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  1. Guess who's got two thumbs and just learned how to code Super Armor? This amateur! XD


    (Took me six hours cause I'm stupid but idc I know how to do it now and that's all that matters.)


    I'm hard at work on stuff. Some of it Legacy, some of it not. Expect some releases soon to make up for my unexpected break. XP

  2. Good news -- I've got my job back! The place I work at is reopening on Monday so I'll finally be going back to work. 😄


    This means my MUGENing will likely be slowing down depending on how often I'm scheduled and how things go. But hey, on the bright side, things are looking up! Slowly but surely things are going back to normal!

  3. A gentle reminder that I am only human. Not a MUGEN machine who can do anything and must heed every demand.


    It's fine to give feedback and criticism to what I do but please do not insult me when I do not meet your demands or desires. I am not a master of this by any means, I'm just a hobbyist coder who enjoys doing this for fun. I make my characters how I want to make them in the end.


    If you have valid criticism for what I do, that's fine. But if you're going to insult me, just don't ever bother with me or my stuff ever again.


    Pardon the vent but I had a nasty encounter with someone today who, I guess, lost their patience with me.

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    2. 087-B


      ...... I think you’re taking this a bit too literally. 😛

    3. mulambo


      also numerically, if you consider the numbers lol

    4. 087-B


      Eh, that's a valid point. 😛

  4. Heyo. More releases. AKA one more release for now. Trafalgar Law! https://mugenmultiverse.forumotion.com/t13763-fixed-mmv-birthday-2020-trafalgar-law-by-087-b


    I've got two more characters lined up so stay tuned. 🙂

  5. Can you help me fix this problem?

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    2. GTFoxN6Y


      Go to this topic:


    3. 087-B


      Well, regarding my characters, the backgrounds are helpers, so they already have positions applied to them.


      I can take a look at the template code and see what I can come up with.

    4. GTFoxN6Y


      Okay! Tell me when you found the template code.

  6. Do you like boobs?


    I don't. I'm gay.


    BUT IF YOU IN FACT DO ENJOY BOOBS, or at the very least like to play as sexy she-peeps, have my release of Boa Hancock. https://mugenmultiverse.forumotion.com/t13759-mmv-birthday-2020-boa-hancock-by-087-b


    Oh and, she's entirely SFW -- I'm not trying to build her up as some creepy release. But it's hard to ignore how uhhhhhhhhh


    there she is.

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    2. Joey S.

      Joey S.

      It hasn't even been an hour since I made coffee and cooked breakfast for myself and I'm already certain this is the weirdest and most unusual effing thing I've ever woken up too.

    3. Noside


      That was so unnecessary to say, just beware of trolls.

    4. 087-B


      Can't tell if you're warning him, or warning me. 😛

  7. To celebrate MMV's birthday, I released a new character! One Piece's own Gild Tesoro!


    Go check him out here if you want! https://mugenmultiverse.forumotion.com/t13755-mmv-birthday-2020-gild-tesoro-by-087-b#158421


    I'll be releasing him elsewhere soon enough, so please refrain from reposting. I'll be taking care of that anyhow. XD

  8. True! I mean I'm not sick of Mahvel but with all the Mahvel I've made I'm worried folks are angry I'm not being unique. XD
  9. Oh hey look, is a Gambit from meh. https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mvc2-gambit-and-gengar-legacy-age-heroes-release-18-19-190081.0.html (And in case yer sick of the Marvels, there's a poogeyman for ya too.)
  10. Gonna release THREE NEW CHARACTERS this week, at the very least. 😄

  11. Changing my profile pic to represent my current WIP character. 😛

    1. GeorgeMP


      OK, cool.

  12. Thank you for cheering up for me. You made me proud of you doing the same thing.  I may now follow you!

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    2. GTFoxN6Y


      Thanks to you, I will NOT give up my mugen career! I MUST take one step closer to make a better character! If i keep doing this i`ll better and better coding!! 


    3. 087-B


      Just focus on doing your best, man. After all, MUGEN is just about having fun. Just remember to listen to what others have to say when you share your work. Easy as that. ^_^

    4. GTFoxN6Y


      OK Thanks

  13. It's all good I really appreciate it, I'm sorry for being a ninny. XD
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