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  1. What Do Yall Think About the Coronavirus It Is Shutting Down All Sports or Suspended All But Nascar and Golf .
  2. Now This IS a relaxing Stage Sitting On a bench relaxing. eating a hotdog and drinking a RC cola Now this is What i call a Stage those 2 fighters in the stage look mighty pissed off at each other. btw keep making those Klassic Kool Hot Stages . Good Job CoolAnimeHustler .
  3. Hot Dam Now That Some Awesome Clasic Kool Characters. Good Job ELECTRO Cant Wait To See Whats Next.
  4. Happy New Year ! To ya Too CoolAnimeHustler Just Keep Up The Good Work With The Stages Like You Say More Madd Flava To Come . Cant Wait To See Whats Next.
  5. Hot Dam Now That What I Call A Stage and Your 205th Before Long If You Keep Up At This Rate Your Gonna Top 300 . Nice Stage Satellite Theme With a Bit Of In Outer Space Good Job CoolAnimeHustler .
  6. Now U Know These Guys Play With Barbie cuz It Says That They Attend Barbie Conventions together Across The United States
  7. Pizza and Hotdogs

  8. Hot Dogs,Corn Dogs & Chicken(Fried Chicken)

  9. Good Job Basara kun Verry Nicely Done ,A Great Piece Of Work .
  10. SingaPorean Guy That Owns Over 6,000 Barbie Dolls . I bet He Plays With Them ALL LOL
  11. HotDogs And Corn Dogs Are Good

  12. Now this Is What I Call A HOTTTTT Character This Character IS So hott U canot Touch it This Character IS a Great Piece Of Work . Good job BoyBoyz Keep Up the good Work . Here the cover of This Hot Game That this character Came From
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