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  1. Alright, fuck it, face reveal:


    1. Dissidia


      Nice fro.

    2. Matiu


      Nice afro-like hair.

  2. Team Sonic Fighters Demo 3 is finally here! Although it is somewhat old news if you've been following SAGE... Wow, has it really been a whole year since the last demo? Time sure does fly... Download it here! Also, be sure to check this thread every now and then for new updates regarding this project, and to join the official Discord server here.
  3. A bit of an update on the status: I have a sprite artist and a programmer. However, we are still looking for playtesters. To get started, simply join the TSF Discord and go to #dev-recruiting. From there, just type out your playtester application, or message me right here on this forum. It's also worth noting that we're still accepting applications for programmers and sprite artists(see above messages for details). As for development, it is still progressing smoothly. For Demo 3, expect major gameplay changes.
  4. Here's the image I tried to replace my avatar with. I tried other images and most of them worked fine so I'm not sure what's wrong with this one.
  5. Uploading profile pics doesn't work. I wanted to change mine, but whenever I try, it just stops and says "There was a problem uploaling this file.".
  6. Apparently Roger Craig Smith isn't going to be voicing Sonic anymore.


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GTAguy


      What a shame... Hope we get a Ryan-esqaul voice. Roger was great, but Ryan was my Sonic.

    3. YochiIsC00lest333


      @GTAguyRyan was my Sonic, too. Jason has a voice closer to Ryan, but Ryan is the best Sonic VA.

    4. GeorgeMP


      Famous last lines:


  7. It appears that your post was for a release. In this case, you must specify which MUGEN version your release was made for. Use "[1.1]" for MUGEN 1.1 releases, "[1.0]" for MUGEN 1.0 releases, and "[Win]" for WinMUGEN releases. Try reposting it with one of those tags.
  8. Apparently on mobile Reddit, you can't put flairs on your posts. Try the desktop version.
  9. Not necessarily, but if you want to start posting there, go right on ahead.
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