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Found 21 results

  1. Yoruichi TYBW JUS release 10/31/2022 OpenGL mugen 1.0+ Enjoy!
  2. [WinMUGEN ~ 1.0] -> Low-res [1.1 ~ IKEMEN GO] -> Original 2 types of image quality downgrade versions for WinMUGEN ~ 1.0 users, and 2 types of exclusive versions for 1.1 ~ IKEMEN. Altogether, there are 4 stages. [The difference between the two versions] WinMUGEN ~ 1.0 ->This is a version that I reconstructed with Photoshop to remove the translucent effect from the original game and make it as similar as possible. If you're looking for the clarity of your sprite, download here. (I named this version downgrade because there are some different or removed elements from the original.) 1.1 ~ IKEMEN GO -> Same version as the original game. The sprite has a soft and translucent effect. If you want the original experience, download here. Twitter : YUKIHO_P4 [Download]
  3. Introducing Stephen Stills !!! by Yours Truly (Ultra Fatality) There's tons to talk about when it comes to this character however I actually don't have the time right now to record as well as my video editor isn't working correctly sadly -__- but don't worry a video will be made asap but for now enjoy the screenshots as I explain what I can through text. About the character..... Stephen Stills is a heavy hitting character with minimum combo potential unless you spend the meter to extend, he relies heavily on meter to preform heavy hitting combos to take out his opponents quick and stylish. Stephen's playstyle is to rush down his opponents and mix them to death with overheads, lows, grabs, and unblockables. Save as much meter as possible to use against your opponents and destroy them. Trait : Break The Bank A Piggy bank will randomly spawn and fly across the stage and if you manage to break it, it will drop an random amount of coins for you to pick up. Stephen gains meter at the lowest rate however if you managed to pick up falling coins you can use the coins to gain meter much faster than anyone else What's Unique to Stephen..... Stephen can perform a crouch combo with light into heavy punch that launches the opponent into the air for juggles, he can also cancel his grab attack into his level 3 super. His level 3 is unblockable due to its long startup. He has amazing okizeme potential with most of his specials and supers. Stephen's Ex Special 2 drops coins from the opponent. Video Coming Soon..... Stay Ultra Fatal https://www.mediafire.com/file/c38mstlcgtpqw6y/Stephen_Stills.zip/file
  4. It's been awhile but at last the Lucas Lee patch is here. I've added his special trait, more animations, a few bug fixes, nerfed his base damage but buffed his skateboard stance moves and of course added some easter eggs for you all to find. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dkkn65dmcydyefl/Lucas_Lee.zip/file Stay tuned for more updates on Scott Pilgrim vs Mugen Ultra Fatal Edition lol
  5. IKEMEN-IZED MUGEN TOURNAMENT 3 Original made by Drachir and Ikemen conversion by WF4123 (ik, that title is too long ) 20 years ago, there was the creator named Drachir, who made MUGEN Tournament 3, know for possible in DOSMugen-era. Possibly among from 2 years ago, Destino has made a two of these MUGEN Tournament motifs which it's possible to only run for 01.01.2000. But now... We're just got back in time... To re-entering the tournament that it's been 20 years ago, among with a style that was called. New era, new generation, and new fighters has arise throughout the years. Until we find out that I possibly converted, remaked and customized this motif, by using IKEMEN. We called that purposely new things will change anything from it's all. Motif Comparison Menu: Old: Yes New: Yes, but it has slightly changes Options: Old: Yes New: Yes, but it has slightly changes Select: Old: Yes, has 2 slot patches. New: Yes, has 3 slot patches, more to upcoming VS: Old: Yes New: Yes Order Select: Old: No New: Yes Win: Old: No New: Yes Continue: Old: Partial New: Yes Game Over: Old: Yes New: Yes Challenger: Old: No New: Yes Win Score: Old: No New: Yes Results: Old: Partial New: Yes, but it has slightly changes Hi-Score: Old: No New: Yes Replay: Old: No New: Yes Credits: Old: No New: Yes Logos Old: No New: Yes Intro: