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  1. UPDATE: Added Mike Satan (or Satan if you prefer)
  2. UPDATE: Added Cyclops (no, not from X-Men) AND Alternate Mediafire Download links (after much MUCH thinking about it, it's probably for the best)
  3. Gamecube port? of King of Fighters 2002? That's new to me.
  4. Better to take the easy way out then the other way around, lol seriously tho, what did you expect? That I just randomly rehost them on Mediafire? Come on, ya know better then that. Although, I can add alternate links to the characters (and character packs) if necessary.
  5. List of Characters - Brad Armstrong (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Terry Hintz (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Buddy Armstrong (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Shocklord (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Russian Roulette (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Rando (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Bagman (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Bubbs (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Beltboy (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Cyclops (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) - Mike Satan (by Oddish sTUFF) (Alternate Link) Character Update Packs: Pack #1 (Alternate Link) Pack #2 (Alternate Link) All Lisa: The RPG Series stages can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzNNQCcmeq3KUy1KTnZkMk5hWmc (Sorry if I got a little lazy as fuck, I ain't spending all of my time getting the stage photos, lol)
  6. Hey, not bad for your first collection. Keep up the good work 🙂
  7. Why are you posting things that NOT RELATED TO POKEMON?!
  8. Added the Mr. Giang Backup Thanks for reminding me, Pojnani
  9. The "Bringing it back from the dead" Update: Added Zion-Chan by Mer
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