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  1. Welcome to the Free for All!
  2. Have a happy day everyone 💜

  3. Password doesn't seem to work
  4. Finally your skills will be put in a non Touhou character lol Looking forward to it!
  5. Uploaded a zip file because not everyone can open that type of rar file
  6. Because Buggie wasn't made in Mugen and I don't think anyone you listed is related to any Vinny stream at all to replace Kurt at least .-.
  7. Vinny's Mugen game, Vinesauce Fighter! Featuring multiple references and the most bonkers creations I could find on the internet. This game was heavy in chatservice as you can see nearly every emote was represented in a character. Finally see what you may have missed watching the stream! Many mods wanted him to play Kurt Cobain in Arcade... I wonder why? http://www.mediafire.com/file/mh5lycps3au28n8/mugen.zip/file Video:
  8. Added Arabian Fight characters. As for those others, I'll need help because I have no clue where those guys are.
  9. Uh... I don't really know if labeling something "crap" is a good idea. People have different tastes. Not to mention that could totally be disrespectful to an author. I'll look into those characters (and change the Puyo Puyo logo I guess)
  10. Both added, thank you for sharing!
  11. All added, as well as the infamous Seaman.
  12. Thank you for your submissions! All added
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