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  1. Happy special cake day.ย ๐ŸŽ‚

  2. Welcome back! IKEMEN GO is THE best continuation of not only the original IKEMEN, but MUGEN as well!
  3. I have finally updated PJ MUGEN Version 2.8 for both MUGEN 1.0 and IKEMEN GO. Check out the links under "My Creations" or the forum thread here:ย 


  4. PJ MUGEN Ver. 2.8 has been updated with the following changes: - Modified all FNT V1 fonts to workaround a scaling bug with IKEMEN GO (IKEMEN GO only) - Adjusted velocities of character select screen aassets to gain the effect I was going for in the first place - Updated IKEMEN GO version to 0.95.4 (IKEMEN GO only) - Added color change to lifebars (IKEMEN GO only) - Implemented "red bar" system (applies only to Tag mode)(IKEMEN GO Only) - adjusted KO slow speeds and timings (IKEMEN GO Only) - Fixed win count positioning - Default hitsparks and hitsounds! - Remade combo font to dis
  5. My apologies for being too slow to announce both versions of my screenpack and lifebars over here.

  6. I originally wanted to make something I can just slap in IKEMEN GO and edit accordingly, so I didn't exactly go all out here. It combines elements from earlier screenpacks and erased works in progress I had going on. -A few things I need to get out of the way- 1. I am fully aware that 960x720 isn't a standardized size, but I am also fully aware that I am not the first person to make screnpacks or lifebars for that specific resolution (shoutout to Devon). 2. No, I won't reduce it to 640x480. There are ways around it that will actually let you do that (Though that kind of only appli
  7. -Screenshots- Single Simul Turns -Videos- [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zrCY-EfDVM]October 11, 2015 showcase, slight changes and additions have happened since then... [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OnSZ82M4oo]The Lifebars as they are today After three tries at making these lifebars, I have finally released the S4 League lifebars for MUGEN 1.1. Since I know I'm going to get those complaints, I'm gonna just throw some things out right now: 1. No 640x480 version will be planned, but if you want, you can try to convert
  8. I'm gonna try to make this as quick as possible. I'm PeeJay Bonobo. You may know me from YouTube, Steam, probably Miiverse, or some of the MUGEN content I have already contributed to the community (PJ MUGEN Ver. 2.0/2.5, Pokรฉmon Type:Wild Beta 5.3 Arrange, Outside Space Colony ARK). I'm mainly here to announce my creations the same way I normally would in the MUGEN Fighters Guild, but if I want anything from this site, I'll be sure to hit you guys up.
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