Old: No New: Yes Music: Old: No New: Yes, has 3 variations for menu Installation Read the MT3_readme.txt on MT3 data folder. Screenshots Old Screenshots Changelog 10/19/2022: -Fixed the fonts not disappearing on 725 slot patch 09/02/2022: -Reworked menu logo (Animated) -Added stage location text module from versus screen -Rank and Boss Rush feature restored from modules -Added category patch from select screen (from EVE Battle) -Restored missing question mark symbol to Qoh_small -Fixed the Player 2 big portrait position from select screen 04/12/2022: -Removed fade-in in options screen 03/16/2022: -Overhauled changes to Qoh_small from disappearing various symbols 03/12/2022: -Added 2 slot patches (300 & 725) -Added order select in VS screen -Fixed sprites and definition issue for 36 slot patch -Added unique sprites exclusively for 36 slot patch -New graphical changes in Winner screen 03/06/2022: -Updated defs, still, it's minor update for v0.98.2 02/25/2022: -Initial Release Download here. Older Versions (might not work on newer IKEMEN versions) 09/02/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 04/12/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 03/16/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 03/12/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 03/06/2022 (v0.98.2 or higher) 02/25/2022 (v0.98.1)
  6. MUGENGERS 4 - The Orochi's Origin. Rev 1.0 Engine: I.K.E.M.E.N. Plus V0.3 Current version = 1.0 Characters = 60 Stages = 27 OpenGL Required = No Table Content 1 . 1 - Introduction 2 . 1 - Main Menu 2 . 2 - New Modes 2 . 2 . 1 - Minigames 3 . 1 - New Characters 3 . 2 - Mechanics and Combat System 4 . 1 - Story Mode 4 . 2 - Cutscenes 5 . 1 - Conclusion and New Updates 6 . 1 - Download Link 1 . 1 - Introduction MUGENGERS 4 is the unofficial continuation of the MUGENGERS - The Heroes of MUGEN series produced by Duralminn since 2015. It was created from the heavily modified I.K.E.M.E.N Plus engine, managing to add new game modes, a video player for scenes, story mode with chapters and of course, a way to play Online with the use of Radmin VPN. Following the footsteps of Duralminn, this game focuses primarily on the premise of The King of Fighters in a slightly original style. 2 . 1 - Main Menu The Main Menu consists of 15 Selections, among them are: Arcade Mode (Advaced) Arcade Mode (Classic) Versus Mode MUGENGERS Network Arcade Mode (Co-Op) Survival Survival (Co-Op) Training Watch Extras Main Menu: Inspired in Soul Calibur V and Blazblue Series Arcade Mode (Advanced): Fight against 8 oponents with Bosses, Sub-Bosses and Challenges while the Story of MUGENGERS keep going Arcade Mode (Classid): A simply and traditional Arcade Mode, fight against 10 oponents. 2 . 2 - Extra Modes In Extra Menu you can choose beetwen a lot of Special Content and Challenges Free For All: Fight against the CPU making your own rules Minigames: See Extra Modes 2 . 2 . 1 Character Biography: Discover how character from The King of Fighters and MUGENGERS live in the same Universe and his backstories. Gallery: Take a eye to these drawings who MUGENGERS Artists put in this section Story Mode: See Story Mode 4 .1 2 . 2 . 1 - Minigames In this section you can choose your favourite Minigame to play or find a challenge: Destroy N.E.S.T.S: Survive 1 Minute fighting against Kyo Clones Dimensional Fracture: Arcade Mode (Advanced) Extra Fight. Complete the Platform Stage and reach and defeat the Final Boss Boss Rush (Story Mode): Defeat all Story Mode Bosses in order to complete this mode Boss Rush (KOF): Defeat all KOF Bosses in Chronological Order to complete this mode 3 . 1 - New Characters This game contains a total of 72 Characters, 60 main Characters and 12 DLCs that will be added in the near future. The premise of this game is to show characters from The King of Fighters franchise, including characters from KOF XV like Leona Heidern in her new costume and Krohnen McDougall, lost characters suited up and ready to fight like Rose Bernstein, and original characters that serve as a fundamental part of the story like Diana and Schlussel (Of course, the balanced version and low res version resprited by me) Character Select Screen with Animated Portraits and Two Systems to choose. Stage Select Screen with Music Selector and button to play the Music Krohnen McDougall and Leona Heidern 2D Version Rose Bernstein and Shermie with her KOF XV Palettes. Elisabeth Blanctorche using her KOF XV Climax 3 . 