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  1. Hey guys, it's me again, took me forever to come back and make something, but I believe I just made something now that I'm quite happy with. From Aquapazza, Tamaki Kousaka joins MUGEN with 720p sprites and all her grappling tricks, with more things thanks to the AzuFight style that I always use! It's also a prototype to see if people show interest in my gameplay system, which I intend to make a full game out of. Download: Tamaki_JM Changelist: Also sorry guys, no AI again, but I made sure that she's at least fun to play as. Thanks for your time.
  2. After what seems an eternity without trying anything slightly humorous or just anything MUGEN at all, I am back to deliver a new character for you people: MI OH A strange edit of Mio Akiyama for MUGEN 1.0+ After a long slump of inactivity, seeking to polish my game system further up, I decided to see if I could give this character my own spin, my take differs on the properties of the moves, how they behave in hit/block, and trying to see if I can get something funny out of the character just like the old days, if you liked previous chars of mine like Clone Koa, Patoelietoe or Hong Miling, this might be for you. A small video showcase showing a few things to come out of downloading this: Download: Right Here! Changelist: 1.1 (01.26.2022): -Corrected version dates because this character is from 2022!!!! -Extended invulnerability to projectiles period on Karate Kick -Added Wire Damage animation compatibility (anim and code) -Added support for end stagger animation (anim and code) -Guard Cancels should be less difficult to do at the cost of them being easier to bait (can do them during guard slide) -A few more frames of invulnerability on her QCBx2 + C super -I must had been drunk, but i did not implement the burst extra defence properly, fixed also some readme errata about it. -Just readme errata has been fixed in general i hope. -Extended bounce states' hitbox on the bottom more to make all conversions work as I intended them. -Charge sound for F+MP stops when Mio is hurt. Special thanks to Dissidia for making the character this is based on. Until the next project, have fun! Don't forget to send your input/feedback/etc. here!
  3. DANZEY LEGENDARY TOURNAMENT 2 latest [MUGEN TOURNAMENT ADDON] The true fight begins now... Danzey legendary tournament is a real tournament (AI ONLY or you can play also SEE THE TUTORIAL) NEW WAY TO PLAY WITH MUGEN!!! unlimited characters for participation!!!!! a tournament will select 16 FIGHTERS randomly among all fighters ,the champions or the best! but also the tool you allow to manage all your characters LIKE RPG (give AI PATCH,look his progress,ranking,etc) indeed when a character win a fight points of experience is given or when a character lost may lose point if it happen early in tournament! the tool included a ranking to see who is your best characters: and i INCLUDED A MODE CHALLENGE with a mode story is like the survival with MUGEN but you can saved your feat with your fight xp and i add a ending for success! there is a database to compare data and fighters like a laboratory! there we are! i must have forgotten some features really interesting! it is worth it ,hurry up! TRAILER OFFICIAL 2019 TRAILER 2020 ANNIVERSARY OK i let you try it. see you soon THE TOURNAMENT MODE(preview in live ) THE CHALLENGE MODE SUBSCRIBE IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MORE STUFF: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR MORE! CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD FOR INSTALLING: danzey selector V4.0 tutorial video LOOK AT THE TUTORIAL video + TUTORIAL blog + USE THE DANZEY SELECTOR FOR USING IT
  4. ❥꒰ Hi, this in this case I wanted to do something different...Therefore, introducing... MY LEGACY 1.1 MUGEN [3500+ CHARACTERS] so, basically with this mugen, this mugen was inspired by the situation where Long Tran a youtuber who made a mugen just like this and provided links to it but then disappeared....me and a few other people back then really wanted this game but, he deleted everything and left before we could ever get it... SOOOO, I decided to grab the screenpack that he used aka the 3500+ LEGACY MUGEN 1.1 slot screenpack (which you can get here) and filled it up myself and now that it is done it is now released to you all to play and put a rest to the situation of constantly searching for this mugen that being said, here's some information... - Characters: 3500+ (obviously) - Stages: 75 Stages - Sound aka Music: 5 - DL Link(s): Link has been updated! I decided to upload the entire game via mega.nz! you can get it here - Preview: That is all, I hope you enjoy and, if you have any questions or concerns let me know under this very post btw even more info about this mugen is in the description of the video!
