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  1. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/4992viwociovcjl/KMF_Amusement_Park2.rar?dl=1 Updated version of the Amusement Park stage from KMF.
  2. Here is the SS4 Vegeta made by Micheal2200. I decided to make the Limit Break form permanent. I also changed up his AI a bit to fight better, with some Clash Coding added to him as well. Enjoy!
  3. Download Link: In the video description Enjoy!
  4. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps0ok3ip2pzvugy/KMF_Tower_of_Pisa.rar?dl=1
  5. I released a new character especially prepared for you in this day. Here're the shots: Enjoy it!! Characters -> Jokes/Bosses Sorry, I'm busy rn, I'll fix these things during the day 😛
  6. Two of my previous edits have been updated. Chargin' Chuck has new attack animations, aerial baseballs, a new hyper, and other various updates. Springboob has new sounds, updated specials and attacks, more sprites, and various other changes. Download them both here.
  7. Dr. Robonik's Mean Bean Machine is now available to play in M.U.G.E.N itself! Kirby's Avalanche is best played against a human player, as the A.I. won't know what to do. Bit tricky in these current times, but hey. Playing Dr. Mario in simul mode has Puyo Puyo's teammate show up on the opponent's side. Download Gudine's Chamber
  8. My debut character Moonlight Maze, an edit of Seravy's Kaguya Houraisan with increased power and without collision boxes. Works with M.U.G.E.N 1.1 from 2013. Unusually, this file was uploaded to YandexDisk here: https://disk.yandex.com/d/BTwQfoWX1fUH_Q
  9. Hack The World (to my knowledge) has been updated by Mapelao, it's date is unknown, but now it has it's own fonts instead of reusing WinMUGEN's Lifebar fonts However it still uses the default Fight sound, and Hitsparks. Most Features are the same, but some got a big change (like the Power Bar for example) https://www.mediafire.com/file/bp9gxy18sb7pp4t/HackTheWorld.zip/file
  10. Here is an edit to Full Hollow Ichigo. I decided to make a boss type version of this char by adding Super Armor to the char, in addition I edited his IA. Download Link: In the video description Enjoy!
  11. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = Ecoco World II only bgm = yes [Download] Ecoco World I : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dr6ghctjn1ytzg7/MHP_Ecoco_World_I.rar?dl=1 Ecoco World II : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhff46bnd1aye5z/MHP_Ecoco_World_II.rar?dl=1
  12. CLONE KOA version KONGPLETA Welcome everybody, it's been a while since I've made anything, but I think it's time to rectify this: Introducing Clone Koa by jade_midori, one of the few characters from back then that I would say put me in the right direction, I thought I would change one or two or maybe a billion few aspects of her that were bugging me for a long while, so here you go. For those who are not aware, Clone Koa is an experiment from way back in the day on trying to make a Clayfighter 63 1/3 esque character, however I wasn't able to get myself
  13. Download Link in the video description Enjoy!
  14. Hope you all enjoy this. The stage has super jump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  15. So... a Sonic 1 Prototype has been dumped (old news by now, I know.) I decided to make a Labyrinth Zone stage.. but not in the way you think, this stage is very heavily based off the prototype, meaning it's extremely barebones, has no scrolling background, only the very tiles you'd see when playing it's prototype state. comes with functioning Prototype Music Credit to SEGA for making these assets to begin with Hidden Palace for dumping the rom and Buckaroo for being a god, and giving them the prototype You can get it here. http://www.mediafire.com/
  16. This stage is based off of Sonic 1 Megamix's Misty Lake, the background is an edited version of the Sonic CD Special Stage 2 Background, which makes it animated. the tiles are made for the Hack itself (although some are recolored from Sonic 1's Labyrinth Zone.) the music is Industrial District, from Columns 3. (Misty Maze Act 1 uses this music) It's not a big stage, it's pretty small, I pretty much made it as a water test. Credit to Team Megamix for the sprites, and edited background. http://www.mediafire.com/file/egfzapjs40nbo5q/mistymaze.zip/file if the
  17. YUKARI YAKUMO PRESENTS - EVE PROPER 1.0/1.1b SUPPORT || ORIGINAL BY DJ-VAN Oh boy oh boy, this is an oldie, and a classic too... maybe? who knows really. Well, I had this done before but the files for it were lost when my laptop died, which really sucked but, at least I was able to have it done even faster this time, anyways. the Everything vs Everything screenpack, to my knowledge at least, has never had any win screen, not even proper continue, survival, or arcade end screens when put into 1.0/1.1b, so I decided to take a shot at it myself, the Lifebars are also
  18. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps0gtbcp6sqxhk9/FK_Train.rar?dl=1
  19. cldz

    JUS [4:3]

    yorozuya davybackfight Senbei's House The Dipper sky zoom version can auto zoomout to around .75 if used on 1280x720[stagefit = 0] you might want to adjust the boundhigh if you do use it on 1280x720,this version meant for 4:3 char if you're using 16:9 char on 1280x720 try the 480p version...but you might want to adjust the boundhigh also set your stagefit to "0" it should looks something like the preview below
  20. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes aminated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl1ey7ncmjn6mxv/KMF_River_Thames.rar?dl=1
  21. Since I edited 2 other Final Fantasy chars, why not make another edit of the more recent popular characters of the FF series? Here is an edit to the Noctis char made by Kira5472 with AI added to it. I have also changed the controls to be more JUS like. Credit to Kira5472 for the char. Hope more BE chars get made for mugen Download Link: in the video description Enjoy!
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