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  1. Noside you just spoke to me on facebook! LOL
  2. Seriously What took him so long? He should have been a mod since I ran the place! Its funny that all of this reconstruction is happening, because I literally visited a couple days ago, and Thought man this place is messy (Knowing I left it that way) I contacted up ole MonkeyHead and he was in the process of fixing it. Go figure. Destiny entwines us all.
  3. Mugen as a whole has been deemed as Fan Art. Be it loli or adult, if your in the 18+ section of characters, then its considered falling under the Hentai ruling. in which case it is your morality. Me personally I only touched OLD "nude" characters by a creator named Andres age ago, and all that was, was removing pants from females. Nowadays the 18+ characters, go VERY far and include sex with slime and other rapey creations. That's where my morality holds strong, and I refuse to download 18+ creations, or nude patches..... Plus i'm 33. WTF am i doing with nude characters in a game?
  4. Boys and girls! Gentlemen and Lasses! Its still amazing to see Mugen Free For All still up and running after having made this website way back in the year 2007. Its amazing how its been alive for more than 10 years!! Never would I ever imagine creating something so successful! and I got to say.... This place is a mess! RoboMonkeyMan, hit me up! (I know I left it messy) whats going on these days? whats new? whats old? what wars are waged? has anyone heard of Ikemen Go? (If you havent... ohhh my GOD. its amazing!)
  5. HA. You guys still deal with this guy? Ahahahahahahaaha
  6. Happy Birthday 

  7. Happy Birthday Ryon, the man, the myth, the legend.


    Thank you for creating MFFA! You're the best!




  8. 69th Follower! Let's go 😛

  9. Mmm hm hm hm hm hmm. It would be a HORRIBLE shame if someone remade this in MVC style!? 🤪 I take back my message.
  10. Beckoning in the deepest darkest places of my mind.... "What would happen if i just nuked the forum one day on PURPOSE!?!?" 🤪

    1. Noside


      You know Ryon, you are such a good friend, a brother and will always be the BOSS around here man.

    2. Demitri


      Implying all the other times were accidents? 😏

    3. RobotMonkeyHead


      Well for starters you'd save me an insane amount of time and a lot of money.

  11. Yo, I could always count on you to find good music for a stage! Thats what I love about you!
  12. Sooo.... in 1 word I want everyone to tell me what i've missed?

  13. Android 18 Shes getting close to perfect, but I have several bugs to fix and the level 3 to do. Since I've released several characters in this style, Are there any opinions on this gameplay style? Should I remove the super ports ? Should I make more in this style? Why do I hate Gohan? Why do I hate Buu's?
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