life MOD) by Spaz&Punt https://spazpunt.tripod.com/site_000002.html
  5. - Apollo's Ascension (Air) can trigger an infinite (if timed correctly). - Apollo's Ascension (Stand) seems to do only two hits when on corner. - Is Kratos suppose to be unhittable during a taunt? I guess it makes sense since he's a god. - Atlas Quake gains power. - Flying Helios seems to give Kratos too much power. - Army of Hades triggers debug flood. Speaking of Army of Hades, the hyper can be very cheap when combo'd with Flying Helios due to how much power that move gives. - Kratos gains hits during Rage of The Titans when attacked. It also causes the op
  6. This Rayman feels more like an alpha... There's so many problems going on with this character: - Those CLSNs and hitboxes look very janky and have too much priority. Some retain KFM's original collision boxes. - Walking backwards has no CLSN - Shouldn't the assists have a CLSN box? - QCB, y triggers an invalid state due to the author's mistake on not removing the command from the CMD - Misaligned hitsparks - Ly's and Betilla's projectiles share with Rayman's Afterimage colors when performing an EX move - EX moves give back power - QCF, b has a ri
  7. Duke Burger by Ironmugen https://web.archive.org/web/20061231223635/http://deltapark.i-xcell.com/bg.html Hollywood Holocaust & Spaceport by MackX Doom 3D by MackX http://mugen.retrostage.net/
  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Yes. It should be. This just Falchion22's Ken.
  10. Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy these lifebars. Two defs are included for both 1280,720 and 1280,960 StageFit On. No custom portraits required this time. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD
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