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  1. Happy birthday Gladiacloud. Hopefully you celebrate the biggest brithday on your 40th birthday. Have a nice day.

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  3. Gladiacloud here. We are all going through a bad time, that's for sure. But let's not give up. Having said that, let's talk about my release. By now my spriting has improved so much that I'm noticing that the sprites of my old characters are bad. I noticed this on one particular character... my second Capcom character. And who is it? Michelle Heart? No, she was the first character. And I had already revamped her 2 years ago. Okay, I tell you. After 5 years ... MAGMA DRAGOON GETS A REVAMP! SCREENSHOTS :
  4. Gladiacloud here. I guess you read the name of this character in the title of this topic. Well... I know very well what I wrote about it when I released Lou last year: And believe me when I tell you I was serious. The problem was first of all the moveset: no matter how hard I tried, no move came to mind for him. So what happened in this period that made me change my mind about working on him? Two particular events: 1) Gtaguy sent me via PM on Discord the old version of Unknown Soldier created by Mazemerald, but very well coded (thanks t
  5. It's happened again. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhQ_UPlz_q4gVuSlv?e=6h88HA https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhRApsRvJQrj_pDmj?e=sLFYQb https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhRECxMJ8HdpS36Q-?e=oEkzvT https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhRJj3ePyuJHws-1c?e=paaBdb https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhRPHYGUAYUB34lb0?e=TKSZF0
  6. Gladiacloud here. Have you missed me? 🙂 You should know that I have not been inactive during these months. In February, after Lou's release, I simply decided to do some private mugen works, for fun, before working on the my new character, which today I decided to release with great satisfaction. After so much time and hard work and, above all, having had some creative blocks and despite the lack of respect I received, I can finally release a sonic character that I wanted since I discovered the Mugen, around 2002/2003. VECTOR THE CROCODILE!
  7. Gladiacloud here. There is not much to say, except that we have finally finished another MVC special partner for the Mugen! I had already mentioned that I could do it ... and I was speaking. I made it especially because it is a character from one of my favorite video games of my youth: Three Wonders. I think you've already figured out who I'm talking about... LOU! (Three Wonders) SCREENSHOTS : DOWNLOAD LINK: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhQrDt467RLw8XmFr UPDATE PATCH: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ulf62qsu
  8. Gladiacloud here. It's only been two months and something since the release of Crocodile. Despite this, in a record time that I did not even imagine, I completed the revamp of a character that I realized almost five years ago (in December, exactly five years would have passed from her release). What will this character be? Well, it's my real first Capcom character I've made, as well as one of the MVC special partners. In other words, after almost five years... MICHELLE HEART... ... GETS A MASSIVE REVAMP! SCREENSHOTS : DOWNLOAD LINK: h
  9. Gladiacloud here. After several months, I am ... or rather, I and Kenshiro99 managed to complete our One Piece character for the game Dragon Ball Z vs One Piece full game. The character comes from the game One Piece Great Pirate Closseum, but it is not a character that is part of the main roster. I wanted him to be put on the roster, but it did not happen. So I decided that I wanted to do him a full sprited character, but I had to wait for the right opportunity to make it happen, and the kenshiro99's full game turned out to be that occasion. But who am I tal
  10. Krookodile released + other Pokemon character updated by Gladiacloud and Solarflared! Gladiacloud here. After a month, the dynamic duo (me and Solarfeed) churns out a new Pokemon character for you. KROOKODILE! SCREENSHOTS (thanks to Solarflared): DOWNLOAD LINK: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqetQpKH8pFlhQJjVOSu46TyszDk It is not really a new character: it is a revamp of the old Krookodile created by Dragonrod, a mugen creator who seems to have retired. Oh, we forgot: has been updated other Pokemon characters too: CHARIZARD:
  11. i need help on mugen How to order characters I used the code "charname" .def, stages / "stagename" .def, order = 2 but it is not working help please

    1. Rimu


      Try to remove all the spaces:



  12. Dormammu released by Gladiacloud & Shinzankuro Gladiacloud here. Again. Finally I succeeded. The summit of all my creations is finally complete. The reason why I decided to work on the Mugen was to create my favourite character. Just him. However, without Ahuron, who created his D_Rugal, I would certainly have had a lot of trouble. And without a 3D model on Xnalara, I would have certainly had three times the difficulty. Actually worse: I would not even have started him. But now it's enough. It is finally done. He is him. He's the
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