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  1. I see. Well, I don't know too much about that game but their gameplay seems odd and there were comments in MA about that Samson guy being a palletswap. In any case I thought they could be of use for the collection and I glad they made into it haha.
  2. Doc Samson by Dick Buckus (seems to be a palletswap from another char) https://mega.nz/file/VoFhXS6S#KYqWSTGu3diRVHsfOxrOVt8YA4792JwM49fmFeOvtPY Mystique, X-Men movies style by Mathri and Yolomate https://mega.nz/file/xxkgwbQC#nuw8GramGqWPW5yw8zM--kT3Mf1ZQTMMQUGyLl5dpVA Riptide (Janos Quested) by Leyan https://mega.nz/file/w0dSQbYI#rwavTG2RSebfkahfzxOMx2AVoKvE2bq8lp_VdzyccWM
  3. Updated Tombstone by Dev, Arkady and Bigbimp: https://mega.nz/file/hkMxXK4L#hcTFi_sBwc17V6rBzPNYdhzGjhPIbNaFIv9IyDh9zpk Cesarsombra's ones: Crossbones (updated) The Beetle Vindicator https://mega.nz/folder/ph8UDDgK#pd3S-sElsFXW1MZ1QwGPzA
  4. Interesting, I didn't know too much about those characters, only about The Phantom having a TV show when I was younger in which I never went too much into and The Spirit being from another editorial company buy having some crossover with Batman. I thought he's been bough by DC or something just like other characters but it seems his only appeareance in DC was said crossover, haha. Anyway, some more people come to the Hall of Cesar: Batman Who Laughs (I liked it! Even is just spriteswap of Rain from Mortal Kombat and the sprites are bad edits of Batman Beyond ­čśä) Black Spider Bloodsport Bulgor Crowbar KGBeast Lady Lunar Rima https://mega.nz/folder/k8clXIBC#8lhOOKSdORd43RtUjKTuBg
  5. From a hole in space and time I managed to find these alpha/beta versions of some chars from the collection. Etrigan: https://mega.nz/file/BtkWTDwD#MhX51KsHXRhuUMFGYxU5_TUAL4-glWqjOU1ZSNmaCx8 Is a different version of Etrigan by Marvelvsdcu, with some updated sprites and some minor tweaks but in the overall is the same thing. Raven: https://mega.nz/file/Jw1CkTQa#PdStf80LGmpIbPPp9gtbjqr4DttPElZvGd7X2z24dPw Alpha/beta version of Chuchoryu's Raven, it seems. Has different sprites. The Joker v1: https://mega.nz/file/kk8iQBxA#tGEf5-b7aUQnXZ_ZNeBvdGuKmV7Dg0qftdNV-lJlMaY The Joker v2: https://mega.nz/file/p5kAEJoI#qVkF5HX3aw-MGAd_JATAvjoSab9NT0cw_ccEaTUZrw4 These are two beta versions of The Joker by ALEXZIQ. For a lack of a better name I call them version 1 and 2 Flash v2: https://mega.nz/file/401mBTRI#GKgVY7UK1hcny7biH4ROJjpcUman6mgxFhrtpdfcP0k Flash v3: https://mega.nz/file/l10mSZhA#3QQ5ie4wm_ElpSb8a5DOIsYrTQW6-jFhiQTBzcIVKso Two different Flashes, Flash by Erradicator and Black Dragon, versions 2 and and 3 respectively... Green Lantern (John Stewart): https://mega.nz/file/FklixBCT#vK_AYLM9K3ze-X4yz5VQBU2SYfw35lN-_IFwGVd-3kQ An early alpha of Green Lantern John Stewart by Johnny DC. Robin: https://mega.nz/file/lh0w0J4Z#drxp8O5W1VdzseZMEH7q8h0y4KV1Uwei9mWUr8gGhA8 The first version of Robin by Team CVG, called Team Spoiler at the time (I think they were the same people, I recall CVG united came some time after). Ice v1.3: https://mega.nz/file/I90wWBxA#TAfd2WlLyxx7vVfahLrHEAumS29NQgDAJD94kadMI7E Another beta version of Ice by Buyog and friends. The file says v.1.3 and apart from the change in the stance animation she has an improved combo system over the previous beta.