2 - Mechanics and Combat System MUGENGERS follows the traditional conditions of The King of Fighters with additional sections. There are two systems you can choose for play: KOF System: The Traditional KOF System, for common players. Stylish System: A easy mode for begginers players or people who dont play fighting games, this system not is recommended for KOF Players because is too limited. Special Mechanics for MUGENGERS Combat System: Attack Booster: A mix beetwen MAX Mode from KOF XV and HD Mode from KOF XIII. You can cancel your Supers and Hypers while this is activated. Duration: 15 Secs, Consume: 200% Power, Boost: Attack Power Up and Cancel Attacks. Defense Booster: Boost your Defense while this is activate. Duration: 15 Secs, Consume: 400% Power, Boost: Defense Up and Lock PowerBar Transformation: Some Characters can transform to get new skills or power-ups Tag Mode Tag Assist 4 . 1 - Story Mode Like I said before, this game have a Story Mode still in progress, for now, only 2 chapters are available to play. Story Mode follow a Beat Em Up concept with Platforms Stages, RPG Elements, Special Events, Bosses and Sub Bosses. The Chapters are predefinied with the character you will use, in this case, Diana is the protagonist of this game, her mission is found allies to fight against the enemies of the tale... In a few words to dont do spoiler, this is better explained in the game. In the Story Mode, you have two styles of game while you advace the chapters, in some cases you will have to complete a stage, and in others you will have to defeat or survive against a Boss, following the narrative will be helpful for you. The story revolves around the events of KOF, just after The King of Fighters XIV ended: 4 . 2 - Cutscenes I added the function to play Video Files in I.K.E.M.E.N. So yes, you will see some Special Cutscenes not only in Story Mode, in Arcade Mode are some Cutscenes too (For now, Japan Team and Fatal Fury are the only teams who have completed cutscenes, more Cutscenes will be added for the other teams). I have to emphasize, if the Cutscenes dont work please upgrade or modify your Graphics Driver before you said something. 5 . 1 - Conclusion and New Updates This is a beta version of the game, therefore there may be some bugs that make the game difficult. New mechanics will be implemented in future updates, currently KOF XV systems are being added: EX Moves, CD Physics, Shatter Strike, Tag Mode Adjustments, Tag Climax, a better implement for Damage Scaler. For the characters, New Characters will be added, I'm talking about characters I will sprite from myself in KOF Style, like new characters from KOF XV or characters from other sagas. (Maybe Isla, maybe Dolores... Maybe characters from GG, BB, MK... I don't know... That will be a secret...) About the main characters, some will be resprited too, maybe do a KOF XV Ash, Elisabeth, Chizuru or Mai will be fine for the next version. Also I'm making a English Version : ) EDIT: I made this new topic because this version is too different about the previous version, also this was made with other Engine, similar to (Ikemen Plus / GO Topics) EDIT2: Sorry about my bad English, not is my natal language 6 . 1 - Download Link Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2hxcrqgng7ol89w/MUGENGERS_The_Orochi%27s_Origin_%28V1.0%29.zip/file MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/9IVQGLxA#kIMlOyLPlvNyPovTX4OyTdtJgRnkfv4R7dIdQoZW_sw
  7. Hey guys! This is an Ikemen I created called Dragon Ball Mini Heroes! It's based off of mechanics from Dragon Ball FighterZ and has a very simple playstyle that's easy to get used to, but not so easy to master. I wanted to merge both technicality and high damaging combos with user friendly and fast combat. The game is made with the ULSW sprite style to make the "Mini" in Dragon Ball Mini Heroes stay faithful. I've just wanted more people to know about the game and test it. Anyways, here's the link to the release trailer for the game as well as some screenshots (download link in the description)!
