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GUIDELINES            ◥◣________________________ KkqLRAU.gif


Hello there,  

   This is where you can learn the rules and get a feel for how we work as a forum.  Our central goal is to create a relaxed community where people from all over the world can come to hang out, have fun, create, share and work together on Mugen content.  A chill place where everyone can enjoy each other's company and creativity, get to know each other, and eventually become like family. 

     The main thing we ask you to keep in mind is that there are a lot of different age groups and cultures here.  So in order to keep everything running as smoothly as possible we like to be upfront with our expectations.  This way everyone knows what to expect when we have to deal with issues and problems. 

      That being said, we're open to reason.  If you personally think any of these rules should be changed or a new rule added, please send your idea to an administrator.  Or if you feel you're being tread unfairly by another member or staff, we will be happy to discuss the issue with you.  Just click the Staff link on the top nav bar for a list of staff members.  Until then, please try your best to play by the rules as listed below.  

Thanks in advance, and have fun!

 - M.F.F.A. Staff


P.S.  Click the spoilers below each subsection title to see the details ⤵ 






Getting Started        1 ◥◣______________________



__________________________◢◤  1.1 ~ Your Profile  


   In your profile, near the upper left corner of your cover photo area is the [ Edit Profile ] button.  Click that to set up your user profile.  It will allow you to link to your other social media accounts like Discord, Evolve, Steam, Facebook, Yahoo, Jabber and Skype.  It will also give you a chance to tell the community a bit about yourself, by filling in the sections titled "About Me" and "Interests".


__________________________◢◤  1.2 ~ Avatar & Cover Photo   


   Your avatar is the picture next to all of your posts.  You can set your avatar by going into your profile and clicking on the [ Profile Photo ] icon.  It's on the lower left corner of your avatar.  This will bring up a menu where you can upload a pic, or link to one.


   To set your cover photo, click the [ Cover Photo ] button.  It's in the upper right corner of the cover photo area of your profile.  Select [ Upload Photo ] from the drop down menu that appears. Photos uploaded must be of a "Safe for Work" nature and cannot depict anything that would not be suitable for such an environment, including, but not limited to:

  • pornographic or sexually explicit images, including artistic nudity
  • depictions of violence, blood, gore, etc
  • shock images
  • personally identifiable information (aka "doxxing")
  • speech targeting any specific group of people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national identity, or other protected status (aka "hate speech")


__________________________◢◤  1.3 ~ Signature   


   Your signature is the combination of pictures and text that appears underneath all of your posts.  You won't be able to set it until 10 days after you register, as a security measure against bots.


   To set it, go to the forum home page and scroll to the top.  Click on your user name in the upper right corner.  Select [ Account Settings ] from the drop down menu that appears.  Then click on [ Signature ] to go into the editing window.


   In general, signatures can be wide but not long.  What is the point of having a signature that is longer than your actual post?  NONE!  There is no point in that, so please consider the following to be guidelines for your signature.  Images used in signatures must also abide by the content restrictions outlined in Section 1.2. If you refuse to use these guidelines and have a crazy big signature it will be removed.  If you continue to use big signatures, your ability to use a signature will be disabled.


Signature Choices:

   • 1 Big Picture 600x200 (or)

   • 2 Medium Pictures (2) (or)

   • Small pictures (1~3) (and/or)

   • Several Links (1~5) (and/or)

   • Several Quotes (1~2)

   • No Youtube videos, or any other form of media.

     Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 3 months


__________________________◢◤  1.4 ~ Ranks & Custom Titles  


   Your rank appears just under your name on all of your posts, and just above some number of pips / dots.  The number of dots and your rank depend on your post count. 

   After 100 posts you can give yourself a custom title if you wish.  This will replace your rank, and appear just under your name where the rank used to.  If you don't choose a custom title, your rank will continue to change with your post count automatically.


__________________________◢◤  1.5 ~ Sharing Pictures, Videos, Files & Links   


   Pictures, videos and links to files can all be placed directly in the body of a post, using either the drag and drop method, or just pasting the URL.  As an alternative, you could click the [ Insert other media ] button just below the lower right hand corner of the post body, and that will embed it manually. 

   To add a link, just highlight the text, picture or video you want to act as a link, and click the link button in the editor toolbar. 

   Here's a list of the sites you can use to host pictures and files.  Please don't link to files on the Unsupported File Sites list, or they'll be removed.

