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  1. -0- Well turn my run over skunk into a zombie.. I dunno.. Still have a page open from days ago from the ways things were previously and kind of feeling sensory deprived from all this white..
  2. .. What happened to the website? It went offline and now theres a completely different color scheme .: o Was it a DDOS attack?..
  3. Part of getting feedback is valuing what others have to say, Only problem with that there. If your not there in some small way for them.. How can they be there for you. Especially those who are just as invested in this as you are.
  4. Huh.. So 'kobra' is actually 'movie-ken'. .. No wonder its been so hard to bridge his problems. Problem up there with movie-akuma.. His 'jessica' links are dead, Im assuming they were builds of the original no red hair or anything? Well a non-mkp build far as i can see is missing from here completely now. ONE of those links even leads to a virus-filled ad ''antivirus'' page, A heinous one that has been there for a while on the net. .. Someone get rid of it please?
  5. .. Hi, Kobra under mk armageddon has a dead link, The 'new' one. Please refresh it? As i recall.. 'old' kobra comes with that HORRIBLE sound whenever he jumps. -_- He is a really good looking character but THIS 'old' build of him is heinously incompatible with other builds when trying to fix him, Especially the capcom/snk types which sucks..
  6. Between coming and going, And visiting and exiting the various mugen sites.. There remains no way to gauge how many or how little people are involved in mugen, Or this site as opposed to others when it comes to mugen. For all we know, Most of them likely gave up ages ago on this whole thing. If thats so in any way, Then it has to do with there being no easier method to create characters instead the absolute chore thats required. It has to do with no platformer, Simply having a fighting tournament mode without a DEDICATED storyline (mode) and not just the bits here and there puts people of
  7. https://www.4shared.com/rar/dUKCjnb3iq/LI_MEI.html Although editing her worked out extremely well compared to other char's - Her ki-blasts stun opponent fighters until theyre whacked physically. This CAN work but it needs to only last for a few seconds, So somebody.. Could i get an edit assist on the last step with this character to make her blast attacks not stun opponents permanently? It really should be have that effect for one ki-attack but im not willing to continue trying to edit her and mess up the positive qualities she currently has, Theres so many others to work on and my
  8. Thank you for this. A char with a whip weapon like that has a lot of untapped capabilities that others dont have. Wish someone would make that arc of the covenant a char or something too.
  9. Just a preview of the greater sum of bloodlines sprites (link) which i found earlier today. One stage is MISSING from these sprites for some reason. I know this to be true since its a playable stage, Static and shortened, But playable. Wish all this wasnt so confusing. Ive wanted to do this for a long time. NOW theres a real chance for once for these to be mugenized, Because they can be accessed easier. Lots of people like to uphold the other castlevania games and always will - ''Oh castlevania X! .. Oh castlevania 3!'' .. Yet they simply arent as intense as this game in it
  10. Yeah its a little too extreme but to each his own. How much would ripping a games previously unripped sprites cost? the same? : . Honest business-question. ?
  11. xD This is so awesome that its tiring!
  12. Im glad your working on your dream and i hope you finish it.. But save for some needed better thought out sonic characters, theres literally 3000 mugen characters and stages of the same thing waiting at any time. tournament fighting games as well as platformers with similar righting mechanics at their best in them have always had a lot of potential.. But theyve always had a problem which is that their genres and gameplay have always been divided with a chasm down the middle, Reducing them to one of two routes each in gameplay, fighting tournament or platformer without many options until comple
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