  8. Yes you read that correctly. I, Ultra Fatality am releasing something !!! Freakin Crazy Right Enjoy my Version of Scott Pilgrim, with this you guys can get a feel of what's to come with the others yes I'm doing not just the evil exes but every character in the series so expect more Sex Bom-Omb and updates to the already released Evil Exes. Sorry I Couldn't give you all an proper release video and description, maybe later I'll post something but I will at least explain how he plays Every SP character of mine will play the same they will have 2 attacks, a Passive and/or Aggressive Trait (Think Injustice), 2 Striker summons and single button for Super commands. X = Light Attack Y = Heavy Attack Z = EX Attack/Trait Attack A = Striker 1 B = Striker 2 C = Super Attack Here in Scott's case he has an Passive trait (We Are Sex Bom-Omb) where he can call more then 2 helpers hold down and press the striker button to summon someone other then his default helpers and his Aggressive trait (The Power of Understanding) is an Counter attack and landing it buffs and gives different properties to his special moves and upon landing it 3 times it adds and new move for you all to discover I'll reveal it later on when I release his video. https://www.mediafire.com/file/tulgsl0cq6y680d/Scott_Pilgrim.zip/file SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS to.....Ryon, Basara-Kun and To All who still support me you guys are the best, I'll try my best to keep the Most Ultra Fatal Mugen content coming just for you all -Stay Ultra Fatal
  9. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] 1.0/1.1 IkemenGo [COMMENT] Above is a video of a stage I've been working on with a good friend of mine, Lasombra Demon. He's making waves in the Ikemen community, and has made a ton of cool stages already. The original sprites were provided by Omega, and were used in he creation of the 1.0 and 1.1 versions. Then later edited and coupled with other resources for the IkemenGo version. But with this, I think we have put together something very cool and unique. This certainly isn't the first interactive stage done, but LD ascertains interactivity has never been used with this level of detail. Furthermore, this can be used with any character. No code editing, just plug and play. Yes, I know the graphics are not even HD. But I'm nonetheless confident that you'll agree; it's a beautiful stage. And much of its beauty resides in its potential for creating some of the most epic battles. Let's discuss the features: -Parallax, zoom, deltas and the usual tweaks I incorporate. (1.0/1.1) -Changes from day to night and back around continuously, including a special moon shadow effect during the night. (IkemenGo Only) -A base form and 3 levels of destruction! The stage be destroyed by level 3 Supers (or level 2 in case of HDBZ chars), or finishing a round with a super move. The destruction implies damage to the ring, building and trees, flames that intensify with each level of destruction (giving out a special shade on characters), and a music change. (IkemenGo Only) That's about it, guys. Click the link and give it your all in the Budokai arena!
