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  1. It's hardcoded that buttons skip the victory pose, overwriting roundnotover.
  2. Usually collection threads only resort to rehost links if the original is dead, so having your own cloud storage isn't required. The only real prerequisites are ensuring the collection you're attempting to make doesn't already exist, that there's sufficient content to feature in the collection, and that you provide images so people know what they're downloading.
  3. CHARACTERS -Added Charizard by This Boy. -Added Squirtle by TeamB. -Added Pikachu by autin2. -Added Delibird by ticctuck. -Updated Gardevoir by Proud of Ragequittin.
  4. It's highly probable that your IP is shared with a bot's IP that they've banned in the past. If you're using a VPN, try disabling it or changing the region.
  5. Opera GX has a built-in proxy that I believe is enabled by default, so while it seems you genuinely weren't aware of it, there's unfortunately nothing that can be done now.
  6. CHARACTERS -Added Squirtle by This Boy. -Fixed link to Jigglypuff by Solarflared.
  7. Yup, that's the one. Thanks! Usually when I ask, it'll be one of the newest things under that category. The filesize is because of a 64-second sound present in its .snd. CHARACTERS -Added goodra by gorfield slikk.
  8. CHARACTERS -Added Cascoon by marcio araujo. -Updated Gardevoir by Proud of Ragequittin. There's a Goodra character I can't get because it's too big (somehow) and the original Drive link has restricted access. Any assistance with this would be appreciated!
  9. Main repo Wiki detailing new features and how to use them Automated builds
  10. CHARACTERS -Added Teddiursa by LeogamesFun.
  11. Don't hijack someone else's thread. Make your own.
  12. And Pizzasause rearranged his website again. Fantastic. CHARACTERS -Added Colin the Pikachu red scarf by...Colin The Pikachu red scarf. -Added Jigglypuff by BobaFett. -Added Gardevoir by Proud of Ragequittin. -Updated Blaziken by Proud of Ragequittin. -Fixed link to Pikachu by Pizzasause. -Fixed link to Bootleg Pikachu Plushie by Makaibros. STAGES -Added Charicific Valley by Cheloteka.
  13. Positive. Here's an alt link regardless: https://mega.nz/file/3ZFHjQjZ#z6KF59cIWq9llEqLzEQcNkgHlj-7gUlqdD1swa7c7lQ
  14. Seems to still work fine on my end.
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