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  1. The beautiful nurse and teacher from Justice High School and one of my favourite waifus in Rival Schools series, which was one of the 2 characters from this game series that appeared in Namco X Capcom. Having no real version of her for MUGEN (only as a striker on Shimon's Hideo), I want to take my shot trying to recreate her, in waiting that Li Kun finally finish his neverending WIP of her resprited or Odb718 rip her from Project Justice so anyone else can make her. Apart of the fact that NXC doesn't have so much love since years ago... So, with all of this in mind, I wanted to recreate her as accurate as possible as she plays in the games (mostly in RS: United by Fate) instead of being another NXC character, and even I gave her a partner, noneless than Hideo Shimazu as her striker. These are the features you can find in this character: First of all, sprites and some FX from Namco X Capcom (and some FX from SFA series) Voices and sounds from RS: United by Fate 4 buttons: 2 punches and 2 kicks A few edited sprites to make her compatible with MUGEN basics 2 throws, 4 specials (1 aerial) and 3 supers, one of them with Hideo (those ones who know RS will know what's this about) Made under WinM but also compatible with MUGEN1.0+ (you know, select "kyoko-m1.def" as usual) 12 palettes, most of them based on RS & PJ palettes on Kyoko and a couple of cameos as always And now, the screenshots: Made in a couple of days because I was inspired, my love for this game series and in part also because of the recent collection I made... which even I came back to play RS in my PSX again to see how she plays. I hope you like it, maybe I also could retake that old project called Batsu that I made in my youth as a n00b creator, since now I don't have to make the sprites since they're done now, that will be seen... This is our school, we must to protect it!! Characters -> Adaptations (Capcom series)
  2. Shadow The Hedgehog, by ABAB. This is a redux of an old edit I made of ABAB's Shadow, which is meant to fix issues with Shadow, as well as adding a few new attacks, fixing sound triggers, and such. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well. Here is, my edit of ABAB's Shadow The Hedgehog. It used to be exclusive to MUGEN Archive, and.. being as light as I possibly can with my old editting work. it was shit. So 2 years later, I decided to throw the hat in again, fixing the errors and issues I had created back then, as well adding more gameplay and such. A Redux, if you will. just to note, ABABShadow.def and ABABShadowAIOff.def do not make a difference right now, because ABAB's last update for him (which was 2016) broke the AI.. somehow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sound Credits go to SEGA ZUN Marvel SNK Capcom ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit for Sprites goes to. SEGA - Made the original Sonic Battle Sprites ABAB, Cyanide - Sprites that were already there RudyTheFox, Deekman, Domenico, Shadow333, Ryujmkrebs30, Destro The Dragon, JoshuaTheDark13, Mark Haynes, shadow_91, superdarkshadic, Phantom644, neox, tanuke, ryu, Taymentthehedgehog - Custom Sprites used SumirekoUsami - Crouch/Air customs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redux Period - 2022 -Added the English Soundpack back in -Named all the Palettes, and split them up into 3 Different Folders, found in the Palettes Folder. -Fixed Trigger issues with air attacks, now the Air Punch can only be changed to if the Air Chop lands successfully -Added new Crouch Attacks to add better comboability. -Reverted Shadow's Chaos Spear sound back to Remilia Scarlet's sounds (tbh now I don't like it, too aggressive) -Medium Chaos Spear now takes more time to activate -Disabled Shadow's ability to chain into Standing Attacks from the Crouch Spin -Max Chaos Blast now has fitting sounds -Changed time triggers for the Chaos Spears to activate 1 second earlier (they are active once Shadow has his hand out at the opponent rather than a second later) -Disabled Shadow's infinite healing during Chaos Control (once Power is Drained, his state is changed to 701 by force, ending the heal) -Shadow can no longer spam the Light Crouch Kick while in Chaos Control (he can't infinite during Stopped Time anymore) -Chaos Control now uses a second sound when being activated, the singular sound really didn't fit -Heal Sound now uses a Loop trigger, instead of a persistent trigger -Voices now stop if Shadow is hit -Shadow cannot exit the Chaos Spear Super State until all Spears have been used now -Added a Gun Projectile (the same gun you saw in every sprite video made in the 2000's) -Added several new sounds for the Chaos Blast, and Chaos Control -Fixed Animation positions -Added a Gun Hyper (Uses 2000 Power.) -Added Bounce Bracelet Special -Nerfed the Pursuit Damage -Lowered Airjuggle Points -Disabled Shadow's ability to attack after using the Chaos Spear Hyper mid-air -Added a movelist for Ikemen Go users -Replaced all the Battle Sounds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Disabled Single button healing -Disabled Single button dodging ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "hold_zx" command = /z,x ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "FwdDodge" command = ~F,D,F,z time = 15 [Command] name = "BackDodge" command = ~B,D,B,z time = 15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. (Preview) (Download, file named "アルティメットアーマーエックス") https://onedrive.live.com/?id=504CC9EDC0A345DD!394&cid=504CC9EDC0A345DD (Comment) Despite what would probably pop into your mind upon hearing about a Mega Man X, this is not a small and spammy conversion. This X plays like something resembling Street Fighter, but keeping X styled dashes. This X even settles with having a common punch, his Buster and Charge Shot is divided into 2 special moves with 3 variants. Despite having only 3 physical attack buttons, his other 3 buttons are solely for a small selection of diverse Maverick weapons, and there's even a command grab referencing Gutsman from classic. Not only that, but the secret Hadouken and Shoryuken moves are also in there, but only usable if he has full life. Notably, he has the ability to cancel some of his attacks into his dash, which can be used into another attack. Very fun to experiment with.
