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  1. Whats the bgm in your "[MUGEN Battle] Nanaya Shiki VS Mizuchi Angel" video

  2. SSB Goku(AI) vs SSB Vegeta(AI) Request AI battle for "Rafael Alves" from Youtube. AI battle between SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta.
  3. Ryougi Shiki(AI) vs Genjuro(AI) Request AI battle for "Austin Chen" from Youtube. AI battle between Ryougi Shiki and Genjuro.
  4. Hogyoku Aizen(AI) vs Dark God Rugal(AI) Request AI battle for "PaperPlanesParadise" from Youtube. AI battle between Hogyoku Aizen and Dark God Rugal.
  5. Pikachu(player) vs Neco Arc(AI) Battle against Neco Arc.
  6. Akiha Yagami(AI) vs Iori Yagami(AI) Request AI battle for "Steven Univers" from Youtube. AI battle between Akiha Yagami and Iori Yagami.
  7. Jesse(AI) vs Ms Fanservice(AI) Request AI battle for "Alex Ander Negum" from Youtube. AI battle between Jesse and Ms Fanservice.
  8. Ryougi Shiki(AI) vs Asakura Ryoko(AI) AI battle between Ryougi Shiki and Asakura Ryoko.
  9. Oni Akuma(AI) vs Orochi K' MA(AI) AI battle between Oni Akuma and Orochi K' MA.
  10. Inuyasha(player) vs Genjuro(cpu) Battle against Genjuro.
  11. Dark Athena 3rd(player) vs Madoka Kaname(cpu) Battle against Madoka Kaname.
  12. Orochi Ash(player) vs Demitri(cpu) Battle against Demitri.
  13. Red Arcueid(player) vs Tatsumaki(cpu) Battle against Tatsumaki.
  14. MC'Chris(player) vs Human Saiki(cpu) Battle against Human Saiki.
  15. The problem is fixed. Please redownload the file. Sorry and thanks for your attention :)
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