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  1. ADDED: Beacon stage by Kamui_Kanjai, which was overdue by 3 months.
  2. UPDATES: Rayyyy's Neo Politan
  3. 1. This is pretty much in the wrong category. 2. There is some Among Us characters, but they aren't good. Like at all.
  4. ADDED: Rayyyy's Weiss Schnee REMOVED: Mention of Sonicshadow4731's Neo Politan (has stopped work on it)
  5. Aside from specials, the true episode 5 and the beginning of the fall matches involves Panty, Stocking, and 2 demons worse than Scanty and Kneesocks.
  6. Oh crap, i forgot to say a Happy Birthday to you.

  7. Kyoko by k6666orochi has been released.
  8. Dragonfaku's edit of WhiteMagic2002's Chun-Li, which also includes a overhaul edit turning her into a MvC2 Shadow Lady.
  9. Reuploaded Roks' MvC-style King after finding it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tyllX_8yoc4Eush8KIzYZz994N2Esu-Q/view?usp=sharing
  10. Added palettes for Zobbes' Odie by Flare-Gamer-64.
  11. Ibuki by Midnight Spirit. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Duracelleur make a ToSix Elena? It's not mentioned in the post (as far as I know), but the MediaFire link in the post does.
  12. Stage updated! Link should be the same. boundleft, boundright slightly expanded from -300, 300 to -325, 325 Added a Mewkie that faces right. Not much there, but I'm still experimenting with stage creation. Deltas of 1, 1 have been added to everything that didn't have that info. (Not that it matters) New animation for the music notes near the radios. Alternate music choice: The level theme from Mappy. Use GorosMansion2.mp3.
  13. Speaking of color seperation, I had a template ready! Go nuts!
  14. Almost 2 years since I last used this... Nonetheless, I wanted to confirm my latest WIP, Kyoko from the Kunio-kun series, as she appears in River City Girls. (Note: palette shown to the right was shown on Twitter and MFG and might not be in the final product.) Her moveset was lifted from the actual game, and isn't limited like the MvC one. I have 4 out of the (I believe this is what I planned) 8 specials and 3 hypers (might change) done (one special is partially done). I'll be sharing more progress soon. There is also a color seperation project underwa
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