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  1. Happy birthdayyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Akemi Miyazaki by Player-One and NexT One: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nasiz48du7c1jjw/Akemi_Miyazaki.rar/file
  3. I'm pretty certain that this contained some vore 'n shit, I could be wrong tho but that's my guess so far.
  4. All of that added, thanks for that, man 🙂 EDIT: Added the Sprites ripped from different RoboCop games and Skynet's Base from RoboCop vs The Terminator by Jewel men10 (Not sure how I missed that)
  5. List of Characters (Digitized): - RoboCop (by Ryou Win) - R2 Prototype A (by Ryou Win) - NeuroBrain (by Ryou Win) - ED-209 (by Ryou Win) - Bone Machine (by Ryou Win) - Ironsuit (by Ryou Win) - RoboCable (by Ryou Win) - Automat (by Ryou Win) List of Old School Characters: - 16-Bit RoboCop (by Ryou Win) - 16-Bit RoboCain (by Ryou Win) - 16-Bit Ironsuit (by Ryou Win) - 16-Bit ED-209 (by Ryou Win) - Arcade RoboCop (by Leonardo)
  6. Definitely looking forward to it, as we have NOT have Pencilmation characters in MUGEN yet. I can see potential within you, all I can say is, good luck 🙂
  7. I apologize if i'm necrobumping at this point but...do we count the Backyard from Claymates by Getafix as part of the ClayFighter collection? Claymates is a spin-off of ClayFighter after all. If not, that's fine...again, sorry if i'm just necrobumping
  8. UPDATE: Added Mike Satan (or Satan if you prefer)
  9. UPDATE: Added Cyclops (no, not from X-Men) AND Alternate Mediafire Download links (after much MUCH thinking about it, it's probably for the best)
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