  5. So, quick summary on this guy. I thought at one day: "Hey, what if I would put many KOF characters into one while using Street Figter 2 sounds, without using the KOF typical 4 button style". So yeah, that's him lol (A Video of him will hopefully follow "soon") DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DdXJXM43x8bAK5m5ttdpu-Aamb_xsxOW?usp=sharing
  6. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] So you're not Vega's dad? [COMMENT] We take it to Chinatown again but to the streets this time where you encounter Lee. You know the deal. 1.0 is basic while 1.1 adds the scale delta and parallax. Click and profit.
  7. PREVIEW (NEW UPDATE!) DOWNLOAD https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AIZVdG4fpxJ0TMA&id=EC53FF9C3EC05CB5!105&cid=EC53FF9C3EC05CB5 INFO The best Goku for MUGEN gains a new update a month ago. 280gou did some adjustment on Goku. Here's the update log. - Configuration and AI revamped - AI fixed - Power cost fixed in some supers like Super Genki-dama - Goku is now invincible when the assist character attacks during Genki-dama charging - Bugs on the sprites fixed - Some other adjustment are in this patch by NKYMD https://ux.getuploader.com/NKYMD/download/90
  8. Literally Dr. Kiln's right hand that mutated with the clay meteorite and was dismembered from his owner and gaining his own life... and became against his master to fight for justice with an iron fist!! The most bizarre character from ClayFighter series, appeared in CF: Sculptor's Cut and is the only beta character in the game, with limited moves, one super and no claytalities. My intention was to complete what Interplay couldn't do and make him a proper and complete character, but there's no accurate version of High Five on MUGEN, only barely intents to make him with his sprites... until now. So, to make a more complete version, it was necessary to you to meet the original one, so I made this 100% accurate version from Sculptor's Cut for your MUGEN, consider this as an advance of my work on High Five, which will be completed ASAP SCREENSHOTS: Don't worry about the source character being a beta itself, he has all MUGEN basics, 63 1/3 FX, the same base of the rest of my chars and even M1.0+ compatibility, however he was classified as "non canon" as my HoboCop (the AF2019 ver.), so I made a subsection with versions like these I would make in a future (for example, editing Ice to make the C2 version of Bad Mr. Frosty). I hope you like this character, you can always lend me a hand or give me five if you like my handmade work Nothing can withstand the hand of justice! Chars -> ClayFighter
  9. ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! It's The CoolAnimeHustler, Bringing My 242nd Stage That I Created Into The Mugen World! I'm Starting The New Year Right And Providing Another MUGEN City Themed Stage For All Of You Awesome MUGEN Fans, Yo! I Wanted To Tackle My Midnight Series Once Again And Have The Fighters Duke It Out In A Building Setting With The Midnight Gaze Of The City Overlooking The Battle! This Stage Would Be Ideal For A Caped Crusader, Mafia Boss, Or... Uh... A Caped Villain! LOL! I Don't Know... But It Has That Vibe, Youknowwhatimsayin!? Anyway, It Could Add More Plot To Your MUGEN Scenario And Have Those Fighters Rule The Night! Watch Your Back MUGEN Fighters! You Don't Know Who's Lurking In The Shadows At This Hour! Yay!I Added A Super Jump To This Stage And I Messed With The Bounds And Tensions To Make Sure Your Fighters Are Adjusting Properly On The Stage! I Really Love How This Stage Turned Out! All Right!! I'm Ready To Get These Experimental MUGEN Stages Out This Year! Stay Tuned For More MUGEN Stages From The CAH, Yo! Enjoy Another City Themed Stage For Your Fighters! You Can Find My Stages On My Blog, Yo! Look Under The Category Called (CAH's Mugen Works Of Awesome ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”). Have Fun and Caring Is Sharing! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु” https://coolanimehustler.blogspot.com/
  10. https://imgur.com/a/uAsmMtL Download links: Regular version of Madara Rikudou - https://social-unlock.com/vLm5I Balanced version of Madara Rikudou - https://social-unlock.com/1dA52 Madara Rikudou JUS release 12/12/2021 OpenGL mugen 1.0+ Enjoy!
