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  1. Nothing special here, I had only seen a while ago the sprite rips of the game "Pixel Car Racer" made by DK and I was strongly interested in doing something with it. This time they will be available only for MUGEN 1.1. So stages bring super jump, animation, looping BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom option files). CUSTOM CAR GARAGE STAGE DOWNLOAD CUSTOM BIKE GARAGE STAGE DOWNLOAD
  2. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uigkielxqwkcr2a/Dippy.zip/file Dippy is a little cartoon character of mine I made when I was around 12. I wanted to get into mugen for a long time and I decided, why not make Dippy? I've worked on him for about half a year now. He's the first character that i've ever made on MUGEN. Hope you guys like him! Things about him: He has Good AI. (From what i've seen.) Somewhat smooth animations. Fun to play and Great to watch hopefully. I would post some screenshots of him but I don't know how to post actual images here so here are some screenshot links. https://gyazo.com/8eef95e8e090145312fbce190dda7367 https://gyazo.com/9b1ea5cc5603acc140e7cd83a354805a https://gyazo.com/63f97aab85f7e1b9e85689c57c5f764c https://gyazo.com/33176b0dc368e6513d65e1aa50e685f6 https://gyazo.com/1a8af3d3866a7d576b8f8f53acd1217d Hope you guys like him!
  3. DANZEY LEGENDARY TOURNAMENT 2 latest [MUGEN TOURNAMENT ADDON for free] "It always seems impossible until it's done." Hi guys! I release for mugen gamers and fans a new modern tournament ! Danzey legendary tournament is a real tournament (AI ONLY or you can play also SEE THE TUTORIAL) NEW WAY TO PLAY WITH MUGEN!!!! The true fight begins now... unlimited characters for participation!!!!! a tournament will select 16 FIGHTERS randomly among all fighters ,the champions or the best! but also the tool you allow to manage all your characters LIKE RPG (give AI PATCH,look his progress,ranking,etc) indeed when a character win a fight points of experience is given or when a character lost may lose point if it happen early in tournament! the tool included a ranking to see who is your best fighters! : and i INCLUDED A MODE CHALLENGE with a mode story is like the survival with MUGEN but you can saved your feat with your fight xp and i add a ending for success! there is a database to compare data and fighters like a laboratory! there we are! i must have forgotten some features really interesting! it is worth it ,hurry up! TRAILER OFFICIAL OK i let you try it. see you soon THE TOURNAMENT MODE(preview in live ) THE CHALLENGE MODE SUBSCRIBE IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MORE STUFF: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR MORE! CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD FOR INSTALLING and updating: danzey selector V6.0 neo! tutorial video Check out THE TUTORIAL video + TUTORIAL blog + USE THE DANZEY SELECTOR FOR managing danzey system!
  4. Gameplay V (Fixed: Size, AI for Tiffany & k99-NAMELESS! and Sonson Anim) * Edits > The main Portraits is Complete, but I dont maked the Portraits for victory Screen! (so i taked it off~) Well if my Memory is not worng, stayed like the old Eve vs Eve but have boss as you can see heh. Something more! Some chars have special stages (scrlk = no filter). also i put kanna (EFZ) for my transition screen. {,\_ n ( = p =V ZELDA 1,56 GB
  5. http://old168.blog27.fc2.com/blog-entry-42.html#more mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xtr57ho754xtkj1/U2Ris.zip/file This char is an anime woman oc, she instantly dies when the fight starts, (you can solve this by pressing the space bar while she does her intro ) also she seems to have a problem with her 12 color palette (i fixed it by removing it from her def file) She has robotic parts that can shoot fire or bullets, they only work when you are close to the enemy,, she can not jump or crouch she has good animations and cool sound effects
  6. It's been awhile but at last the Lucas Lee patch is here. I've added his special trait, more animations, a few bug fixes, nerfed his base damage but buffed his skateboard stance moves and of course added some easter eggs for you all to find. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dkkn65dmcydyefl/Lucas_Lee.zip/file Stay tuned for more updates on Scott Pilgrim vs Mugen Ultra Fatal Edition lol