  6. Ares (pre-crisis version) by Skhsato123: https://mugenmultiverse.forumotion.com/t14707-ares-dc-comics-precrisis-release
  7. Black Superman (or Superman Black) by DerWerwolf: https://mega.nz/file/dg1wFIpT#COw2XWb4Jga0PdSoyr1iG8W8vbHhGBCJLj37mYFD2hs Also updated the DC folder for Cesarsombra┬┤s hall. New additions are: Blockbuster Cheetah Dr.Monocle Fastball Hellgramite Major Disaster Neron Neutron Psycho Pirate Ragman Rampage Woof (Over ten in a week. The guy works fast xD) https://mega.nz/folder/B9kAxJaa#lI_WI2dwdeOJ9CZeWiBzTQ/folder/F1FFHS7R
  8. Mugen archive links aren't allowed here.
  9. These three are edits made by hrd2016 spriteswapping the original ones with Azrael it seems. They're pretty decent imo. Black Manta by Scarletspider5 + hrd2016 https://mega.nz/file/Fx0gWAgB#6cZ0wdcXPwpknmRy9XIdB7Hn89QhaR4r9d9bA4Pz4qA Manhunter by Elecbyte(?) + hrd2016 https://mega.nz/file/cl0mVBxQ#fI5Pb8LCIcdptIzI9xyFR8eluEtEFP1vTKcLsNiKNk8 Metamorpho by Chak'z + hrd2016 https://mega.nz/file/olkkkJhT#gJZrEFkCPwM6Ie3I7PcMbCEoKVQYHlVnjn14VnPrncE
  10. Crimson Avenger by Carpa5, Candido159 and Doom: https://mega.nz/file/w19lgQAJ#ccnJ61vyiMRdCAu5YB5uXM5blGGEfhbqN2u9-J6oDQo
  11. Some of the missing people: Banshee by Arkady https://mega.nz/file/x0MzySYa#6N_FDRxyF3K1_V_KO22Qe3IocaV7h6pINOhK2Ezjihk Blue Spider by Colacetas & Mistahjorge https://mega.nz/file/g1VHCaAZ#KNtvreEzxJ_BAovTVmQW0ZKx3-117ACFCmy1PePd4MY Incredible Hulk 1960 by Tech121 & Red Hood & The Beast https://mega.nz/file/1lUnBQAJ#FzAPkxhI1RjGzk06L-0TiVLga-gGDZ0VTiKPF0LgR8w Phage by Daraku & Angelus_Silverhead https://mega.nz/file/VwElyQDD#VMRZx2q47DIYgPdwaZCf5K0gmSb8j3aqyF7910nPqCI Edits by 087-B: Iceman by Zvitor + 087-B https://mega.nz/file/B2gC0KxB#rlmKtQeThBF5gIQQ_l7prN999x3Hjt24EtEby_xOPkU Rogue by Splode, RedHot + 087-B https://mega.nz/file/V9sxwAgQ#XE7NLJb17wDlrIeNUu7rVSJkpJS8mQOd7h21guc-M_w (I'm not sure about this version because the one which is missing seems to be from Acey however the only 087-B edit I managed to find was this one) Scarlet Witch by Zvitor + 087-B https://mega.nz/file/Qt0xVCgJ#fyulUvuxpoK1sl0FvHuOkzSWWCPWqhCe_35v8rsKxyw Also... Pocket Dr Strange by Scruffydragon (how is that nobody remembered about this little guy?) https://mega.nz/file/419B2KzA#79vize1eNwUiE4vHlOf1pXK-5zj6EO5nQvXoQ-zYOAo Ironman by Kingofthecastle https://mega.nz/file/ssVH0KCS#TkGW1sRxc36v538JEEaBKVjUhkli2V3jYOPPBDLEAeI
  12. Superman Prime One Million is back! https://mega.nz/file/ZscxlADC#BrNxt4ELGOM2MSDqhxKzIqXeq_zMsjRPkoIgEDcsysQ
  13. Yes, I'd too feel honored myself xD
  14. Here they are! Both Marvel and DC folders: https://mega.nz/folder/B9kAxJaa#lI_WI2dwdeOJ9CZeWiBzTQ Some of those are allegedly made by someone called "yuri", but I'm 100% sure is just Cesar himself.
  15. Cesarsombra has recently "released" over a dozen of DC and Marvel chars and while they're all of the same quality as always, at least some ideas are interesting (i.e. Krypto the superdog lol), but very poorly executed. However, if you want them I can put em all in a mega folder and let the link here.
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