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  1. a quick update we have over 663 member but they not taking no activity in the forum. well anyways I want to let everyone know we very friend and chilled forum anyone is welcome come check us out, we post new content all the time 🙂
  2. yeah wont effect the older version but its not wise to have it around because people might make a mistake and update it without thinking. so to play it safe. I gather more Information from audacity that happened with spyware and did not happen until the version 3.0 the new current version for audacity is right now is 3.2, I took a time and I dig a bit deeper of finding more info with New audio editor named Dark Audacity version is 2.3.2x And Dark Audacity don't have no Update Nonfiction or Update Button, this Dark Audacity is a Offline version and safe to use and an alternative to use Here the link to the software http://www.darkaudacity.com/ If anyone have a best alternative please share it with us here and we will support new software for mugen.
  3. Everyone this very important PLEASE remove Audacity, Audacity is now SPYWARE to learn more you can watch this video. Don't try to update your audacity software just uninstall and remove it. for your safety, this came to real shock that this was announces on July 2,2021 but I just learn this today, thank god I removed and I did not updated audacity because I never need it too but is always important to avoid any kind of shared data outside of country' Russia is taking over Audacity as spyware and stealing your data information from your pc spec and IP address
  4. The final showcase of Marvel Mugen Super Heroes Private Screen Pack is Complete by OldGamer This is a Private screen pack for my good friend BDC that I took the time to make for only for him, His goal was add a Marvel super Heroes Mugen game on an Mod custom Arcade1up Marvel Super Heroes Cabinet. He wanted something made by me and custom for his Arcade1up. This video demonstrate the full complete screen pack I made for him. I understand how everyone feel but maybe in near future I make some thing close to this. there nothing I can do when you make a private screen pack for someone that you know for 8 years. This is my very first complete ever made Marvel Mugen Super Heroes. I would like to add that I'm not a huge fan of the Super heroes Comic Universe and I really dont care for Marvel or Dc Comic games for mugen or pc and console. I just only did this for BDC for being great friend to me and help a lot when I was learning and coding stuff for him for his full games Shiar Invasion game and the guy is great teacher as well. There wont be no shared link for this screen pack Im sorry but that reason why is private. but at least I can share everyone that I even can make great Marvel Screen pack for the mugen software 😄 and was great learning experiences for me too
  5. Hey dude, can I just say I'm a huge fan of your SNES-themed screenpack? It has a very unique style to it.

  6. @Wintermourn by the way Hi and welcome newcomer of MFFA 😄 AND i like to welcome you to our awesome forum BUT Im going to give you word of advice. Please give us the full resources of your work and please be more detail about your representing because you totally failed to give us the resources and you did not include system.sff or anything also you did not show no kind of picture for display to show us work your working on. because this not gonna help us on helping you one bit. So pretty please give us the full source your screen pack so we can help you in near future. how can we support you if you don't give us the full access of your screen pack sources of your work. 😮 just saying mate and keep on working making great content for Ikemen go 😄
  7. https://jusmugen.forumotion.com/ Im owner of the forum site and we also link your website in front of home page. even tho we small we growing big with new content each day.
  8. The Download is also located our forum site 😄 https://jusmugen.forumotion.com/ Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/11DRdg4FAzyvqCJjMfHSoc_NQ2NRUaySR/view?usp=sharing
  9. I made and created the real full element of Onet town from the Super Nintendo here the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Zklydf4EcPILQrZE7EUQKgQlIG2mbJX/view?usp=sharing
  10. its is a long time but you never forget mugen 🙂

  11. Hi GUI 😄

    1. gui0007


      Hey my fella OG!

  12. why thank you 😄 and omg I forgot to post the link to the screen pack xD omg
  13. Hi everyone I like to let everyone know Im running my own forum site called JUSMUGEN and Welcome the New Forum to the community. Im in charge of the website and the owner is JUSMUGEN.

    We not a ware house website. but we love to enjoy to create and make Mugen content for  the mugen software like mugen screen pack, stages , characters and more. we love to create mugen content  one of are Favorite Anime, Manga from Shonen Jump and Jump Ultimate Stars. We are asking for those that are a huge fans of Jump ultimate star made for the Nintendo ds from bleach, Naruto, one pieces , dragon balls and more. We cover all category from Capcom, Konami , Sega and we also promoting are favorite and best mugen site that include Mugen Free for all, Infinity mugen team and Mugen fighter Guild. Please come check us out https://jusmugen.forumotion.com/forum 

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