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  1. It appears that your post was for a release. In this case, you must specify which MUGEN version your release was made for. Use "[1.1]" for MUGEN 1.1 releases, "[1.0]" for MUGEN 1.0 releases, and "[Win]" for WinMUGEN releases. Try reposting it with one of those tags.
  2. Apparently on mobile Reddit, you can't put flairs on your posts. Try the desktop version.
  3. Not necessarily, but if you want to start posting there, go right on ahead.
  4. spacer.png

    SUPER early sneak peek at my next standalone MUGEN character.

    Coming not very soon to a MUGEN near you.

  5. There comes a point where one must acknowledge their limitations. A point where one must admit defeat and ask for help. For me, this is that point, which is why I've decided to recruit developers. Disclaimer so people don't complain(can't understand why I have to put this here but oh well): YOU WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY MONEY FROM THIS. Just deal with it. And with that out of the way, let's dive right in: First off, I'll need you to join my Discord server(at least, for now, I'll see if I can figure out a way to handle it all outside of the server later).
  6. In regards to the combo system, I already have basic light>medium>heavy combos, but if you're talking about the whole LP>LK>MP>MK>HP>HK thing, I can confirm that that's coming for Demo 3. For the victory screen typo, that's also fixed. As for the sprite upscaling, that was done to try to match some of Capcom's older fighting games(specifically X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, and Marvel vs Capcom 1), since those were my main inspirations, and I felt that using the Sonic Battle/Advance sprites at their original size mad
  7. Well, if you REALLY want me to, I can remove the link and replace it with something else. Should I?
  8. I just recommended that people go to MA for the downloads, not the site as a whole. That, and I wanted to make sure to include all the MUGEN communities I could in the "Other MUGEN Communities" portal, and felt that MA couldn't really be left out.
  9. Do you wish r/mugen had competent moderation? Do you hate Dizzy's guts and want nothing to do with him? Do you just want a better MUGEN subreddit? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then r/TrueMUGEN is for you! r/TrueMUGEN seeks to be the alternative MUGEN subreddit, and your one-stop shop for all things MUGEN, with the goal being to provide a good community with competent moderation. I'd much appreciate if you guys would spread the word, as it's looking a little empty right now.
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