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  1. True! I mean I'm not sick of Mahvel but with all the Mahvel I've made I'm worried folks are angry I'm not being unique. XD
  2. Oh hey look, is a Gambit from meh. https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mvc2-gambit-and-gengar-legacy-age-heroes-release-18-19-190081.0.html (And in case yer sick of the Marvels, there's a poogeyman for ya too.)
  3. Gonna release THREE NEW CHARACTERS this week, at the very least. 😄

  4. Changing my profile pic to represent my current WIP character. 😛

    1. GeorgeMP


      OK, cool.

  5. Thank you for cheering up for me. You made me proud of you doing the same thing.  I may now follow you!

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    2. GTFoxN6Y


      Thanks to you, I will NOT give up my mugen career! I MUST take one step closer to make a better character! If i keep doing this i`ll better and better coding!! 


    3. 087-B


      Just focus on doing your best, man. After all, MUGEN is just about having fun. Just remember to listen to what others have to say when you share your work. Easy as that. ^_^

    4. GTFoxN6Y


      OK Thanks

  6. It's all good I really appreciate it, I'm sorry for being a ninny. XD
  7. Ah no worries! I appreciate it! If anything it's my fault for being a mentally ill fuckwit whose brain just wants to die because of stupid things. XD EDIT: I'm sorry to be a piece of shit but you missed Iron Man and Human Torch and my brain just nyeeeeehhhh. Is okay if you don't wanna fix I'm just gonna bitch this one time and then try and live with it lol
  8. Hey Ryou, I don't mean to be a bother, but my OCD is murdering me at the moment. Would it be too much of a pain to maybe change all of my Legacy release characters to have MvC2 next to my author tag? (Those would be my Nightcrawler, Invisible Woman, Jean Grey, Iron Man, Iceman, Human Torch, War Machine, Thanos, and Black Panther.) Hope this isn't too much of an issue, and if you don't feel like doing it that's fine. I'm just a very... specific type of guy, for lack of a better word. XD
  9. I don't think I'll burn myself out but I probably will give myself some serious heart problems, maybe even a heart attack. Oopsie! XD Thankies!
  10. 087-B

    DC Comics

    Supergirl and Cyborg! 😛 https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mvc2-legacy-bundle-1-legacy-age-heroes-release-1417-190034.0.html (Same link for both. :P)
  11. I'm baffled at how fast I get this crap out, and I'm more baffled that it doesn't come out crappy! Bugs are at an all time low really. It's weird. XD It's also super unhealthy that I spend like... entire days coding. I really need a break. I need to force myself to take a break. 😛 But until then... Black Panther! XD https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mvc2-legacy-bundle-1-legacy-age-heroes-release-1417-190034.0.html
  12. Yo! Forgot to let ya'll know, here's my Sabo! https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mvc2-sabo-legacy-age-heroes-release-11-189928.0.html
  13. Sorry to post again so soon but... here's my Thanos...! XD https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mvc2-thanos-legacy-age-heroes-release-10-189923.msg2477261.html
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