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  1. Let's wish him a good MUGEN "retirement". XMYTHOS.7z - Google Drive
  2. The undisputed protagonist of ClayFighter series is back badder than ever!! Bad Mr. Frosty has been updated to the Version 1.2 and now he's ready for the Infinite Clayfare beta that will released in December. Here's the new stuff on him: -New sprites for: -Hurricane Kicks super -Close weak kick (now he has one) -A "vomit" attack only seen in his Insane Combos (the reason why I didn't make them until now) -Fixed codes on Claytalities -And the most important of all... INSANE COMBOS!!! All the 6 from 63 1/3 has been recreated for this version, so now Frosty is officially complete!! Yeah, I would show you new pics, but I got the one above only... but I got you instead the Character Showdown for Infinite Clayfare in case you still don't know how bad this character is: Enjoy the character, soon you'll see another character update before the Beta 1 appears in your PCs, stay tuned Don't need this disguise anymore!! Characters -> ClayFighter
  3. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwdpdp3f1enbhey/AsahiHeroines_Yasikimae.rar?dl=1
  4. WAIT... WHAT!? you may say... I know, I know XD I was with time today so I found those sprites and started to make something... and that something became quickly into a character, so here it is. And before you ask... yes, this exists, maybe this is the first MUGEN adapted character from this game (and maybe from MSX, who knows) SCREENSHOTS: So yeah, this is another of those surprise releases I should make from time to time... and it was fun, believe me. And before you ask, it's also compatible with MUGEN 1.0+ (ken-m1.def, as always). I hope you like it You know what it says here =P Chars -> Classics
  5. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmgo4j8gblmtlqh/AsahiHeroines_Marinosakamiti.rar?dl=1
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD Size 3.03 GB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --New Update Rev 1.5-- Changing resolution via the Mugen CFGs Folder 240p 480p 960p ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --Whats New-- JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters Has Been Added Organize characters by series Brand New Stages Fixed AI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Woodshopcreeper YouTube Channel Subscribe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Screenshots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ © Metalware 2016-2020 SBF all rights reserved
  7. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gkk25uvmmkj1w0/AsahiHeroines_Doremi.rar?dl=1
  8. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mcq73p7mbggij1/AsahiHeroines_Yuuhi.rar?dl=1
  9. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/lum799ms6rhe0o8/AsahiHeroines_Gareki.rar?dl=1
  10. Slammaster ring (Slammaster cps1) Experimental laboratory (alien vs predator cps2) Magma Grotto Bamboo fighting Arena Peach temple - Sonson Capcom Arcade Magic forest - 3 wonders CPS1 Scumocide´s henchmen clashing - Captain commando CPS1 420, 240 res. Some animated. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q68na67io9tx07e/MVC+INFINITE+PACK2+STAGES.rar
  11. MvC1 Edit Stage Pack by mazemerald [Preview] [Comment] Reuploaded by Doom http://www.mediafire.com/download/8gbi1sjv308hu0l/MVC1+EDIT+NEW+STAGE+PACK+1.rar
  12. Download links: https://social-unlock.com/vNmkA Unohana TYBW JUS release 10/3/2022 OpenGL mugen 1.0+ Enjoy!
  13. Gotham Chinatown Stage 1.1 & 1.0 A new Mugen stage related to the Batman universe. This brings superjump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD UPDATE
  14. YUKARI YAKUMO PRESENTS - EVE PROPER 1.0/1.1b SUPPORT || ORIGINAL BY DJ-VAN Oh boy oh boy, this is an oldie, and a classic too... maybe? who knows really. Well, I had this done before but the files for it were lost when my laptop died, which really sucked but, at least I was able to have it done even faster this time, anyways. the Everything vs Everything screenpack, to my knowledge at least, has never had any win screen, not even proper continue, survival, or arcade end screens when put into 1.0/1.1b, so I decided to take a shot at it myself, the Lifebars are also edited to use Boxes instead of triangles, making full use of the 1,1 scaling for icons. I didn't want to make any drastic changes, as I fear of killing the classic theme. the folder is already setup for use, just change the motif to data/EVE Battle/EVEvolve/system.def or data/EVE Battle/system.def the unedited lifebar remains in folder within. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8nffrkaodny46pt/EVE+Battle.zip/file Stages using the graphics from Menu, and Select were also made (you see them above), you can get them here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zck9ms120914cgp/EvEStagePack.zip/file I do not by any means, take credit from DJ-VAN for the work the dude did, this screenpack is amazing, but it sucks that not many have really gave it proper support for newer MUGENS.