  10. After almost 2 years, the team is finally pleased the announce the long-await release of Gensokyo Reloaded version 3.0.0! Complete with various system tweaks, character rebalancing, complete UI overhaul, and a new playable character! Full Changelist: https://plasmoidthunder.neocities.org/thgr/patch_3.0.3.html Link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApLvCUDLkbLnkXnS3xZ5rXRS4UN1
  11. [img]https://i.imgur.com/DalYx5E.png[/img] I originally wanted to make something I can just slap in IKEMEN GO and edit accordingly, so I didn't exactly go all out at first. It combines elements from earlier screenpacks and erased works in progress I had going on. -A few things I need to get out of the way- 1. I am fully aware that 960x720 isn't a standardized size, but I am also fully aware that I am not the first person to make screnpacks or lifebars for that specific resolution (shoutout to Devon). 2. No, I won't reduce it to 640x480. There are ways around it that will actually let you do that (Though that kind of only applies to MUGEN 1.1). 3. Because of the native resolution of both the screnpack and lifebars, it would make no sense whatsoever to port to WinMUGEN without downscaling all assets. -Known Issues- 1. 8-Player shenanigans have been untested, sadly (IKEMEN GO Only) 2. There may be issues with the mid-fight announcer code. Please report if you find any! (IKEMEN GO only) 3. IKEMEN GO 0.98.2 does NOT come with a Linux (x64) executable, so I decided to provide one that I compiled myself. I cannot guarantee that it will work with every configuration. -Download (MUGEN 1.0)- MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/eVcw0RwR#UVevvv6wP0bUlLSYE-ExQte7Zr3EDVLGv5T4KN37v1E Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q7futz4yx7xxos3/PJ_MUGEN_Version_2.8_%2528MUGEN_1.0%2529%25283-6-2022%2529.7z/file -Download (IKEMEN GO)- MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/uVcwVLLR#rTvhx9rdGH5nQTBrD2ZFPIVxWT2wGVtjyasaKl1FijY Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e8d47d4lc41ll3f/PJ_MUGEN_Version_2.8_%2528IKEMEN_GO%2529%25283-6-2022%2529.7z/file -Install (MUGEN 1.0)- Simply extract the contents of the 7z file into your MUGEN folder and edit mugen.cfg for motif to read "data/PJMUGEN2.8SP/system42.def" or "data/PJMUGEN2.8SP/system414.def" according to how many slots you want. It comes with its own select.def in that same folder (*mugen folder*/data/PJMUGEN2.8SP) where you can add your characters and stages. -Install (IKEMEN GO)(This assumes you have already downloaded and installed IKEMEN GO 0.98.2 or higher)- Simply extract the contents of the 7z file in your IKEMEN GO, open the extracted folder, add characters and stages to the roster (referring to data/pjm28/select.def) the same as you would with WinMugen and up, and play. You have a 42-slot (system42.def) and a 414-slot (system414.def) option. Please edit save/config.json accordingly as the default is the 42-slot option. -Changelog- March 6, 2022 - Made slight edits to all storyboards (both) - Rearranged options menu features (also removed the option to use Quick Continue even though it's still enabled by default)(IKEMEN GO only) - While I'm not sure this was implemented in the previous release, Turns mode now has a one-member minimum as opposed to a two-member minimum (IKEMEN GO only) - Hitting F12 now saves screenshots to <IKEMEN GO folder>/save/screenshot (IKEMEN GO only, duh) - 1000+-slot version removed in favor of a 414-slot and 42-slot version. (both) - Character Select highlight cell icons have been redesigned (both) - Added character standing animations on top of default portraits (IKEMEN GO only) - Vs. screen has been modified to allow order select (IKEMEN GO only) - CUSTOM LIFEBAR ACTION SEQUENCES! COUNTER HITS! REVERSALS! FIRST ATTACK! MID-COMBO ANNOUNCEMENTS! FINISH SEQUENCES (INCLUDING FINEST/DRAMATIC KO!)! THE WHOLE NINE YARDS!!!! (IKEMEN GO only) - Custom KO announcement coding! (though this was due to forced hand)(IKEMEN GO only) - Score (based on default score.zss)(IKEMEN GO only) - Windowed portrait areas in both Winquote and Character select screens (Screw you P.o.t.S, Solarflared and anyone else who like to bust out 9001x120 portraits for 9000,2)(both) - Camera panning (modifiable via system69config.txt). Can disable completely, enable it for advantage/final round, or enable it for every round. May look into zooming again for the next release (IKEMEN GO only) - Fixed Main Menu and Character Select screen music looping (Screw you, OpenAL!)(IKEMEN GO only) - I'm not even sure if this is everything! (both) July 16, 2020 - Modified all FNT V1 fonts to workaround a scaling bug with IKEMEN GO (IKEMEN GO only) - Adjusted velocities of character select screen aassets to gain the effect I was going for in the first place - Updated IKEMEN GO version to 0.95.4 (IKEMEN GO only) - Added color change to lifebars (IKEMEN GO only) - Implemented "red bar" system (applies only to Tag mode)(IKEMEN GO Only) - adjusted KO slow speeds and timings (IKEMEN GO Only) - Fixed win count positioning - Default hitsparks and hitsounds! - Remade combo font to display damage percentage (IKEMEN GO Only) March 22, 2020 - Inital Release As usual, feedback is appreciated.
