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  1. Thanks for advising! Fixed now. It's just the MVC edit made by Kenshiro with voices from The Dark Knight's films.
  2. Update: - Batman "HD" by Alucard and Unknown - Batman MVC "Christian Bale" by Kenshiro99 - Bizarro by Orochi Shin - Cyborg by Zvitor, MamboJambo and Ghost Rider - Cyborg Superman by Vladnesas and Orochi Shin - Darkseid by Wucash - Doctor Manhattan by One Winged Angel, [email protected] and Carpa5 - Elongated Man by Johnny DC, old version - Green Lantern John Stewart by Idpp - Owlman by Carpa5 (palette swap of his Gaslight Batman) - Razer by Pseudoingles - Zoom (Arrowverse) by hrd2016 (a palette swap of Wally West with a few bad edits). And under "Bosses": Darkseid AF by Kal-Elvis and Buyog. I know he's an april fools character but since he was the first attemp of a Darkseid for mugen, I think he deserves a place in the collection. Others characters with a similar premise (i. e. Anti Monitor AF) won´t be included, tho.
  3. Yes, I know my grammar is bad haha. I try to improve it but I had become accustomed to some structures of writing. Also, about Terrordrome, I've seen there is a main thread, yes, but since those characters are from movies maybe you were interested in adding them here. And about the final statement, yes, I a have a number of mugen characters which are videogames' versions of characters from movies, so I think I'm gonna put them here later. As I said, I wasn't sure since I saw versions of characters like The Terminator or Robocop made from scratch instead of the ones ripped from the console games. And as other person said, it should be good if you make it even clearer in the main post which thing is allowed and which isn't, just in case to avoid confusion and/or unnecessary questions. Sorry if it sounds mean or anything like that to you, it's not the intention.
  4. You´re welcome! And thanks for helping the collection.
  5. Here you have: Johnny Lawrence (Karate Kid) by CpnCrossfader: Pinhead (Hellraiser) by Chuchoryu. It is supossed to be a boss type of character but in my opinion is just a bad char, much like those cheap characters from Carpa5... Anyway: And I have a question for you; since a lot of these characters also appeared in videogames (Terminator and Robocop being on the top list, for example), but I'm not seeing any of those, I think you aren't accepting them, are you? If you aren't, however, I tell you the version of Kevin from Home Alone which is in here is from the SNES game, but if you are allowing those kind a chars, I have a lot of them, starting with another Pinhead, straight out from the game Terrordrome: (Author Ioriy30)
  6. I think it is ok when the character al least resembles something to the one who is supossed to represents, and the edit isn't lazy enough. So, in any case, I added both, although I didn't like the fact the they still having the original names as well as character portraits; I changed both for Killer Frost and reuploaded the file. List of updates: DC Classics: - Batman by Alexander Williams - Clock King by hrd2016 - Dr. Polaris by hrd2016 - The Joker by Alexander Williams Main section: - Catwoman by Ax (I thought she already was in the list, maybe I deleted her by accident?) - Godspeed by Sic-1 and Unknown - Killer Frost by Reincidence and Yolomate, palette swap of Kula - Ms. Martian by Reincidence and Yolomate, palette swap of Cir-El - Supergirl by Modokian
  7. Updated with all the characters provided by @Red Chariotexcept God Bizarro; it happens we already have that version in here, although I made a mistake when I wrote the authors name, so the one that is actually missing is the Orochi Shin version alone. Nevertheless, I appreciate a lot the effort in finding those chars 😄 Also, added Harley Quinn by Batzarro, version 2.
  8. Sorry for the recent lateness, I was busy with some out-of-internet things as well with the remake of the Marvel collection which took a couple of days :P I'll be updating this collection soon. As for the zvitor website, I was aware it was working now, just without the ".br" part; I know I have to change those wayback machine links so probably I'll do that when I add the chars Red Chariot brought. Oh, and the site works fine for me, some maybe some ISP problem?