  15. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/spaoa4f15qaxoih/AsahiHeroines_Nadja.rar?dl=1
  16. [PREVIEW] [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ffo1s0amtaxp3m/BT_Eurycea.rar?dl=1
  17. IKEMEN-IZED MUGEN TOURNAMENT 3 Original made by Drachir and Ikemen conversion by WF4123 (ik, that title is too long ) 20 years ago, there was the creator named Drachir, who made MUGEN Tournament 3, know for possible in DOSMugen-era. Possibly among from 2 years ago, Destino has made a two of these MUGEN Tournament motifs which it's possible to only run for 01.01.2000. But now... We're just got back in time... To re-entering the tournament that it's been 20 years ago, among with a style that was called. New era, new generation, and new fighters has arise throughout the years. Until we find out that I possibly converted, remaked and customized this motif, by using IKEMEN. We called that purposely new things will change anything from it's all. Motif Comparison Menu: Old: Yes New: Yes, but it has slightly changes Options: Old: Yes New: Yes, but it has slightly changes Select: Old: Yes, has 2 slot patches. New: Yes, has 3 slot patches, more to upcoming VS: Old: Yes New: Yes Order Select: Old: No New: Yes Win: Old: No New: Yes Continue: Old: Partial New: Yes Game Over: Old: Yes New: Yes Challenger: Old: No New: Yes Win Score: Old: No New: Yes Results: Old: Partial New: Yes, but it has slightly changes Hi-Score: Old: No New: Yes Replay: Old: No New: Yes Credits: Old: No New: Yes Logos Old: No New: Yes Intro: Old: No New: Yes Music: Old: No New: Yes, has 3 variations for menu Installation Read the MT3_readme.txt on MT3 data folder. Screenshots Old Screenshots Changelog 10/19/2022: -Fixed the fonts not disappearing on 725 slot patch 09/02/2022: -Reworked menu logo (Animated) -Added stage location text module from versus screen -Rank and Boss Rush feature restored from modules -Added category patch from select screen (from EVE Battle) -Restored missing question mark symbol to Qoh_small -Fixed the Player 2 big portrait position from select screen 04/12/2022: -Removed fade-in in options screen 03/16/2022: -Overhauled changes to Qoh_small from disappearing various symbols 03/12/2022: -Added 2 slot patches (300 & 725) -Added order select in VS screen -Fixed sprites and definition issue for 36 slot patch -Added unique sprites exclusively for 36 slot patch -New graphical changes in Winner screen 03/06/2022: -Updated defs, still, it's minor update for v0.98.2 02/25/2022: -Initial Release Download here. Older Versions (might not work on newer IKEMEN versions) 09/02/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 04/12/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 03/16/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 03/12/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 03/06/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 02/25/2022 (v0.98.1)
  18. Another collaboration with The Pixel Mafia. In this case an ancient and secret school where evil battle techniques are taught. The stage brings super jump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  19. This was meant to be out sooner, but the Laptop I was editing them with ended up dying to water damage, and I ended up back at square one. You thought ABAB's Sonic was first? No. I decided to tackle the ones I liked most first. So, Male/Female Sonic, who are they? They are fusion Hedgehogs so to speak, they have their Battle Moveset, but it's now been fused with their Smash Bros Moveset, as well a bit of MVC2 thrown in (Recoveries, Super Jump) They are both a major gameplay edit of ABAB's Sonic, their entire gameplay has been overhauled, on top of Sprites being modified to have a more... Smash-like apperance. (the Sounds helping this of course) So, unlike ABAB's Sonic, (Where the Combo was literally just hitting A five times.) They have a lot more tools for combos, and more tricks up their non-existant sleeves. I enjoyed them both a lot, so naturally they were my first.. "legitimate edit" It was ass. It didn't even fix their biggest