  12. Just a haunted release to celebrate Halloween 2021. It's actually an edit of the Izumo, Ryoushu-jiato Stage 1, from Samurai Shodown V game. It has super jump, animation, zoom and interactive features. Thanks to Lasombra Demon. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  13. ULTIMATE SMASHBOX is a project originally developed on the M.U.G.E.N engine and currently ported to the I.K.E.M.E.N engine. Its objective is to bring together the most recognized characters around the world to provide a fighting game experience from a new perspective with a unique story. For the moments is in development but this is the progress: Opening: Beta 2.0 Relase Trailer: SOME SCREENSHOTS Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s9z6ju9xgsnu3/ULTIMATE_SMASHBOX_-_LITE_EDITION Full Credits are inside of the game but this is a summary of the most important authors: Suehiro Alceris Phantom.of.the.Server Duralmind PlasmoidThunder S666 RobiWanKen0bi Brucewayne74 Yolomate MMV Team PizzaHighFive Chaotic Luigi-Master Alucard Ismael De Jesús Pérez Golden Mugen Brasil Jenngra505 CandyBoy Doggiedoo Bad Darkness CHOUJIN Gudine Artisto General Steps GladiaCloud Techy121 Diogo M Soulfire EmmanuelMugen1331 Hiram Yagami Seiyadivin Kingseiya AlGod Son Bra Is Good Sawady Nexus Games The None Peg Sergeus Donald Nemesis Ali LingryGamer618 YAMATO Germanvasquez Nicious chuchoryu Bambulin AxSeeker Dxwho Enzo the Glitch MrBastMugen Neocargalpha Realredred Lord Sinistro Mae77 LimitedMoon Omardapimp123 DMSderProgamer Proud of Ragequittin David Demianoff Lem Lem Jose Cuervo NDSilva Raigugiraru Reu Shimmering Brony Jarquin10 Cesar Sombra Armin Iuf Mike Obrecht MEGA X DrKelexo Balthazar Cybaster Websta KoopaKoot JMorphman XGargoyle Acey Omegabros Lumppowraca Mr.Ansatsuken Jeffry081 Fhqwhgads7 Ivandiaz DJMouF MGNFN Jamex15 DrKelexo Gamerduck13 Warner- H SWAGaming98 Tonos Vegeth1985 SeiyaDivin NHK Vans Mr.Giang SeanAltly DivineWolf OHMSBY JnXC Jmorphmans BeterHans Kishio David Demianoff Mugen70 Monkeyx5 Wou Lucas9999 Silvan S.Y.D Sennou-Room UltraSonic50 MKJ Christian Nunez Moku CobraG6 N64Mario TMasta Skiff SUGIO Cenobite 53 Lord Sinistro SuccubusRS ahuron ShinRyoga NeOaNkH Bumble Vin DG Redline Bartlett Txpot DDR 2010LifeGame Luketheemewtwo Luiz 17 Binho AngryBirdCooler GIF Mr.T Nodog Thebuddyadrian Aperson98 CaWO4 Armin Iuf Makaibros Weobros DaMarioMemer Synck SANKITI Varia31 Zelgadis Arsene Lupin Actarus Shazzo CyberLizard Orochihomer Yagoshi Jenngra505 WlanmaniaX RoySquadRocks Eliphusz Hiperhazz Wildshark Nightterror599 Iron Commando Barai N-Mario EXShadow Zachary NexT One Darek EsauKW The Mugen DISSIDIA MUGENBOY Manuz Kleylson ShinZankuro Cavalcante mAdLaX Margatroid Kater15
  14. Unsure where to put this, this seemed like the best spot to put it Recently, I've been working on editing the scripts inside Ikemen GO, trying to add more features to the game/engine. Additions: Coins: Coins can be earned when winning matches. The amount earned is determined by a few values in system.def, the current AI difficulty, and the size of both teams. Character Unlocking: When characters are set to hidden 3, a handful of extra values can be added to slots that can make them unlockable in a few ways: Spending Coins Beating Arcade Mode with a certain character Beating Arcade Mode with a certain amount