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  1. Here we go now, I have so many MK fullgames that I don't know which ones are updated or modified, recently like MK New Era.
  2. I think it just turned into a tradition for you.
  3. Well yeah brother but not in here.
  4. Omg! my brother Ryon aka The Boss! welcome back!
  5. Any character made by Ikaruga, yet they are still beatable.
  6. When I first read the thread, I thought it was Katerina Petrova.
  7. I myself have a KOF stage collection on this site like from 8-9 years ago and really don't know if the links are still working, I just stop caring about it and that reply to that other dude was just common sense, plus, there's google to search and it's free, chill.
  8. I'm actually following this on guild, fantastic work!
  9. Fantastic work as usual Electro, love all your characters, keep up the good work!
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