issues, being the Easy Infinites, broken Explod triggers, unbalanced damage, etc. - Surprise Surprise, I had also had these edits on MUGEN Archive. So after making a Redux for Shadow, I decided to not only redo ABAB's Sonic, but Female/Male Sonic as well. (All changes Documented here, also apply to Both unless stated otherwise!) I ended up making a lot of changes, that would result in lower damage per combo, as well as the Easy Infinites being patched out, and a bunch of others you'll see below. Having to replicate the changes 6 times over was quite annoying, but I'm quite happy with the final result Since they both play pretty much the same, I figured it's best they shared the same Topic, rather than being separate. Sprite Credits go to ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEGA/Sonic Team/Dimps - Making the Official Sprites, which were used diegosonic81 - for the Modified Sprites, which are used ABAB, Cyanide, diegosonic81 - Sprites already here Kevin Huff, Daniel Sidney, Ren Ramos, Nate The Hedgehog, IceisNice, QuadFactor, Arsenic, Vortex - Ripping the Sprites used SonicBlazeFan, SonicFan, Neo_Fire_Sonic, Shiver The Fox, Nintendo_6444, LeemenaDan, TuffTony, HeiseiGoji91, DoubleSAnimations, ColdFan, Yagoshi, PicsandPixels, Destro-the-Dragon, XFireMHDev, LucarioShirona, Jmkrebs30, Shadefalcon, RnR, KuraiDarknessZX, Sonikku997, BlakeYagami MyPicts, Ormentis/Blade-Swipe, Delvallejoel, ParrishBroadnax, TaymenTheHedgehog, TrueBladEdge, Nova The Hunter, MarnicX, Flare T.H., Fireant, SuperDarkShadic, SagaHanson25, Blitz215, CosmicSG, SorairoDJ, KonicFighter14/Joineth, Rock-Blade/Chaos-User Facundogomez, Bar-Kun, Retro-Red, LeaoZX, SilverX219, Uberhawg, King-Atreyu, Q-T-D, PixelPower23, BaysenAhiru427, shadowpry, BlazkZero24, Next-Gen-Jay, PhoenixFireWolf12, TVGE2, shadow_91 - Custom Sprites used (In all reality, there's way less people involved custom sprites wise, but the sheet I found that had the custom sprites had all these guys listed, so I'm not taking any chances.) (Rumor has it he also uses sprites from Gather Battle, but considering LeemenaDan's rep with sprites, they might actually be made by someone else) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason as to why it looks like they are doing so much damage is because the Defense, and Life Stats were lowered to around 90 to 95, with Attack also being lowered as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's all the changes done in 2022. All changes Documented here, also apply to Both unless stated otherwise! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Fixed Error, where Cracker Bombs, if thrown in Air, did not make existing ones explode -Nerfed Sonic Turbo -Sonic Turbo is now blockable -Nerfed Sonic Flare -Nerfed Wall slam after Flare -Nerfed Pursuit Kick -Nerfed Sonic Combo -Nerfed Light Speed Attack -Lowered Jugglepoints -Removed NoJuggleCheck Assert (A big factor to their Infinites.) -Sonic is no longer able to use standing attacks while Spinning (Once again, another big factor to their Infinites.) -Sonic can no longer homing attack, after using it (Yet again, another big factor for their Infinites.) -Nerfed Heavy Punch -Lowered HitTime for Light/Medium Punch -Sonic can no longer spam Crouch/Air Light Punch -Fixed broken RemoveExplod triggers -Light Speed Attack, when failed, makes the Hyper BG destroy itself properly -Fixed Air-Specific Sprite Positions -If Sonic Turbo is blocked, Sonic is temporaily stunned -Replaced Battle Sounds -Nerfed Air Spin -Nerfed Air Down Kick -Lowered Defense Stats -Lowered Life Stats -Fixed Grab Attempt glitches -Nerfed Sonic Wave Damage -Nerfed Sonic Storm Damage -Sonic can no longer hit downed opponents with Crouch Kicks -Nerfed Hitboxes -Nerfed Grab Hitboxes -Sonic Meteor Positions fixed -Removed Launching Spin Kick (was OP and did literally nothing but be useless.) -Fixed bug where Ring Explod for Sonic Drive didn't delete itself properly per Animation Frame -Cleaned up cns files by removing unused states -Cleaned up cmd by removing unused states -Air Punches no longer send the opponent high