of characters Toggling the Unlock All option in the options menu (temporary unlock) Arcade Mode Progress Tracker: The game now keeps track of what characters, and what % of characters, have completed Arcade Mode. The % completed shows on both the main menu and the Arcade character select screen. New Mode: All Rush Mode is just like Boss Rush, but instead of being only bosses, it's every character on the character list Mode Locking: Boss Rush and All Rush, as well as Survival mode, can all be locked behind Arcade Mode progress. Mod Support (sorta?): To make it easier to update Ultimate without having to add in other code afterwards, Ultimate can run code from other Lua files at certain points. These files can do things like add new text to the menus, change character names in the select screens, add new options to the options menu, and more. It even comes with an example mod! They can also easily be reloaded through the options menu. Download: IKEMEN GO Plus Ultimate v0.5.2
  15. It's been a good while, hasn't it? Around... Two years or so? Anyway, I'm back... kinda. New palettes, a few attacks were updated, some other stuff. The new select screen big portrait was drawn by Metalwario64. Here's the download link. (UPDATE 4) PALETTES Some palettes have special properties, like different voice clips, intros, and victory animations. However, two actually impact gameplay! Zero: The usual. Nothing special here. Bass / Forte: Has a special victory animation. Axl: Nothing special. MMZ Zero: Nothing special. Vile / VAVA: Nothing special. X: Nothing special. Black Armor: Twice the attack, half the defense. A glass cannon. Nightmare Zero: Has a special intro. Omega Zero: Has a special intro and victory animation, as well as changed voice clips and projectile sprites. Includes white twitchy aura. Zero's winquote reacts to this. Fake Zero (X2): Nothing special. Black & White: Nothing special. Absolute Zero: Infinite special meter, afterimages, and doubled projectiles. Also has white twitchy aura, because why not? UPDATE 1: I forgot to add MASA's Simon to the Winquote thing properly. This is fixed now. The download link has been updated. UPDATE 2: Link fixed and the third slash of the second mode's first combo fixed. Now the first combo deals 5 hits, just like the rest of them. (In some tests, even more hits. Why? I dunno.) UPDATE 3: Took me a while to get around to uploading this one. Found a couple sprites that were still messed up, and fixed them! UPDATE 4: Finally. Update 4. Not... actually that much has changed, except for a few aesthetic changes (portraits), mostly new palettes, and... I can't think of much else. Also, completely rewrote the post above.
  16. PREVIEW Screenpack Game IMAGES DOWNLOAD Screenpack http://www.mediafire.com/file/n52a5gf1xpq2upf/KOF2002UM+IKEMEN.rar/file Small Fix http://www.mediafire.com/file/i9b21tysdqbgqqd/Up.rar/file Game (Current Version: Alpha 0.2) http://www.mediafire.com/file/oxwodsejgte3fl8/KOF2002UM+IKE+rec.+up2.rar/file INFO Luza94 did an amazing conversion of SAIZO's KOF 2002 UM screenpack to IKEMEN GO! Also he's compiling and editing a game with this one that still in development.
  17. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/folder/tl6zb6ums4ja8 INFO Original Topic Finally we have a proper and amazing Yang in this style!!
