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  3. From the old arcade,here the original son of Pac-man and Mrs. Pac, Pac jr www.4shared.com/rar/pp-tTjiWiq/pacman_jr.html [youtube]HiuBYIwvvlg[/youtube] https://youtu.be/HiuBYIwvvlg Like mrs pac,he has a very easy gameplay and.... Finally I updated my mrs pac char with some news: www.4shared.com/rar/y-5_5idJiq/mrs_pacman_v2.html https://youtu.be/aD6u94HjeSs [youtube]aD6u94HjeSs[/youtube] Updates: - 2 more jump moves - 1 more jump special - now hyper maximum pac is better - a new hyper portrait
  4. Dreamt about my late dad for the first time since his passing 3 weeks ago last night, shit hit hard man. Miss him so bad 😢

    1. jo19sh92


      If you need to talk about it, you can always message me on discord. I'm here for ya bro.

    2. 087-B


      I once heard from someone that they believe after a loved one passes, they show up in a dream in the not so distant future to say goodbye. Maybe, in a way, this is that.


      I'm sorry for your loss man -- I hope you take care.

    3. Richard 89

      Richard 89

      This brought me back to 2006 when Kenny stalnaker, well pappy as we called him. He passed away from Agent Orange, since he was a Vietnam vet. A few months after, I had an experience in my house, I was playing Tekken 5 one day and then out of nowhere I hear this loud whisper, saying Richard.  My Mom, who was in the room next to me heard it too, in this case it was coming from the hallway but nobody was there.

  5. Update: - Mephisto (final update) by JARRO77 - Polaris by RobiWanKen0bi - The Fixer by GMSpectre & S666 - White Tiger (Hector Ayala) by regisc
  6. Update: - Deathstroke (Injustice) by Chuchoryu - Mr. Combustible by Kimczi
  7. Kazuya Mishima VS Terry Bogard [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate][Tekken][The King Of Fighters][MUGEN 1.1]
  8. Hi! SasukeUCHIHA592 here, you may know me from my other projects posted here. Proudly wanted to share the finished look of the Title Screen of my newest project, DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi M.U.G.E.N DBZ: BTM is a project started by me with the help of my dearest friend, Fan Games Studio. Since every Tenkaichi Mugen seems rushed, poorly made or doesn’t have anything in common with the Tenkaichi franchise other than the name, we decided to take the matter in our hands. As you can see, we didn’t include a number in the Mugen’s title, that is becau
  9. Cute Neopet Char, Can Be Found On Deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/maruchanthefantasy/gallery/78801095/mugen-char-release of Kacheek, Also I Take a break from Chimata Tenkyuu Mugen Char Release https://www.deviantart.com/maruchanthefantasy/art/Kacheek-Version-1-Mugen-1-882817566 (Look Like This)
  10. The First try was incorrect, 2nd Try




    1. maru chan aka jasmine

      maru chan aka jasmine


      The 3rd Try Won't Work, I Can't Upgrade To Mediafire Pro, It Has Money, I Decided To Put kacheek and saved Kacheek Char On Deviantart, It comes Out Tomorrow or Thursday


    2. Darkflare


      Try using Onedrive instead.

  11. Vash.png

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday

  12. Kacheek From Neopets Char Release, I'm Not Sure Its Correct Or Not for the links, this is my first try.



  13. Hello, I'm Almost Finish Working char of Kacheek From Neopets

  14. Clipboard.jpg


    Damn bruh, did Chaos kick your puppy or something?

    1. Kazagami





  15. Day #26: I can't stress this enough, but I adore armpits so much and I have no idea why myself. Now that I got that off my chest, here's two pieces from the talented せつぎまな on Pixiv featuring PokéGirls Gloria & Cynthia. The source, which has the images in full res for your enjoyment ;)
  16. Update: - Evil DIO (implying DIO isn't already evil....) by ryuryuu
  17. Update: - TheTrueAnalysis's Many Flavors of Tharja: Tharja (Vanilla) Avatar Tharja Inu Hanyo Tharja Omega Tharja Perfect Tharja Shogun Tharja Tharja Yoshikage Thrilling Tharja - Legendary Hero Noire from the same creator as above Edit: I was being absent minded and didn't check if the MEGA links for the aforementioned characters were still working, which they weren't. Luck still favored me however, as I found out that most of them are available to download on AK1 MUGEN.
  18. There are ways of criticizing people's work and addressing the issues present, but making comments like these is not the way to go about it. How many times have you been told not to double/triple/quadruple post unless said posts have some kind of substance? Any further posts like the ones above will be deleted on sight and the users given infractions.
  19. Deathstroke (Injustice style) by Chuchoryu: https://mega.nz/file/Jx9EiRyB#zn0TJDkpVAsNdKPjVCEWT7sUBDjvGYIayzkju6JbudM Mr Combustible by Kimczi: https://mega.nz/file/Uo1SQT7C#OgUFpFbEjFsMjnV5ppsJhQspCXmlg30g7DMdPFRyPmI
  20. Yesterday
  21. Finally, the original post has been updated with newer information, and the final link to the game itself.
  22. I tracked down the guy who uploaded the vid and he said it was an unfinished private.
  23. Friend any update on this one? i still know theres a second page full of characters. Amigo alguna actualizacion de este?
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