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  1. Update Added Chars : - Arnold by NERD
  2. Hello FaustGames, a few suggestion of the characters i like to see for been mugenized. The Double Dragon 5 Shadow Falls crew, VF vs Tekken, Spyro (Any version), Leatherhead from TMNT and Zelda.

  3. Hey FaustGames Can't You Make Character Arnold, Craze, Jackson, Santana and Mr. Chin

  4. PLAYER SELECT Organa / Lepiear (by Joey Faust) Barko / Coldy (by Joey Faust) Psybart (by Joey Faust) Talon / Halier (by Joey Faust) Daktar / Ordyne (by Joey Faust) NOT MUGENIZED YET Algos / Algoss , Logan / Curkth, Sara / Salea, Magnus / Mcdile, Fuchida / Guy, Jado and Venum / Xdark STAGES 6 stages by Cenobite 53
  5. Update Added Chars : - TwinBee (2019 Remake) by Joey Faust - WinBee (2019 Remake) by Joey Faust - GwinBee (2019 Remake) by Joey Faust - NiseTwinBee by Joey Faust
  6. hi friend, i made a char of holosseum chen search it on mugenarchive

  7. So, i maded more 3 Denjin Makai characters. War-Knight Creature Craft-Robo
  8. There's no uploaded the sheets yet, but could i rip him for you?
  9. Click the character image to download. CHARACTERS Dompayagen Dave Garrison All chars by Joey Faust NOT MUGENIZED YET Chen STAGES Main Stage by Zigmenthotep
  10. CHARACTERS Arnold: NERD || Shingen: Joey Faust || Asuka: mass || Bill: Joey Faust NOT MUGENIZED YET Characters List: Craze, Jackson, Santana and Mr. Chin STAGES 2 Stages (Asuka and Jackson) by Cenobite 53
  11. I see that what Gui and someone re-uploaded my characters separately. I guess i'll do that too, i'm gonna upload my characters in MEGA.

    And so now, i maded 2 topics, check it out.




  12. CHARACTERS PLAYERS Wade: Joey Faust || Boris: Joey Faust || Kyle: Joey Faust ENEMIES Talcus: Joey Faust || Crossbones: Joey Faust BOSSES Drigger: mitai dake NOT MUGENIZED YET Characters List : Dabel, Joe, Doyle, Mr. Julius, Sledge, Red Fredy and Geld STAGES Train Ride by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster
  13. This is an Collections of all M.U.G.E.N content related to Konami's TwinBee Series. CHARACTERS TwinBee (by Joey Faust "Old - New") WinBee (by Joey Faust "Old - New") GwinBee (by Joey Faust "Old - New") Pastel (by Nyan™Kiryu: "Rugal Bee Shiena Bee") Dr. Warumon (by Joey Faust) NiseTwinBee (By Joey Faust) STAGES Pop'n TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventure - World 1 by Zzyzzyxx and OldGamer
  14. Is it okay if I edit the Paro Goose?

  15. But, MUGEN Archive links are not allowed, because of malware on adf.ly if downloading.
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