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  1. 087-B

    I think I'm very late but happy birthday, armpit man. :0

    1. Ryou


      Better late than never :p. And thanks!

  2. Ew my old Taskmaster edit. Kill me lol I gotta rectify that with a better Taskmaster asap.
  3. https://youtu.be/l1opQ-QV7fc


    Played some Parsec matches with my friend Red Chariot, come check 'em out!

  4. The word is out!


    It’s official, I no longer have to hide it — I have joined DarkWolf13 in the production of his full game. And it has been a blast to work on. 😄


    We all worked extra hard to prepare this major update. We hope everyone likes it when it releases! It is coming VERY soon!

    1. jo19sh92


      I'm looking forwards to this, good luck!

  5. The link for Dylanius' Jigglypuff is down.
  6. Heads up -- that "Ghost Thanos" in the G section links to the Gambit that's right above it (Gambit (2) according to the file name). Might wanna fix that!
  7. Currently looking for anyone who does CPS2 sprite/sheet commissions? Having like... no luck anywhere.


    If you or anyone you know handles such things, please lemme know.

    1. jo19sh92




      That is because anyone can rip the sprites easily. You don't need to commission anyone, unless you're just lazy, in which case, all I can say is... good luck.

    2. 087-B


      No no, we don't want to rip sprites.


      We want new sprites drawn. 😛


      We wanna commission someone to draw up CPS2 style sprites for a character. We're not looking to RIP existing sprites. XP

  8. So I've started working on my FIRST EVER smart-palette/CS patch, for the recently released X-23 beta. Have a gander at the template:




    Took me a few hours to get right but she's HEAVILY separated now and I'm definitely putting time and effort into this one.


    Here's a proof of concept of a palette I threw together based on Red Arcuied:




    It ain't perfect but I'm not exactly a palette king. But hey, I figured I'd tackle something like this anyhow and as tedious as it is it's also actually quite fun! I will keep everyone updated. ❤️

    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      CS sounds like fun. Any plans on Sonic by Seanaltly for a movie pallete?

    2. 087-B


      Afraid not, I don't have any CS plans outside of this one.

  9. Uhhhh you already said that tho. And it still doesn't relate to the aforementioned feedback.
  10. MA sucks though. They don't deserve the recognition when they can't even be bothered to be a real community.
  11. I'm a bit late but Steve is in Smash.


    He is the fighter I'm most hype for, more than Terry. And those two are the only DLC I like.


    To all the people who hate Steve's inclusion... I get it. I really do.


    But it's about time my generation got represented so yee. My childhood is in Smash and I am happy about it. 😄


    Keep in mind I feel the same way about Banjo most people feel about Steve, so I suppose we can call the bitterness even!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 087-B


      Wdym? I didn't mention any memes.

    3. Gaulbetti


      I know, but unfortunately modern popular games generally fall into "meme" territory. Minecraft is thankfully one of the biggest games ever created though. Even rivaling Tetris nowadays. But Persona? Ehh...

    4. 087-B


      Well, I'm not looking at this from any sort of "meme" perspective. It's simple really.

      Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time... and Smash is a game meant for everyone.


      Therefore... it made the most sense. Everyone wins. 😛


      Sorry if I don't really know how to respond. Memes ain't my thing haha.

  12. Started working on my own full-game today. Currently building a test character to try and incorporate features that I want to be present in the game.


    I've got nothing to show, therefore this announcement is just a status post for now. 😛

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