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  1. UPDATE (8/7/2020): Finished all 3 Special attacks (Including the air one!) . here`s the example: Progress: 30%
  2. Ok it`s fixed. Like i was saying, Can you show me how to put the Y position in the middle just like the X position is in the middle? Look above for more details.
  3. I was trying to make a hyper combo ready helper go in the middle, but when the player jumps up, the background STILL on the ground and not in the middle completely: Like this: I tried this code: [State 0, PosAdd] type = PosAdd trigger1 = 1 x = 0 y = 0 ;ignorehitpause = 1 but that`s don`t work. Can you show me how to put the Y position in the middle just like the X position is in the middle?
  4. I Was gonna start my new GT BATTLE MIX Project. So before i start the project, i`m making my own template. I adding the hyper animation like this one: But i need a way to make it hide after that and when the player is KOed. So how can i make the HYPER BG animation hide after player is finished with the super move and on a hyper combo KO?
  5. UPDATE (8/2/2020): Finished the basic attack moves. here`s the combo example: Progress: 20%
  6. I forgot to edit the thread. And also thanks for merging the old thread for me. 😄
  7. UPDATE (7/29/2020): Finished the intro and movement animations: Progress: 10%
  8. Katerina Kittycat WIP Thread Here`s a picture of the stand animation of Katerina Kittycat : And here`s the Katerina`s MvC2 hyper portrait picture: The progress is 5%, but i`ll be finished with Katerina for a while.
  9. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gbcd4nvvcta92gd/The_wario_appartion.rar/file \ Im gonna let ALL of you know that is my birthday today! Be sure to wish me a happy birthday.
  10. I`m sorry for creating it in the  [ OFFSITE RELEASES ] area. So i decided to remake it and upload it in the  [ WORKS IN PROGRESS ] area instead! Here: 


  11. OK thanks! P.S. Welcome to the world of MFFA!😄
  12. I was making the wario apparition for my birthday. I think that if an overpowered character defeats the wario apparition, it will explode. But i need somthing to increase the explosion size bigger and bigger until it cover the screen . So How can i make the explosion sprite size increase?
  13. I tried that code and it still don`t work. Can you find another way to make the opponent disappear when it get defeated by the wario apparition?
  14. Then give me the code so i can save it and use it for later.
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