  11. Download Link: https://social-unlock.com/9cwzW Shunsui Kyoraku JUS release 1/8/2022 OpenGL mugen 1.0+ Enjoy!
  12. M4A1 from Girls Frontline joins the battle! Based on one of the US army's iconic assault rifle, M4A1 is one of the main characters in the Girls Frontline game. As a fighter, she is a Shoto/Rushdown character who loves to stun opponents with her Rifle and rack up combos. In the main storyline, M4A1 had to endure the harshest of turmoils to become who she is now which is represented by the Trauma System. The trauma system regulates Trauma within M4A1. Essentially, the more damage she takes, the more trauma she accumulates and the more combos she land, the less trauma she has to sustain. = Notes about M4A1 = + Good aerial attacks that are unaffected by the trauma system. + Fair anti-air options with her Bicycle Kick having decent reach. + Unlike IDW, she generates Fairy Points naturally. + The more trauma she has, the stronger her attacks. + The less trauma she has, the faster her attacks. + Dashes and Hops instead of running. Impervious to projectiles while dashing. + Can also air dash + Can fire High Velocity (HV) rounds which provide meter or Hollow Point (HP) rounds which stuns her opponent for longer combos. + HV rounds can be fired continuously (not in the air though). + Can transform into an even more powerful form. (more info below) + Is an adorable cinnamon roll. - The more trauma she has, the slower her attacks. - The less trauma she has, the weaker her attacks. - Her Fairy Command abilities are expensive. - Fairy Point regeneration becomes sluggish at high trauma. - Both HV rounds and HP rounds take a while to replenish. - Dashing and Hopping all have long startup and end lags. Air dashes are excluded. - HV rounds are her only significant source of meter. - Dislikes cinnamon rolls. Get M4A1 Here: https://mega.nz/file/CmhnnQaK#YngZ4qiqukT-x5WvJSFODybSL5NTA6EAUfAPXgGAxgw Version 1.01: https://mega.nz/file/vvgRwYJa#h_mpf0Mmmfg_IUsQg94DTE3O0cTZB8b0WwCmN3vMF4E Version 1.02: https://mega.nz/file/a6BW1LpC#uaRl2X2__OgOYozgIp1Cs3Hyb4C4Zpf57BKm7OrHKio Changelog: Mod3 Form: Additional Screenshots:
  13. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] At the bar [COMMENT] Southtown is as dangerous as ever and this time where heading back to Mac's Bar... but we aren't even gonna make it inside this time. Jack is already ready to great you with open arms...so he can bear hug the life outta ya! The 1.0 version is standard while 1.1 adds zoom, scale delta and parallax. Knuckle up and click the link.
  14. really quick stage that took me about a day to make. enjoy! https://www.mediafire.com/file/r7oi5aeouxefos1/Underworld_Ruins.rar/file
  15. Spas-12 from Girls Frontline wrings into the fray! A 4-Star Shotgun T-Doll of Griffin based on one of the most popular shotguns in pop culture and games such as the Half-Life series. In battle, she is a grappler/bruiser type fighter who trades speed and agility for power and survivability. Approaching her straight on is just asking for punishment as her shotgun deals a lot of damage if it hits. Plus, her grabs do just as much or even more. When fighting her, it's best to keep a safe distance from her and zone her out. When she runs out of ammo, that is your opportunity to attack. If you do get in a situation where you have to get close to her, be sure to finish you combos at a safe distance or grab her before she does. = Notes about Spas-12 = + Has (almost) everything a grappler is good at. + Her shotgun hits like a speeding truck. You do NOT want to blindly charge at her as her opponent. + Her alternative-firing-mode-attack, The Great Turkey Shooter, is even more deadly with a whopping 900 unblockable damage. + Her other attacks are strong as well but the Combo fairy and the follow-up grab system is where she really shines. + Quite tanky with almost every fairy command ability being defence-oriented, a starting health of 1250, and 195 defence. + Her Fairy Commands are fairly cheap to use. + Super Armors galore as all of her grabs and fairy calls has them and can be extended to the rest of her attacks using the Armor Fairy. + Can also utilize parries and summon food using her respective fairy command abilities. + A sweet heart. - Has (almost) everything a grappler is bad at. - Slow character overall with poor recovery; Zoners will have a field day with her. - Poor reach. Even her shotgun has a limiting short range. - In fact, Elicoterro and Divekick are her only source of significant movement and range and both moves leave her wide open for a counter attack. - Can only accumulate Fairy Points through successful grabs. - Unlike IDW and M4A1, her shotgun needs to be reloaded manually. - Susceptible to AP rounds, Custom States, and, ironically, Grabs. - Gobbles up whatever rations you've saved up for in seconds. Get Spas-12 here: https://mega.nz/file/XmpFCAhD#J3eu18xb1WnrVuuCyeAOxkYp0gmWoAAGH3SblBjOpwE Version 1.01: https://mega.nz/file/KmxATSyR#SlttXmQpqJXgYf_O13LwMTyzCSIswsrIUf5mo1AkvTw Update Notes: Palette Notes: Additional Screenshots:
