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  1. Hello,Today I show you this stage that I made with AI. I put some effects on it to make it look better and this is the result. I hope you like it and comment if you like it or not. LINK= TOUCH ME (Only Mugen 1.1 & Ikemen Go) ZOOM INCLUDED
  2. A custom reinterpretation and conversion to MUGEN of this giant tree image taken from the indie game "Sacrifire". The stage brings super jump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  3. Feilong's Stage Preview: Download: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=A79342756C18C22D&id=A79342756C18C22D!45440&parId=A79342756C18C22D!14235&o=OneUp
  4. PAST RELEASES: It was originally a surprise release for X-Mas but since I got problems with Guild's server, I release them now. For the first time ever, I release Santa's Workshop, Sumo Santa's stage that was released only as part of Infinite Clayfare Beta 2 (even appeared in the trailer), along with 2 new CF3 stages modified with AI from the prototype CF3/Extreme screenshots: Voodoo Hut (Houngan) and Rubbage Reef (HoboCop), which I made time ago but were unreleased too. So here they are the 3 of them now ready to be used for your MUGEN, so now you got more material to ensemble your own version of Infinite Clayfare LET'S GET READY TO CRRRRRRUMBLEEEEE!! Stages -> ClayFighter series
  5. Scenario made in collaboration with MysticG for one of his personal games projects. The stage already had its release a few days ago, but I decided to add a MUGEN 1.0 option and a new looped tune. As always the background comes with super jump, animation, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. STAGE DOWNLOAD
  6. I figured with a new engine, it was time to give this old screenpack an update... designed for use on CRT TV's and the latest IKEMEN-Go nightly. Includes overridden/custom glyphs. Get it at Trinity MUGEN Downloads → Addons → Screenpacks EDIT: Updated 2024/01/05 to fix missing E button glyph for KOFXI character movelists. You can copy the glyphs from the bottom of Type A's system.def into the Type B system.def if you don't want to redownload the whole archive.
  7. I started getting into AI Generated Images apps, and following the steps of [i]Pots[/i], [i]Kamui de los Vientos[/i] and other creators, I'm going to start releasing some simple HR stages taking into account the countries and regions of the audience that watch my YT channel. All the stages have super jump, small animations, looped BGM, 1.1 with zoom & no zoom option files. Yankee Tourney, USA STAGE DOWNLOAD Native Dojo, Brazil STAGE DOWNLOAD Charros Night, Mexico STAGE DOWNLOAD Urban Zen, Japan STAGE DOWNLOAD Tango House, Argentina STAGE DOWNLOAD Cold Tour, Russia STAGE DOWNLOAD Tagalog Yard, Philippines STAGE DOWNLOAD Open Bar, England STAGE DOWNLOAD Monster Garage, USA STAGE DOWNLOAD Savascilar Temple, Turkey STAGE DOWNLOAD Quechua Barrier, Bolivia STAGE DOWNLOAD Grubby Beach, Australia STAGE DOWNLOAD Old District, Italy STAGE DOWNLOAD Small Favela, Brazil STAGE DOWNLOAD Road Incident, Canada STAGE DOWNLOAD Street Market, India STAGE DOWNLOAD Matador Theater, Spain STAGE DOWNLOAD
  8. Gameplay Screenshots V - Chars Resized and some Edits too. '-c' +plus Asura Ai and More Stages. - Zelda 1,99Gb V
  9. Kapukon Yu Thanks to Rabanazo Download: Bath2022KL.rar
