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  1. CHARACTERS -Added Kabutops by Axking. -Added Sharpedo by Axking. -Fixed link to Emperor Jolteon by marcio araujo. -Fixed link to Cascoon by marcio araujo.
  2. CHARACTERS -Added Nidoking by Axking. -Added Azurill by YochiThMaster333.
  3. Hey, since you're a creator are you able to place the nidoking file I posted recently in the pokemon collections area?

  4. Ax does this thing where he lists the company that owns said character as the author instead of himself.
  5. CHARACTERS -Added Emperor Jolteon by marcio araujo. -Added Tyrunt by Axking.
  6. Requests have been closed for over two years, my dude.
  7. Wikia doesn't like external websites linking to the images it hosts. Use something like Imgur in the future. Unless it's a 1.1 sprite file where any slot can be transparent, MUGEN always reads the first colour slot in the palette as transparent. You'll need to ensure that your background colour occupies the first slot; if done through Fighter Factory's palette editor, you then need to apply the palette to each sprite that uses it.
  8. -Added Pyukumuku by CoffeeFlavoredMilk. There's a lot to unpack here, hrm... -Darkened background persists even if the Pincurchin intro is skipped. -It's possible to cancel certain Normals before the hitbox even occurs. -X and Y Normals have a bunch of active frames where the hitbox gradually increases in size (and then shrinks???), but they only hit once, resulting in the early short-range hit being far more unsafe than the later long-range hit. -For most attacks, the hitbox is always surrounded by a 1px larger hurtbox, meaning they all have the same priority a
  9. The freeze ray ChangeState in the .cmd has to be higher than the heavy kick one.
  10. I imagine you put the ChangeState for the heavy kick above this one. MUGEN reads code from top to bottom, so anything placed higher has priority over what's below it in the event of a conflict.
  11. That it does. CHARACTERS -Added Apocalyptic Gallade by TheSlkMugen.
  12. Welcome! I've always gone by what the creator was called at the time or whatever was written in the .def. The files are slightly different between the two so I'll keep that one. CHARACTERS -Added the following by KK Hell: -Jolteon -Flareon -Glaceon -Added Metagross by fu-lin & kirbey.
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