  16. ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo, What's Up MFFA Fam! It's The CoolAnimeHustler, Bringing My 241st Stage That I Created Into The Mugen World! Here's A Stage I Was Working On When I Was Gone From My Blog For Some Time! I Wanted To Make Another City Themed Stage For All Of You Awesome MUGEN Fans! This Time I Wanted To Experiment With Fighters Fighting On Train Tracks With The Beautiful Abundance Of City Life In The Backdrop! This Stage Can Go Really Well For Super Hero And Super Villain Plot Lines, Youknowwhatimsayin!? Whether Its 1v1 Face Offs Or A Tag Team Match, I'm Pretty Sure Your Fighters Will Enjoy A Different Stage Of Scenery, Yo! All Abroad!! Whoo Whoo! On The Butt-Whopping Express! LOL! I Added A Super Jump To This Stage And I Messed With The Bounds And Tensions To Make Sure Your Fighters Are Adjusting Properly On The Stage! I Really Love How This Stage Turned Out! Wow... Time Sure Does Fly...It's Even Almost The End Of The Year Too... Yeah... I Need To Get These MUGEN Projects Done! I'm Just Glad To Finish Some Of My Long Overdue Experiments For All You Awesome MUGEN Fans! Stay Tuned For More Madd Flavor Coming Soon, Peeps! Enjoy Another City Themed Stage For Your Fighters! You Can Find My Stages On My Blog, Yo! Look Under The Category Called (CAH's Mugen Works Of Awesome ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”). Have Fun and Caring Is Sharing! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु” https://coolanimehustler.blogspot.com/
  17. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] STOP...ROBERT! [COMMENT] Hello, again. We're back in Southtown at the gym Yuri works out at. All the guys in the back fail to impress her as she has her eyes set on a certain ponytailed individual. The 1.0 version is standard and the 1.1 adds parallax, zoom and delta's. Click the link and work up a good sweat!
  18. The thunder king from Arc System Works' Guilty Gear franchise is ready to rock! Equipped with various GG mechanics such as air dashing, Ky is ready to fight for hope, honor and the Holy Order! Feedback, as always, is much appreciated! Get him HERE! Screenshots:
  19. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Pull up in da wip [COMMENT] I guess Ryo wasn't enough, so Yuri decided to pay a visit to her man. This is Robert's stage from Art of Fighting 2. The 1.0 version is standard of course, with the 1.1 version adding parallax, zoom, and deltas. Go easy on her Robert! Enjoy guys.
  20. To commemorate the Girls Frontline anime airing next year, HK416 and the 404 Squad are here to bring down their foes! Based on the Heckler & Koch assault rifle of the same name, this 5-star T-Doll and the 404 squad are a mysterious yet powerful group that work independently from Griffin and play a significant role in the Girls Frontline main storyline and events. HK416 is a charge character who relies on her teammates to excel. Overall, she is a difficult character to master but proves to be a strong adversary in the right hands. = Notes about HK416 = + Her teammates can cover each part of the battlefield: UMP9 covers close-quarter attacks, UMP45 covers the mid ground, and G11 supports the rear at the edge of the screen. + Her charge moves are her strongest kit especially her grenade launcher. + You can hold a direction for a charge move even while performing other attacks. + Guard at the right moment to perform a Just Guard that enables charge moves without needing to hold a direction. + Compared to M4A1, HK416's rifle can only fire in bursts but is significantly stronger than hers. + Cheap hyper attacks; an assist hyper attack only costs 1000 meter to use while Hk416's own hyper attack costs 3000 meter. + Everyone's one and only waifu. - No Fairies. - Her limited moveset is her biggest flaw with only 3 buttons. The other 3 are reserved for her teammates. - Any of her teammates can be knocked out. If they are knocked out, they remain out of commission for the entire match. - Her ultimate attack requires all of her teammates. Without them, she cannot use it. - Very light alcohol tolerance. Get HK416 here. Assist Characters Details Additional Screenshots
  21. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] No! I said I hung out WITH a horse...! [COMMENT] The sage continues. Southtown is still dangerous, and fighting is still art. So Yuri decides to train with Ryo at his horse stable to prepare for the what lies ahead. The 1.0 is simple but the 1.1 version adds some zoom, parallax and delta features. Knuckle up! It's time to train!
