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  1. Here is Hiroshi. It just got released!: Hiroshi joins the MUGEN Battle! - [ CHARS & STAGES ] - Mugen Free For All
  2. Character Download: Hiroshi (mediafire.com) Stage Download: GTFoxMugen Training stage (mediafire.com)
  3. Wow I didn't know you have a MFFA account! You should follow me!

  4. Preview: Download: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Character select template by GTFoxN6Y on DeviantArt
  5. (NOTE: THIS PATCH IS FOR GTFOX'S MVC2 KATARINA KITTYCAT ONLY.) Preview: Download: MVC2 Katarina Kittycat Character portrait pack (mediafire.com)
  6. Merry Christmas!! Character download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0em2mqkrs8vu8ln/Mastered_Omi-form_Sonic.rar/file
  7. Ok! Can you use Ultimate MUGEN crusader into your battle?
  8. Anyways, this character that you viewing has been finished already. You can check it out if you want: It`s natural talent! Viva Jotaro Kujo joins MUGEN but really really fast! - [ CHARS & STAGES ] - Mugen Free For All
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