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  1. mrgamer123's Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, all based around the infamous 2016 reboot. I'm guessing these might be edits of some of the older ones, but I'm not entirely sure.
  2. (Swedish laughter intensifies as the sound of "OOOHHHHHHH SHHHHIIIIIIIIIT" is heard)
  3. I know this is really late (like back in May), but... English edits of the latest versions of Bartman, Kang, and Marge by tunglashor. Also here's a new link to the Steamed Hams thing I mentioned back in 2018, when the meme was strong. EDIT: Almost forgot about the English edit of Warner's latest Homer by CodyTraversMUGEN2000.
  4. ADDED: Rayyyy's Ruby Rose Might not be as active for a few days, but I will update this when necessary.
  5. [PREVIEW] [COMMENTS] Well, I figured I'd make yet another stage, but this time, this one's animated compared to the other two I did (not counting the Despacito stage). Mewkie sprites, as well as the TV, PC and the ground base, are edited, while the rest of the sprites are (aside from resizing) unaltered. It took a total of two days to finish this. Comes with the track "Mappy Medley" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. [DOWNLOAD]
  6. Episode 4 is basically a Wario Dies meme in MUGEN battle form.
  7. Probably gonna say goodbye to status updates pretty soon. Mainly because someone either won't listen or just wants to have something taken away from us.

  8. Expect a new, non-bashing video later on.


    Don't wanna make any more enemies.

  9. [PREVIEW] [DESCRIPTION] A rather... interesting edit of aperson's Garfield. Adds additional moves (one pictured above) and changes up how he plays. Can pull off some good combos unlike aperson's original Garfield. He is still pretty slow in some other areas and he still doesn't have AI, however. [DOWNLOAD]
  10. Kind of a big silent update. Updating some links and cleaning up as I go along, but previews will be worked on and there will be a rework to make it like my RWBY collection.
  11. Alternate version of the above stage by me, more fitting for 4:3 480p (although it doesn't look much different).
  12. A new series I had started on my channel in March, and is currently ongoing, putting the older videos out. The videos usually last one match but will occasionally last two. Specials (first one won't be posted here, but future ones will), however, will last more than two matches. Episodes 1-3 are located here, for your convenience:
  13. And now, something I didn't need. ADDED: Mushypepito123's edit of OHMSBY's Ruby
  14. The link to Yamori X's MvC Lilith (I checked each version of her) is surprisingly down. Nonetheless, I tracked it down and reuploaded it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jg7hxtNPzLwJATxhBMHwrYEAEoMRtgr-
  15. I added edits of OHMSBY's Ruby and Yang from k6666orochi, but I forgot to check both links. Will perform a minor update. Also added Son of Aura's Yang back. EDIT: All good! And I shall mention the edits mentioned of Ruby and Yang are built off older versions, and have been labeled (old) for the sake of it.
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