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  1. I just had this awesome dream last night where a bunch of fighting game characters were in this place like a marching band. I forgot what they were doing, but I knew for sure Geese Howard was fighting. So I walked up to him and gave him a hug. I saw Akuma and gave him a fist bump. My memory is hazy of what else happened in that dream, but there were definetly a bunch of fighting game characters.

  2. Hey guys a bit of a strange question, but are there any classic fights or rivalries in the MUGEN community. Sorta like Daigo vs Justin Wong, or SonicFox and Goichi? Just a curious question. I see potential of some shit talking that led to this program. I can scroll through the CINEMA section for hours on end, but I want to see some good matches.
  3. You seem nice. Hello Lexx.
  4. Hello, my name is FaZe Dank. I'm not that new to the MUGEN community. In fact, my love for MUGEN kickstarted back in late 2018. I just didn't interact with you guys. I used to play with my old Lenovo computer, until it started smoking. Now I can't play with it anymore. Then I switched to my dad's computer, (I'm using it right now) but it was short-lived when I couldn't play with MUGEN all of the sudden. It's an Apple and they have a no-fun policy built into this piece of junk. Now I want to save up my money to get a gaming laptop so I can create my own stuff. All I need is a job, but I don't think I will get one anytime soon due to certain events right now. I also played on Fightcade, but like the dirty ol' bastard that is Apple, I'm not allowed anymore. Now I'll have to wait till I'm legally allowed to leave this place and get my own home and job in the future. So for know, I'll just be doing this. So anyway, hello world.
  5. I just joined the forum, and there is so much stuff to do. Holy Moly. What should I do first?

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