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  1. RobotMonkeyHead's edit of T.O.P.S' Duke Nukem
  2. My release of the Sparkling Zone stage could not have come at a better time.


    Welcome back to Puyo Puyo, Sonic. I bet Arle and the gang missed ya.

  3. I would kindly ask that this stage NOT be uploaded to The MUGEN Archive. Thank you in advance. Sonic 1 Prototype stage? Sonic 1 Prototype stage. This stage combines elements from the original stage and, what it would later become, Spring Yard Zone. The idea to make this came from the Sonic 2 proto/Long Edition stages already available for MUGEN and was started on New Year's Eve 2020 (EST. The proto rolled out around 7-7:30 PM for me). This comes with the Spring Yard Zone (RAC Maury Mix) track, already looped by PlasmoidThunder. A 1.1
  4. One of the two 1.1-related things I've done. Stage updated, link should be the same. Seperate DEF file for 1.1 zoom functions added (using basic code provided by OldGamer). Will show in 4:3 if using a 16:9 resolution. Fixed the right-facing Mewkie on both DEF files.
  5. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) by DJ_HANNIBALROYCE. And don't be discouraged by the sprites, this is more unique than the other Spider-Men using the MvC sprites.
  6. Well, I know who I'm giving Garfield an intro against when I work on him again (and a very insulting but SFW winquote), if I ever do so. Anyway, since interests change, here's a fresh list of mine (will update this one if needed): A decent Henry Stickmin: The sprites on the one that exists are decent enough, but the moveset is lackluster (and the edits don't help, based on the fact that it's based on BeanFan's stuff). With the series at an end now, I feel there is lots of material to gather for an actually good version. More decent Skullgirls conversions: With how man
  7. Added a Valentine WIP by yours truly. Sadly can't label it properly on a tablet.
  8. I think it's about time to reveal my current WIP, Valentine from Skullgirls. Main reason was to try and see how accurate to the game I could make her (hopefully at least a good bit), but also because the best one at the moment was not very well made (it had the idea down, though). Sprites have been extracted from that version and sized down 35% in Photoshop (obviously I also had to use MUGEN's scaling to help it, too).
  9. Link is broken, so I cannot add them.
  10. While I do like the Bumbleby ship, there are some people who take it too far (or those who hate it so much to the point where they want Yang and/or Blake dead). I will admit RWBY doesn't have the best fandom, but then again, there's worse ones out there. Anyway, with that out of the way, I'll just go ahead and note the recent additions. ADDED: [PATCH] AI for k6666orochi's Blake by Ichida [STAGES] Schnee Training Room and Junior's Club by Kamui_Kanjai
  11. They're crazy with the IP bans, too, don't forget that. That being said, having been there for a while, I don't mind the site, it's just who-know-who, the entire "quanity over quality" thing (especially with more popular things), although that part is common in MUGEN anyway (but it's worse there), the amount of kids who probably shouldn't even be on the internet, and leaking stuff that makes me mad. Also the fact that some people will make works from them exclusive to there, especially the infamous Joy Games. (Note: I am guilty for downloading leaked characters, bu
  12. Fun fact: The guy who ripped the images for this next stage... isn't really liked by the decent part of the fandom. Well, alongside someone else named Hero Hei. ADDED: Vale stage by Kamui_Kanjai
  13. A creator who churns out characters of exceedingly low quality, Skullgirls or not. There might be a few videos out there on YT talking about him.
  14. Sprite cleanup sucks. At least it'll be worth it once I reveal what I'm working on.

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