  4. I have no plans to work with MUGEN anymore. So I will post what I made a long time ago.
  5. Hello everyone; I am in the process of updating Cammy-Delta Red, by Chuchoryu and Varo_Hades. I am focusing on updating and fixing her sprites to make her look more proper, and anatomically correct as possible. Here is some of the work done so far: Images: Video: Any ideas or advices are appreciated. Best regards.
  6. UPDATE 6/23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw09erazAKs Sorry for low audio, not sure what happened. Added several attacks, working on special attacks, and supers now. Ripped the light hitspark, more hitsparks to come... and dust. I had to take some liberties due to the nature of the source. No Crouch, NO GUARDING.... at all. Well that doesnt sounds fair right? well TMNT:SR has a escape button, SO when hit you are able to escape with the press of a button. I did not fully implement it but it will keep you alive. "Without warning Ryon strikes!" "And just as fast as he came, he's gone"
  7. All credit for the original template belongs to Ryon, I just made this edit. Yeah, an edit of a template. I made this to compete with the edit by CrossoverLover98, but also because I found Ryon's original templete to be the best one out there. I just figured some things could be in my taste, but I mostly made some things accurate to MvC, as well as a few general fixes. Let me know if this needs to be moved. Changelog: [Download here]
  8. Hi people, since I've posting a lot here since 2015, I decided this 2016 to make my official WIP thread with my future chars and projects in MFFA. Here you are: On works On hold (by now) I hope to add another projects of mine (like lifebars and Anti-Gouki Project fullgame), but by now only this. I hope you like this thread, guys!!
  9. 11 years ago, Earthworm Jim was released for first time, so this day is the day that my "ClayFighter Project" was born. So I made a whole event of this, since I couldn't do it past year, and I made this: 1. (Almost) All ClayFighters have been updated!! Good part of my ClayFighters were updated (excepting High Five, HoboCop and Kung Fu Man 63 1/3), all with various code fixes, some with new intros vs. and some others with new Claytalities (mostly the Knock Off Top Half). So, here's the big list, marked as spoiler since is something big Characters -> ClayFighter 2. ClayFighter 63 1/3 Lifebars have been released!! These lifebars was a project so old as Jim himself, but I never couldn't concrete them at all, and in the last time when I retook this for my CF fullgame, I decided to get the jump to MUGEN1.0+, so the development was moves from WinMugen to 1.0, remaking all what I done and finishing what I started 11 years ago. These lifebars are made under 640x480 and has its own fightfx and common sounds from the game, trying to make them the most accurate as possible, and also I made original lifebars for Simul and Team modes, following the same line of the original lifebars. And is redundant to say they will be included in the Infinite Clayfare beta I want to release this year, meanwhile I'm still working on the screenpack. SCREENSHOTS: Add-ons -> Lifebars So here they are, all of them were made for today, so I can make a big celebration of this. And to coronate this, my fullgame ClayFighter: Infinite Clayfare now has its own page in my site, soon will be completed with more info, screenshots and stuff Happy Anniversary, the presents are for you!! LET GET READY FOR CRRRRRUMBLEEEEEE!!
