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    If they reveal two more characters, probably it should be Catdog and mostly Jenny XJ-9 because from what I've briefly seen, they added an Avatar-related stage. This should mean we predicted Aang or Korra will definitely be in there. After if this game would make as an full-release, I'll surely be adding some content to update on Zim/Rocko or make XJ-9 (if it's part of my future W.I.P).

  2. She's the in-between sibling of Kankers, and ready to harasses onto the Eds, let me represent you.... MARIE KANKER!! Video: Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fp41jtsfdknzkgm/WM_marie_kanker.rar/file Even though if I can still kept her as her initial beta release, it was just because I won't have much time to fix her finishing move and arcade-used storyboards before I can still finisher her due to 100% full. So please let me know when you send a positive feedback after you gave her a test.
  3. Thanks to Lord Enemil for sending a feedback, this has been updated for a brief moment: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0k453n4310fkh0e/Membranes'+Household+V1.5.rar/file
  4. My another stage from Invader Zim's content has been recently reduced for this part of decade! It features: WinMugen & 1.1 compatibles Super Jump Music Download Link: Download Dib's home stage! Video will show up soon!
  5. Hi, good morning! Nice to meet ya George!

  6. As far as I remembered how I made these stages in 2012 between form 2015, so I reduced those two more better than the last decade how poordly-drawn I've ever did. They featured: Super Jump WinMugen compatible 1.1 compatible Download Links: Rocko's Pad Domino's Pizza
  7. These MHA-related characters are those I've would wish to make to be as full-time playable fighters for the foreseeable future.
  8. As far as I made seven palletes for Marie but otherwise, it gets me a bit intricate to finish at least five palletes. Can anyone suggest any palletes for her?
  9. If you may remind if you let make Nazz into a playable character?
  10. Done added with her sisters as summoners!
  11. This has to her final special move while her specials moves are fully done for her gameplay.
  12. Here's an newly improved R.O.B!
  13. Showed how Marie's updates been getting along, with Courage's updates too!
  14. Done added her second level-used of her another from her!
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