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  2. Hey i need some help at editing color palettes.


    hum... i was trying to edit Kyoko Habana's palette but everytime i paint her hair, it paints her skin as well.


    does anyone knows how to separate the hair from the skin?

  3. I am sorry to hear poor news but if I try to fix my hard drive, it feels like if I may going to give up on making Marie Kanker and couldn't get more features added for George from my hard drive. But at least, I've only saved a couple of his gif. animation files of George so at least, I got okay of getting back into his update. As for the voting poll I need to suggest whatever the next fighter I will anaylse, it seems Jenny has the most votes, second goes to Sly and Tsuyu as double. For any matter, I could save some files I furtherfully need to work on Marie if I could keep her on hiatus.
  4. the aforementioned 6 characters that got updated are as follows: Alter, Code B, Emergy, Kazuma, Kimishima, Ryuuhou & Urizane https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AJBU7YzWu4StVX8&id=B618600643578238!106&cid=B618600643578238
  5. Because I didn't code them to move up and down?
  6. Don't bother with WinMUGEN, as it's outdated and buggy. It's realistically only used by a specific community to run legacy characters that break the engine. 1.0 is the latest stable release. Recommended if your hardware doesn't support 1.1, or if you like the lifebar portraits to display the character's current palette and/or don't want sound effects to be cut off when transitioning between menus. 1.1 is the latest official release, but is only a beta. Its stability varies between systems, but it's superior to 1.0 performance-wise if your hardware supports it and has a bunch of new features like camera zoom and 32-bit graphic support.
  7. acrophobia

    new here

    hello im new here just wondering what's the difference with all the MUGEN softwares and which one you recommend downloading
  8. Here`s the wario apparition: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbcd4nvvcta92gd/The+wario+appartion.rar/file
  9. I think everything here with a red exclamation has something pertaining to vore, yes. It's unfortunate.
  10. emgb


    Well, the only attack that Pinky has in Doom is a very strong bite, but I was thinking of adding something to it like in Doom 2016, where it can run at high speed towards you and collide with you, that could be its powerful attack or something, but I don't how to do it because i'm too new to this, still, if you want to do it, do you need the sprites or will you do it on your own?
  11. Question: Why arent those platforms moving? Theres a video online where those platforms move up and down.. The one im testing, They just stay still. -_-
  12. Welcome emgb! What kind of moves do you want your character to have?
  13. -_- Uh yeah.. But i still have content on filesharing sites dating back to the early 2000's. If theres no legacy-availability intended behind using things like mediafire.. Its all going to be for nothing when theyre wiped out. ..?
  14. @D Ahk. I will not give up hope. There is ONE mugen bloodlines character in circulation.. But its only as an assist super-attack, Not even with its original sound fx..
  15. Thanks a lot =D readded the link then
  16. I'm pretty certain that this contained some vore 'n shit, I could be wrong tho but that's my guess so far.
  17. Noahshines Arbok is marked as NSFW. Am I missing something?
  18. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    Who here wants an absolutely ripped ghost guardian with dual tonfa-guns?
  19. Much appreciated! However, you stuck in under 'Gen 2' stages when it should go under 'Gen 1' stages, since its from the Surfing Pikachu mini game in Pokemon Yellow.
  20. STAGES -Added Pikachu's Beach by CozySquirtle.
  21. translated with google translator: Hello everyone and without more to say I will leave the patches with CS that I do from now on [Info] Name ="orochi98um" DisplayName ="orochi98um" VersionDate =16,10,2008 MugenVersion =06,14,2003 Author ="Zelgadis" pics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u76fruik4tksg0t/orochi98UM.rar/file in this king CS I used the mondregon edit as a base since at the beginning I had a separation in pants and gloves [Info] name ="King" displayname ="King" versiondate =11,15,2003 mugenversion =04,14,2001 author ="M.M.R." pics: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vie49depbvio4ce/king.rar/file [Info] name = "Kisarah Westfield" displayname = "Kisarah" versiondate = 04,14,2002 mugenversion = 04,14,2002 author = "mouser" pics: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zgbs39rjb3s52te/kisarah.rar/file [Info] name = "Caolong" displayname = "Long" mugenversion = 1.0 author = "Misamu K Young" pics: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mjfdt3m7aahpdlc/Caolong.rar/file
  22. please add king & takuma by same author https://network.mugenguild.com/koopakoot/characters.html
  23. Yesterday
  24. Problem solved, good sir. http://www.mediafire.com/file/jt8y2o4y9prlwzd/marconp.zip/file
  25. hi im coach. jk, my name es emgb and i found this website when i was looking for some mugen chars or stages! I don't know what else I can say, I like the doom franchise, far cry, and some other valve games like Half Life 2, L4D (Obviously) and others, although in fact I don't know if that would matter ... Also ... I need help with a char I'm making, it's Pinky from Doom, I thought someone could make it a char, because I already have its sprites and others, I don't know if it's correct to say this in the introduction, if so, I'm sorry, but I wanted to know if someone could do me that favor (sorry for my bad english, im actually chilean)
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