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  1. MRS. PAc A simple edit for this time; I edit my pac-man and now we have his wife,probably the most famous female character of videogames. I create this char especially for kids, so she has a simple gameplay, but a good set of moves, specials and hypers. I used most of pac-man moves, and some news. This time no ghost, I have other plans for them........ I hope you like her. [youtube]qO_uiAqI_nc[/youtube] [youtube]5vjYC_oppQk[/youtube] [img]https://i.servimg.com/u/f71/19/12/73/18/pac-la10.png[/img] Mrs. Pac-man aka Pepper https://www.4shared.com/rar/c2ON
  2. COBRA SPACE PIRATE by TheGianni74 aka Brucewayne74 aka Gianni from Partinico special thanks to Werewood for ripping sprites and sounds [youtube]H-6EzBjeiQU[/youtube] Some years ago, Werewood ripped the great sprites of Cobra from a Game made with 2DFM98, but for a strange reason, nobody used this sprites for years, so I decided to use them for having a decent version of Cobra for Mugen. I added some missing sprites for crouch and jump moves, and an other little surprise. I hope Werewood like my version of his work. I don't remember much about the anime of C
  3. Hello,I m from Sicily and I like making chars for MUGEN that remember me my childhood, sorry for my english. I see most of my chars hosted in this forum,thanks,so I try to put the missing chars
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