up (it made literally no sense.) -Air Punches no longer send the opponent as far away -Heavy Air Punch takes a few more seconds -Removed -2 from the main cns file, and made it a seperate file -Fixed Meimu_GRBoss WinPose bug -Original Thud Sounds have been Swapped out with Touhou 10.5/12.3 Thud Sounds -Original Thud Effects replaced with the Classic Default ones (They have been ported in) -Sonic can no longer use the heal right after being hit -Heal Sound now uses loop instead of persistent = 25 -Nerfed Sonic Heal -Slighty sped up a few animations -Sonic can no longer use Stomp, after using Turbo, it did too much damage. -Light Speed Attack, if blocked, sends Sonic backwards uncontrollably. -Buffed Sonic Drive - Diag Launch -Fixed bug, where using Sonic Drive seconds before the ring touches the ground, causes MUGEN to crash -Fixed Super Jump Effect Visual glitch (Female Sonic only!) -Super Sounds now consistent with all Soundpacks (Male Sonic Only) -Added a Movelist.dat file for Ikemen GO users -Disabled Single Button Dodging ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "FwdDodge" command = ~D,F,z time = 15 [Command] name = "BackDodge" command = ~D,B,z time = 15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want them both https://www.mediafire.com/file/0lv84o7kv5aq338/MaleandFemaleSonicDualPack.zip/file If you want Female Sonic only https://www.mediafire.com/file/mirwszwisap8kdb/Female_Sonic.zip/file If you want Male Sonic only https://www.mediafire.com/file/fc3ax8vy9wrl26w/Male_Sonic.zip/file ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below are older changes that might have been removed, or remade. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's all the changes done in 2018 to 2020. All changes Documented here, also apply to Both unless stated otherwise! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -msonicjason Jason Soundpack had mostly Roger in it still, so I ripped a ton of voice clips from Unleashed, All-Stars Racing (yes he voiced Sonic there.), Black Knight, and Smash Brawl (Male Sonic Only) -msonicryan This soundpack name should be self-explanitory, now Ryan Drummond is an option, this means all 5 of Sonic's Main Game VAs are now usable (Male Sonic Only) -msonicjap the Japanese Soundpack still used the old attack and hit sounds (Male Sonic Only) -msonicspa same applies with Spanish. (Male Sonic Only) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Releasing when Running now makes Sonic hit the brakes (they still work with Win.) -When facing ABAB's Creations, they use a special grab state. -Air Spin now uses the Spin Sound instead of Jump -Homing Attack's AfterImage has been changed to be consistent with Meteor, and Drive AfterImage. -Super Jump no longer uses Crouching Sprites, or Jump Start Animation, and now uses a completely new Animation. -Jump Sound no longer plays when Super Jumping. -Air Kick Launch is no longer a copy paste of ABAB's coding, and is now it's own thing. (Removed in 2022!) -Male Sonic now uses MvC2 Hitsparks, not ABAB's ones, these are more cleaner rips. (Ripper unknown.) -all cns files have been edited several times so Hitsparks would use the correct numbers according to the Hitdef's damage values. -a new idle anim, Male Sonic will now stretch at random. (Male Sonic Only) -Converted some more sprites for Super Jump use. -Air Guard Sprites -Fixed up some shoes and mouths to use the same reds as the rest. -Added and converted new Stretching sprites. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. A small tribute to the legacy of Bruce Lee, one of the most influential martial artists and modern cultural icon. The stage has super jump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  21. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] https://www.mediafire.com/file/gdhr272ppu7f1io/Clucking_Doom.zip/file [COMMENT] One of the stages from the GBA Billy & Mandy game. This one was pretty simple but also a lot of fun to make. There were about two more screens of tubes, wires, and all that but I figured it'd work better if I shrank it down.