  22. ======================| Super Mario by TylorTheHedgehog & Golde Briggs|=========================== [6/XX/2017] - Email: [email protected] - www.youtube.com/Golde Briggs - Customized version of TylorTheHedgehog's Mario character, for Linux/Win/1.0 Mugen ------------------<Features>--------------------- - All essential stuff - Gameplay mixed from several games, including CvS2, KOF, SFZ3, and SF3 - Buffed technique characteristics inspired from Mr. Karate, Yun/Yang, and Kyo - Various palettes to choose from - Color Separation(thanks Girard/ATP!) - This Character Has 6 Button. ---------------<Character Info>------------------ (**Note: 1-10 Ranking System: 1 = Lowest, 10 = Best) - Intelligence: 6 - Strength: 4 - Speed: 5 - Stamina: 10 - Energy Projection: 1 - Fighting Ability: 6 The "jack of all trades" and the main protagonist of Nintendo, Super Mario. He may not particularly excel at anything, but he is the core basis of fighting in the MUGEN universe/engine. A solid, well balanced character all around. Mario can defintely hold his own against any foe. While he may not excel in any trait, he has no weaknesses either. Command Moves: F/B+2P: Quick Spin Throw F/B+2K: Giant Swing Throw LP,MP,HK: Target Combo D+MK (Air, while falling): Drill Kick Special Moves: D,DF,F,P: Fireball (EX) D,DB,B,P: Mario Tornado F,D,DF,P: Super Jump Punch (EX) D,DF,F,K: Hammer(EX) Super Moves: D,DF,F,D,DF,F,P: Fire Orb (Mash Z to Summon Fire Balls) (Lv. 1) D,DF,F,D,DF,F,2P: Fire Orb (MAX) (Mash Z to Summon Fire Balls) (Lv. 2) D,DF,F,D,DF,F,K: Divine Jump Punch (Lv. 2) D,DB,B,D,DB,B,K: Star Rush (Lv. 3) System: F(tap): Parry (can in air) D(tap): Low Parry a+x: Sidestep F+a+x: Roll b+y: Power Charge c+z: Custom Combo B,DB,D,P/K: Zero Counter D,U: Super Jump -------------<Special Thanks>--------------- - Nintendo - TaylorTheHedgehog - P.O.T.S - Jmorphman - Fighter Factory - Elecbyte - Froz - RikuMasta132 - Jesuszilla/TrinityMUGEN - Sander 71113 - Syn - Rolento - Gritsmaster - Girard - ATP - Xan - ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH -----------------<Possible Extras/Things To Do>--------------------- - Maybe get a custom MB anim for him. - CVS sprite set...? (LOL you wish! And so do I as a matter of fact...) - Fix any issues based on feedback -------------------<Disclaimer>---------------------- - The Mario character is property of Nintendo - Capcom vs SNK is property of Capcom - This Mugen character is a non-profit fan work, it cannot be used for any commercial purposes https://images.gamebanana.com/img/ss/mods/61a71c9ed80d7.jpg Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zbkbjmxpq4ywxnt/CVS_SuperMario_2021.zip/file Enjoy!!!
  23. Recently I bought Aces Wild, a fast-paced beat 'em up indie game on Steam. Early on you fight a giant corgi (no joke) and I ended up getting the boss theme stuck in my head while fighting it, so here we are. As always, feedback is much appreciated! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!! screenshot lmao:
  24. A stage from Kirby's Dream Land 3, hope you enjoy it :) https://drive.google.com/file/d/12nnrRGxjkzYIECdtj_EbdrJXCvu4CaTB/view
  25. The first Shiki Tohno with Type Lumina sprites, though gameplay wise is not the greatest. https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/shiki-tohno-melty-blood-type-lumina-completed-194666.0.html
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