  7. Mugen Full & Compilations sites Collection I don't know if i could post this way, if not please say to me ok. I will let here the best links that i know of sites where you will found many links of mugens, if you know other sites or have a public 4shared folder or mega, mediafire, onedrive, drive.google etc let in comment to i add in the list. 0- http://mugenfreeforall.com/forum/71-full-games/ 1- My 4shared folder have a lot Mugen Full & Mugen Compilations: https://shortit.ca/IgOFe 2- http://oyunilani.com/blog/mugen/ 3- http://jogoretro.blogspot.com.br/search/label/MUGEN 4- http://mugenplayer.blogspot.com.br/ 5-https://clandoordiegames.blogspot.com/search/label/MUGEN 6- https://www.gogofreegames.com/category/retro-games/mugen/ 7- https://www.youtube.com/user/M0rtalK0mbatAddict/videos 8- https://mastergem117.wixsite.com/miltjrsite/projects 9- http://www.indiedb.com/search?q=mugen 10- https://gamejolt.com/search?q=mugen 11- https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/category/3-full-mugen-games/ [need create a account] 12- http://chapler.blogspot.com/ 13- https://www.jeuxmangas.com/jeux-mugen/ 14- https://descargarjuegosmugen.blogspot.com/ 15- http://mugenmundo.ucoz.com/news/jogos/1-0-2
  8. hello boyos, I'm Mialere, and this, is a character that I was making on this days, still in beta for errors and balance it's name is Beast: he comes from a world of anthro animals, but he visited from some humanoid being, called by Fobos (a character of mine also), now, he works for him, and is ready to fight anything that come against him! fix some things! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xaoxve6wfahny12/beast.zip/file edit: video demostration edit 05/18/2023: character updated for some Fixes and And feedback
  9. Hi everyone! I'd like to share with you my very first complete mugen game. It's called Mortal Kombat Generations. The general idea of this game is to get as much original MK characters as possible from the all Mortal Kombat games. I hope you will enjoy. Preview: Gameplay: https://streamable.com/982rav OneDrive download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnyNvX2oFqo_ajGXAOcZ8Lr1zh4?e=5iEbR0
  10. Some time ago The Pixel Mafia approached me with a proposal for a stage, which at first seemed absurd, but after seeing the sprites and a sketch, it ended up being quite fun and contemporary. The concept was to create a fighting place sponsored or hosted by the major cryptocurrency in market. The stage has super jump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. Hope you all enjoy it. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  11. It's my first time to create a topic, so I'm sorry I'm not good at it. ;---- We released Syunsuke 2.0, which was previously released on MUGEN Archive, here because we want everyone to use it more. And this is a Self-Insert Char's thing, which used to be Mario's (Shinsamus) Palette swap, but I made this as a remake because it's not easy to settle down. Also, since I was conscious of joke characters, some things are interesting, so it is good to use this. ;---- Download Here --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W9lqW-_MWcrOuoReEgqe8_ODQ2H4WMdS/view?usp=sharing ;---- Bonus: Artwork of Syunsuke, but I tried to make it a little more realistic. ;----
  12. It took this a bit of a long time since I released this stage for 20th anniversary tribute of Ed, Edd n' Eddy, alongside an St. Downing Street. As you may hear about St. Downing Street, it is commonly known as Number 10, is the headquarters of the Government of the United Kingdom and the official residence and office of the First Lord of the Treasury, a post which, for much of the 18th and 19th centuries and invariably since 1905, has been held by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Situated in Downing Street in the City of Westminster, London, Number 10 is over 300 years old and contains approximately 100 rooms. A private residence occupies the third floor and there is a kitchen in the basement. The other floors contain offices and conference, reception, sitting and dining rooms where the Prime Minister works, and where government ministers, national leaders and