  10. threw out the history in mugen we have many different spiderman's but never like this before in his timeline Earth-90214 he is more then a web slinger hes a private eye he fights thugs,super villains & nazi's.....alot and now he'll fight alongside any characters in mugen so ladies & gents I present to you Spiderman Noir! Created By Supaman2525 & ScruffyDragon ............oh and SUPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! heres hes brand new 1.1 Mugen stage Created by AvalokiteshvaraX https://imgur.com/gallery/orpbIup Noir DL Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jyjZ69UF0tRNWMKiVNZGRp9hfLCqw1hc/view?usp=sharing 1.1 Stage Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LU4WMnw6q2hK52h3641CxbdzgAt8tvgx/view?usp=sharing wanna thank Scruffydragon for his awesome help and to thank blackdragon for his help on spriting him and to thank AvalokiteshvaraX for creating this awesome stage hope you all enjoy it
  11. A character that doesn't need presentation, all of you know about him and his multiple versions, edits and cringe strange versions. But what can I offer new for a so touched character like him? What about a ClayFighter 63 1/3 gameplay? So yes, I made him with the same gameplay you know and love of my CF chars, and even as the new guest character for my upcoming fullgame (apart of the already guests in CF series, Earthworm Jim and Boogerman). Here's the list of the new stuff you can found on him: 6 buttons instead of 4 (3 punches and 3 kicks) New winpose and new throw (now he has 2 of them) All his moves from last MUGEN versions excepting Kung Fu Block (maybe will serve as base for the CF's Parry I want to make) All his EX/Fast moves are now his strong versions (and strong ones are his medium ones) Kung Fu Zankou: normal versions are the Combo Openers (changed command to charge B, F + kick) and Fast/EX one is now a super Kung Fu Knee now has the D,DF,F + kick command in all his versions 2 Claytalities, which have his signature moves (KF Palm and KF Upper) New sprites for custom states sprited by me (cut in half, squish and squeeze) More use of his yell voice, so now he isn't a silent warrior anymore 13 palettes, 12 based on other ClayFighters and the original one also included if you want the classics And of course, the complete CF Combo System on KFM, including Insane Combos!! And now, the screenshots: I enjoyed a lot making this character and it's my first time making a real KFM (AGP's Kung Fu Fan is more of a spriteswap, so he doesn't count), it was so fun and I'm so satisfied with the final result, so I hope you can enjoy this char so much as I do You must defeat Tu Shou to stand a chance Characters -> ClayFighter
  12. Well, here he is, Supermystery's Knuckles Custom (why he's named that I have no idea why.) He's meant to replicate Sonic 2/3&K Having the same controls overall, but now with the ability to punch, throw bombs, as well as being able to drop, and punch boulders. This Edit has the same tweaks and fixes as the previous ones, such as -Better Sprite Positions -Better Hitboxing -Added a few new winposes -Changed the portrait (now it's big enough to be a proper 120x140) -Added Several new Palettes -Removed KFM Sprites -Made it impossible for Knuckles to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies -Monitors are now Fully Animated -Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits -A new Pipe Attack (based off of Streets of Rage 2) activated with the C Button, after breaking a Super Monitor. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9tdzdjzbspgzyr1/knucklesSP.zip/file
  13. So, Supermystery's Tails, He behaves similar to Sonic, being styled after Sonic 2, however, unlike the original release, Super Tails is enabled by default, rather than the Plane being turned on instead, this edit fixes a few existing issues with him, such as -Changed the portrait. -Added Several new Palettes -Fixed a few existing palettes -Removed KFM Sprites -Made it impossible for Tails to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies -CD Soundpack (comes with Sonic CD Sound Effects) -Monitors are now Fully Animated -Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits -Replaced existing S3&K Sprites with the S1/S2 2013 Sprites -Added Flight Cancel (Activated by pressing Down+A) -Repositioned a few sprites for better animation -Improved Flight Controls https://www.mediafire.com/file/m9tu9ws7lvw58t4/tailsS2.zip/file