  22. Original Screenpack made by gwa_pao/pao. This Edit adds a Win Screen, a proper Congradulations Screen, proper Game Over/Continue Screens, and proper Survival Results No Credit stealing is intended Please enjoy this edit! Another Oldie, this one didn't get as much attention as Everything vs Everything, but I still like the overall aesthetic of the Screenpack, and decided it should get the same overall treatment, honestly. It originally was "ported" to 1.0, but barely, none of the new features supported, it was just the unedited WinMUGEN version, slapped onto a 1.0 build. None of the screens were fixed from the original either. This edit has been made to add the new features, as well as fix the screens. Included with the Screenpack, is a few screenshots, and Stages based off the Menus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Systems are Sorted Differently this time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any systems utilizing their own specialized select.def, are put in the "SpecialSystem" Folder, with the slot number added at the end of the file name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any systems utilizing the universal, normal select.def, are put in the "NormalSystem" Folder, with the slot number added at the end of the file name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All the System variations are listed out in the Screenshots Folder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/jai1slfo93lz7ih/UnknownEdit.zip/file
  23. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = no bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/5onhm5ugs3pj75r/AsahiHeroines_Nagisa.rar?dl=1
  24. Shadow The Hedgehog, by ABAB. This is a redux of an old edit I made of ABAB's Shadow, which is meant to fix issues with Shadow, as well as adding a few new attacks, fixing sound triggers, and such. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well. Here is, my edit of ABAB's Shadow The Hedgehog. It used to be exclusive to MUGEN Archive, and.. being as light as I possibly can with my old editting work. it was shit. So 2 years later, I decided to throw the hat in again, fixing the errors and issues I had created back then, as well adding more gameplay and such. A Redux, if you will. just to note, ABABShadow.def and ABABShadowAIOff.def do not make a difference right now, because ABAB's last update for him (which was 2016) broke the AI.. somehow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sound Credits go to SEGA ZUN Marvel SNK Capcom ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit for Sprites goes to. SEGA - Made the original Sonic Battle Sprites ABAB, Cyanide - Sprites that were already there RudyTheFox, Deekman, Domenico, Shadow333, Ryujmkrebs30, Destro The Dragon, JoshuaTheDark13, Mark Haynes, shadow_91, superdarkshadic, Phantom644, neox, tanuke, ryu, Taymentthehedgehog - Custom Sprites used SumirekoUsami - Crouch/Air customs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redux Period - 2022 -Added the English Soundpack back in -Named all the Palettes, and split them up into 3 Different Folders, found in the Palettes Folder. -Fixed Trigger issues with air attacks, now the Air Punch can only be changed to if the Air Chop lands successfully -Added new Crouch Attacks to add better comboability. -Reverted Shadow's Chaos Spear sound back to Remilia Scarlet's sounds (tbh now I don't like it, too aggressive) -Medium Chaos Spear now takes more time to activate -Disabled Shadow's ability to chain into Standing Attacks from the Crouch Spin -Max Chaos Blast now has fitting sounds -Changed time triggers for the Chaos Spears to activate 1 second earlier (they are active once Shadow has his hand out at the opponent rather than a second later) -Disabled Shadow's infinite healing during Chaos Control (once Power is Drained, his state is changed to 701 by force, ending the heal) -Shadow can no longer spam the Light Crouch Kick while in Chaos Control (he can't infinite during Stopped Time anymore) -Chaos Control now uses a second sound when being activated, the singular sound really didn't fit -Heal Sound now uses a Loop trigger, instead of a persistent trigger -Voices now stop if Shadow is hit -Shadow cannot exit the Chaos Spear Super State until all Spears have been used now -Added a Gun Projectile (the same gun you saw in every sprite video made in the 2000's) -Added several new sounds for the Chaos Blast, and Chaos Control -Fixed Animation positions -Added a Gun Hyper (Uses 2000 Power.) -Added Bounce Bracelet Special -Nerfed the Pursuit Damage -Lowered Airjuggle Points -Disabled Shadow's ability to attack after using the Chaos Spear Hyper mid-air -Added a movelist for Ikemen Go users -Replaced all the Battle Sounds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Disabled Single button healing -Disabled Single button dodging ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "hold_zx" command = /z,x ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Command] name = "FwdDodge" command = ~F,D,F,z time = 15 [Command] name = "BackDodge" command = ~B,D,B,z time = 15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. [Preview] [Download] https://app.mediafire.com/fzq42dagu18nz [Info] The Training Room made by Elecbyte was used as a base for this creation. Animated:No BGM:Yes Stage By:MthedarkstarangeL
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