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  1. Local Garfield fan too lazy to pull anything for April Fools', so you all are safe.


    Besides, AF is basically the IRL version of the "trust nobody, not even yourself" meme.

  2. What's this? Another beat-em-up character on my WIP list? Yes, as soon as I get this shit color-seperated (heavy but quick and easy work has been made so far thanks to Photoshop), Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim game will be on my to-do list. And while the idea for me to make this is largely inspired by Basara-kun's Scott Pilgrim game characters, this will solely be built off KFM. Peter and Arle are still high-priority, though.
  3. Been a while since this was updated, but Gudine made a Puyo Puyo minigame based off Tsu. https://gudine.neocities.org/chars/puy/
  4. Similar to my Garfield collection, related collections are after the add-ons. Also anything relating to Rooster Teeth, but not made by the company itself gets its own spot.
  5. Decided to link to other collections based on other ViacomCBS franchises as well as other comic-based collections (Scott Pilgrim does count because it's a game based on a move based on a graphic novel, right...?), they are located below the add-ons. RWBY and (shall I feel like finishing it) Undertale/Deltarune collections will recieve this treatment as well.
  6. I've already linked to the AI patches, they should still be on the main post, alongside the characters themselves.
  7. Again, I have no idea what's going on, nor (since I lost the files) do I feel like continuing this edit, I just recommend the original at this point. What extractor are you using, if you feel something's going wrong? And I think something may be wrong with your MUGEN setup if it doesn't load it.
  8. I don't have any plans to keep working on this due to losing the edit and I plan on remaking it at some point (I have other things I'm working on). I dunno what's causing the SFF error as it worked for me at that point.
  9. After hearing some things about the current developers of Skullgirls, while I wasn't working on Valentine at the time (I was still doing the Peter Griffin edit mentioned in the first post), hearing what I heard just led me to keep her in my scrapheap. However, I had more than just her in the ideas I had for characters. As I'm in sort of a... Puyo Puyo phase, it kinda baffles me there aren't enough decent characters from the franchise... that won't be cheap with the AI or have lots of weird mechanics in them. Thus, with that thought, and the cancellation of Valentine, I give you a s
  10. ADDED: [PATCH] Veanko's Garfield for WinMUGEN by p0008874
  11. Also, I believe Elmofan17 is a spriteswap of A487561's Elmo, just like Josh Geary's "Evil Warioman's Elmo." Or it might be an "edit" of the latter, the most likely answer.
  12. Link to original Oliver leads to Zander for some reason.
  13. And to fix... that issue, a simple select and click Center shall work. I believe they're all to the right.
  14. I added those, I just forgot to post it. And k6666orochi's Yang edit had an update, too. Added that as well.
  15. For your first collection, it isn't bad, but are you sure everything's, well... centered?
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