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  1. Thanks God he's an edit so I didn't have to make a new preview image for him (seriously reverse engineering Ultimecia's preview images has been the most bothersome part of managing this collection) Added him, and please ignore my rambling :P
  2. I apologize in advance for reanimating a dead thread, but I've got a BIG news to share: The Gokaigers are making a comeback! Captain Marvelous and his crew of swashbuckling space pirate lads and lasses will set sail on a new adventure in a movie titled "Kaizoku Sentai: Ten-Gokaiger", just in time for their series' 10th anniversary. As I'm simply too much of a Gokaiger stan, it goes without saying that I'm PSYCHED for this. The movie is set to release some time in fall this year and won't be out on home video until March of 2022. The wait is gonna be ex
  3. E4N2-mIUYAAUUao?format=jpg&name=large


    What a ride it was. Wonder what Tsuburaya has in the store ne-




    Oh, shut up and take my money.

  4. Day #29: The armpit machine is firing on all eight cylinders today as well. Delivering quality armpit pics everyday is not a business to be taken lightly, you see. (I was being only one-third serious when I said that, honest :P) Naturally, the source machine is also going at full throttle!
  5. Added Shadow 2 by MajicCD + its AI patch by GGG.
  6. Day #28: Summer is knocking on our door and it's about time for the ladies to fend off the heat in their swimsuit......and maybe give a nice glance or two of their armpit. Source 1 and Source 2.....UNITE!
  7. Update: Characters: - Raptor King Pet Shop by Zako - OKIMONO-Pet Shop by 名無しのぽろろ - Enya & Judgement by Corntortillas, AI patched by Unknown Add-Ons: - El's AI patch for Kemco SpaceHunterVigor's Petshop - Onndoxuru AI patches for: Men's Club's Young Joseph y.y's Joseph y.y's Jotaro - Balance patch for 名無しのぽろろ's OKIMONO-Pet Shop Misc: - Fixed the links to both s.y's Fukukage DIO and musthe1's edit of it
  8. Update Wave 2: - The Enchantress by S666
  9. Update II - Electric Boogaloo: - Solara by S666
  10. Update: - Ultraman Taro by Kirbey I'm honestly kind of curious as to what the inspiration behind this character was...
  11. Update: - The Crow by s666 Note: While the creator states that he doesn't view the character as being canon to the comics, I'm adding him anyways for the sake of having every available versions of The Crow in the same place for ease of access.
  12. There's a party in the first post, and these characters have just come crashing in! - Prowler by fede de 10 - Shatterax (based on his appearance in Avengers In Galactic Storm for Arcade) by S666
  13. Update: - The Question by Doom & Candido159 - Toyman (updated) by Cormano & Shining
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