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  1. Mmm hm hm hm hm hmm. It would be a HORRIBLE shame if someone remade this in MVC style!? 🤪 I take back my message.
  2. Beckoning in the deepest darkest places of my mind.... "What would happen if i just nuked the forum one day on PURPOSE!?!?" 🤪

    1. Noside


      You know Ryon, you are such a good friend, a brother and will always be the BOSS around here man.

    2. Demitri


      Implying all the other times were accidents? 😏

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Well for starters you'd save me an insane amount of time and a lot of money.

  3. Yo, I could always count on you to find good music for a stage! Thats what I love about you!
  4. Sooo.... in 1 word I want everyone to tell me what i've missed?

  5. Android 18 Shes getting close to perfect, but I have several bugs to fix and the level 3 to do. Since I've released several characters in this style, Are there any opinions on this gameplay style? Should I remove the super ports ? Should I make more in this style? Why do I hate Gohan? Why do I hate Buu's?
  6. This house needs a bed and kitchen!
  7. but im saying he doesnt stay still when running, when flying its a still image in various angles so of course he doesnt move when shooting. but he still runs when shooting. are you trying to bring space harrier into mugen!?
  8. @Red Sprites in mugen 1.0 and 1.1 you can use a remappal code, to change palettes on the fly. in winmugen, there is no proper way to code a palette swap.
  9. Hey bro, I was wondering did you watch my stage tutorial video?
  10. I dont think the charcter stays still when shooting on the ground? as in he still runs while shooting.
  11. This is a good attempt at a stage sir, But you can do this alot better. I'll PM you.
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