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  1. It's possible the character's A.I. scales with your MUGEN's difficulty setting via AILevel triggers.
  2. CHARACTERS -Added Ivysaur by Crocok 6.
  3. CHARACTERS -Added Gengar by 087-B.
  4. Firstly, if you have both an integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU, make sure the game is running on the dedicated GPU. It's also possible that a driver update enables support for OpenGL 2.0 on your GPU, so check for that. If that's not applicable, go to the ssz folder, open config.ssz in Notepad or some equivalent, change the OpenGL parameter to false, and then save.
  5. Was a lot of fun working on the UI and such. Hope everyone enjoys this!
  6. It's Manny, but at such a small size I don't blame you for mistaking one letter for the other. CHARACTERS -Added Blastoise by KlingoftheCastle.
  7. Are you doing this on purpose? I suggest you stop.
  8. That has literally nothing to do with this thread.
  9. It's likely the character was designed for 4:3 aspect ratios and not 16:9. If widescreen is essential, you'll have to manually adjust the positioning of the gauge yourself.
  10. Fighters not practising social distancing in these times, smh.
  11. CHARACTERS -Added Lycanroc by LTD911. -Added Ghost? by おじぞうバッヂ (Ojizo Badge). STAGES -Added Grass by Kiro Himada.
  12. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ANboppsIiINRa0U&id=6D7AC3205A85BEB5!237&cid=6D7AC3205A85BEB5
  13. CHARACTERS -Added Cpt. Falcon by Kamekaze. -Added C. Falcon by darkorey8.
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