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  1. you be very surprises that they are over 400 MUGEN fans make fans YouTube video nothing but Mugen JUS Characters, not only that but there are over 20 Mugen Creators that takes time making and Creating and also Sprite drawing JUST types Characters from Many Category LIKE DC Comic, Capcom, SNK, Marvel and more. JUS type mugen character Grew over time and become the spot light to the Mugen Community and also YouTube Mugen Community with Live video an streaming, I figure they needed a Stander Screen pack for that reason.
  2. This Screen Pack is made for you. Created, code and programmed by me OldGamer. the project will take 2-3 months to complete tops. Screen pack RES Setting is Stander Hi-res 640,360 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVTTUUpgjGA
  3. Im not use to this new crazy unfriendly forum so please forgive me if I posted wrong section but, I need an expert Mugen programmer but if you follow the red arrow, I am referring to the shadow box that is behind the default mugen fonts. I would for someone to tell me how do I get rid of it ?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu1q9csxTqQ
  5. Here are all mugen stages of My Samuria Shodown Collection https://network.mugenguild.com/oldgamer/OldGamer%20Mugen%20Creation/My%20Mugen%20Stages/My%20Samuria%20Shodown%20Stages/ I hope that a Moderator can link or post this link on the top post
  6. Capcom Fighting Evolution Max Ikemen Screen pack is made by ZEDZDEAD no request was need for this one but I made it anyways Converted by oldgamer the screen resolution is 640x480, everything is working but a few tiny bug need to be fix like the fnt font for conter combo not working so I removed the combos until the next time I figure out how to fix it download here located here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qXZevEX-jP1VjRSFO7ajDeY9QDuWwncv/view?usp=sharing
  7. please my dear freind dont get confuse Ionly converted this for Deliver2thadeek and Alex does not know about ikemen go netplay ability so its not really my project
  8. This screen pack was a request by Deliver2ThaDeek Original Screen pack name is The Best mugen Original creator for this screen pack is named Alexis Cáceres for the mugen 1.1 and mugen 1.0 is now converted over the Ikemen go version 12 this screen pack need a requires a super computer to run it please do not use or run it on a standard computer it requires at least 16 gigabytes of RAM when running the screen pack and the screen pack also comes with the resolution of 1280 x 720 so prety please keep in mind that you do need a very powerful gaming PC when running this type of screen pack and I prefer if you run it at least 24GB to 32GB bit of RAM when doing so Download link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IfCMm4vhoIVCEaHpw-Qnu7XHjJAQekH4/view?usp=sharing
  9. go to option by using the Arrow key up,down,left,right on your key board then press / to go to input key section then you can config your key with out any problem. btw Im using window 10 as well with a Keyboard. I know that you cant use WSDA but I sure you that there other mean to get to the options. just have to learn how the key are lay out really work for the software that all
  10. Warning the Full game and Empty Screen Pack is still in a Beta state and not fully complete. About Ikemen GO Netbattle this software is not fully complete it still in the beta stage of a working progress It's not yet implemented yet on certain things the game may cause some kind of lag or a few minor crashes or when characters are misbehaving during that netplay or gameplay if you have any further questions please come to joined are Ikemen Discord for further Question Netplay issue netplay is really fun when you're trying to play online with your friends be assured that you have a direct connection with the Ethernet also be sure that you have a very powerful internet speed on Ikemen go and for those are using low frequencies on Wi-Fi connection or low connection you will experience lag and Spike lag and cuase random DC with other players VPN SOFTWARE in the VPN folder you'll be able to choose which version of VPN software you like to use to connect with your friends we also provide you a pdf vpn guide for you to follow The full Game is a complication Collection with working Stable 200 Mugen Characters and 30 mugen stages for the Ikemen go Download link is located at Game Jolt https://gamejolt.com/games/Ikemen_GO_Net_Battle_Arena/467035 The Empty Pack is the full working Screen Pack with ONLY 1 mugen character and 1 Mugen stages for anyone want to add there own characters and there own mugen stages. download is located at Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S-ZE9zGpBnN0oMPdFWtMpm4YjojtU6-w/view?usp=sharing Special Thanks to the people made it possible to make my screen pack a dream there beta testing and support and there feedbacks made it possible 1. K4thos- creating the software 2. Gacel windblade - for makking it stable and support K4thos 3. Rodknee - for good friend and help me with a lot lua coding issue 4. KingTT4- for supporting us with vpn guides on how to connect 5. Suehiro- for creating the software the god father of ikemen 6. Fclass - for being great teacher to me when I first started Ikemen 7. Akito Sama- beta test 8. Deliver2ThaDeek -beta test 9. xNEROX for his mugen stages 10. Mugen Creators and there Characters working for the Ikemen GO Plus 11. Orochi - told me about ikemen go plus 12. Raykiller- beta test 13. nano cannon- some advice for the screen pack and youtube follower 14. packiller21- advice and supporter to my youtube channel
  11. its does work you just have to config them in the input section in the option
  12. is okay I got help and support from Phantom now New mica is Rebuild and remodel with NTCore 😄 check out the first post xD
  13. Im trully sorry I went and closed the screen pack until further notice until I fix all the bugs and also I need recontruct the screen pack iM TRULLY AM SORRY
  14. I am not saying that I'm quitting Mugen I'm just saying I'm not coming here anymore I am going to spend most of my time at Mugen Fighters Guild and infinity Mugen team I get more feedback and suggestion over there then here at MFFA. I don't get much feedback or suggestions when I release my content here at MFFA so therefore I am moving elsewhere where everyone appreciates my work, So everyone at MFFA Community you have a good one and happy holidays and goodbye from old gamer 👍

    1. Ryou


      its not that nobody appreciates your stuff here, its just that 99% of the folks who comes to mffa only does so to browse around the warehouse section, its hardly a place where members actively give feedback to each others. it happens not only to you but to everyone else who posts their creations here as well, myself included. while it indeed is sad, i'm afraid there's not much that can be done about it. respect your wishes though.

    2. jo19sh92


      Take care OG, sorry you're not getting the attention you desire. Don't get me wrong, I wish MFFA was more active, but since all sorts of stuff have caused MFFA to kind of become more or less a hosting spot, and with a lot of other resources and activities shut off from a lot of people, that tends to happen. You might have better luck on MFG, but nonetheless, thank you for everything you do. Personally, as Ryou has said, I come here to browse. While I would be willing to post extensive reviews of characters, I only do that for people who actively request it (and if I happen to notice they uploaded something that won't take me forever to download, lately a lot of people's characters are getting bigger and bigger and its just becoming obnoxious to download them on my crappy net). Plus, nobodies like me don't really have an opinion that matters my dude, so if you want some serious constructive criticism, why not just visit like TrinityMugen or something, I do believe many of the people there are far more active in the talking department. MFG is kind of the same, but there's also a lot of people on there that tend to be VERY demanding of creations, so you'll have to basically go 200% to get any recognition. I only even go to MFG anymore to upload game resources for people to MUGENize and to download stuff. I guess you could try MA, but that's a cancer upon this community.

    3. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      I feel ya OG. See ya round...

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