     Supported Image Sites


  • http://photobucket.com/

  • http://imageshack.us/ 

  • http://tinypic.com/ 

  • http://postimage.org/

  • http://imgur.com/ 

  • http://someimage.com/

     Supported File Sites

  • http://www.depositFiles.com/ 

  • http://www.filedropper.com/  

  • http://www.mediafire.com/  

  • http://www.sendspace.com/ 

  • https://www.rapidshare.com/ 

  • https://www.mega.co.nz/


     Unsupported File Sites
  • http://www.4shared.com/ 

  • http://www.2shared.com/ 

  • http://www.adfly.com/


     Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 1 year



__________________________◢◤  1.6 ~ One Account Per User  


   We only allow one account per user.  Too many people abuse multiple accounts to evade bans, or to avoid damaging their reputations on their main accounts when harassing other members.  We apologize if this inconveniences anyone, but it's a necessary security precaution.  

   In the event that we find a member with a second account, it will be merged with their first account without warning.  The older account will remain. In the event we find multiple (more than two) accounts, the oldest account will remain, and the user will receive multiple warnings for each extra account.

   Violation = 1 warning point per extra account, expires in 1 year






Code of Conduct     2 ◥◣______________________ fvu3pux.gif


__________________________  2.1 ~ Attacking Other Members  


   There are people of many ages and cultures here, and everyone is expected to behave in a mature manner, to treat everyone the same way you want to be treated.  Do not insult someone because of the way they type, talk, joke, what they believe in, what they know or what they don't know.  This includes abusing the reputation system.  It's not necessary to try to hurt another member personally.  So please for everyone's sake, try to hold back from direct personal attacks.  Often enough they are the exact moment where problems begin.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 1 year



__________________________  2.2 ~ Jokes & Ridicule  


   We try to keep this place fun for everyone, and we hope to do that without making other members the butts of unwanted jokes or ridicule.  Of course there's a lot of grey area here because very often it's all in good humor, and the person doesn't mind at all.  Just remember, you're dealing with a wide range of ages and personality types, so the basic guidelines here are:

   • If the person makes it clear that they don't enjoy being joked on, stop.
   • Don't try to pass direct insults off as "humor you thought they would enjoy."
   • Don't ridicule people for not being able to take a joke.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 2 years



__________________________◢◤  2.3 ~ Attacking Creators for their Creations  


   Content will be posted by creators and users alike, but no one is allowed, by any means, to bash their creators.  It doesn't matter how bad or good the character, stage, etc. is.  Bashing is prohibited unless otherwise clearly stated in the post, either through the use of emoticons or just saying it, otherwise it will be taken as an offense. 

   If you have comments on said content, feedback is more than welcome, but try to make your comments constructive.  If the creator missed some CLSNs on one frame, let them know.  Don't simply say "Your character sucks," because it's rude.  Repeat offenses will result in administrative action.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 2 years



__________________________◢◤  2.4 ~ Spamming, Shit Posting & Flame Baiting  


   If you've gotten to the point where you're doing the kind of stuff listed here, then you probably know full well that you're asking for consequences.  Please don't ignore moderator warnings.  Our warnings and bans system is explained in section 4.

   • Spamming - Frequent obnoxious posts or threads, or other forms of repeated hassling. Repeated deleting of one's own posts within a short amount of time after posting may also count as Spamming.

   • Shit Posting - Just causing disruptions and ruining threads for your own amusement.  

   • Flame Baiting - Trying to draw other members into conflicts they don't want to be in.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 2 years



__________________________◢◤  2.5 ~ Accountability  



   Remember, no one is forcing you to read or post anything at all.  If you find yourself in a heated situation, don't try to blame other people for what you decide to post.  Everyone is accountable for their own posts here at all times.  If you don't like the conversation you're in, there are always plenty of others you can join instead.

   If you think someone is flame baiting, that doesn't make it alright for you to flame back, start a flame war, or try to blame them for the things you respond with.  You can always feel free to contact a moderator if need be.  It's all in writing.  Just try to keep your cool, and be good to people and everything should work out fine.



__________________________◢◤  2.6 ~ How to Report Misbehavior  


   If you think another member is misbehaving or breaking any of the rules above, you can click the [ Report Post ] button at the top of their post.  It will give you a chance to write a description of the problem and staff will be notified.  If you'd rather contact a specific moderator or admin, the list of staff members can be found by clicking the [ Staff ] button on the top menu bar of the forum's home page.  





 Thread Content       3 ◥◣______________________ S6SuT8l.gif


__________________________◢◤  3.1 ~ Sharing & Permissions Policy  


   We support the free sharing of Mugen content.  We're a warehouse after all.  If someone requests that their work be kept private, and not shared, it's up to you whether or not you respect that wish. 

