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  1. Every character in the game is available on Rice's website. There are no further plans to expand the roster, as Incident Zero is Rice's current project and focus.
  2. Huh, so it is. I had originally viewed archived versions of sudara13's website to find mention of Onvern (Noivern) and Otamaro (Tympole), though there was nothing about Monyu; turns out that although the main page was only crawled as far back as 2012, some blog entries had older dates to them, with one from 2011 indeed listing "もにゅもにゅ" (Monyu Monyu) under their creations list. I guess they disowned that one pretty quickly 😛 Andersonkenya1.net (or at least those who upload them) should really supply the A.I. patches as patches and not the entire character + patch because I have to t
  3. Welcome to MFFA! Nice to see people return to this engine. There doesn't really seem to be any clear-cut place to ask questions about MUGEN. People seem to use [ FORUM HELP ] or [ MUGEN SOFTWARE ] interchangeably.
  4. CHARACTERS -Added Scoliosis (Scolipede) by LTD911.
  5. CHARACTERS -Added Blaziken by HelloMyNameIsAAA.
  6. A few of the images are dead. I recommend uploading them to a site like Imgur.
  7. CHARACTERS -Added Pichu by YochiThMaster333. -Fixed links to YochiTheMaster333's characters. FULL GAMES -Added Sonic vs Pokemon by YochiThMaster333.
  8. CHARACTERS -Added Greninja by Planeptune. -Updated Lucario by Planeptune.
  9. CHARACTERS -Added the following by Camren Springer: -Squirtle -Ivysaur -Charizard -Snivy
  10. Mokou beta by Boy's Our Boy: https://sites.google.com/view/boysourboymugenstuff/characters Edit of Rice & Dark's Lie by Boy's Our Boy: https://sites.google.com/view/boysourboymugenstuff/edits
  11. CHARACTERS -Added Jigglypuff by Evilasio Da Paz. -Added EO3 Whiscash by Boy's Our Boy.
  12. CHARACTERS -Fixed links to the following by Camren Springer: -Jigglypuff -Mewtwo -Gardevoir -Deoxys -Fixed link to Pizzasause's second Pikachu. MISC. -Added the following by Goemon: -A.I. patch for Shadowtak's Pikachu -A.I. patch for Willoughby Jackson's Jigglypuff -A.I. patch for Ðshiznetz's Snorlax -A.I. patch for Minoo's Ramparudo (Rampardos) -A.I. patch for Moku's Lucario -A.I. patch for googoo64's Monster Ball
  13. Yahoo Box heckin' died, so... CHARACTERS -Fixed link to Okihaito's Metamon (Ditto). -Fixed link to Otto's Unknown (Unown). -Fixed link to Otto's Yuiitusin (Entei). -Fixed link to sudara13's Otamaro (Tympole). -Fixed link to sudara13's Onvern (Noivern). -Fixed link to Ria Corst's Pikaman (Jesus).
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