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  1. Hi, good morning! Nice to meet ya George!

  2. The characters I am looking for: -Unknown author's Donkey Kong - This can be seen in this video: -Ivan Luiz's Cheezy - Like some his other characters, he is a spriteswap of Poisonberry. And I think this was lost... -Madoldcrow1105's SpongeBob SquarePants (old version) - He just has a intro with Wooldoor Sockbat before turning into him and a hyper were he becames a fairy-like Tinker Bell before replaced by the Goofy Goober Wizard hyper. Also his KO sound is different than this. Even though Madoldcrow1105's Toro Inoue was already found, I think the another download link for him was lost and this was already found. And Ivan Luiz's Charlie Brown/Robot Chicken Charlie Brown was already found too uploaded on MUGEN Archive
  3. I said Muchlade's self-char's download link is here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m3fcdh4f9sghk5x/Syunsuke.zip/file
  4. Peter Griffin edit by xXPGlitz236Xx https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/file/9721-peter-griffin-xxpglitz236xxs-edit/
  5. Oh, you don't see? He's green!
  6. A Green Sonic, he's blue not green!
  7. Madoldcrow1105's SpongeBob and Madoldcrow1105's unfinished Patrick needs to be both dead links since they were no longer exists.
  8. Link for Madoldcrow1105's Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, and Jenny/XJ9 are broken.
  9. More feedbacks: -He doesn't slide a little bit after stopping on his forward running animation state. -He disappears on his guarding animation. -Still due to of Ed having a custom wall hit spark animation, just try adding the normal one for if the opponent does not have this: -Nazz still appears nowhere instead of coming by to him before kissing. -He still keeps looping for the air guard end animation and punched in the nuts animation. -You still have to change the sprites: -The burned state goes wrong for non-burned animation characters leads to this: -For one of his intros, Eddy still disappears instead of leaving the stage angry. -For The Glippo Show Ed intro, the chest is centered away from Ed: -And for this, this what I noticed on the top for the "HA HA HA!" card in The Glippo Show Ed intro: -I noticed this Eddy after this round was supposed to be on the bottom, but not on this: -The Flower-copter intro shows were Ed comes by flying is too low than this one were he stops and falls flat to the ground and no shadow on this were he comes by flying: That oughta noticed some problems for Ed.
  10. HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FRIEND! Thank you thank you! Thank you very much.

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