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  1. Hey, I was even to find an Unknown author's Donkey Kong, the version of him was seen in this video: Can someone find this Donkey?
  2. The ambulances will have to wait their turn.
  3. Well, as for my thoughts, what's even many shows I think so far: The X's (The show only lasted for one season.) Pelswick (Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and CBC seems refused to air and rerun the show.) Baby Blues (animated series; the show has been taken off on The WB after 8 episodes, the last 5 episodes aired in 2002 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.) Meeow! (Why the show nevered aired in the USA and Canada.) Cyborg kuro-chan (The show never get an US english dub of the anime, they nevered aired in the US.) Animal Yokocho (There was an english dub to the show only on philippines, they never dubbed in US english and why they never aired the anime in the US.) The Cramp Twins (Cartoon Network Europe doesn't make any sense for the show, but 4KidsTV does this.) Nontan (the franchise was nevered overseas for many books and others, the anime series of the franchise nevered get many dubs including english, spanish, german, etc. Also the CGI direct to video anime series nevered get many dubs of this.) Sooty (franchise; the franchise was been in the US on Mickey Mouse Club as a skit; but why The Sooty Show, Learn with Sooty series, Sooty & Co, Sooty's Amazing Adventures, Sooty Heights, the 2001 Sooty series, the 2011 Sooty series and others nevered been in the US and Canada.) Doris (Hilary Hayton cartoon; the show was even lost, nevered picked up in the US, Canada, Japan, etc. The show was just a cut-out animation.) Puppydog Tales (1992 series; the show only last for 13 episodes. like Doris, the show was even still lost.) Mr. Men and Little Miss (1995 france-british animated series; In 1997, they did the US dub for all complete episodes, this nevered been in reruns since then like Class of 3000.) Peg + Cat (The show ran for five years, that was a really good end...) Astroblast! (The very last Soup2Nuts production, the show's animation was very similar to last three seasons of Home Movies and WordGirl (also both produced by Soup2Nuts), the show only had one season, some child characters are voiced by adults. Pretty catchy.)
  4. I had many things I know this: I prefer to the 2000 animated series of Clifford the Big Red Dog instead of the 2019 animated series, because I like the animation of the show animated by the same animators who did the animation for Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Fairly OddParents (Season 1 - late-season 10 episodes), Harvey Beaks, Clifford's Puppy Days (the show's spin-off), and others. I hope the Baby Blues TV series' season 2 will be came out, maybe on HBO Max. I do not like the 2015 reboot for Inspector Gadget because they made it CGI, some bad voice acting and others. I prefer to the 1983 series than the 2015 reboot. Robot Jones' voice on Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? was originally voiced by some text-to-speech thing voice, but on the second season of the show, he is voiced by a child actor Bobby Block, he also redubbed the voice for him on the pilot episode and the first season of the show. He sound like a robot version of that kid's voice from Clarence when he is voice by Bobby Block. Some limited animation made me so upset about it: Schoolhouse Rock!, Meeow!, Mr. Men and Little Miss (1995 france-british animated series), The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, etc. The animation on Veggietales for first two episodes are looked flubbed and weird up. Edd's voice on first few season 1 episodes on Ed, Edd n Eddy is sounded alot like Sweep's voice on Sooty's Amazing Adventures or Muck's UK voice on Bob the Builder or Marge Simpson's voice on The Simpsons. He sounded sick than usual. I prefer to first five series of Fireman Sam, because I like the stop-motion series of the show, the characters mouth does not move in the first four series. I hope if Chiitan, Shinjo-kun and other japanese mascots whould came to the US or UK or Canada... Arctic Dogs 2019 film was kinda really bored to me. But it was the best.
  5. I have even seen The Incredibles stage on the video were Elastigirl fights with Homer:
  6. DDR's Mickey Mouse used Underdog as a base with still Underdog sprites and sounds.
  7. More feedbacks for Ed: -Eddy disappears instead of leaving on the intro. -His taunt can be cancelled. -I noticed that Edzilla vomit explod before disappearing late: -And for this Eddy win pose, his hand supposed to be this: -For the Captain Melonhead hyper, he goes pass by the opponent and misses it. -As for the state of wall hit because of Ed had an custom spark for hitting into a wall, Add that one with the normal one If the opponent does not have a custom wall hit spark. -The sprites for crouch light punch, crouch medium punch and crouch strong kick are still weird. -And for the call Nazz for kiss move, Nazz appears nowhere instead of coming to him before kissing. Okay, that I hope he needs fixing.
  8. Oooh Boy, that characters looks neat and cool!
  9. I want to see characters converted to Smash Bros. MUGEN: Funassyi Ed (WlanmaniaX) Tikend Chappy Qoo Cinnamon Harry Potter Marion Numbuh 3 Peter Griffin (Actarus) Bender (Warner) Bender (Actarus) Arnold Shortman Drunky Emily Elizabeth Tinky Winky Woody (Warioman) Giant Chicken Fygar
  10. I wanna see some characters in MUGEN: -Peg (Peg + Cat; with Cat) -A better Rolf (Ed, Edd n Eddy) -Harvey Beaks -A better and decent Johnny Bravo -Duggee (Hey Duggee) -Numbuh 2 (Codename: Kids Next Door) -A better Sheep (Sheep in the Big City; Why Unknown Creator made a crappy Sheep? Why MugenToons cancelled him?) -A better and decent Bugs Bunny -Top Cat -A better and decent Jimmy Neutron -A better Charlie Brown
  11. I hate Jedipolice's Arthur Read, because he is a bad spriteswap of Storm0062's Bugs Bunny. Like were Bugs spam his turtle summon, he spams many DW's. The sprites are badly drawn, one of the sprites is stolen from WlanmaniaX's old version of Blue Aardvark.
  12. My instances: Jay_High19's Barney - Missing a few sprites, why he uses his Burger King as a base? Jay_High19's Burger King - Like his Barney, the sound effects are stolen from Kung Fu Man, his KO sound was Kung Fu Man's. Jay_High19's Daffy Duck - The sprites are from a Sega Genesis game called "Daffy Duck in Hollywood", he was a Kung Fu Man spriteswap, he spams his attacks. Still has the Kung Fu Man KO sound. WlanmaniaX's Mr. Bean - His sprites looks like they are drawn by a five year old with his head ripped from the show. Some codings are a bit buggy. He sometimes crashes the game. TheIranSonic's Poisonberry - Uses N64Mario's character template for some reasons. The sprites are badly drawned, also missing a lot of sprites. No sounds for him... Madoldcrow1105's Princess Bubblegum - Lacks animations including turning and crouch turning, lacks an lose pose because due to that she uses N64Mario's character template. Her specials and hypers are still good. FelixMario2011's Goofy - His hitboxes are more too much and so much. Uses N64Mario's character template for some reasons. He spams his attacks alot. Lasher's Grover - He was so very buggy, sometimes, he just stands in his intro state. Can spam attacks, specials and hypers. Strikers can even turn into a Grover clone when hit. May sometimes crashes the game. Idiot's characters - MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS? SOME CRAPPY-MADE CHARACTERS? Hanyou's Super Mario 64 - He was a cheep character, he spams many attacks, His specials strangly still peformed when his powerbar is down. The sound effects and voices are poorly recorded by a microphone (except for his cry scream on the Assist Bowser hyper and "Yahoo!" on his Caught By the Tail hyper).
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