  10. ¡¡DOWNLOAD NOW!! 1.1 [360x240]: https://mega.nz/file/WuxwTLoC#f5xQ6xnVOoOcmAWgAHCwebtvx5i-NBwjRb26CQd3nEs 1.1 [640x480]: https://mega.nz/file/vqg11BxQ#XZUPhfQyxy6xOknBwQ4igjUOV0nkqHSMNvB-aUlrDWU IKEMEN GO [320x240]: https://mega.nz/file/LvRG0SAL#7FWGEVJ6tUVvYJPy4U8YoMx9tdI0BRk2u6zN8uaarGQ IKEMEN PLUS ULTRA: https://mega.nz/file/Gn5hibiI#rqnsbKiJxf0N35Q99t2XzNUIglpMlpx3eLnIKGFpcMs STAGE: https://mega.nz/file/62xmCSpB#qPBwPIG9NZLzsRnWwSmUG3AyhRZmXOCm7rjnLEOiu80 *STAGE VARIANT! : https://mega.nz/file/T6ohELgI#vjB-sCnJfQ3xky9yQg33eEww05Sqmtbe-NURv9Y8C2k *1.0 [640x480]: https://mega.nz/file/CjZDDYwY#J_VRXAb1AamsOI3uq4xZeWOQznPuM4J3hP-RlwEQc4I **IKEMEN GO [320x480]v2: https://mega.nz/file/SqwUBRoD#oXWmlFSM1aLpsV-D_yft-CZR13Whf3syuBOE6q27-lg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** What's new? Now every time a combo greater than three is made, there will be names that vary with respect to each combo (YES, GREAT, GOOD, etc.) There is also when the character made a "PERFECT" or is in "DANGER". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *NEW SHOWCASE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey everyone, I've been working on this for days, this project got postponed like five months ago, and it wasn't weeks ago that I started finishing it. Now you can try this mod for your MUGEN project. The bar is almost similar to the one in the second season episode "The Words". Just add things like a Supers counter, portraits for characters 1, 2, and teammates. For IKEMEN version includes score counter and CPU level. Here are some screenshots: there is a "special" version for IKEMEN Plus Ultra, a modified version of IKEMEN created by CD2. The only thing different from the other versions of the health bar is that here it looks more panoramic and with more colors, but it is still the same. Here are some images: I have also created another version of the scenario from that same episode, taking an SFA scenario created by the user Vegaz. Credits to him. To do all of this, I had to watch clips from that part of the chapter and use all the tools at my disposal to edit shots from the chapter and feed them to MUGEN. The truth was a fun and frustrating task at the same time, since the trial and error was much more poignant than ever. But I really hope the effort is worth it. And I also hope you enjoy this project. HOW TO ADD THE LIFEBAR: The procedure is the same as always, go to the SYSTEM.DEF that your screenpack is using, and change the FIGHT part to the following: EXAMPLE: "fight = data/GBLB320/fight.def" The name of the route changes depending on the version you are going to use. HOW TO ADD THE CUSTOM PORTRAIT Open your version of Fighter Factory [I use FF3] add a new sprite at group 9000 and index 16 As seen in the images. If you're having trouble doing this, keep trying, sometimes the subtle bugs are the easiest to fix. TEMPLATE: Download it in "Save image as..." or similar Well, that would be all, I just have to say that everyone have a great day. Greetings!
  11. HELL YEAH, I'M BACK!!! Download the Game → MEGA First of all, sorry for the delay in the videos. I had a lot of trouble in my life but now, i'm back for real, ready to bring you all the MUGEN videos that finally will came during this January with great characters that been released last month and recently. Second, here's my first release of 2019, the Version 5 of Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter! Hope you all enjoy the game, more updates will come soon. Third and last, a huge thanks to my fellas AVPBoy, SwaggaKings, varo_hades and WizzyWhipitWonderful for the huge help on the project and to all of you for the patience and the great support and love you keep giving to me.
