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  1. Was able to restore a good bit of them before I took a break. Will continue restoring stuff later on.
  2. Collection updated due to a lot of dead links, meaning almost all the Arcade characters are pretty much gone as opposed to the custom characters. Any help getting them back online will be very appreciated.
  3. This is a copy-paste remake of Kazagami's collection, which was in need of an update. Click in the author name to download. Red is offline/missing. Audio notes: EN: English - JP: Japanese - ES: Spanish CHARACTER SELECT Homer Simpson: 1st: Warner: Old ES, New ES [@ndroide's edit ES - CodyTraversMUGEN2000's edit EN - Dark Chaos' edit JP - EvilSlayerX5's edit EN - Infantry00's edit EN - Judgespear & Team S.R.M.T. EN - KingOrgana's edit - Matydel42008, Daniel9999999 & MugenZ12X's edit ES - Mariomegaultra321's edit EN - Pizzasause's edit EN - RedDragonClawsX's edit EN - The 14th Doctor's edit] / 2nd: John_MacEnroe, MKP Team and Fantasmator Homer Simpson edits: Anti Homer: Mariomegaultra321 || Cheap Homer Type: Giga Bowser X || Drunken Homer: Capin / Daniel9999999 / Pizzasause || Dummy Homer: Mario11766 || Evil JS Homer: Unknown Editor || Homer Type-CHEAP: Josh Geary || Homer's Day: NintendoFanGC Homerlarious: MamonFighter761 || Iori-Homer (Not to be confused with Iori Homer): Unknown Editor || Nightmare Homer: Gulthor || Omega Homer: Pizzasause / Team S.R.M.T + Unknown Editor || Symbiote Homer: Yagoshi Marge Simpson: Warner: 1st: Original ES [Tunglashor's edit EN], 2nd: Fitness Marge ES || Bart Simpson: 1st: mugenz12: Normal - MvC / 2nd: TheGoku7729 || Bartman: Warner: Original ES [CoolD00d's edit EN, Shane the Ninja Boy's edit, Tunglashor's edit EN] Bartman edits: Symbiote Bartman: Shane || Anti Bartman: Mariomegaultra321 || Bartman Type-CHEAP: Josh Geary Krusty The Clown: Warner: ES - EN [@ndroide's edit ES, Gscool's edit ES, Unknown's edit EN, dchan250's edit [CVS]] || Ned Flanders: Unknown Author || Kang: Warner: ES [Unknown edit EN - Tunglashor's edit EN] Evil Homer: Warner ES / Judgespear EN || Iori Homer: 67WRD || Hugo Simpson: Warner ES / Darkluigi EN || Mr. Burns: Idiot || Vampire Burns: Warner ES / aa250 EN Vampire Burns edits: Symbiote Vampire Burns: Unknown Editor NOVELTY CHARACTERS Steamed Hams: p0008874 STAGE SELECT Stages by Warner || Stages by Xedarts || Hugo Simpson's Attic by Nauj || Kwik-E- Mart by Big Red || Simpsons' House by SephirorthXXX2004 || Technical Difficulties by ZombieBrock ADD-ONS English Soundpack for Warner's Homero by Meatball "remohsnopsmis" Soundpack by MamonFighter761 Japanese Soundpack for JS's Homer by ??? CHARACTER SELECT Homer Simpson: Anti jumpman666 / Matt G / Pizzasause / The 14th Doctor || Marge Simpson: BeanFan112 / Sconoscuito / Shadowtak / Zeeky Zapper || Bart Simpson: Androziel / DRACUL / Sconoscuito / WIIRayman4 / Zeeky Zapper Lisa Simpson: Sconoscuito / Zeeky Zapper || Maggie Simpson: PeterRP15 / Shazzo || Seymour Skinner: Mario11766 || Milhouse Van Houten: Mario11766 Simpson Family by Ichiban36 EDITS Retarded Marge: Pizzasause || Symbiote Marge: Pizzasause || Murge Sampsen: Pizzasause CUSTOM Power Plant Worker: Mario11766 || Bowling Ball Boss: Madoldcrow1105 STAGE SELECT Dreamland by Garfieldfan || Mr. Burns' Office by Ruben || Mr. Burns' Office by Dchan250 || Stages by SPAN || Stages by Vegaz MISCELLANEOUS Sprite rips by Yawackhary CHARACTER SELECT Bart Simpson: Unsigned
  4. Oh, shit, I forgot about this. Especially with the recent Deltarune Ch. 2. Not to worry, there might be an update after I update the Newgrounds collection. I do have some characters that I've been looking for that go here, so some links will be added. If there's any links that should be updated, let me know.
  5. Jokes aside, I've been trying to make some completely new preview images for this collection, and there's the matter of the Madness Combat and the misc. characters. There will be an update as soon as I create them, though.
  6. I don't have a website or anything at the moment, but would a folder from my Google Drive containing all stages I've made since April of last year count?
  7. Dreamland, from the Arcade Game, done by yours truly.
  8. Dodge Ball updated. Lisa Miller's sprites from one of Zior's stages have been put in an alternate version, shall you prefer her appearance more, or happen to have Ultra Fatality's Lucas Lee on board. Link should be the same.
  9. [Preview] [Info] So I heard about the Simpsons Arcade cabinet Arcade1Up's releasing for the game's 30th anniversary. My natural response? Rush this stage out ASAP. It's a simple stage with animation, the music track for the level looped, and a 1.1 zoom DEF (which this stage works and looks best in 1.1 anyway without the zoom, let's not deny it). This stage is my longest stage by far, which is saying something. It's also the only animated stage by me to have the least amount of sprites used. [Download]
  10. Heads up, Mouser privated his MvC characters after porting them to 1.0 recently, meaning both those and the WinMUGEN versions are offline at the moment. Update: All links have been restored, so both WinMUGEN and 1.0 versions can be accessed again. However, they've been by MeldoWiseau in case something happens again... Consider this a backup mirror. (Under mvc_[character name], and the 1.0 versions are in a seperate folder.)
  11. Decided to clean up the "on hold" list. Before you ask, Mappy and Kyoko are not cancelled, I'm really not interested in working on them right now. Also, introducing two new characters to the list: SpongeBob SquarePants: This version of the sea sponge ain't gonna be an edit of any other version, but will have a MvC playstyle with some basic movements taking cue from Skullgirls' Valentine. I haven't entirely planned out the moveset, but aside from 1 move from Super Brawl 2, his moveset is going to be based on Seasons 1-3. Chara: A character I've put off several times (like, Chara is behind Garfield for how many times I've put a character off), I decided to work on the Fallen Human again. However, I am using sprites from Sydery Vuris' Rivals of Aether incarnation from the Steam Workshop. Not much has been planned out as far as getting permission to use the sprites (which I did), but I'm working on color seperation as well, too.
  12. This is just a set of sprites, not a whole character. I think the file size of the zip was pretty fishy and I pretty much expected something pretty poor the way this post was typed. Especially Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word Of Every Sentence, Which I Hate.
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