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  1. Well, if you REALLY want me to, I can remove the link and replace it with something else. Should I?
  2. I just recommended that people go to MA for the downloads, not the site as a whole. That, and I wanted to make sure to include all the MUGEN communities I could in the "Other MUGEN Communities" portal, and felt that MA couldn't really be left out.
  3. Do you wish r/mugen had competent moderation? Do you hate Dizzy's guts and want nothing to do with him? Do you just want a better MUGEN subreddit? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then r/TrueMUGEN is for you! r/TrueMUGEN seeks to be the alternative MUGEN subreddit, and your one-stop shop for all things MUGEN, with the goal being to provide a good community with competent moderation. I'd much appreciate if you guys would spread the word, as it's looking a little empty right now.
  4. Are you banned? That might be it.
  5. Happy birthday, Uno!

  6. My MUGEN game, Team Sonic Fighters, is at SAGE 2020! Check it out.


    1. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

      Congrats, SAGE has always been one of my favorite gaming events.

    2. GeorgeMP



      Congrats, SAGE has always been one of my favorite gaming events.

      Thanks. Had to crunch hard to get there.

  7. It's probably part of the forum software upgrade that was announced on the Discord.
  8. Yes, but I'm looking for other people's feedback, not what you have to say.
  9. Again, don't mean to annoy, but I'd like to request feedback, specifically when it comes to balance issues, glitches, and the like. I would greatly appreciate that since I haven't been getting it lately.
  10. Don't mean to annoy, but I'd like to request feedback from more people.
  11. I think your idea is cool, but not only is it beyond my ability, it goes against my vision for the game(which is, as could be discerned, a Marvel vs. Capcom-styled tag-team fighter).
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