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  1. A surprise development update from yours truly: Here, I showcase Espio's normals, throws, and other basic stuff.
  2. Now for a much needed update on what's going on: After some internal debating, I have decided to delay the release of Demo 2 to June of this year. Additionally, I'm going to be spending the next week on vacation, and I probably won't have internet access, so don't expect any videos until I get back. Also worth noting is that I added a direct download link to Demo 1 to the first post for those who don't feel like going to my Discord server just to download my game. I do still encourage you to join it though.
  3. Here's a custom sprite animation I made for Espio:


    1. Gaulbetti


      It always makes me uncomfortable when men lift their legs that high...


      Great animation though, those smear frames are on point.

    2. evomugen00


      needs more work...

  4. As for Demo 2 of Team Sonic Fighters, I'm gunning for a release date of May 30th.

  5. You're welcome. But maybe we could collaborate in the future on something? I'm very open to the idea. And perhaps I could also make my own Reimu with my proposed barrier implementation in the future? It would probably be good as a side project for when I inevitably need to take a break after releasing the 2nd demo of my game.
  6. Nice! I can't wait to see how this turns out! I also got some ideas for the whole Hakurei Barrier thing: Maybe you could have one command to use the barrier, and another to switch barrier modes. So far, I've came up with 3 modes: 1: Trap: Reimu makes a square-shaped barrier around herself, which can trap the opponent. It sticks around for about 5 seconds before disappearing. In addition, if possible, you could also have her projectiles ricochet around while inside. 2: Wall: Reimu makes a tall barrier in front of her. It sticks around for about 5 seconds before disappearing. It works a little differently than the other modes; when you first input the "use barrier" command, you get a glowing vertical line that slowly moves forward, input the command again to make the wall. Your projectiles pass through the wall. Very useful for walling out the opponent. 3: Portal: Reimu makes 2 barriers, one very close to her, and one very far way from her. They stick around for about 10 seconds before disappearing. She can go into either portal at any time simply by walking into one of them and pressing one of the attack buttons. Your projectiles also pass through the portals. If you wanted, I could also help you out with the code to make it all a reality.
  7. b9TQnXQ.png

    Been working on adding Espio and Amy to my game. Expect a video soon.

  8. Introducing Team Sonic Fighters, an MvC style MUGEN Sonic fangame. It features everything you've come to know and love about the MvC series, and more! The game features tag team gameplay, complete with assists and snap-backs. The combo system works as follows: Team Sonic Fighters combo rules: I'm aiming for a roster of 16 characters: not too big, not too small, if you know what I mean. Character profiles: Archived development updates: I hope you like it! Join the OFFICIAL Team Sonic Fighters Discord server! https://discord.com/invite/5XXjr2m There's also a demo build available for download there, but I advise against downloading it unless you like broken and janky stuff. (Alternatively, you can download that build here.) (Logo courtesy of MUGEN Guild forum user President Devon)
  9. OK, that makes sense. However, that doesn't explain why they still show on the sidebar. Could you clear that up?
  10. What happened to them? Both still show on the "upcoming events" window on the sidebar as pictured below: But when you look at the forum boards for both, you'll find that they haven't been running since early-mid 2019, despite, like I said, them still showing on the "upcoming events" window on the sidebar. What's up with that?
  11. Hello fine folks! I'm GeorgeMP. You may already know me from the Guild, but for those who don't, I'll give you the rundown: I'm a teen who likes to make stuff. Particularly, MUGEN stuff. And, as you may have also guessed, I also like Sonic. Now, I'm looking to do things a little differently this time around, and I mean it. I also look forward to some fun times with you guys.
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