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  1. MARVEL VS CAPCOM ALL GENERATIONS BY MAZEMERALD hi MAZEMERALD i reupload here to let a backup on the internet ok https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/file/3964-marvel-vs-capcom-all-generations-by-mazemerald-ramon-garcia/ MARVEL VS CAPCOM ALL GENERATIONS BY MAZEMERALD [full gameplay until finish the game] is ready to play i unpack the files and let ready to play for who is new in mugen or don't know do this ok. Thanks again for share this amazing mugen game MAZEMERALD
  2. Gladiacloud, Mazemerald, Kenshiro99 & Motorroach Congratulations to everyone now we have a decent and very good version of Unknown Soldier for mugen thanks to you guys 😉
  3. RG Sakura by Phantom of the Server EDITED BY Infinite & RAMON GARCIA THIS IS BEST SAKURA IN MVC STYLE FOR MUGEN UNTIL NOW 😉 Note: I do a lot of edits in this sakura play to see you will like 🙂 Download link: https://mega.nz/#!6Z9QyKyQ!MMAJo0lh5pnp-DRa5MzCiFQYWzAErVIbI7SXi8c5K68
  4. RG Cyber Ryu Evil by Kenshiro99 & edited by RAMON GARCIA link: https://mega.nz/#!fNFWUaTa!xCzHrL5-Ds_ycBcVwEgPhQ4FIb5eg_gA5jj3uH-Nfqo Notes of this edit: I add some new backgrounds edited by me RAMON GARCIA i edit the supers now you could change the image of some specials if you only change the number of anim Came with some extra anim inside of .sff and i add many other things 😉 This is my personal edit of Cyber Ryu Evil i will put he too in my project MVCX All credits to Kenshiro99 that do the entire base of this masterpiece of char 😉 Youtube
  5. RG Kula by David Demianoff Infinite edit & RAMON GARCIA[/b] RG_Kula by David Demianoff Infinite edit & RAMON GARCIA link: https://mega.nz/#!uFlDHIDb!Z6Ct_Cax04s-p3kxFf_SbeE5Q1Rm-xorAUsvnsaancE Notes of this edit: -I edit the hyper background. -I edit many things to let the char the best was possible, the unique bad thing is that: 😞 Sometimes this char close the mugen without any reason, and don't show any error if someone know how to fix, please share the patch, because this is the best MVC version of Kula that have until now in my opinion ;
  6. RG Zangief by Blackchaos-edit-Infinite & RAMON GARCIA RG_Zangief by Blackchaos-edit-Infinite & RAMON GARCIA link: https://mega.nz/#!qIcAwYbb!0_FTXHzrjqz0llRAsizVpNh4O3qvRMvVvuW1oXgeTgc Notes of this edit: -I edit the hyper background. -I Resize many sprites to be the same size. -I edit some sounds. -Ii edit the combos and air combos like i always want see in my personal MVC mugen project 🙂 i hope you all enjoy like i do.
  7. i don't test in exagear yet. Here is the new video for who not download yet:
  8. MUGEN MVC3 COMBO IMAGES ETC + SOUNDS by RAMON GARCIA Good notice for the fans of MVC3 i found the same font with the names of combos of MVC3 and i get do in the photoshop the same names equal in the game MVC3 and i use the sounds of combos of UMVC3 that i found in the site Sound Resource. Now i'm doing some tests and i hope that in some days or weeks i will finish, and after i will share with everyone 🙂 Here is the vídeo with the images and sounds of project: MUGEN MVC3 COMBO IMAGES ETC + SOUNDS by RAMON GARCIA: After i release will be missing found or someone
  9. FATAL FURY SPECIAL MUGEN 2019 (Atualização) The link is in description of video and Have fun is a great edit of my friend Heat Games-Play
  10. Gameryisthebest Your link is not working i don't get download please fix the link...
  11. hi Gameryisthebest your link of "drive.google" need request acess let public the link for us could download ok
  12. Retro Starz Mugen (Beta Version Download!!! - 26.01.19) The link of download in description of video ok, please don't post in comments to the people could see the entire video etc Notes by Retroid84: One other thing, i set the resolution to 3840x2160 (4K) If you do not have a 4k display then just open the mugen.cfg file and change the resolution to 1920x1080 (1080p) / 1280x720 (720p) etc What the command to show this options? https://youtu.be/LIz1SFtj5BA?t=1306 @Ramon Garcia - The Home Key on your keyboard it should have Home wrote on it. Should be near the Insert key or page up
  13. sorry for post this way Ricepigeon, i add mediafire link in the video description ok. If have other problem you could delete this post for we don't have problem.
  14. Cyber Ryu Evil by Kenshiro99 and RAMON GARCIA Private char made for me by the great "Kenshiro99" that I am publicly sharing with everyone. Note: I edited only a few things in the char, for example I did all 100 extra palettes and other small things, all credits are from "Kenshiro99" that made this masterpiece of char. Note: In a couple of months I'm going to release versions of it with smaller sizes so it can be used in various types of compilations just like I did with the normal version of Cyber Ryu. Note: The link of download is in description of video,
  15. 260 Chars with animated Hyper Portraits COLLECTION edited by tigree goods Thank you for sharing your wonderful edits tigree goods, God bless you and give you in double this good action that you did to share your works, who knows in the future if there is a time you will edit and continue your masterpiece project. I've shared it in the group so more people know about your great project. ESP: Gracias por compartir sus maravillosas ediciones tigree goods, que Dios lo bendiga y le otorgue el doble de la buena acción que realizó para compartir sus ob
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