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  1. As far as I made seven palletes for Marie but otherwise, it gets me a bit intricate to finish at least five palletes. Can anyone suggest any palletes for her?
  2. If you may remind if you let make Nazz into a playable character?
  3. Done added with her sisters as summoners!
  4. This has to her final special move while her specials moves are fully done for her gameplay.
  5. Here's an newly improved R.O.B!
  6. Showed how Marie's updates been getting along, with Courage's updates too!
  7. Done added her second level-used of her another from her!
  8. Confusingly if you may think I had a feeling if I am still resuming on Marie's development after some of her files been scrapped out until revising them recently. Anyhow, here's how her first level of hyper Marie has been used, on recent development.
  9. If you are looking whom has better-styled version of Rayman....well luckily as we suddenly found out that he has its version available! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rwjwm1dszkxjas9/RaymanElip.rar/file
  10. As you may see from what I've fixed issues from George's fan-served feedback, he has been updated for a little while! -Laser velocity has been added for several times as successfully made from George's Wonder-Bot -Dust velocity has been fixed from his running states -Fist to the groin's p2 state has been fixed, to those playable characters hasn't used his 'Collapse' compatible -Afterimage has been added to second bullet shooting from Double Revolvers -Some of George's rangers had their hit states https://www.mediafire.com/file/bxn4yh4g7je80ps/WM_George_V.1.2.rar
  11. Hey Georgie boy. Thanks for the following.

  12. It should have explained it would be an New Years' release, in earlier period. So there! Download Link: Download my BEAUTIFUL BASE!
  13. Well, any feedback or more reputations of him?
  14. It always took me months how I am accessing into his files...but thankfully he is even released as its Christmas gift.



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