foreign dignitaries are met and entertained. At the rear is an interior courtyard and a terrace overlooking a garden of 0.5 acres (2,000 m2). Adjacent to St James's Park, Number 10 is near Buckingham Palace, the London residence of the British monarch, and the Palace of Westminster, the meeting place of both houses of parliament. Originally three houses, Number 10 was offered to Sir Robert Walpole by King George II in 1732. Walpole accepted on the condition that the gift was to the office of First Lord of the Treasury rather than to him personally. Walpole commissioned William Kent to join the three houses and it is this larger house that is known as Number 10 Downing Street. As for Park n' Flush, it was commonly to be as Marie Kanker's home stage, where it located in the Cul-de-sac. And plus, it was from the most memorable Cartoon Network show, Ed, Edd n' Eddy! It Features Music 1.1 compatible Super Jump Download Link Park n' Flush St. Downing Street
  13. --- This version has a lot of problem with the game RAM --- To temporarily fix it, you can change the name of any franchise (or subfolder) of characters within the chars folder Recommendation for: Others Games/Blazblue Anime/Ougon Musou Kyoku PS: The game starts at 1,9 Gb and not at 2,8 GB --- The game for default starts at 2,8 Gb of memory and about 3,4 Gb crashes --- --- The next version will improve this RAM problem --- Infomation: Size: 47,2 GB Date: May 2020 System Requirements: 4 GB RAM Characters: 2069 Stages: 2533 TO VISIT https://edl7.es.tl/ Download
  14. DANZEY LEGENDARY TOURNAMENT 2 NEW 2019[MUGEN TOURNAMENT ADDON] The true fight begins now... Danzey legendary tournament is a real tournament (AI ONLY or you can play also SEE THE TUTORIAL) but also the tool you allow to manage all your characters LIKE RPG (give AI PATCH,look his progress,etc) indeed when a character win a fight points of experience is given! the tool included a ranking to see who is your best characters: and i I INCLUDED A MODE CHALLENGE with a mode story is like the survival with MUGEN but you can saved your feat and i add a ending for success! there is a database to compare data and fighters! there we are! i must have forgotten some features really interesting! it is worth it ,hurry up! TRAILER OFFICIAL 2019 WITH RELEASE DATE TRAILER ANNIVERSARY 2020 OK i let you try it. see you soon THE TOURNAMENT MODE(preview in live ) THE CHALLENGE MODE SUBSCRIBE IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MORE STUFF: CLICK TO GO TO THE CHANNEL! CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD FOR INSTALLING: danzey selector tutorial video LOOK AT THE TUTORIAL video + TUTORIAL blog + USE THE DANZEY SELECTOR to install IT
  15. So, I made an Update for Imagay, here's the "Info-Video": DL Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qw2VJnndwG1NItWYvWyJorFd4GMhI9_G?usp=sharing
  16. This is the first stage of nana825763 (Piropito), contains some flash animations and music selection etc, you will know when you have downloaded it. Thank you for downloading it, enjoy it ((-.-)) ((0u0)) ((-.-)): https://www.mediafire.com/file/80lzlsa6s3cfgh5/%E3%81%B4%E3%82%8D%E3%81%B4%E3%81%A8_Stage.rar/file bye ((0u0))
  17. That guy will venture natural, he will sweet jumping into M.U.G.E.N...here's... GEORGE!! Although it took worth a anaylsing some material processions through months as just wanted to make him more polishable after some of the few who sent a feedback while I released him as in beta since October 2019. But for now I realized that I am done adding fixing/added least more statistics from him. I hope you will enjoy my first character I developed from my own universe-based cartoon. Make sure you can download these stuff available from his universe-related cartoon: George: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t1no6r9vcf36f20/WM_George.rar/ Goodlake's Apartment: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4xbxy8makl9vcmi/goodlakesapartment.rar/
  18. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xwl9qmm9zpbuz/mm2-mugen2020 INFO It's finally here!! The newest VERSION 9 of the MUGEN Match game that i compiled and edited! With new characters, updates in the existent ones, new stages and fixes in the Tag System. Stay tuned for more special releases!
