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  1. I'm late dude!!

  2. Hello everyone! i'm Release right now. i will did new updated to end for this screenpack. i'm make Versus Tekken 7 version. Preview -Problem is "Final Round" on lifebar is glitch sprite!!, I'm delete for final round now. "updated" -"Fix" change to The All-Stars Heroes "because Hero of the All-Stars is very bad English" -Add dark in "title and character select" except versus. if you find have problems my screenpack , please Reply for this Thank you for problem :) hope you play to enjoy and all have goodluck! Download ScreenPack Download Templates
  3. Hi everyone, I'm back

    you remember me?

    1. Strong FS (Uchihas)

      Strong FS (Uchihas)

      Welcome back Ryutaru

  4. [KOF-XIII] Iori Yagami Ver.EX-1.0.0 Hello everyone,I'm Back, My hard work of Character Sorry I'm Busy longtime This character for MUGEN 1.1 release date : 04/15/2018 has been added/New Available. -Zoom Available -Fixed Hyper Drive Gauge -Fixed Neomax Shiki Homurahotogi -New NeoMax YATAGARASU Available -Fixed Hard Stun DOWNLOAD HERE : https://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
  5. Thank you, Friend :DD This Hard work my Screenpack. Release Date 05/06/2017 Future Stick Figure Ryutaro And Susano'o, I can't character release in 2017 on here.
  6. According to game! :) Blazblue. My Screenpack Alpha Version.
  7. Thank you very much, Duralminn :D I like mugen 1.1 only. :)
  8. I see video combo for you, Thank you My friend :D New Video Combo And Re-Upload. 10 Hyper Drive Combo http://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
  9. My Website Open Now!! :D


    1. DS12


      Question: After you click on characters or stages, etc. How did you get the viewers access to another page. For me I don't really know how to do that....

    2. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Your Website Looks Awesome, Yo!

  10. Normal+Nests Kyo Ex+Update V.2.1 Hello MFFA, My update again. This is imperfect and Hi-Res version and Neo Super! i update the character approximately. New Update Big Update! Version 2.1 -Fixed Hyper Drive Gauge and Pause. -Fixed New Skill (Ex Lv.2) Saishuu Kessen No-ougi Mushiki. -Add All Animations for Basic Speed Up +8% -Stun Down -10% -New Normal style. Home > Character Download : http://sryutaro.wixsite.com/ryutarofuture
  11. Story Mode Kyo & Nests Kyo Vs Boss Orochi Iori
  12. Nests Kyo (Player) Vs Goeniko Most Epic Fight! :D
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