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  1. Dragonfaku's edit of WhiteMagic2002's Chun-Li, which also includes a overhaul edit turning her into a MvC2 Shadow Lady.
  2. Reuploaded Roks' MvC-style King after finding it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tyllX_8yoc4Eush8KIzYZz994N2Esu-Q/view?usp=sharing
  3. Added palettes for Zobbes' Odie by Flare-Gamer-64.
  4. Ibuki by Midnight Spirit. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Duracelleur make a ToSix Elena? It's not mentioned in the post (as far as I know), but the MediaFire link in the post does.
  5. Stage updated! Link should be the same. boundleft, boundright slightly expanded from -300, 300 to -325, 325 Added a Mewkie that faces right. Not much there, but I'm still experimenting with stage creation. Deltas of 1, 1 have been added to everything that didn't have that info. (Not that it matters) New animation for the music notes near the radios. Alternate music choice: The level theme from Mappy. Use GorosMansion2.mp3.
  6. Speaking of color seperation, I had a template ready! Go nuts!
  7. Almost 2 years since I last used this... Nonetheless, I wanted to confirm my latest WIP, Kyoko from the Kunio-kun series, as she appears in River City Girls. (Note: palette shown to the right was shown on Twitter and MFG and might not be in the final product.) Her moveset was lifted from the actual game, and isn't limited like the MvC one. I have 4 out of the (I believe this is what I planned) 8 specials and 3 hypers (might change) done (one special is partially done). I'll be sharing more progress soon. There is also a color seperation project underway for her, but I might not finish that for a while. I started on her in Febuary using vanilla KFM as a base, and restarted almost a few weeks after using a really basic template, feeling a 4-button playstyle similar to UMvC3 would fit her better.
  8. If the Uno characters have seperate data that don't allow them to tag, then use those. I don't really use tag characters anyway (or look for a way to disable it if so), so I'm not the best here.
  9. Some of the characters you have might have a tag-team function, mostly with the Uno Tag Team Patcher, which is common in some of the ones I have.
  10. Any of OHMSBY's updated characters (Blitztank is worst in this regard)/k6666orochi's Neo Politan (basically the same) Any character that Holn has made an AI patch for Loganir's Wonder Woman, at least if the AI is activated.
  11. Added mirror link to the Garfield's Home stage. Also would a certain someone stop upvoting everything related to the collection?
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and gather what's been said on the Discord since release count this all as feedback. Hitboxes could use some work. Basic punching combos and Fire Throw can lead to infinites This move is supposed to hit, but fails to This is supposed to go behind the enemy, but this isn't great in corners. DEBUG FLOOD. Apparently one of Wario's moves can make characters disappear, might be a slight error Another broken move Something in the Fart Meter's coding is making this character not run right in 1.0. (Top screenshot is Watcher of MUGEN's, bottom one is mine) Fart Meter still displays during Wario Apparition, which I will admit isn't a bad move choice, despite being a stale meme now. Speaking of the move, blocking it isn't a good idea. Uh... Should I ask what's wrong with the armor? Quoted from Dissidia (who provides a good bit of the screenshots): If "Wario Apparition" is done on corner, it takes longer. Also related to the move, Wario can be hit during it. (Someone tested it with an edit of Supermystery's Sonic.) And performing the move mid-air can break it with a wallbounce. Whoops... That's all I paid attention to before I gave up looking. Long story short: Wario is pretty broken and needs more polishing. He does have a lot of potential, however. -Garfieldfan (and some members of the MFFA Discord)
  13. UPDATED: Mushypepito123's Ruby
  14. Cailloufield and Garfielf will never be added here. However... ADDED: Garfielf soundpack (Garfield by Veanko) by OverHillDreams
  15. Updated the link to AverageMaster's Garfield edit to an official one (his site), which has the aforementioned edit and a more recent edit of Claymizer's Meta Knight.
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