  9. I decided to recreate this collection. It has suffered a lot from the past events so there are a lot of characters missing right now, even though I tried to restore the most I could get (I reuploaded almost 150 chars folders); but a lot of them seem to be in that big banned website in which I can't also access, so I would be nice if you can help to restore the collection. Some notes: - A grey portrait indicates there is no current link, however, in some cases (from "Marvel classic" section onwards mostly) all character boxes are colored, with the only thing that indicates there is no link is... exactly that :P - While I'm not against palette swaps, I decided no to include two who were in the previous collection: Viper (palette swap of Mystique) and Toxin (palette swap of Parasite), the reason is because a Viper with all the powers from Mystique doesn´t make sense at all... The same goes for Toxin. - There won't be any original/jokes characters in this collection. Maybe we could make another one for them? - The same as the previous one but for JUS / Pocket characters. In this case, I'll be making the collection in the following days. - Since Ryou himself was a bit inconsistent with his rule about no MVC series characters in the collection, actually including a few of them, I decided to let them all here (Marvel characters only, of course, not Capcom ones). List of characters: BOSSES / CPU ONLY Apocalypse: Overlander || TranNgocTruong Brood Queen: Ninja Brl Celestials Above Us: The Erix Ego Prime: Ax Fin Fang Foom: KingAnon Galactus: Ax || Gorjeador || Gorjeador + Acglass || Gorjeador + Acey || Excursion & N64Mario & Kalangueb || Excursion & N64Mario & Kalangueb + Meep140 Giant Sentinel: fvfdmadmax Master Mold: Shining Phoenix Force: Acey Professor Onslaught: God Adam Symbiote Galactus: Academico95 Onslaught: OnslaughtX Onslaught [Second Form]: Overlander Symbiote Onslaught: Excursion Symbiote Onslaught [Second Form]: Overlander & CANDYBOY The Beyonder: Ax Yellow Jacket: Serginho BONUS GAMES Acolytes: Arkady A.I.M Soldiers: cristianomelo H.Y.D.R.A Agents: UltraRoboNinja Kree's Invasion: UltraRoboNinja Lava Men: icecream11 Multiple Man: Arkady Prime Sentinels' Attack: Zvitor Sentinels' Air Attack: Zvitor Sentinels' Attack: UltraRoboNinja Skrull's Invasion: cristianomelo Sons of Yinsen: The Erix Symbiotes: Predatorsru Symbiotes (Lasher ver.): abdul basit The Hand's Ninja Army: Chuchoryu Training Room: Zvitor Venom Spider: Predatorsru Arcade Black Cat: Eclipse / Kidthunder Blob: ELECTR0 Colossus: Blackjack Dr. Minerva: Mass Green Goblin: Kidthunder Iron Man: HeavySandwichGuy / Gear Fighter CristianZeta Kingpin: Slotman / Luigi-Master The Lizard: Steve05 Mizuki: ELECTR0 Namor: SLotman Nick Fury: pepethelpan Pretty Boy: icecream11 / ELECTR0 Punisher: Animaraz / ELECTR0 / holosoft / neofix / Santiago Scully: ELECTR0 Shatterax: S666 Vision: Slotman White Queen: The Great Matsutzu Wolverine: ELECTR0 Nintendo Entertaining System (NES) / Famicom Captain America: Alexander Williams Silver Surfer: Ahuron Sega Genesis / Megadrive Cyclops: Exclamation_Question Cyclops: KAGEMUSHA Grim Reaper: Cesarsombra Nightcrawler: Unsigned Whirlwind: cesarsombra Super Nintendo / Super Famicom Beast: Dragoon Captain America: SPIDERBAT Doombot: cesarsombra Gambit: Dragoon Hulk: Dragoon Iron Man: Kvasir Juggernaut: Mugant ZX The Magus: cesarsombra Mysterio: crosspotts Nebula: skhsato123 Psylocke: Gloves of Doom Sasquatch: Unsigned Spider-Man: Gear Fighter CristianZeta / Luigi1276/ SC1614 / Soulfire The Thing by Slotman Tusk: cesarsombra Venom: Lugi1276 Wolverine: Soulfire Other systems Psylocke: Eclipse Symbiote: xmaster1729 Vampira (Rogue) by Eclipse Old School arranged Ben Reily: Doom & Spiderbat & Serryvolk Bonesaw McGee: Wrestling Revolution Mugen & Unknown Carnage: sumin2393 Elektra: Eclipse Agent Venom: bumble_vin Captain America: Lugi1276 Captain Britain: crenderesuan Gamora: skhsato123 Hulk: Lugi1276 Hulkbuster: MUGEN's World Ironman: Xasor Mindless One: O Ilusionista Red Skull: Lugi1276 Spider-Man: Lugi1276 Arnim Zola: Lugi1276 Black Panther: FABER PLAYER & NOSTALGIC Captain America: Jose Cuervo Captain America [Captain America: Super Soldier]: Lugi1276 Cyclops: FABER PLAYER & NOSTALGIC Deadpool: FABER PLAYER & NOSTALGIC Dormammu: MUGEN's World || Ahuron & Unknown Dr. Connors: Lugi1276 Gamora: Jose Cuervo Hulk: Jose Cuervo Iron Man: Jose Cuervo Magneto: Jose Cuervo Punisher: FABER PLAYER & NOSTALGIC Rocket Raccoon: Jose Cuervo Shuma-Gorath: Jose Cuervo Spider-Man: Jose Cuervo Spider-Man [Spider-Man: TNAS]: Lugi1276 Thanos: LeoCobainJr [MKP] Thor: Jose Cuervo Venom: Jose Cuervo Wolverine: Jose Cuervo X-23: Jose Cuervo BOSSES Galactus: MUGEN's World || Dragon72 (missing) Onslaught: Jose Cuervo
  10. A total hero. Collection updated with all of them. I'd say at least some people interested in AI vs AI battles could do something with those Carpa's guys; the Cesar ones, in the other hand, I don't imagine someone really wanted to play with them... xD
  11. Yes, I know the character is a spriteswap from Captain Falcon (most of Carpa's characters with that stance are as well haha) but the reason why I didn't put it in the separated section is because those specific characters are their own kind; as I stated in the post, they barely work as playable characters at all and consist only in one single sprite which floats and shot projectiles everywhere on screen.
  12. Chucky by ldro91: http://www.mediafire.com/file/76nij6ai9gswq6v/ChuckyEnglish.rar/file
  13. Update: Added Sportsmaster by Blagoy. The character is in alpha phase and has been released by the author as open source.
  14. All those Robocop characters (apart from Robocop himself) are original ones. However, the female robot (Diana Powers/Neuro brain) is based on a character from the franchise but she didn't look at all like that, in fact, her mugen sprites are from the 1927's movie Metropolis:
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