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    Metal Gear Solid Series , Super Mario series,Dark Souls, Undertale
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    what is Anime?
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  2. Sorry I don't know how to give positive reputation. :) Thank you so much
  3. Hey everyone, How are you? Well, I'm working on a character called : specter knight from shovel knight specter of torment. this character will be one of my best characters and I'll try to do the best I can. the video: Hope you like it. I'll do the best I can. Stay tuned!
  4. Are you sure it's Blocked? I tested the link also there are more than 10 people downloaded this. mmm... I know, I dislike his Code name but what can I do? It's his name :(
  5. In the name of God ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kept ya waiting, huh? Hey everyone, How are you? This is Ali with a new character: 3D NAKED SNAKE (beta version)- The first 3D Snake in mugen. Hope you like it. this char contains : 6 Buttons in Stance, 6 buttons in Crouch,3 buttons in air (2 of them are combo buttons) Crawl = Yes || AI : Yes || Intro,Ending = Yes ************************************************************************** Specials ************************************************************************** Grenade = D,DB,B,a Grenade2 = D,DB,B,b Grenade3 = D,DB,B,c (both on air and stance) StunGrenade = D,DF,F,c Handgun = D,DF,F,x Handgun2 = D,DF,F,y Handgun3 = D,DF,F,z C4 = D,DB,B,X Rpg7 = D,DB,B,z Mine = D,DB,B,y Mortar = D,DF,F,b Dodge = x+a DodgeF = F+x DodgeB = B+x Let me explain some of specials. Grenades : There are 3 types of throwing grenade. High , Med, Low. Handguns : Each command you press changes the number of shots. For example HG1 = one shot StunGrenade = Stuns the opponent. C4 = after placing the C4, wait for a nice Situation And Enter the C4 command again. it blasts and hurts everyone nearby. Mine = you know how it works. Rpg and trench mortar = Same as brawl version. Dodge = a useful command. press the x+a in a perfect time to perform a dodge and being safe from the enemy's attack. ************************************************************************** Hypers ************************************************************************** Honey Bee = D,DB,B,D,DB,B,z Metal Gear rex = D,DB,B,D,DB,B,c Survival knife = D,DF,F,D,DF,F,c CQC = D,DF,F,D,DF,F,z Final Smash = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, x Let me explain these moves. Honey bee = requires 1000 power , Shots a Homing missle. Metal Gear rex = requiers Full power. Snake calls HQ and the jumps, Suddenly a metal gear rex hops in! you can control this robot. MGR can move forward, backward, And works with 3 buttons = X,Y,Z. Survival knife = requiers full power, and works just like a Super move. CQC = Just like Survival knife. Final Smash = a full screen move witch anables you to aim and shoot the enemy. Just like SSBB. ************************************************************************** Rules ************************************************************************** Well, I've got some rules. 1 = Remember = this is a beta char, not a complete version! 2 = If you wanna upload videos about feedback, it's fine, But please don't Upload Bashing videos. 3 = I don't like to see someone released a cheap or stupid edit of this Char. ************************************************************************** Thanks to ************************************************************************** God My family Developers of brawlbox Creators of this Model Hideo kijima and nintendo = For releasing Snake Elecbyte = for owning Mugen. You = For downloading the character. Dizzymoogen and DS12 productions : For testing the char hmmmm, After releasing this character, I feel like a proud Father. Well, this character was just a trainig for me, Cause I wanna release A 3d mugen game called F For Fight(F3) and one of the chars in the game, Is an old agent called "The Hornet".(All of the chars in that game are made by myself, and the ideas are from my mind) and I wanted to be trained for that char. But my main objective, Was releasing a nice char for you! Hope you like it! Preview : Download (Compressed) Mirror
  6. Well,looks like 3D naked snake is ready to release.

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      Neat, I have something to test.

  7. mmmmmm.... sorry I want to change my signature but I don't know how.... :( plz help

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      Upper right > user name > drop down menu > account settings > signature ( left panel ). 

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