  18. I.K.E.M.E.N ALL STAR IS A MUGEN/IKEMEN which consist of a large roster and a great soundtrack,different from other mugens as their is more to do! tame the nine tails and stop the great apes rampage, and if you like dance dance revolution you can do the catwalk to show of your moves with your favorite character! the game is not fully finish as i still need to add a better screen pack to the game then it will be completed and i am considering adding a story mode. Featuring a roster with more than 60 Characters from different series such as: DragonballZ Jojo Bizzare Adventures Sonic Naruto Yu Yu Hakusho And More! The game also features different Game Modes: Arcade - Fight a Variety of CPU till you get to the Final Boss! Versus - Face against your friends with local verus! Online - Play Online with your friends! ( Needs VPN such as Hamachi, Tunngle, Evolve) Bonus Games - Such as Catwalk, Duck Hunt and More! Characters, Stages, Music and engine was not made by me and i wanna give credit to them message me if i used your character i will give you credit! If you can make a good I.K.E.M.E.N Screenpack can you pm me please. Also if you have Jump Ultimate Star Mugen Characters you will like to be added to the game PM Me i will add them within updates! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eke2yg6zlda95ab/IKEMEN_ALL_STARS!.rar Email Me! [email protected] Discord Server! https://discord.gg/QekQGYR
  19. Hello, everyone, I'm once again having some problems after spending roughly 2 hours on this Life bar. But before I get into the situation at hand some of you may be wondering why I'm having a problem with this. It's mostly due to the fact that I'm not using Mugen, well not specifically Mugen that is. I'm using IKEMEN PLUS. Considering I had an idea I wanted to make happen, but Mugen wasn't that far into its development to make it happen ya'know. I'm currently porting the LEGACY Screenpack to IKEMEN since I have a special place in my heart for that Screenpack it was the first I ever came across when first working with Mugen. Enough of the rambling the issue I'm having is regarding the lifebar for Add004. So the issue specifically is regarding the fact that it won't show up, I look through about 3 different video tutorials to try and figure something out. Links below to those tutorials. I have screenshots of the issue at hand, the first being of Hyde Kido with Kung Fu Man is the one giving the issue I described, while the screenshot below that one is what I'm trying to get it to look like. I am indeed using Notepad++, to make things a bit more bearable(Screenshot also provided of my man.lua and data_save.lua). Whatever help can be provided I'd be very grateful for. Hope you all had a good Christmas with your families, bye. Screenshots of the Life bar problem I'm having: https://imgur.com/a/vJUIk86 Tutorials I looked through. :
  20. I made a JoJo MUGEN/IKEMEN compilation 5 different MUGEN games New characters and stages Updated sound effects, voice lines, and a revamped soundtrack from the anime, ASB, and EoH OST Enjoy
  21. SNK vs Capcom EX Hello everyone. To all that may have noticed, I haven't put out anything recently aside from update. MUGENs been kinda on and off for me, but I got big into KoF recently and thought about makin' something sorta big after some inspiration.This thing turns out to be a lil' full game in my custom style that I've been building for a long while. It's gonna be a SNK and Capcom crossover game, roster wise, but the gameplay is gonna be an odd amalgamation. After playing on both sides, I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with my favorite SNK chars in this style, plus some other unique Capcom IPs. I think by now, the style is pretty set in stone, but the thing I got start worrying about is the screenpack (not too great with graphics stuff of the sort).There's also the roster, which I have a pretty big idea of, but may peeve a few since I can't include too many (i'm only human!) and that my tastes may differ a bit, sorry in advance! The rosters sorta gonna be organized in threes, like KoF. I thought it would be a fun idea to organize the Capcom chars this way, since I haven't seen it before.So far, 4 characters have been made, and I've been privately testing them with a few close friends just to help me polish (thanks doods). They are Lilith (of course), Chun-Li (from before), and the two new ones that I haven't released yet: Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. I had a lotta fun with them, and it's given me high hopes for this game. Once I get at least one rep from each starter team (4 Capcom, 4 SNK), I will release a little public alpha test to see what people think of the game. Once I've gathered feedback and polished up, I will move onto adding the rest of the members from the 8 starter teams for the first version of the game.Now with that out of the way, I'll go on to describe the gameplay system at it's current state: That out of the way, expect some progress soon. Below is a trailer with a bit of gameplay footage and other things to show you what's goin' on (thanks Rodknee). Hope you enjoy! Discord Link, for future updates if you're interested: https://discord.gg/pqywhPS
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