  12. 640,480 Localcoord (originally 800,600). Credit to Eternaga, Seantly, and AVPboy6754 for the Train Floor! This will not work with WinMUGEN, but it will if you remove localcoord and other stuff, and turn on HiRes = 1 but then the stage basically scrolls very slowly. You can find the original Stage here: https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/train-nowhere-177828.0.html Train to Nowhere, I liked the overall style, but the visuals weren't there. So with a bunch of thinking, I decided to overhaul the visuals, to make it a proper night stage. While also cleaning up the unused junk that remained from his previous works. -Removed most of the Anims in the Def file, unused with no sprites attached -Changed all Anims to Normal, as nothing was really animated, This allowed the city to scroll much better as a result. -Changed localcoord to 640,480, this means now you have a proper camera, and the stage is a more.. proper size. -Removed Zoom features, they weren't working properly for this stage at all, this also means 1.0 is supported as well. -Fixed delta values for various background pieces, they scrolled too fast for how far away they are meant to be -Replaced the original floor, with a much more fitting one. (Credit to Eternaga, Seantly, and AVPboy6754 for the Train Floor!) -Added music, Dreams of an Absolution - Silver The Hedgehog's Theme from Sonic 2006. It actually fits this stage very well now that it's night -Overhauled all the visuals to make a proper night stage -Added more city background elements -fixed tiling error with mountain elements (the closest mountain set, had a cut off.) -lowered all the mountain background elements, allowing the sky to be more present -added a bgmstartloop to the music, this means it never fades out then suddenly restarts https://www.mediafire.com/file/bc4b7dsx43c5kgq/Train+to+nowhere+luke+edit.zip/file
  13. These stages are all from May 2022, I just forgot about releasing them. As with my other stages... 640x480 Recommended BGM Included! (i recommend replacing them though; they're just looping snippets of other music like in the source game) Supports Super Jump! Here you go, its in the 2022 section.
  14. For Mugen 1.0+ Resolution: 640x480 This motif utilizes custom portraits and will require editing the character SFF as well as the screenpack system.sff. For the beginner-friendly version without custom portraits, click here. Included in the zip are PSD files to create custom portraits which will require Photoshop CS6+. You will also need to have the font Neue Aachen Pro Medium installed which can be downloaded here. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qk8x05t4o0nhbiq/cvs2custom.zip/file
  15. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1ohdgwcm161l2/KOFEXUM-2021 INFO Here's the newest version of my edited KOFEX-UM, original project by 119way. The characters that had problems and issues with game system now were updated. Also new characters compatible with the game and new stages were added.
  16. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/download/iw09xb0du442qwf/Ex-Mugen+1.0+910+Slots.rar [COMMENTS] Full credit goes to Xedarts for original screenpack and Taybear for the original 1.0 conversion, i just did few swapping here and there. Let me know if there's any error because i was half asleep while putting this together. Comes pre-patched with Mugen 1.0. Including sample character, stage and lifebar. @xBETAxMUGENERx Enjoy, dude
  17. Just a personal edit of the UM2C screenpack that i use. It's more or less a combination of both the original and Meldo's edits of the same screenpack. For Mugen 1.1, 640x480 screen size. Download it here. Preview Images
  18. Ah yes. Deltarune, I really enjoyed this game, playing it 1 year after Chapter 1's Release was quite the experience. Well... After replaying it for a Refresher, I gave making it's Battle Grid into a Stage, a [[BIG SHOT]] shot. The Grids are here, as well as the music. the Floor was made out of the In-Battle HUD. It has a lot of space, and 0.5 Zoom out. The Grids move here, much like the game, the Lightest grid, has the Velocity of -0.6,-0.6 while the Darkest Grid, has the Velocity of 0.3,0.3 Only Music which had been used for the Grid is here. The Music was taken straight of the game files. The songs in question being. Standard Battle - aka Rude Buster K. Round Boss Battle Berdly (Second) Boss Battle Spamton (First) Boss Battle https://www.mediafire.com/file/lkstg5u8d3d377p/DeltaruneBattleGrid.zip/file