  19. PREVIEW *NEW* KUNIO RIKI KYOKO AND MISAKO INFO *NEW* KUNIO RIKI KYOKO AND MISAKO DOWNLOAD All chars here! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/zfgz3aihhxua4/River City Girls Chars
  20. Hey y'all! I am coming down with an immense case of boredom thanks to this outbreak thing going on, so I decided to design some lifebars for myself, which I like to call "Stars of Mutiny"! They're edited from DartzPie's Persona 4 Arena lifebars, and they support their own custom ports which I will demonstrate how to make in the video linked below! Custom Port: Normal Port: Simul/Turns: Demonstration Video Download them here, or from my own website! ----------- SPECIAL THANKS ----------- Elecbyte - for creating MUGEN! DartzPie - for converting Persona 4 Lifebars into MUGEN (I used them as a base)! GIMP - for existing and letting me design the bars lmao keewe Lee - for performing the cover of "Seoul Road" which plays in the background of the port tutorial! MFG and MFFA discords, specifically the following users - for giving me feedback. DauntlessMonk7 Trololo (a.k.a. Fingers) Tendou Troy Kusanagi Mini Nima And YOU - for downloading!
  21. -This is the first stage i ever made, it is basically a big sheep(Watame Kojo a vtuber from hololive) doing headbutts on the background on a youtube like background. Link: https://mega.nz/file/lNlnQRbZ#W9rD_tmwZkYfjR_4ljvWmUsXpv9Kr2P048O-QsDq0Xg
  22. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD MEGA https://mega.nz/folder/DtcnyAZA#wNrhzbbHiYZgxW2i_rt-8A Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/folder/xwl9qmm9zpbuz/mm2-mugen2020 INFO This time is the Version 8 of my edited MUGEN Match 2.1, with the chars in POTS Style gameplay, a great variety of stages and the add004 Tag System by Shiyo Kakuge. Many of the chars got new/updated versions and some aesthetics issues were fixed. Hope you all enjoy the game!
  23. ; Hello, reader! If you wanna hear the song (and maybe see the thumbnail) that this stage is based off of, look here! ; The Knight Meets Despair on Soundcloud ; MisterKaze and I worked very hard on the track, and I felt like it would be a good start for my stage making... ; By making the thumbnail a stage! This is my first one, but I'm pretty proud of how it came out. ; The color palette is inspired by that of the gameboy Pokemon games! The skull is a slight resemblance of a character of mine, and the helmet belongs to the persona of MisterKaze! ; Many thanks to all of those who helped me in the process of making this! ; - Addicted2Electronics Here's a download to the stage!
  24. Hello everyone, it's been a pleasure to say that this character has taken a long journey to be released and he finally is. This version is an edit of J. Newman's Krool but with new sprites, animations, sounds, normals, specials, supers... it's basically a rework. Special Inputs Crown Throw - qcf + x,y,z Blunderbuss - qcf + a,b,c Gut Charge - back30 -> forward + x,y,z Gut Check - qcb + a,b,c (all versions are the same) Propeller Pack - down -> up + a,b,c Super inputs Stomp Cannon - x + a Blunder Barrage - y + b Floor Magnet - z + c Blast-O-Matic - x + z Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/a2qhcbu8bfic50h/kroolV4.zip/file
  25. . In times of pandemic and face shield masks, I bring you Kidou Keiji Jiban to answer the old question: "how would the fight between RoboCop and Jiban be?" ... Hope you guys like it! YOUTUBE demo video . To try to make up for the delay, I am also launching the ROBOCABLE of the mini-series "RoboCop - Prime Directives" . And the beta version of (R2 Prototype B) AUTOMAT, a parody of the cartoons and other politically correct versions of RoboCop. . Download the characters at: http://ryouwin.smeenet.org (FIGHTERS section). . High, at left, there is a link named "FIGHTERS". . Click at the link named "FIGHTERS"... a page with Mugen characters will appear. . Click at the magic picture of the character that you want. . A download will occur. . Install these characters at your Mugen. . Try them on ARCADE mode. . Be happy.
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