   When it comes to using another creators sprites or code without their permission or without them knowing, we do recommend that you at least give them credit where it's due.  This is not a hard fast rule either, but it's good community etiquette, and people deserve to be recognized for their contributions.  It also makes it easier for people to find more content made by creators they like.


__________________________◢◤  3.2 ~ Derailed Threads  


   Stay on topic within each thread. Continual derailing is not only annoying, but also disrespectful to the original author of the thread.  If you see a thread starting to get off topic, feel free to just say something.  People on the thread normally correct it when it happens. 

   Sometimes tho, the derailing conversation is interesting and you might feel like it should get it's own thread.  If that happens, you can always contact the staff and ask them to move that group of posts onto it's own thread, leaving the original topic to continue on.


__________________________◢◤  3.3 ~ Necro-Bumping  


   When you see a thread that hasn't been posted on for 30 days or more, please don't post on it unless you have something truly useful to add to the thread. The reason is that it causes dead topics to go back to the top of the list on the main board, which takes up space and cause clutter.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 1 year


__________________________◢◤  3.4 ~ Porn  


   The posting of pornographic material on the forum, including artistic nudity, is prohibited. The only exception to this rule is any NSFW/18+ Mugen content, which must be clearly marked as such and placed in spoiler tags. If a piece of art you're about to post is something you wouldn't want to be caught looking at while at work, don't post it in the forum.


   Any content, including NSFW/18+ Mugen content, that depicts the nudity or sexualization of any character or person that could reasonably resemble a minor (ie: lolicon), regardless of the character's actual age, is strictly prohibited. It does not matter if she is a 495 year old vampire; if she looks underage, she's underage.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 1 year



__________________________◢◤  3.5 ~ Copyright Infringing Content 


  Please don't link to any Warez, hacks or rom sites. This also includes commercially available music, movies, bittorrent links, and the like. If you want to suggest one to someone, please keep it in a pm. We also reserve the right to remove any of the above content from our site at the request of the copyright holder.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 1 year



__________________________◢◤  3.6 ~ Hate Speech  


   This shouldn't have to be said, but please don't post anything that could be considered hate speech, be it racist, homophobic or otherwise aggressively bigoted in any way.  It will be removed and you you will be given a warning point.  Again, this applies to your avatar and signature as well.


   Violation = 1 warning point, expires in 2 years






Warnings & Bans     4 ◥◣______________________ T0aov2e.gif


__________________________◢◤  4.1 ~ Informal Warnings  


   Normally moderators will give you a verbal warning before they give you an actual warning point.  However the number of verbal warnings, if any, and the form they take is left completely up to them, and their judgement is trusted.  If someone reports you for misbehaving, staff will personally have a conversation with you about your behavior.



__________________________◢◤  4.2 ~ Warning Points  


   Usually after being verbally warned, a formal warning point will be issued.  These are visible to the member in their own profile and to the staff, but not to the public.  Every 3 warning points earned will result in a ban, and each ban will be longer and longer.  

   Warning points will expire after a certain amount of time, depending on the specific rule.  The warning point have a visible expiration time when received, and a note of which rule in the guidelines was broken.


 __________________________◢◤  4.3 ~ Bans  


   Once a user acquires a certain amount of warning points, they will be automatically banned.  A ban means they will not be allowed to log into their account for the following amount of time.  If a user is permanently banned, their warning points will not expire.

   • 3rd warning point ~ 2 weeks (15 days)
   • 6th warning point ~ 1 month (30 days)
   • 9th warning point ~ 6 months (180 days)

   • 10th warning point ~ Permanently


__________________________◢◤  4.4 ~ Ban Evasion  


   If you were banned from MFFA, please do not make another account in hopes of avoiding your ban.  We will find you and re-ban you.  If you get caught ban-evading, your alternate account will be merged with your original account, and you will be given 6 warning points that last for 2 years.  If you were evading a 2 week ban, this will move you up to 9 warning points, giving you a final chance.
   If you're evading a longer ban, you will be permanently banned from the forum.  You'll still be able to view the site, you just wont be able to interact.  If you feel you were banned wrongfully, please feel free to contact staff offsite to talk about it.

     Violation = 6 warning points, expires in 3 years


__________________________◢◤  4.5 ~ Conspiracy to Commit Ban Evasion  


    If your account is banned from MFFA, please make note that attempting to convince another user to speak on your behalf counts as ban evasion. If we find that another user is speaking on your behalf in an attempt to evade your ban, or if you are the one speaking on behalf of a person that is banned from MFFA, you will both be given 3 warning points that last for 2 years. This effectively extends the ban duration of the banned account, while also banning the account that was speaking on the banned person's behalf.


     Violation = 3 warning points for each person involved, expires in 2 years


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