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  1. Hey MFFA, long time no see. If anyone remembers me anyway. I feel bad requesting these as I thought I had all of them in the archives, but I do not. Guess I'm a bad friend haha KOtik's site seems to have been taken down and he's been MIA for a few years. I did find his Pai and Dural stage on here though. I found Fr33dom's Yun stage on here as well. I also have the lowres version of Alpha Bay City. Any help with the rest?
  2. RIP Blackinu


    I think only MFFA OG's will remember him at this point, but I met him here so it's only right I say it here. Very upset by this news...


    1. Gaulbetti


      Losing Mugen players is always horrible to hear, reguardless if we meet them or not.

    2. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- This Is Sad News...MUGEN Family Is MUGEN Family! RIP Blackinu! 🙏🏿

  3. gotcha. you seem like you've done enough i guess self reflection/analysis to know what kind of person you are, thats cool. i think "art" can be anything you make creatively. ? poor Elena
  4. i just saw these but these are pretty dope man on one hand, i think you overdo the blur BUT I think it gives your work identity so like dont stop that! how long ya been making art?
  5. idk if im blind or something but i dont see the option to turn it off in Ikemen Plus? also my bad if this the wrong section, kinda confusing about what goes here...
  6. I'm not too clear on what you're trying to do exactly when you say take out the background (I think I do but there's a reason the backgrounds are colored, unless your character is gonna be 32bit and not using transparency) There's a couple of ways to do that and different reasons for the different ways, hence why I'm saying how to like go about that. If it's gonna be indexed Anyway, Photoshop and FF3 can do the same stuff, for the most part. If you're just gonna cut the fx then you may be better off using FF3. It doesn't sound like you're too experienced with either so I'd recommend just keeping things simple and use that. And hey, don't be afraid to make mistakes. That's how you learn ?
  7. we in the same boat then minus the mugen stuff. if my late replies are any indicator, i dont really visit here anymore or mess with Mugen haha i got shit patience too fam u not alone I haven't coded in a while but I got a lil bit of memory still so when you get to it, i dont mind helping/giving pointers.
  8. You found me out! I'm not bad man. life is annoying tho lmao long time no see tho, how is everything my guy?

    1. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Honestly thought you meant TTG. But hey, thankfully it's not that.

  10. FF Tactics like games?

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- "Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle" Is A Great Game And Came Before FF Tactics! I Highly Recommend Playing The Game! It's Awesome! ^_^

    2. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      I still play FF tactics to this day. It's awesome. I might go check out that Tactics Ogre tho.

  11. Make Mugen Great Again!

    1. Mister Fael
    2. Cook4251
    3. Darkflare


      Look...the people decided they they were better off without us. They even called us haters. They tore our group apart.


      But look around. Someone has to do something. WE have to do something. Together, we can make a difference again. Mugen needs us now, more than ever.


      Are you with me?

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