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  1. Don't bother with WinMUGEN, as it's outdated and buggy. It's realistically only used by a specific community to run legacy characters that break the engine. 1.0 is the latest stable release. Recommended if your hardware doesn't support 1.1, or if you like the lifebar portraits to display the character's current palette and/or don't want sound effects to be cut off when transitioning between menus. 1.1 is the latest official release, but is only a beta. Its stability varies between systems, but it's superior to 1.0 performance-wise if your hardware supports it and has a bunch of new features like camera zoom and 32-bit graphic support.
  2. I think everything here with a red exclamation has something pertaining to vore, yes. It's unfortunate.
  3. STAGES -Added Pikachu's Beach by CozySquirtle.
  4. That affects all of vo-jk's stuff, darn. He updates them frequently, so it was convenient having a hub for them all. I'll see what I can do. Maybe he has a new website.
  5. Not everyone has the time to work for free. But past that, the project isn't organised at all and significant information has been omitted. For all the characters listed, how do you want them to play? What archetype will they fall into? What's the general balance of the game to know what damage values, hitboxes, or frame data to work off? You provided a template, but that only helps to serve as a base for making the character, not having it fit within the game's style. If your answer is "do whatever" or anything similar, then you seriously need to rethink this. Is there any part of this project that you'll personally be working on, or is all the work being passed on to other people?
  6. CHARACTERS -Added both versions of Pichu by This Boy. Even though they're functionally identical.
  7. 0 on the Y axis is the floor. PosAdd adds to the current position by the amount(s) specified. A PosAdd with 0 for both its X and Y parameters does nothing. Why not simply make the effect an Explod? Explods are positioned relative to the screen, so you can set the Y pos value to gameheight*0.5 and give it a postype of back.
  8. Oh cool, thanks Cozy! I somehow missed your post, sorry. CHARACTERS -Added Kararita by c.r. -Added Chikorita by c.r. -Added Pikachu by Hi-Saturn Pikachu. -Added Tsareena by SansTheSkeleton.
  9. Oh well. STAGES -Added Torre Prisma by Edwin0N.
  10. Four ways: Rename the .def file to match the folder name. Rename the folder to match the .def filename. Add the character to the select.def in full. Normally you'd simply write their folder or .def filename because they'd be the same and MUGEN would know what to look for, but you can also write out the folder name followed by the .def filename (with extension); for example, if you had a character where their folder and .def filename were both kfm, you'd write kfm in the select.def, but if you had one where the folder name was kung_fu_man and the .def filename was kfm, you would write kung_fu_man/kfm.def in the select.def. Use VSelect, which does method 3 for you.
  11. To be more specific, the following changes were made: The first victory quotes against Hong Meiling and Lie Meiling were replaced: "Don't slack off. Unlike me, you have limited time." -> "Meling. Stop slacking off! Don't Make Me Kill You." "Goodbye, Meiling..." -> "Im sorry Meiling. I could not save you." Spell Cards and Last Words were made easier to activate: Spell Cards are now activated with only a single QCF or QCB, which overrides her QCF and QCB Specials when she has 1000+ Power, killing her stage control game. Last Words are now activated with DD instead of QCFx2 or QCBx2, though since the negative edge inputs haven't been changed, you can still activate them with the old motions that way. The bit about killing her stage control game is important since it's an integral part of the character's gameplay. Not being able to throw out knives when she has 1000+ Power without first wasting that Power cripples her.
  12. You literally have a character that does it. The code is right there.
  13. Did you try seeing how that character does it? One method I know that works is that assuming the move KO's the opponent, they are SelfStated into their liedead state and moved far off-screen via PosSet.
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