  14. WARNING: THIS IS A CHEAP EDIT OF SUPERMYSTERY'S SONIC 2 STYLE SONIC, HE STARTS EVERY ROUND AS SUPER, MAKING HIM INVINCIBLE FOR LARGE PORTIONS OF MATCHES! An Edit of An Edit. I present to you, my edit of DarkLordXelrick's Dark Spawn Sonic (the 2016 Version) which, like the Ordinary Sonic Edit, uses Sonic 2 Style Sonic as the editing base, just like before. I didn't use the latest version of this Edit as the base, I used an Older Version, as the newer version had bugs that didn't exist in the previous version, I have ported all the features from the last release to this older version, which is less buggy However in doing this, one feature got cut, and it was the Ermac Striker. Dark Spawn Sonic is a recreation of a DOS ERA Horror Fangame made for Halloween that was based off of Sonic, imagine Sonic.exe, but he didn't see anything as a game, or a joke, and was a cold blooded killer with no laughs to spare. He starts every round Super, and like An Ordinary Sonic's Super.exe form, he consumes the Power, rather than Rings (which there is none.), and because his Power is 6,000 at the Start of Each Match, if he doesn't use any of his attacks besides Jumping and spinning, he's impossible to beat without spending 50+ minutes blocking This Edit contains all the fixes done to Sonic 2 Style Sonic, such as -Existing issues with spritework, cleaned up a few errors, fixed animations, and fixed hitboxes -Added a few new winposes -Changed the portrait. -Added Several new Palettes -Removed KFM Sprites -Made it impossible for Sonic to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies -Fixed Super Sonic's Transformation Animation -Monitors are now Fully Animated This is pointless as Dark Spawn Sonic doesn't use Monitors -Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits (now he supports HIMSELF) You've been warned about his cheap behavior. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kgl4g5sugu6bbli/DSSonic.7z/file
  15. An Edit of An Edit. I present to you, my edit of DarkLordXelrick's An Ordinary Sonic The Hedgehog, which used Supermystery's Sonic 2 Style Sonic as the editing base. However. I didn't use the latest version of this Edit as the base, I used an Older Version, as the newer version had bugs that didn't exist in the previous version, I have ported all the features from the last release to this older version, which is less buggy, these new features are accessed via the An Ordinary Sonic Fusion.def file By using the Fusion.def file, you have access to his Special Pal 6, 11, and 12 Modes - Pal11 is activated via Start+Y - Pal12 is activated via Start+Z This Edit contains all the fixes done to Sonic 2 Style Sonic, such as -Existing issues with spritework, cleaned up a few errors, fixed animations, and fixed hitboxes -Added a few new winposes -Changed the portrait. -Added Several new Palettes -Removed KFM Sprites -Made it impossible for Sonic to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies -Fixed Super Sonic's Transformation Animation -Monitors are now Fully Animated -Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits (now he supports HIMSELF) https://www.mediafire.com/file/y7y7gacnxyumheq/An+Ordinary+Sonic.7z/file
  16. I present to you, my edit of Supermystery's Sonic 2 Style Sonic. It's meant to fix existing issues with spritework, clean up a few errors, fix animations, fix hitboxes -Added a few new winposes -Changed the portrait. -Added Several new Palettes -Removed KFM Sprites -Made it impossible for Sonic to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies -Fixed Super Sonic's Transformation Animation -CD Soundpack (comes with Sonic CD Sound Effects) -Monitors are now Fully Animated -Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits He retains all of the original features, as well as the original name Credit for Sprites goes to Supermystery - The Sonic Sprites that were already there. SEGA - For Making said Sprites Sketch, type_a, Nerples, Nightly, Krebbit, and Hans-Cuff - Custom Made Sonic 1 Styled Sprites (Group 181) Custom Super Sonic sprites by EXEcutor-The-Bat, and ThomasTheHedgehog888 https://www.mediafire.com/file/yg22qj7qlj18oa3/sonicth2.zip/file
  17. [PREVIEW] [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/kct3lxifies0qo6/HPBF_Tsuji_Nozomi.rar?dl=1
  18. Supermystery didn't make Mighty ever, did he..?? Well.. I'm here to rectify that... sort of, this is Mighty the Armadillo, in the same style of Supermystery's Chaotix Characters He has mostly the same controls, but now has the ability to use his Wall Jump from the game, having the same time limit mostly. He can also use the Mania Dive Drill, which is only usable by smashing a Super Monitor. Sonic 2 Style Sonic was used as the base for Mighty's Creation Wall Code modified from Supermystery's Espio Artwork Modified using Paint.net You can create more palletes using fighter factory of a similar program Known BUG: Sometimes when using the Dive Drill (typically beyond the camera's usual bounding) he doesn't bounce upward after. Credit goes to SEGA - For making the Knuckles Chaotix Sprites Custom Sprites made by E-122-PSI, Yuski, Cinossu, & Team Megamix Sprites ripped by Mystic Fire, Yawackhary, and Toadkarter https://www.mediafire.com/file/oyazad2dvxy5cjs/mightykc.zip/file the Stage made for this Project is right below
  19. hello boyos, I'm Mialere, and this, is a character that I was making on this days, still in beta for errors and balance it's name is Beast: he comes from a world of anthro animals, but he visited from some humanoid being, called by Fobos (a character of mine also), now, he works for him, and is ready to fight anything that come against him! fix some things! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xaoxve6wfahny12/beast.zip/file edit: video demostration edit 05/18/2023: character updated for some Fixes and And feedback
