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  1. I still use this on chrome for this laptop to go on Mugen Archive.
  2. NEATO! I like that collection! I think other characters for this will be in this MUGEN.
  3. Marge still wears normal clouthes during her Ghost Tracey Ullman Marge super move.
  4. Hey, I was even to find an Unknown author's Donkey Kong, the version of him was seen in this video: Can someone find this Donkey?
  5. The ambulances will have to wait their turn.
  6. Well, as for my thoughts, what's even many shows I think so far: The X's (The show only lasted for one season.) Pelswick (Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and CBC seems refused to air and rerun the show.) Baby Blues (animated series; the show has been taken off on The WB after 8 episodes, the last 5 episodes aired in 2002 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.) Meeow! (Why the show nevered aired in the USA and Canada.) Cyborg kuro-chan (The show never get an US english dub of the anime, they nevered aired in the US.) Animal Yokocho (There was an english dub to the show on
  7. I had many things I know this: I prefer to the 2000 animated series of Clifford the Big Red Dog instead of the 2019 animated series, because I like the animation of the show animated by the same animators who did the animation for Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Fairly OddParents (Season 1 - late-season 10 episodes), Harvey Beaks, Clifford's Puppy Days (the show's spin-off), and others. I hope the Baby Blues TV series' season 2 will be came out, maybe on HBO Max. I do not like the 2015 reboot for Inspector Gadget because they made it CGI, some bad voice acting and others. I prefer to t
  8. I have even seen The Incredibles stage on the video were Elastigirl fights with Homer:
  9. DDR's Mickey Mouse used Underdog as a base with still Underdog sprites and sounds.
  10. More feedbacks for Ed: -Eddy disappears instead of leaving on the intro. -His taunt can be cancelled. -I noticed that Edzilla vomit explod before disappearing late: -And for this Eddy win pose, his hand supposed to be this: -For the Captain Melonhead hyper, he goes pass by the opponent and misses it. -As for the state of wall hit because of Ed had an custom spark for hitting into a wall, Add that one with the normal one If the opponent does not have a custom wall hit spark. -The sprites for crouch light punch, crouch medium punch and crouch strong
  11. Oooh Boy, that characters looks neat and cool!
  12. I want to see characters converted to Smash Bros. MUGEN: Funassyi Ed (WlanmaniaX) Tikend Chappy Qoo Cinnamon Harry Potter Marion Numbuh 3 Peter Griffin (Actarus) Bender (Warner) Bender (Actarus) Arnold Shortman Drunky Emily Elizabeth Tinky Winky Woody (Warioman) Giant Chicken Fygar
  13. I wanna see some characters in MUGEN: -Peg (Peg + Cat; with Cat) -A better Rolf (Ed, Edd n Eddy) -Harvey Beaks -A better and decent Johnny Bravo -Duggee (Hey Duggee) -Numbuh 2 (Codename: Kids Next Door) -A better Sheep (Sheep in the Big City; Why Unknown Creator made a crappy Sheep? Why MugenToons cancelled him?) -A better and decent Bugs Bunny -Top Cat -A better and decent Jimmy Neutron -A better Charlie Brown
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