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  1. Exactly Like You by Roger Kahn (1930)


  2. = UPDATES = Khan is now released. Refer to the top post for the video and download link.
  3. Specials are finished, including his unique counter move. I'll see what I can do with his supers to add more variety to his move-set, since variety is what is kind of lacking in the special department. His combo game is kinda enhanced from EX specials, but it's still rather limited in terms of options, like in source.
  4. if footsies got rollback


    its only natural for its more polished predecessor CvS2 to get it next 😳

  5. Covid is no longer affecting me


    thank god for that

    1. 087-B
    2. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

      Congrats on the recovery.

    3. Dissidia


      Good to hear that you Tiger Uppercutted Covid.

  6. = UPDATES = Shingo is now released. Refer to the top post for the video and download link. This is a major update for all my characters. Most of them recieved many bug fixes, hitbox fixes, velocity fixes, etc. The big new thing they all received is grooves. You can either have them enabled or default them to a single groove. If you want to see exactly what I changed, I will leave a link to a changelog text file here since it's too big to download This has been a wild ride these past few months for me, I'm feeling SO much better than I did even a couple weeks ago. I just w
  7. what do yall think of CvS1?

    its a hella weird game but I do like what is brought to the table such as EX modes.

    1. Noside


      I love it, I remember back in the day just by watching a Capcom vs. SNK game was mindblowing and speaking of which, I love the robot voice announcer, fantastic game!

    2. 087-B


      It's my two least favorite things in one bundle


      1. four buttons


      2. cvs




      Okay in all seriousness though it's not my cup of tea it's damn well put together and I love watching gameplay of it. Very beautifully presented too.

  8. im going to add a major update to my characters, that being grooves, much like cvs2, but with a different sort of spin on them. just like cvs2, there will be 6 grooves plus the 7th EX groove. I will go more into detail of what each groove does in a readme file when all my characters are updated but I'll just give a quick explanation of them here: S-Groove (Standard Groove) - the beginner groove. acts like CvS2 C-Groove with a tiered meter, but the level 2 super cancel is replaced with parries, which does sound like a lopsided tradeoff but there are ways to balance it out. A-Groove (
  9. Shingo's supers are almost complete, with his level 3 being the only one left. His AI is also complete, and so far I think he's turning out well. https://streamable.com/j0gr93 Hopefully this last stretch of progress will go as smooth as I hope, since this is going to be the first CvS Shingo with the new sprites. I found a manageable work pace adjusted for my health, so hopefully character creation for the next few months will be smooth as it was back in June-November. Have a good day.
  10. getting more work done on Shingo I'll try to post regularly for my future WIP projects
  11. CEO of KOF MUGEN has been released. Refer to the top post for the video and download link. Just a warning that this character has a ton of flashing lights and loud noises. If you are epileptic, this might harm you. He is meant to be a joke character, so expect to see a lot of janky stuff with him.
  12. I’ve decided to also make a thread documenting my releases in MFFA as well, since, back when I was healthy, posting my releases in here contributed to the exposure I had for those few months, so coming back and posting regularly on MFFA might help me get more feedback/exposure on my work and others who want to download the content I make (even though there’s not that many). It’ll be convenient, I’ll just say that.
  13. Latest Release: Khan (3/18/21) Download Here = My Website = Works in Progress: stay blessed and epic everyone
  14. So I've heard about your current health. Sucks knowing what just happened to you, here's hopes that you make it through this ordeal. Reimagined Wario was a fun introduction.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShiroTori


      He tested positive for Covid.

    3. Cook4251


      Prayers up for him.

    4. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      Hope you through it. I hope for the best.

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