  20. Original character, sprite style looks interesting because of shading http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c06gXxe
  21. Sagat (CvS2 Reimagining) Sagat is known as the emperor of Muai Thai and it's not hard to see why. He has proven himself to be an elite fighter from a young age, and has improved over the years. He first appeared as the unplayable final boss of Street Fighter 1, and was the host of the first World Warrior tournament, and it would be in this final battle that saw Ryu scar Sagat with a powerful shoryuken. Sagat would swear vengeance against Ryu for nearly killing him. Sagat would later appear in Street Fighter 2 as one of the four shadaloo kings, and would take part in a large majority of Capcom's games featuring Street Fighter. Sagat is a zoner, and has proven that the zoner can be the best in their game. Sagat in almost every game he has appeared in has been considered a top tier or the best character in the game, with the exception of Street Fighter 4 and 5, where Capcom somehow made Sagat subpar, which both impresses me and pisses me off at the same time. His strongest appearances were undoubtedly his CvS2 and SF2 Turbo appearance, specifically Old Sagat. Since Sagat is my favorite fighting character ever, and CvS2 is my favorite fighting game ever, it's pretty obvious what game I'm 100% basing this Sagat off of. Not only does Sagat have his incredibly god tier CvS2 appearance in this Sagat, but he also has his Old Sagat mode, which makes for two of Sagat's strongest appearances in this one Sagat. You can see my bias towards this character. Sagat's low and high Tiger Shots make Sagat the best zoner in all of his games he has appeared in. The rapidly changing velocities of his Tiger Shots can make avoiding Sagat's fireball game a nightmare. Of course, Sagat has more than enough tools when his Tiger Shots have been jumped over and he's face to face with his opponent. If he wants to get his opponent from being too close, then dodge blow-away punch would do the trick. His Tiger Uppercut is a deadly anti-air, and the Tiger Knee is an excellent mix-up tool. He has two new attacks in the Tiger Rush, which is a special from SFV, where he can either sweep or kick, which is a great meaty tool. He also has the Tiger Bait, which is a counter move. However, this move cannot counter crouching moves. Overall, Sagat has all the tools he needs to win his matches. Feedback is of course always appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgaxuy75cvy9hkd/Sagat.zip/file Have a good day, and stay epic, fellow epic gamer.
  22. I edited Quetzalcoatl_88 Huey Sprites. Huey video gameplay: Huey download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tfcbwsahylyrb5r/Huey.rar/file
  23. Yes you read that correctly. I, Ultra Fatality am releasing something !!! Freakin Crazy Right Enjoy my Version of Scott Pilgrim, with this you guys can get a feel of what's to come with the others yes I'm doing not just the evil exes but every character in the series so expect more Sex Bom-Omb and updates to the already released Evil Exes. Sorry I Couldn't give you all an proper release video and description, maybe later I'll post something but I will at least explain how he plays Every SP character of mine will play the same they will have 2 attacks, a Passive and/or Aggressive Trait (Think Injustice), 2 Striker summons and single button for Super commands. X = Light Attack Y = Heavy Attack Z = EX Attack/Trait Attack A = Striker 1 B = Striker 2 C = Super Attack Here in Scott's case he has an Passive trait (We Are Sex Bom-Omb) where he can call more then 2 helpers hold down and press the striker button to summon someone other then his default helpers and his Aggressive trait (The Power of Understanding) is an Counter attack and landing it buffs and gives different properties to his special moves and upon landing it 3 times it adds and new move for you all to discover I'll reveal it later on when I release his video. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tulgsl0cq6y680d/Scott_Pilgrim.zip/file SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS to.....Ryon, Basara-Kun and To All who still support me you guys are the best, I'll try my best to keep the Most Ultra Fatal Mugen content coming just for you all -Stay Ultra Fatal
  24. Final Fight 3 version of Haggar converted from my Punisher game for Mugen 1.0 & Mugen 1.1. Haggar is a 4 button setup with the other 2 buttons summoning Dean. Hit start to see the move list. Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/
  25. It's Yuyuko, but Vatista! ...or is it Vatista, but Yuyuko? Either way, it's a silly thing based on me comparing Yuyuko's animations and attacks to Vatista's. It's essentially a Gensokyo Reloaded-style Vatista using Yuyuko's sprites. Download Original post:
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