  19. [Preview] [Info] So I heard about the Simpsons Arcade cabinet Arcade1Up's releasing for the game's 30th anniversary. My natural response? Rush this stage out ASAP. It's a simple stage with animation, the music track for the level looped, and a 1.1 zoom DEF (which this stage works and looks best in 1.1 anyway without the zoom, let's not deny it). This stage is my longest stage by far, which is saying something. It's also the only animated stage by me to have the least amount of sprites used. [Download]
  20. [PREVIEW] [COMMENTS] Happy Thanksgiving! This stage was part of the Garfield collab with Wlan, but rather than releasing this stage with the character (which is still in progress), I decided it was better to release it as its own thing. This was left alone for quite some time and was mostly finished, but I decided to finish it up today and finally release it. This is one of my... larger stages, to put it lightly. This was also made as accurate to the stage (and Wlan's concept) as close as possible under limitations that the stage gave itself. Super Jump - Yes Music - Yes Animated - Yes [DOWNLOAD]
  21. The day finally has come. My second fullgame has been made and finally my dream of a real ClayFighter fullgame has come true, made especially for this X-Mas Eve as my definitive present to all of you. Here're some of the features of the fullgame: Fullgame made under MUGEN 1.0 Final 15 selectable characters (13 officials and 2 guests) Screenpack and fonts created by me exclusively for the fullgame ClayFighter 63 1/3 lifebars made by me 18 stages, 14 from SNES games (by Cenobite53) and 4 from 63 1/3 and CF3 (by me) BETA 1 TRAILER I hope you enjoy it, Merry X-Mas to all of you, guys thanks for all the support over the years!! DOWNLOAD Official site: https://network.mugenguild.com/basara/clayfighter2.htm Alternate link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/y16jeoeocg58qwu/clayfighter.rar/file
  22. 1.0/1.1b 640,480 Localcoord. Burnin' Rubber series made by Xform Music done by FungiFM If you read that Topic Title and have no idea what this game is, I do not blame you. Burnin' Rubber has sort of became niche after Flash's death, but the Standalone Versions exist now, keeping the series somewhat alive. This is the Barrage Dam stage, based right off one of the Game's tracks, it's more or less a test stage, to see how I can do with windowed, tiled objects, which are also moving. It has no stage movement as a result. https://www.mediafire.com/file/axsxdgiar551zlh/BurninRubber5BarrageDam.zip/file
  23. I worked on this mugen for about a year balancing the characters so each character has a chance against each other. I'm planning on updating it now and then. CREDITS: Screenpack:https://<BLACKLISTED URL>/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=39394-saint-seiya-next-dimension-nishi-kaioshin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters:KingSeiya, TonyADV, Tux , Squall, NEO, Vegeth1985, tallon, Wise, FobiaZ, Domhnall, Tonos, SeiyaDivin, Beja, Argol Welton Saint, Pardo, Tecla2000, Xebalon, MARKZGZ, Esgrac, Arsene Lupin, Terric, YoungZac, Shunchain, *angel*, Mey_Z, Arsène Lupin Alexcop, Rojo, Kagaho, Pionshin, Rick Pk Liquid Snake, Mu, WarriorZ, Mr.Karate Saint, Tripticon, Kanon, zahori, carmorion, sisifo77paradise, Real_Espectro, SagaKanon, kaue-00, bigboss9999, Cheitta, MIM, CodeKeeper, Aries.A, xebalon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stages:MondongoWarrior, MatreroG, Mey_Z, mugenshock, Tehar Magellan Tristane, Ultimate Cosmo, Orn'Cayosin, Sensei Yoda, Tehar, Arsène Lupin, Cybaster, Mugen Gamer, MicroCosmo, MikelZGZ, FobiaZ, Lows 9.0, TonyADV, KingSeiya, MARKZGZ, DNO Magma Cave, Stormpass, Wucash, Qasdew (Esgrac, Etgovac), Jacob's House, Master Yoda DOWNLOAD:https://www.mediafire.com/file/c6116uv0fhvdksy/Saint_Seiya_Mugen_V1.zip/file FYI: HCF inputs are now QCFQCF and most fatalities are QCBQCF, there are some fatalities that are QCFQCB
  24. [WinMUGEN ~ 1.0] -> Low-res [1.1 ~ IKEMEN GO] -> Original 2 types of image quality downgrade versions for WinMUGEN ~ 1.0 users, and 2 types of exclusive versions for 1.1 ~ IKEMEN. Altogether, there are 4 stages. [The difference between the two versions] WinMUGEN ~ 1.0 ->This is a version that I reconstructed with Photoshop to remove the translucent effect from the original game and make it as similar as possible. If you're looking for the clarity of your sprite, download here. (I named this version downgrade because there are some different or removed elements from the original.) 1.1 ~ IKEMEN GO -> Same version as the original game. The sprite has a soft and translucent effect. If you want the original experience, download here. Twitter : YUKIHO_P4 [Download]
  25. A Goeniko-themed edit of the Warrior Shrine i whipped up after figuring that RatonMalo's version was probably the closest i could get to an arcade-accurate base. Download Here
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